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Deceived by Desire

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We’d come down to Desire Resort for a winter vacation. It’d been a brutal winter up north and this 5 day vacation was exactly what we’d needed. I’d been a bit shocked when my husband told me it was an adult resort, but both of us liked going to nude beaches and he assured me that that was really all it was.

Of course I’d done some research online and knew it was a lot more, and to be honest I was kind of excited, especially since it meant that my husband might be open to a little adventure. We’d been married for ten years and while we were generally happy, it was not exactly bottle rockets and screaming when we had sex, and over the last couple of years the intervals had been increasing.

So the first day was really exciting; people were having sex on their balconies and there was a lot of fondling going on and of course everyone was naked. I saw that Steve had the big eyes and a couple of times had to move his towel to hide his erection. I talk to everyone so I struck up a couple of acquaintances with women and a couple with men at the bar. It became apparent to me that Steve liked watching but had no intention of playing with others and that was a disappointment.

I teased him over his erections, particularly when we came to our room and saw the couple on the balcony next to us having sex. She was leaning over the balcony, her tits moving as she was getting pounded. I could tell she was loving it from the way her hands gripped the rail and the little moans she was making. I could see Steve with the big eyes, but he quickly put our key card in the slot and made to enter. When she heard the door open the woman turned her head and smiled at me and I said, “Hi, We’re you’re neighbors.” She held out her hand and I had to laugh, imagine shaking hands with someone who’s getting fucked!

Anyway I figured I’d have a little fun so I called to Steve. “Steve this is our neighbor Sara. Come shake her hand.” He came out. The guy who was fucking her said,” Hi, I’m Jack.”

Steve said, “Sorry to interrupt. “

“It’s OK. We were at the beach and just got so horny. This’ll make me last a little longer. Our mates are inside but we wanted a view of the sunset. ” He pulled out and we could see his large wet hard cock. He shook my hand and said, “Beautiful breasts.”

I said, “Well, get back to it.”

We waved as we went inside. Steve said, “Well that was a first.” His cock was rock hard.

I waved my boobs at him. “Shall we open the curtains so they can watch us?”

He laughed, “I don’t think so.”

We had sex, and it was great, but I would have liked them to watch us and in fact had a little fantasy about it as he went down on me.

The next day we went to the pool right after breakfast. Steve signed up for a two hour mud treatment and massage in the late afternoon. I said I’d hang around the pool, but I got bored after the first ten minutes and went to the bar. I slipped my thong on but went topless. There were half a dozen others there, two couples and two guys. I had a margarita and started talking to the couples. One couple was pretty toasted and started getting obnoxious. The other couple were talking to both guys and I joined in. Matt was the cuter guy, a little younger than me. I asked him where his wife was. “At the spa.”

“Well we’ve got that in common. Maybe your wife and my husband are having a couples massage together.”

He grimaced. “I wish. I know Julie gets turned on by all this sex, but she really doesn’t want, well you know, to experiment.”

“I’m in the same boat.”

He grinned at me. “Another thing in common.” The couple two seats down were really starting to get loud. I said, “I’m going to get out of here before the bottles start flying.”

Matt jumped off his stool.

“Want to go up to the Jacuzzi? There’s a bar there.”

I said, “Sure.” We talked about where we were from and when we’d arrived and discovered a few more things in common. He was wearing trunks and I’d put my beach wrap over my shoulders. We hadn’t been up to the Jacuzzi before but Id read stories online. Apparently it could get pretty wild.

The Jacuzzi was on the rooftop and you could tell it was big enough to hold about a hundred people. A bar was at the end and there were about a dozen people standing around with drinks. The water came up to their waists. There were little boxes we could put our clothes in and towels. Matt took off his trunks and I left my wrap. I didn’t get a good look at his junk but he had a great butt. We waded up to the bar. There was a girl sitting on the side of the pool having her pussy eaten.

We ordered a couple of rum punches. The bar stools were stone pedestals that were just under the water, so we sat and had our drinks, with music in the background and the occasional moans of a cuming girl. The couple on the bar stools next to us started making out. I noticed that Matt kept starting at my tits.

