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Doing what Im told

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True adventures of SLS member EBSFGNCU

My husband and I have been in this lifestyle for 15 years now. With complete trust and communication it was no real stretch for us to have our fun separately. You see my husband is overseas for the next year. Realizing we both have desires that need to be met, we gave each other permission to have as much fun as possible. Jason, my husband took this one step further...he's recently come to be my master. Now we have not taken this to any kind of extreme, just a little bit of bondage and sensory fun. But since he's been away, he's commanded me to do what he says!

Here are some highlights...


Attending a local social by myself was a bit unnerving, as I've never done it before. I assumed being a 'pseudo single girl' I was going to be pounced on all night. Sadly the social was a bit dead and the only one hitting on me was a single guy who was 13 years older than me. I left there and went to a local club where I ran across two young men playing darts. Striking up a conversation I came to learn they were both 28, built, hot and just what I craved.....and what my master commanded. I informed them of my desires and to no one's surprise, they were all about it. I texted Jason what was happening as I followed them home. He commanded me, "Good little naughty slave. Now rock their world."

Once at their place I had to get the ball rolling as they seemed clueless as to what to do (go figure). Getting naked rather quickly, I proceeded to suck their cocks with reckless abandon. Needless to say they were getting pretty worked up. Steve, the body builder type, took control and told me to ride his cock reverse cowgirl while Clay, with the runners build, stood in front of me as I continued to suck his cock. Sensing that this might be short lived I needed to rock their world as commanded. I rubbed my clit vigorously until I felt my orgasm build. Once the orgasm started rolling down through my body, I popped off Steve's cock and proceeded to squirt all over him. He yelled out, "Holy Shit!" as I literally soaked the bed around us all. I smiled around Clays cock still buried in my mouth and looked up into his rather wide eyes. Yep, world rocked!


Taking a cock deep in my throat has never been a skill of mine. With a nasty gag reflex, I work around trying to take a cock deep. I give great blowjobs I must say....but master wants deeper! I informed Jason of Josh's pending arrival and he commanded, "Practice your depth you naughty little slut and send me pictures."

Josh is this young hottie that I've been trying to get with for YEARS! Him being military it just never seemed to work out with our schedules. However one night the stars aligned! All 6 foot something, rock hard finely chiseled body and about an 8 inch cock was all mine! Mmmmm.....

Half undressed, breathing rapidly from the intense kissing and kneeling before Josh, I couldn't help but wonder if I was going to be able to take all of him down my throat. Looking up at him I grabbed his rock hard cock and proceeded to lick from his balls right up to the head. Throwing his head back and moaning allowed I felt empowered by my skills. However master commanded me to practice my depth.

Coating his velvety smooth cock with my saliva, I sheathed my teeth and proceeded to slide him in my mouth; working him deeper and deeper every stroke. Josh grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth with long strokes. Trying to relax my throat I felt the head of his cock slide a bit deeper. Josh's strokes were getting faster and more intense; he was close! Breathing rapidly and with a groan he stopped me. I wanted to swallow his luscious cock and drink in his cum, but I think he had other things in mind.

When master sees me again he'll be pleased with my depth. However I think more practice is in order...


With fear of losing my job, getting in trouble and a relatively small town, I am not one to take the risk of public sex acts. The riskiest I've done to date was fuck in a lifeguard tower at the beach in the middle of the night. However master commanded I do something in public.

Ray is a single guy I met online who lived a few hours away. Mid-30's, tall, sexy, full of life and horny as hell! Not really thinking an opportunity to fuck him would come about due to distance and schedules, it was a surprise to me when he asked to meet him at a hotel in-between our towns. Now there is just something dirty and hot as hell meeting at a hotel to fuck someone you haven't even met yet. The hotel he chose was in the downtown area; tall, lots of windows looking out into a populated area.

The electricity between us was palpable as we sat in the bar for a drink. He was almost moaning aloud with need and I was getting wetter by the minute. We headed to the room in short order and as the elevator doors closed, I grabbed him by the neck and proceeded to kiss him deeply. Wrapping my leg around him, I let him know that I needed him now and fast. However, the elevator ride was too short.

Practically running to the room, we made our way in and had half our clothes off before the door was closed. Throwing me down on the bed, Ray dove between my legs to lap up my juices as I arched off the bed from the assault. Needing to fuck and now, Ray plunged himself into me, threw his head back and moaned allowed. The pounding on my pussy continued for several more minutes before Ray stopped and smiled.

Now Ray knew of my master's command but at this point I wasn't sure how we were going to make that happen. We didn't fuck in the elevator and we were already in the room. Ray said, "Get your sexy ass against the window". It was at this point I noticed the floor to ceiling windows overlooking a parking lot, highway and neighborhood. Um ok.... I walked over to the window and put my back against it. He said, "No you don't...face the window, put yourself against it and bend over". With my face and chest pressed against the glass, Ray grabs my hips and thrusts his hard cock into me. I'm looking out and seeing cars slow a bit; brake lights go on and think to myself, this is fucking hot as shit! He pounds my pussy for several more minutes and is quickly getting worked up. I stop him, flip around so my ass is against the glass, slide down into a squat and proceed to suck his glistening cock while he leans over me with his hands against the window. Getting weak in the knees from my ministrations, he has me get on the bed to finish me off!

Masters command complete however I believe he had more of a public display in mind. I'll have to think of a better public place and see if Ray is game again.


I'm a very bisexual woman. And if you've read any of our other stories you know that I enjoy it immensely. However, I don't pick up women easily and sometimes couples that are equally attractive are hard to find. With master's command of more pussy, I had my work cut out for me.

An attractive couple by the name of Lisa and Jerry invited me to their home for some fun. Lisa was being incredibly flirty via text for a week and I knew she needed me just as much as I needed her. She's a sexy, blonde 30 something firecracker who has no hesitation going for what she wants. The electricity between Lisa and me was undeniable. It didn't take long for the night to get hot and heavy.

Once in the bedroom, Lisa and I were kissing each other with almost desperate need. Peeling away clothes as we went, I whipped Lisa around onto the bed and proceeded to assault her any way I could. I was like this crazed women whose drug of choice was pussy and I was finally getting my fix! Licking this girls wet dripping pussy was heaven to me. Her body responded like I was the puppeteer pulling her strings. She arched her back, moaned with need and clenched at my pounding fingers invading her soaking pussy. My lips locked on her labia as my tongue danced on her clit. Coating my face with her juices, Lisa released herself to me.

After more sexy fun with Jerry and Lisa, which included a major bed soaking squirting orgasm by me all over Jerry, Lisa pulls out a nice sized strap on. Now it had been years since I've used one and the one thing I remember the most was how empowering it felt. Giddily strapping it on, I lubed the nice 8 inch cock and told Lisa to get on all fours that I was going to fuck her.

Aligning myself behind her, I guide my strap on cock into her tight pussy and bury it as far as it would go. Grabbing her hip with my left hand and holding the strap on in place with my right, I proceeded to fuck her pussy with long deep strokes. Lisa went crazy and pushed back on me with wild abandon. Taking my left hand and pushing down on her back, I forced her face into the pillow and pounded on her harder. This sexy vixen loves to be pounded which was evident by the screams of her orgasm. Pulling out and flipping her over, I lapped at her juicy cum as if my life depended on it!

Masters command complete...with a smile and a desire for more!

Now I wonder what other fun master has in store for me...hmmm...

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