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Danny it is them!

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I was down working in the garage while Lois was up in the apartment with one of her new friends sewing outfits for the up coming RenFair. We had all met at our kids school while working on the drama club sets and costumes. Thus Sandy had asked my wife to help her make a new outfit to match her corset for Renfair. I had been down in the garage when my phone rang and it was Lois asking me to take the kids to the mall. They wanted to watch a movie and then do what ever it is young teens do at the mall. She said they did not want to stop in the middle of what they were doing (never mind I was in the middle of something as well)

I was gone maybe an hour or so and decided to first get some beer before returning to the garage. I walked into the apartment and found Lois with her hand down Sandy's new top lifting her breast for more of them would be exposed. They both looked at me like deers caught in head lights. I asked Lois if she needed some help with thous, Sandy turned beet red, while Lois cracked up telling me no. Sandy has a nice set on here 5'5" frame, and Lois had them perched up on the upper edges of a black corset. The under shirt is of a thin white silk and nether one of them noticed one of Sandy's large dark nipples had slipped out from all the jostling they were doing. I took a good look as I turned into the kitchen to grab some beer. I heard some whispering from the other room, I'm sure Sandy is dieing having found out her tit was exposed.

Grabbing some beer for us all I head back into the front room where they are, Sandy has her face covered with her hands and shirt thrown over her chest. Lois has got her arm around her letting her know it's OK, she's not mad that Peter (me) got to see her boob. I speak up and say to Sandy that I did not see much more than anyone else will once Lois has you tied up in that corset. Turn around and let me lace it up while Lois adjust the front. I get down on my knees to make it easier to pull and tie the laces. This puts me in close proximity to her wide ass, covered by a loose fitting floor length skirt. Lois has her bend forward for she can shake the girls loose and better set them in the corset. As Sandy is bending forward her dress tightens around her bottom and I can tell she's wearing boy cut panties by the pantie lines. Lois looks over Sandy's shoulder and sees me checking out her ass, I look up at her and she gives me a wink. (with that wink I could very easily imagine pulling the dress up and fucking Sandy from behind) I few more breast manipulations later Sandy stands up and I Begin pulling on the strings, she's not ready for the pulls and stumbles back into me a few times as we get her tied. Once we have her pulled tight (not much tighter than my cock feels in my pants) Lois has her bend forward again to help adjust the girls one last time. I see them look at each other and then Lois leans in and gives her a aggressive kiss, while squeezing her chest. Sandy responds by reaching up and cupping Lois's face in her hands. They stare at each other for a moment and then both lean in for a deep french kiss. I take this as a Que and be running my hands up Sandy's legs and over her ass, I reach for her hips and pull her slightly back to me. This places her ass right into my face, I open my mouth and teasingly bite her ass.

"Oh god" Sandy says as she breaks the kiss, "we have been fantasizing about this for months, I've wanted a woman to teach me for months and Danny has always wanted to watch me get fucked by another man" "I've got to call him and tell him to come over before we go any further"

As she breaks away from us Lois and I embrace in a kiss, rubbing our hands over each other. I can feel the hardness of her nipples pointing out off her triple F breast, she can feel how hard my cock is in my jeans. While we are groping each other Sandy has called Danny, "Danny, I want you to stop what your doing and come over to Lois and Peters house right now" We do not hear his response but clearly hear her say "You were right it is them on SLS, we will only wait so-long before we start with out you" a short pause "the kids are at the mall, hurry" and hangs up the phone.

Lois and I break our kiss and turn to her, Lois ask "your on SLS? we got to see your profile" and we move over to the computer logging in and searching their account. Looking closely we see they have used a different city keeping them out of our search parameters. She is listed as Bi-curious 5' 2" 180 pounds and he is listed as Bi-curious 6' and 210 pounds. They list themselves as new to the lifestyle, having been introduced to it by a friends birthday party that turned into an orgy. They did not participate but were a very captive audience, they spent many a nights talking about what they saw and now want to explore and have beenlooking for a couple to push them past there reluctance.

A knock on the door lets us know Danny has arrived and Sandy ask if she could have a few minutes with him before we all discuss what we are about to do. She greets him at the door wearing the skirt, corset and shear top, breast half exposed. She walks up to him giving him a big o'l french kiss while grabbing his crotch, Lois and I watch as she then takes his hand and they head out into the parking lot. While they are gone we head into the bedroom to clean up, and changing into something more comfortable. Lois says she wants to tease Danny and ask me not to hinder his view as she slips on a sweater dress. The dark brown sweater has a deep cleavage showing off her ample breast, and rides up her thighs when she sits. I love it when she flashes me her thick thighs and trimmed pussy dressed like this, if Danny has any doubts he's about to lose them. I dress for easy access and removal, running pants and a lose shirt.

