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Couples night turned into more

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We'd went to dinner with a couple and knew the plans for us was to spend the night and enjoy some good strip club that we'd been to before but not on couples night.

Well we packed for the night and as I didn't really expect to get too much play action as not everyone was feeling the best of health the day prior, didn't pack all my toys that I'd thought about packing when the wife and I accepted the invite. We packed just the basics, which was a change of clothes and toiletries. We got a late start driving over to meet them in their hotel room as both of us had to do some late work, but we finally got there about 730pm and shortly after rode with them to dinner at a great place that they knew. Dinner was great and I kept looking at our waitress whom seemed to be eyeballing me but wasn't sure why. I was to learn why much later.

After dinner we went to the strip club where we ran into a few others in the lifestyle that we'd not known about prior. As discretion is the best policy, agreed to keep their secrets safe. With that understood, got to watch a great show being put on by some of the swingers in the lounge area at the strip club. One gal sucked her partner for a good long while and got him to be a good 7" in length hard, while another bounced up and down on her partner moaning loud enough that we all knew she was coming but not loud enough to be heard over the music of the club.

We got to the stage area and wouldn't you know it, but yet another person from our area and she too was a swinger and allowed me to get a little more friendly than most would have been allowed without paying EXTRA for the services. She'd managed to quickly unzip my pants and shove my hard cock into her wet pussy and pretended it was part of her strip show by bouncing up and down on my cock for a few minutes. Of course that deserved a few EXTRA bucks being put on the stage. When she got up, I noticed one of the bouncers heading our way and I quickly put my cock away as I didn't want the 7' 300lb muscle bound guy to drop kick my ass out of the club. The dancer must have sensed my feelings and told me that she hopes that the rest of my birthday is as much fun as it appears that I was having now. I quickly went along with it and that must have satisfied the bouncer as he turned another direction. The others that I'd came with, including the wife was shocked that I just got a quick fuck and was wishing that they would get the next dance but then the music changed and so did the dancer. Never seen that dancer again but she whispered that one of our friends whom works at the club asked me to "take care of me if I wanted to" and she agreed after seeing me.

Well about midnight we decided that it was time to go as the smoke in the club was getting to me and I was getting even more hornier. I need to fuck but with one person sick, wasn't sure who that might be besides my wife. Turned out the gal at the restaurant was told of our room number and was called during the ride back to the hotel. After we'd gotten back to the room and got pretty much undressed, I heard a knocking on the door. Knew we'd not made too much noise but then also wondered why nobody but the wife and I really got dressed or under the covers. It was because "Kelly" the gall from the restaurant was there. I opened the door and she had this long coat on with heals, which when she took if off, was wearing only a strap-on harness under it but without the attachment.

Now I was in shock, specially when Kelly walked over to the couple who's name the room was under and gave both of them a kiss, then kissed my wife. Right then I knew something had been arranged. Turned out Kelly liked fucking guys as much as she did gals and the couple that had invited us knew that not only did I like to get my ass fucked but liked to see my wife being fucked. Well while the other couple was playing with my wife, Kelly started to suck on my cock and as she did, she started to play with my tight ass. First easing one finger then another up into my tight ass. I about exploded as she was giving me one great blow job while at the time fingering my ass. She took her harness off and told me that she wanted to ride me first before I exploded. She sat on my cock and started to ride it good. I was about to cum hard when she looked at the other guy in the room and winked at him. Once again I was puzzled but thought she was thanking him for inviting her over. BOY WAS I WRONG! Now I knew he was bi and I knew he'd talked about fucking me or sucking me off, but he'd not acted on any of that so far that night and I figured that Kelly was all I'd get that night.

Well I was wrong, as after I'd mounted Kelly doggy style, I stopped hearing the sound of my wife's pussy being fucked and then I felt him behind me. I felt lube being applied and in he started to push. It wasn't long before he had gotten his cock into me, which is slightly longer than mine but not as thick. He was able to do this slowly and without too much pain as Kelly wanted me to keep riding her pussy. So with each thrust out of her, I managed to get his cock into me. Shortly I wasn't the one doing any of the thrusting as I was being thrust-ed into causing me to thrust into Kelly. We must have all 3 cum at the same time and as I wasn't paying any attention, didn't realize that both my wife and his wife was watching and taking pictures of it all.

My wife and his wife thought that was the hottest thing that they had ever seen as I pulled out of Kelly and he pulled out of me. Kelly told me that is was her turn, meaning my wife and my turn to watch. Kelly got her harness on and pulled out a nice sized 8" cock from her coat pocket. She spread my wife's legs and proceeded to slowly fuck her pussy with the toy. Slowly building speed before making my wife cum hard. All the time I'm stroking my cock feeling it get hard again but as I don't recover that fast was having an issue. My wife begged her to stop as she needed a drink as she was "fucked out" she said.

Kelly asked if I was ready to take this, the 8" cock, and I said I didn't think so. However she walked over to me and asked me to suck it clean then. She had a slightly smaller one for me. So here I am, sucking this dildo tasting my wife's pussy cum and I'm trying my best to take it all. Now Kelly is encouraging me and so are the others in the room to try this cock in my ass but I told them there was no way. So as I got onto all 4's, Kelly was allegedly going to switch sizes. My wife started to lube my ass up really good and I heard what should have been Kelly switching toys. Once again, BOY WAS I WRONG! Kelly spread my ass checks apart and started to push. I right then knew I'd been tricked as I'd been lubed with my own anal ease that the wife quietly packed and this 8" cock was going into my tight ass. Kelly slowly started to fuck me and my wife said maybe it would be best if she showed me how to take a good fucking. With that she got on all 4's next to me and the guy started to fuck her pussy. Slowly at first but then he picked up speed. So did Kelly after my wife told him that if she could handle it.... So while she got her pussy rode hard, my ass got rode almost as hard and the flashes of a camera was all around. Suddenly they stopped, but only for Kelly to fuck my wife's pussy and him to fuck my ass till he'd was ready to cum in me, AGAIN!

About 2am, things finally quieted down and Kelly went home. Not before giving us her number and telling me we ever needed her to cum and fuck either one of us, to give her a call. I can't show the pictures as that was one of the promises made to Kelly, but boy they are good. I'd like to crop her face out but with her tats...I'm sure someone would recognize them. if you like the story.

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