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Date Night

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After a busy week at work we decided dinner and a movie might be a nice way to unwind... Dinner took longer than expected so we missed the start of the movie....Neither of us were quite ready to go home so we headed to a cute little wine bar not far from our house.

The drinks went down easily and before long we were both nicely drunk, you sent me to the bar and I know you were checking me out the whole time... imagining what delights I might have on under that dress..... or maybe even nothing at all. You know it won't be long before we head home and you get to see anyway....

While I am the bar you see me strike up a conversation with a guy sitting on his own at the end of the bar. He can't be more than 20 and he is adorable. I can feel your eyes burning through me. Not a hint of jealousy. We keep chatting while the bartender makes our Mojitos... the chatting soon turns to flirting.

Leaving my new friend at the bar I return to you. Grinning stupidly you ask me what just happened.... nothing I say, knowing you know exactly what just happened. I was flirting unashamedly with a boy at least half my age while you were less that 10ft away from me.

We resume our conversation and soon our drinks are empty. It's your turn to go to the bar, instead, you send me again. Again your eyes don't leave me, again I chat to the young stranger.

The flirting continues and I suggest he join us for a drink. Without hesitation he grabs his drink and follows me back to our table.

His name is Grant and he's a uni student, 19 and single. We talk and drink more and flirt even more. He is turned on by you sharing me, you are turned on by sharing me and I am turned on by the prospect of having you both fuck me.

It doesn't take long before the flirting starts to get very explicit and you suggest maybe it is time to make a move...... he is nervous and waits for an invitation.... "Grant" I say, "would you like to come home with us and fuck me while he watches us?"

It's a short walk back to our place, but it seems to take forever as we constantly stop to kiss. I kiss you, he kisses me and then he kisses you and then I kiss you again. You are both so hard by the time we get to our front door and he kisses me on the pathway as you struggle with the front door.

Door open, you go inside and Grant and I follow, still kissing and touching each other. Following you, he guides me to our bedroom.... while he is still kissing me, you stand behind me and gently put your hands up my dress. Black and lacy, the new ones you bought me last week. You slide your hands down the front and plunge them into my wetness. You take out your fingers and offer them to him... letting him lick and suck your fingers and taste me off you.

He wants more of you than just your fingers and he grabs you and kisses you. You kiss him back hard. I watch. My pussy aches.

Still kissing each other you don't notice me fumble with your pants, first yours then his.

You both have your pants around your ankles and I have a massive cock in each hand. Within seconds they are both being licked and sucked and stroked. You kiss each other harder as I give you both head.

He's young, very young and it doesn't take much for him to blow, covering my neck with his warm, sticky come. You follow a few minutes later filling my mouth with your load.

Neither of you soften and you guide him over to the bed. You toss him a condom and he slips it on. I climb onto him, he fills me. I lean forward onto him grind my clit onto him and expose my arse to you.

You don't hesitate. You straddle his legs and shove your throbbing cock into my tight arsehole. Holding onto my hips you drive yourself into me and drive me harder into him.

I kiss him and he tastes your come.

You know I am close to coming, you are too. I tighten my muscles around his cock, I want him to climax with us. Those strong pussy muscles wrapped around his cock pulls another load out of him and as I feel him explode I am sent over the edge..... as soon as you start to hear those familiar screams from me you let yourself go, filling my arse with more of your thick come.

Exhausted, I roll out from under you and lay worn out on the bed.... you see your come start to trickle out of my arse and you roll me onto my tummy and you start to lick it out of me.

Grant gets aroused by this and seeing you on your knees with your arse exposed he is fully hard again.

Putting on another condom and slathering it in lube he places his left hand on your back and guides his throbbing cock into your arse. The pain is exciting and you bite the inside of my arse cheek, hard. I scream into the pillow and that turns you on even more.

He is fully immersed in you now and thrusting rhythmically inside of you. You replicate that rhythm with my arsehole, licking it and lapping up all of your juice coming out of me. My hand is between my legs, rubbing up and down on my clit as you lick me.

He comes for the third time dumping this load into your virgin arsehole. As he exits you, you turn me over again and this time plunge your face into my cunt. Licking and sucking and devouring me.

He lays underneath you with your cock in his mouth. You fuck his face and fill his mouth with your come. Then my back arches and my fingernails dig into your head. I scream with pleasure as you suck my clit into your mouth and thrust your fingers deep inside me. You feel me clamp around your fingers and then relax.......... you know I'm done.

You slide your fingers out of me and I roll over closer to Grant, making sure there is plenty of room on the other side of me. My head on his chest and my arm dr*ped over his belly, you wrap your arms around me and nuzzle your face into my neck.

Before long I hear two boys snoring gently and I drift off happily..........

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