10 or 15 min later we see them walking back up to the apartment and I go to let them in, Sandy gives me a thumbs up and I welcome Danny. I guide them into the living room after stopping at the fridge for drinks. Lois has already had a seat in my chair facing the couch. Getting up she does a quick open leg flash....we all could see Danny's double take (did he just see what he thought he saw?), once on her feet she hugs Danny inviting them to sit down. I pass out the drinks and lean onto the side of the chair Lois is siting in, Danny is a nervous wreck not knowing whats happening. I look at Danny and tell him he missed the first kiss and it was as hot as hell. But that's all it was was just a kiss as Sandy stopped it and said you had to be here for it to go further. To us that's important as we ONLY play together and if one says no it's no for both. Right now we are both a yes and want to be sure you two are as well. I figure we have 2 to 3 hours before we need to pick up the kids. Over the next 1/2 hour we discuss who what when how excetera.. Lois was slowly flashing them both as the conversation was happening and I was standing there with a tent in my pants watching them soak up the flashing. Turns out they both had had only a few lovers before each other and nether one had been with the same sex but wanted to at least try it. I'm not Bi but am not opposed to getting a blow job from a man, the situation to return the favor has never presented itself. Sandy said she would love to teach Danny how to do it on my cock.

Lois reached up and pulled the hem of my pants down exposing part of my cock, looking at Sandy she says why don't you come over here and start his lesson. Sandy moved over in-front of me on her knees pulling down and removing my pants, I pulled of my shirt and gee what a surprise I'm the 1st one naked. Holding my cock in one hand Lois reaches over with the other and pulls Sandy's hair telling her to suck it. I ask Danny if he likes watching Sandy suck my cock? he just nods his head up and down with his mouth open in wonder. Meanwhile Lois is telling Sandy to take more of my cock as your husband watches, because he's going to be sucking it next and you don't want him to take more than you can. Lois then scoots down in the chair bringing her ass to the edge and spreads her legs, it only takes a moment for Danny to get down in front of her. She lets go of Sandy's hair and grabs some of Danny's making him look up at her, "we're going to find out who sucks pussy and cock better you or Sandy, now eat my pussy" With the tip of my cock in her mouth Sandy turns her head to watch her husband suck another woman's pussy. Lois lets out a small moan as he works her lips open with his tongue, she is teasing her nipple looking at Sandy watching him. " You like watching him eat my pussy Sandy?, I'll bet he does the same thing to Peters cock as you suck on my cunt" with that Sandy turns her head back to me and tries to get more of my cock in her mouth. I'm so close to cumming with her on my cock and watching Danny suck on Lois's pussy, I pull her head away and tell her to go learn how to suck pussy.

She moves in next to Danny as I lean over grabbing the back of Lois's knees, pulling them back and spreading her pussy wider. Danny leans into Sandy and kisses her giving her, her first taste of pussy. Eventually they both take turns sucking on Lois's lips and clit, we hear Danny tell Sandy to slide a finger in while your sucking on her clit. Lois is panting working closer and closer to cumming on Sandy's face. Louis has reached out and grabbed my cock stroking and squeezing my shaft, I tell Danny to slide a finger up her ass while your wife sucks her pussy. That does it Lois clamps her legs around Sandy's face covering her in pussy juice. Sandy has managed to pull her head out and is kissing Danny while they both still have fingers buried in Lois, Sandy pulls away and says now let see how much of that cock you can suck. They both ease out of Lois who has another small spasm of an orgasm as they do.

I let go of Lois's legs and she sits up still grasping my raging hard-on she guides it into Sandy's mouth for Danny has a real close up of how much she can take. After a few up and down thrust on my cock we see she has taken a Little over half. She pulls off my cock and Lois points it towards Danny, he is slightly reluctant so Sandy putt's her hand on the back of his head. As she moves his head to my cock she tells him she wants to see him suck cock and pushes his mouth on to me. He opens his lips and lets the head of my cock in, Sandy removes her hand from his head, Lois lets go of my cock and Danny grabs the base to better control it. He spends a few moments lick and sucking my cock head, Lois says enough of this. Grabbing a hand full of hair she forces the head my cock past his lips and down the shaft. Danny grunts and chokes but eventually gets more and more of my cock down his throat, Lois no longer has to help him as he is now attacking me with gusto. Sandy say OK Danny before you make him cum see how much you can get in your mouth. He slowly works more and more into his mouth eventually taking 3/4 of it. As he's pulling back off my cock I hold him with just the head in his mouth, he knows I'm about to cum and starts stroking me faster and faster. I feel the first spasms and begin to fill his mouth, after the first couple of spurts I pull out grabbing Sandy's head I pull her onto my cock and finishing in her mouth. once I'm done cumming they spend a few minuets kissing sharing both mine and Lois's juices.

to be continued..

by us2maybeu

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