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Doing it Bi-Way

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It seems popular for people to blame early sexual contact with adults- I would say the experience helped teach me and set the bar for expectations. Don?t get me wrong, certainly not endorsing and understand how damaging it can be emotionally- Just sharing that all experiences don?t drive people to therapy.

I was about during the years between 12-16 years old I would go over to a friend?s house to play backyard football or lift weights. My friend?s father seemed to always be around and especially in their home weight room. My friend didn?t care for the weights (from the looks of my boney body- would think I didn?t either!)- So his dad would come in and spot me. He would always compliment me and eventually help guide me in my work outs. After working on my biceps, he would feel my muscle and provide words of encouragement. Squats, feel my thigh and again?words of encouragement. He was also a staple at the community pool and was the ?fun Dad? among my friends. We would play the typical teenage pool games including dunking one another. This often caused us to entangle one another in innocent fun. As the games went on, he would occasionally grab my ass to pull me back (to dunk) and brushing and wrapping all over my body (and his?it was dunk or be dunked). This seemingly innocent contact helped free me for intentional touching that would eventually follow.

Back in his weight room one evening- just the two of us (a memory now almost 40 years later I can remember vividly) - I was on the weight bench. As usual, he was spotting and touching my arms and chest to check my progress. Then?he began to feel my calf and comment on how they too over the months have become firmer. His hand moved up to my thigh, compliment followed. As you can anticipate he moved both of his hands to the inside of my legs (now I know- checking my reaction) he had both hands firmly on my inner thigh but both sides of his hands were glancing my balls. Being young and innocent (OK- stupid), this was the first I realized ?touching? was going on. It felt weird emotionally as I grew up in a family that viewed Man/Man sex was gross and wrong. While I struggled with the emotional aspect, I enjoy the feel and sensation. So much so that (again?at this point being a teenager?see next)?with just the incidental touching of my balls, I became obviously hard. He obviously saw this as an opportunity and eventually jumped his hand off of my leg, and briefly onto my stiff cock (still testing my reaction) only to tell me that ?seems like your arms aren?t the only thing getting hard?.

As I remember the day like it was yesterday, we rested the weights on the bench and I simply remained laying on the bench while his hands became more and more active on the outside of my shorts. Now fully in the moment, he took the next step. He removed his had from the outside and slide his hand under my shorts from my leg and touched my tight balls and firm cock. As spectacular as it felt on top, once his hands actually touched my cock ?skin to skin?, I remember having a difficult time taking a breath.

Weeks passed before the next encounter. Struggling with the guilt based on my family upbringing balanced with dreaming over how good it felt- and masturbating to the event. Back at his house in the weight room with no contact. His son and wife left and it was just the two of us. He invited me into the adjacent basement ?TV room?. He asked me if I had ever seen any porn before? I said no and with that he invited me to sit on the sofa and enjoy. To my surprise (not sure why), it was gay porn. We sat beside one another watching and again in my youth- became hard just watching. His hand eventually reached over and cupped my hard cock immediately. Seconds later he was taking off his glasses and putting them on the coffee table. His eyes looked at mine and he moved his head down at the same time he pulled the front of my shorts down a bit- just enough to expose my hard cock and instantly into his warm mouth. My virgin cock was now being introduced to what was then my first and remains to this day, one of the best blow jobs I have ever experienced.

While I will jump ahead decades in a minute- one pattern did emerge. While he did play with my body dozens and dozens of times- with no push back from me, I did become (didn?t know the difference at the time) a selfish receiver. He sucked me, made me cum and drank me in, rimmed my ass with both his finger and his tongue?but with almost no exception- never received anything in return. Looking back and to my return to some bi-experience, I think this was how I dealt with my upbringing of this being wrong. I would emerge myself in receiving, but giving made me deal with the feelings of ?gay? or whatever.

The next 20+ years were spent in total heterosexual life and no interest in anything else. Happily married and eventually with a child.

My career had me travel a lot. One of my trips had me stay at a hotel where a sex shop was nearby. I eventually visited and went into one of the video booths. Still being naive, I did not know what a glory hole was. Being nervous (why?), I simply went in and was focused on where to put the coins in and make a selection. Watching and fondling myself, I totally missed someone has occupied the booth beside me. Eventually a finger emerged and eventually a whisper requesting my cock. Scared but intrigued, I eventually complied. I was rewarded with a silky and warm mouth. It was awesome. Side note- but related- it should be known I have always had a difficult time cumming. It usually takes my hands. Not the case this time- within what seemed like seconds (I believe I made a minute), I came in his mouth!

Over the next few years, I would frequent ABS?s to find other glory holes and have enjoyed awesome blow jobs. Like my usual- don?t usually cum, but enjoy myself (and they seem to also). For some reason, this situation never caused me to address the fact it was a man on the other side. I began to think about it and realized while I love every aspect of a woman- having a man provide me a blow job was wonderful. This began my opening up and determined it was not necessary to put a label on what was happening- Am I gay? Am I bi? Am I?eventually ?who cares? became my mantra.

