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Cosmo Girl - Full Story

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Just before lunch on Thursday, my boss called me to a meeting. That was typical and I wondered if she had asked my secretary whether I had luch plans, just so she could be sure of disrupting them. Her office was small, of course ten times larger than my cubicle and was dominated by the portrait of Helen Gurley Brown. I?m a writer, always have been, and the last few years I?ve been making my living as a journalist, working for women?s magazines. It?s a good living and does just fine for me while I?m writing my novel. Last year I scored a job working for Cosmopolitan. I got the job by virtue of my connections to the publisher and apparently beat out one of my boss?s friends for the job. Every day she visits some petty humiliation on me.

The magazine has always been about sex and that?s not really a good fit for me. I mean I?ve always liked sex, but it?s definitely not a force that runs my life. My husband of four years works as a forensic accountant. I?ve always thought of him as the staid conservative one, and have always enjoyed some of the faintly shocked looks I get when I tell of the more sexually adventurous interviews I conduct for my articles. You know the type, ?My favorite 39 orgasms?

So I sat down in the office chair. The March sunlight wasn?t doing kind things to her face. When she smiled I could see a little lipstick on one yellowed incisor.

?Cocks.? She said.

I raised an eyebrow, but didn?t rise to the bait.

?You?re going to do an article on cocks. Something light, but I want good descriptions on at least ten types. I assume you know where to find some to interview??

I raised my pen form my notepad. ?I think that I have the imagination, along with the internet to find the material I need.?

?I thought your last article was a little stilted and had the feeling that you had done just that. I want to have some feeling this time, to feel that you?ve really been there. Of course if this doesn?t suit you I can always go freelance.?

I knew just how much she could hurt me if I refused the assignment. ?No problem. I can do that.?

?Good. I?ll want your interview notes and some kind of corroboration.?

I left her office, my face red with rage as well as embarrassment. Harry, my better half, would probably tell me to quit. As I sat in my cubicle, I wondered how I was going to pull this off. I started scanning the wbe sites that Sally had given me. Adultfriendfinders, & Swingerlifestyle seemed to be the most accessible and I set up profiles on both. I spent the rest of he afternoon working on an outline and headed home at five.

It was Friday evening, usually our date night and I knew who cock number one would be. We had an early dinner and I told Howard I wanted to snuggle and watch a movie in bed. He asked me about my day and I told him about my assignment.

?Cocks? How are you going to interview cocks??

I laughed and traced my finger down his leg. ?I haven?t figured it out yet. But I thought I?d start with yours.? He was wearing a robe and I delicately lifted it away. His cock lay flaccid on his thigh. I traced my finger down its back and on to his balls. They were furry and sat loosely in a bag of skin. I had never really liked balls. Cocks were ok, but I?d never gotten off to one. I was more of a tongue and fingers girl. I thought that was strange now that I thought of it. I mean cocks got off to pussies, I?d had the concrete evidence of that fill mine a few hundred times. Strange that women were designed so differently.

?Is a pussy the favorite place a cock can be?? I asked, as my finger continued its wandering. The cock was definitely responding now. I cursed myself for not getting out my measuring tape before I started, but I placed my finger against it and took a mental note as to its probable length before stimulation.

?Well, mouths are pretty good too. How are you supposed to interview other cocks? Aren?t you going to have to see them?? His cock stretched out, the rubbery glans around its head flaring. I leaned forward and touched it with my tongue.

?I wanted to just make it up, but that bitch Sally insists that I conduct actual interviews. I think I?m going to have to quit if I can?t figure it out. She wants different shapes and sizes.? I could tell he was thinking about it. His cock relaxed onto his thigh.

?So you?re not actually going to do the interviews?? He looked at me and I had a sudden flash that he was excited about it.

I smiled at him, ?Do you like the idea of my talking to other cocks?? He laughed and his cock jumped back to life.

?No.? I put my mouth around him, feeling a little drip of salt pre-cum ooze onto my tongue. ?Well, maybe. Just talking though. But I guess you?d have to see them hard. Maybe you?d have to get them hard.? I pulled him from my mouth and put my hands around his balls. They were very tight now.

I put my hand around his wet shaft and watched the glans bend as my fingers rubbed its slick hardness. ?What?s the most sensitive part??

He pointed to a little flap of skin on the underside. ?There where the skin joins.? I tickle it with my fingernail and watched it bob and then licked it.

?Yes right there.?