I said, “Matt you keep staring at my tits.” We both turned to watch the couple. He had his hand squeezing one breast while he nuzzled the other nipple.

He said, “They’re very pretty.” I said, “Would you like to do that? You can you know.” He was sitting on the stool and I had a good look at his junk. It looked pretty amazing and when he reached out and circled a nipple with his finger it got really interesting looking. It was fat and turned up a little. He put both my tits in his hand as if he was weighing them. I had to laugh. “Your wife must have small breasts?”

“A cups.”

I pushed my chest out, “Enjoy.” Enjoy he did. My tits haven’t had a working over like that for years. I’d forgotten just how erotic it was to have your breasts played with for an extended period. He’d lift them, smoosh them, pull my nipples, push them in and then he got brave and started sucking them. He hand fell naturally to my fabric covered pussy and I was enjoying the breast play enough that I didn’t push it away. My clit was hard and engorged and I knew I was flooding moisture. He was shy about stroking it but I reached down and pulled the fabric to the side so he’d know it was OK.

I have full lips that are tinted like my brown nipples and my clit when aroused sticks out half and inch. He said, “That’s the most erotic pussy I’ve ever seen.”

Just what a girl likes to hear. I reached forward and wrapped my hand around his really thick cock. Just then I got my snap. “What time is it?”

We turned to the bartender who I guess saw displays like this daily. Damn there was only twenty minutes before both spouses would be looking for us. I turned to Matt. “Can we make each other cum in 20 minutes?”

He said, “I’m probably pretty close after playing with those amazing tits for an hour. Shall we go over to those beds over there?” There were four poster divans set up with billowing white sheets that provided a modicum of privacy. I raced out, finishing my third rum punch. I laughed as I laid down, pulling my thong off. Matt’s face was buried between my legs in a flash and he enjoyed my pussy as much as my tits, but soon he settled down into the long tongue strokes and clit flicks that worked for me. When he curled his finger in me while sucking my clit I exploded. As soon as I came down I realized I wanted his cock in me but I knew that would be going too far so I used the remaining ten minutes giving him a blowjob. Getting that fat cock down my throat was impossible, but I sucked and played with his balls and then as I felt him swelling stuck a finger in his ass. He erupted and I swallowed it all. We looked at the clock. Two minutes to go. A quick shower, towels and dressing after rinsing out my juicy t-back.

I kissed him and we thanked each other and then I walked back to our room feeling like a dishonest, satisfied complete slut. Half good, half bad. Steve met me in our room. He was half an hour late. I wished I’d had the extra half hour blowing Matt. He looked happy. I said, “How did the massage go?”

He said, “It was great.” Now the interesting thing about being married to a man for a long time is that you can sense when he’s telling half truths.

I looked at him and wondered what he wasn’t telling me and then I burped a little cum burp which reminded me that I’d been a slutty wife and had behaved badly. Who was I to question him.

“Well I hope it was wonderful and erotic.”

He jumped like he’d been shot. “Really?”

“Yes love, as you may have noticed I love it here. All the sex and naked bodies, and titties and cocks really have me turned on. I’d love to watch you fuck some hottie.”

He said, “Well, that’s a relief. I had the most erotic massage I’ve ever had. The mud treatment was fine but the massage appointment was messed up. They had thought it was a couples massage, and they had only one room. The other person was a cute little blonde with very small breasts. I figured it was no big deal, separate massages right? Well that wasn’t it at all. I was invited to massage her along with the masseuse. She had small breasts but really sensitive long nipples and a tiny pussy.” He looked at me. “She had a gorgeous little bubble butt. I feel bad about what I did.”

I said, “Listen don’t feel bad. I’m happy you had a sexual experience here; it’s about time you relaxed about it. Did you make her cum?”

“Oh yes. She really liked her butt being rubbed and I licked it when she got on her knees and put it in my face. She came so hard. Then they massaged me and she blew me, oh so slowly. She made it last an hour. I was in heaven. I feel very disloyal, but there it is. I had to tell you.”

