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Dirty girly fun

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A few months ago, I plucked up the courage to make one of sexual fantasies a reality.

I had always considered myself straight, but always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a woman. I had been thinking about it for a while, and being single realised I had nothing to lose. The tricky part was finding the right woman. I thought about trying a few lesbian bars, but never really had the nerve to go. So the search turned online. I didn't want a lesbian relationship, I just wanted to explore my fantasy. I didn't get much luck online, and was all but ready to give up the search, when a site popped up, which was basically an all lesbian site, with chat rooms, videos, photos, and I dived in. I watched a few lesbian porn movies, and looked at some pictures, and knew I had to give it a try. I started scrolling through profiles, and found the perfect girl. She was 29, and a lesbian. She'd had many lesbian encounters, and was looking for some harmless fun. No strings attached lesbian sex. I messaged her instantly, and got a reply within the hour. She didn't want to know much. Just my name, age, and where she wanted to meet.

A week later, the day had arrived. I could hardly believe what I was going to do. I dressed in what I hoped was sexy, yet not a to slutty look. I wore a just above the knee skirt, and a laced halterneck. Along with a strapless bra, and a pair of girl boxers, I was pretty pleased.

I had arranged to meet Lisa at a pub near where she lived. I was a little early, and ordered a vodka to calm my nerves. About 5 minutes later, she arrived. Dressed in a red leather mini skirt, and a tiny tight top, she looked amazing. She walked over to me, squeezed my ass, and whispered, "let's go babes".

When we arrived at her flat, I rather nervously told her that this was my first time. I'd never been with another woman before. "That's alright," she laughed, "I'll go gentle." Within 10 minutes I was pressed against a wall, with her kissing me, gently. We kissed for about 5 minutes, untill I gently pushed her away, saying,"Lisa, if this is gentle, then I'm bored. I want my fantasy made real, and it's sure more erotic than this." Lisa smiled at me, and said, "Alright Honey, but you asked for it."

She started to touch my boobs through my top, and although she was gentle, I'm pretty sensitive there, and the slightest touch was sending shivers down my spine. Along with her touching me, and the fact it was my first lesbian experience, I was starting to leak. I could feel the juice dripping into my panties, and if I didn't get them off soon, I was gonna make a big mess on the floor. Lisa sensed this.

"I'm curious," she said slowly, running her finger down my stomach, "as to what panties you have on."

She slowly lifted her hand up my skirt, and gently stroked me.

"I think someone's getting excited," she smiled. "Let's get you out of these wet clothes." She got down on her hands and knees, and pulled my panties down. They wre soaked, and she lay them on the floor. My skirt sat on my hips, and she gently lifted it, and lowered it down. My pussy on full show.

Now, I keep my pussy hair pretty tamed, not completely shaved, but light, just right, I think. Lisa leaned forward. She began to lick up my thigh, moving towards my pussy. She began to gently tease my pussy lips with the tip of her tongue. It felt amazing. She gently parted the lips with her own, and soon her tongue was inside me. It felt amazing, and I could tell I tasted pretty good, by the way she was lapping it all up, and saying, "mmm" every now and then.

I suddenly became aware of her breasts. They looked so good under her top, and I couldn't help wondering what they would look like fully exposed. I placed my hands on Lisa's head, and she looked up.

"Lisa," I said seductively, "Honey, I don't think it fair that you get a bit of me, and I get nothing of you."

She looked at me. "Oh baby you're right. Not fair." And with that she raised her top over her head. She turned round. I unhooked her bra, and back around she turned. I was right. Those breasts were amazing. Round, and soft. And her nipples were rock hard. But when she got back down to licking me, I couldn't reach her. She realised this, because she stood up.

"I can still get into you like this," she said smiling, and stuck to fingers into my pussy. I reached out, and began to lick her nipples. God were they hard. But she tasted good. That's all that matters.

We went through this fingering and licking for about 10 minutes. Then we switched. I decided to try her idea, whispering, "I wonder what panties you have on."

"Have a feel," Lisa whispered. I put my hand under her skirt. And was met with some light hair. She wasn't wearing panties. It was such a shock, yet so sexy, that my juice just shot out. It dripped out, and Lisa looked down. She laughed. Then whispered, "Take a look." I didn't need any encouragement. I slipped her out of her skirt, just as she unhooked my bra. We were both naked now, and I couldn't control it. I got straight down on my knees, and had a good look. Her pussy hair was like mine. Tamed. Soft. Her pussy lips and hair were matted in cum. I must excite her aswell, I thought happily. But that juice needed dealing with. So I got to it. Lapping it up. I felt her hands on my head, pushing me in. She moved her hips backward and forward, supplying me with a constant flow of juice.

Then I stood up, to give her a chance on my breasts. I got my fingers, and stuck them back in there. Her pussy was warm. And I could hear her moaning in pleasure.

She began to lick my nipples. Tracing round them. It was so pleasurable. The feel of her body. Her tongue. I was cumming like hell, and she stuck her fingers into my pussy, then took them out, and smeared the juice on my breasts. Then licked it off.

She was keen to show me another position. I get down on my hands and knees, and she gets beneath me. She put her pussy on my face, and she, like me was cumming like hell. She tasted bette than before, and I lapped it all up. Then raised my fingers in there to. She was getting a licking and a fingering at the same time.

And then I felt the most amazing thing. I began to cum like hell, but couldn't tell what she was doing. I raised my head slightly, and saw she had stuck 2 fingers in my ass. She was rocking back and forth giving me a hell load of cum, and giving me one hell of a penetration. Then we swapped. I sat on her. There was so much cum matted in there, that I was given a hell of a licking. I wasn't sure about sticking my fingers up her ass, but her soft round buttocks were enough to convince me. We both moaned with pleasure. Both of us shooting out cum. Mine into her mouth, hers into my spare hand, which I'd placed under her pussy.

The day had to end. 5 hours of pure lesbian sex, and that was that. Neither of us was looking for a relationship. It was just harmless fun. But dirty. And so pleasurable.

When I got home, I thought over the day. Did that make me a lesbian? No, I don't think it does. Because to be honest, I cannot live without a good hard cock throbbing inside me, but I still have that little bit of girl on girl inside me.

So if any girl is pondering it, go for it! No one knows a womans body like a woman, and if you get a right dirty lesbian like I did, then it's sure a night you'll remember!

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