A similar eye (and mind) opener occurred. When I traveled across the country on business, a treat I would afford myself is a massage. Most woman would remain very clinical, but occasionally some would provide a happy ending. While the mystery over which it would be was interesting, those that didn?t left me wanting something more. One evening the service I called didn?t have any woman available, but they did have a male- would I accept that? I determined a massage was a massage, so why not. The massage therapist arrived on time and my massage began. The therapist was not clinical related to nudity (I like to be seen) so we were off to a good start. The firmness of his touch was great (another good sign) and eventually a wonderful happy ending.

The next time I ordered a massage, I requested a male. Ditto above. The next time- ditto above. Etc.

Men were more consistent and as I became more comfortable, perhaps my body language became more inviting. The sexual contact become more dominate- earlier and more cock play. Anal play. Still however, just like when I was a teenager- I remained simply the canvas for others to play. I.e.?one sided.

I decided it was time to explore further. One such business trip, purposely booked myself into a gay, clothing optional B&B. I also booked my trip a day early. A flaw in my plan however- all of the guests where couples. Given I was experimenting- I needed to be ?picked up? to make this work for me emotionally. All day and thought the night I traveled (ok, cruised) the properly- no one was even around that evening. I went to bed like any other night on the road, alone and frisky.

The resort had gay porn piped into the rooms- and as such, in the morning while attending a conference call, I had the porn channel on mute while attending the call. A knock on the door came and I went to the door naked in a slightly erect form (again, a nude resort- so the naked part was not odd). It was the male housekeeping worker. I invited him in and he didn?t seem to miss the TV ?show? nor my slightly erection- but professionally went to the bathroom to begin working. Shortly after he said he had to go to the supply room and would quickly return. My conference call ended- so I realized this was my opportunity to explore.

I focused on my cock and when he returned, I was no longer semi-erect; I was now at full mass. I?m not sure, but believe to my surprise (disappointment) he was about to pass and return to the bathroom to keep working. As such, I engaged him in conversation and made it a point to play with myself while talking to him. I began to tell him about my quest of the day before, and how I didn?t find anyone single. The more I talked, the braver I became and simply told him I needed a blow job. His shorts (So Florida) were now bulging as well and I asked him if he could help me. That was all he needed, his shorts were on the ground in seconds and instantly he took me into his mouth. They way he was laying- his cock was just inches from my mouth as well. It was ?now or never?, so I placed his cock in my mouth before I could reason myself out of it. While I am comfortable he received the worst blow job of his life- I had broken my personal cock-sucking cherry and appreciated his patience. He obviously realized I had just come out of the shower, and reached around and began rimming me?a sensation I had not realized for about 20 years- since my weight lifting dad! I cam again?without the help of my own hand (or a pussy). Then the endless ?Thank you, no thank you? chatter.

Now when a travel- I only request male massage therapists. They all seem to be excellent with varied degrees of talents- but also different styles of fondling both frontal and back!

One such therapist in Tampa was giving me a fantastic massage. Like many, he was providing me the massage naked. As he was massaging my ass in general, he realized my body language that indicated I like it! He concentrated more and more and eventually worked a finger in. He found my ass is my g-spot! The more he worked his fingers, the more I wiggled and grinded to accept his actions. He moved on top of me massaging my body with his when I felt him re-enter me. This time it felt different and I realized both of his hands were near my head. I was being fucked for the first time! While this was terribly exciting- it was unsettling unfortunately as well. Knowing he was unprotected, I regrettably asked him to stop.

Moving to recent- I was online with SLS and a guy reached out to me using the IM feature. He was from PA, and I had an upcoming trip planned nearby. He said he wanted to come over and suck on me and asked me if he could rim me also! What?do I have ?Anal g-Spot? written on my forehead? My favorite thing to receive and someone is reaching out to me and asking if they can!

We chatted, exchanged ?stats? and became comfortable and made arrangements to meet. At the time set a knock at the door. He came in and within seconds he began to take off his cloths. I followed suit and he wasted no time and rolled me over and instantly dove into my ass. It felt awesome and his endurance was amazing- great feeling that kept going and going. He eventually rolled me over end took me into this mouth. Like the guy in So Florida, his cock was beside my face. With all that he has just done to me, the least I can do is take him into my mouth and try to improve my skills on his behalf. Before long- I forgot about the M/M thing and was finally into having sex. I lost myself into this as well and not only sucked him, but returned the favor and rimmed him forever! (Like eating a tight pussy, so not as concerned about my skills).

I eventually opened the nightstand where I had placed a condom and lube and asked him to fuck me. Problem being- I asked too late. We had been going at it so long that he couldn?t get hard again after putting on the condom.

My quest to be fucked remains. I have looked for the opportunity to have someone fuck me, but it seems everyone I come across is hung and thick! While I enjoy sex toys a lot, I apparently and the true ?tight ass?.

These experiences have helped me in open up our sex life at home also. My wife openly fingers me and uses small toys in my ass. While she is not very open to rim me (occasionally will) she has permitted me to make that a regular part of or love making. A shaved ass makes this Viagra pumping man hard?the ?old fashioned? way.

I determined the terms provided didn?t cover my position- so I call myself ?Try-sexual?. Open to ?Try? most anything as long as it doesn?t hurt someone/myself. Some items turn me on, but open to try others just to log the experience.

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