I just about told him about Matt right there, but men are different than women. I said, “Are she and her husband swingers?”

“No, I think this was her first time with someone other than her husband. She was excited but guilty at the end. Anyway she’s really nice and she wants to have dinner with us tonight, The two of them. His name is Matt. How about it?”

So we had sex, rested and dressed for dinner. One of the nice things about Desire is the complete absence of dress code. You can wear the nastiest outfits you own and never feel uncomfortable because the woman at the next table will have her tits falling out of her dress or her ass barely covered. I’d also come prepared and this evening was wearing a barely there dress whose top was made of hundreds of spaghetti cords that went around my neck to cover my breasts. If I jiggled the cords my nipples would poke through. I knew it would drive Matt wild. Steve said he loved it.

Obviously Julie had come prepared as well. She was wearing a translucent top that emphasized her pink nipples. The bottom barely covered her luscious bottom. It made me smile to think that my husband’s tongue had been up her ass a few hours earlier, but then again we’d all swapped oral favors. It was obvious that Matt hadn’t told her about our indiscretions, but that she, like Steve, had told him about theirs.

It was cute to see her and Steve flirting with each other. Matt and I talked; he made me laugh and then I caught him staring at nipples that had poke through the strands on the dress. Julie noticed at once; “You have beautiful breasts. Matt would probably really enjoy playing with them.” I rearranged the strands, but my nipples were aroused at the thought of his hands on them again, so they kept on poking out.

It was a great dinner, and Steve was more animated than I’d ever seen him. At the end of the dinner Julie said she wanted to walk by the sand and Steve jumped up like a shot and said he’d walk with her. I’d ordered coffee and said we’d be along in a minute.

“I don’t think they can keep their hands off each other.” I laughed.

Matt said, “Apparently your husband gave her an anal orgasm, something she’s never had.”

“Shall we give them ten minutes and see if we can catch them?”

He leaned in. “I’d really love to fuck you.”

“Mmm. Just as much as I’d love to get fucked. Do you think we should catch up with them and suggest we all go to our room?”

“Or we could all go to the Jacuzzi and fuck in public.”

“Let’s ask them.”

We walked towards the water, but only after Matt had fondled me and put a nipple in his mouth. It took us a few minutes to find them. Sure enough they were both nearly naked and very close to having sex. Teve was rubbing his cock on her slit. Matt stood behind me and watched his wife for the minute it took for them to notice us.

I said, “We’re going to our room to have sex. We’d love to have you both join us.”

It only took us a few minutes to get naked in our room. Matt’s cock was even more delicious looking. He went down on me but really I wanted him in me. I pushed him over on the bed and straddled him. Just as I was about to sink down we heard the door open. Steve said, “His cock is huge” and Julie said, “Her tits are huge.”

They were both naked and lost no time in settling down beside us. Julie straddled Steve and impaled herself at the same time I did. He felt wonderful. Not that Steve was small, but Matt just had some girth to him. His cock felt great, but oddly enough it was the pleasure Julie was deriving from my husband that really turned me on. She was a little fuck machine and when she reached in her little bad and pulled out some lubricant and asked so sweetly that he fuck her ass I lost it and came all over Matt’s cock. He was right behind me and we lay there spent while the two energizer bunnies kept on going. It was funny one minute Matt and I were laying there cuddling and the next minute I could feel his cock lengthening and my pussy tingling.

We sat up and moved over to the fucking couple. I reached out and pulled one of her long nipples and then decided to suck it. I then stood over her and forced one of my tits in her mouth. She grabbed on and started going crazy and started another orgasm. Steve started cumming in her ass which caused her eyes to widen. “Oh that feels so good.”

I think by the time we finished my pussy had been eaten by everyone including Julie and I’d returned the favor. Three hours later we said a sleepy goodnight, promising to meet for breakfast.

The next day was crazier than the one before but that’s another story….


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