We went out to dinner that Friday with Janet and her boyfriend. I?ve known Janet since I first came to New York. We?d talked about jobs and lovers, lovers and jobs for over ten years. We knew a few of the same people, though she moved in a more arty circle than I did so we had dinner at a booth in Freddy?s, a small Italian bistro with brick walls and candles stuck in straw covered Chianti bottles. The food was good and the wine excellent. Janey kept us laughing with tales of her gay boss. She had been with Jeff for nearly six months and I liked him a lot. He was good for her.

Over the coffee and grappa, I told them of my current assignment. Janet laughed and said, ?Imagine. Where are you going to find nine dicks??

?I have no idea. Well there are a couple of web sites. I posted a profile asking for couples and men and I thought I?d see what turned up.?

?Sounds dangerous.?

?Harry?s going to protect me, aren?t you Harry??

Janet looked at him, ?Are you going to watch while she looks at dicks??

Harry laughed, ?I?m OK with it. I never really thought of there being tremendous variety. You know I don?t know that I?ve ever seen another man hard. I mean in the flesh.?

Janet looked at Jeff. ?How about you honey. Have you ever seen another man hard??

?Once. I got talked into having sex with a friend?s girlfriend while he was there. It was when I was in college.?

?You never told me that.?

?Well it never came up, did it??

I saw Janet reach under the table. ?Was it exciting??

Jeff grinned, ?You know it was, but I was really too drunk to enjoy it as much as I should have. It was pretty erotic.?

Janet?s hand was moving under the table. ?I can tell that it was. Sam, we have dick number 9 here. Want to have a look??

I looked over at Harry, who said, ?Why not. I mean you?re not going to be able to study it, but if we move around you should get a pretty good look.?

We shuffled places so that Janey sat next to Harry and I sat close to Jeff. Janet had unzipped and pulled his trousers down and if I moved the tablecloth, I would be able to see him. I could see it tenting the linen. The waiter came over and asked if we wanted anything further and Harry ordered another round of grappa. The moment he left, I moved the tablecloth. Jeff?s dick had an enormously thick base but it tapered to a head that was a little smaller than Harry?s. I was starting at it when I heard the waiter move around the corner and I put my hand on top of it, pulling the tablecloth over. I could feel it under my hand and almost without thinking; I closed my hand around it. It leapt against my fingers and Jeff?s eyes went wide. The waiter seemed to take a long time refilling our glasses and I moved my hand up and down, feeling a drop of wetness cover my index finger. The waiter moved away and I pulled the tablecloth back. Janet leaned over and saw my hand. She looked up at me and said, ?I thought you just had to look.?

I laughed and said, ?The waiter startled me.? I removed my hand and said, ?Well that?s number 9.?

Janey moved closer to Harry and I saw her hand move to his lap. ?Harry?s hard too. I want to see him.?

?You?re not writing an article.?

?Yeah but I?m curious. It seems only fair.?

We shuffled seats and I saw Harry reach below the tablecloth to free himself. Janey moved closer and I saw her shift the table cloth back and then saw her hand dart forward. Harry gripped the table edge. After a few seconds, she placed both hands on the table.

?Whew, well that was quite exciting. I think I feel like going home now.?

We paid the check and said our goodbyes. Later when we were in bed I said, ?So what did it feel like to have my girlfriend put her hand around your dick??

?She grabbed my balls too.? His cock was standing hard, a little drop of pre-cum oozing out. I moved toward it and licked the head. He moaned.

?What was it like to wrap your fingers around another man?s cock??

?It was OK. It was exciting. A little drop of pre-cum came out and I rubbed it into the head.

?Tell me how it was different.? His cock was straining hard. In fact, I don?t think I?d ever seen it swell so large. I licked the back of it, rubbing my tongue on the little ridge of skin where the glans met the shaft.

?Well it was thicker at the base, but it was smaller at the head. I don?t think it was as long.?

?Did you want to put it in your pussy??

I hadn?t really thought of it, but the thought seemed to excite Harry. I said, ?Would you have liked to watch??

The vein on the back of his cock swelled and his balls contracted and ropes of thick cum flew out of his cock. I squeezed and put my head over it, capturing a few more squirts and then I sucked gently, draining him. He seemed to cum forever. ?Wow. You got excited.?

?It?s an exciting thought,? he said, flipping over and diving between my legs. ?You see you?re really wet thinking about it aren?t you my nasty little slut. Thinking about having strange cock driving into you.? He put a finger in me, ?Thinking about having both of us fucking you.? He moved his thumb to push my clit around and continue talking about watching me getting fucked. Images started floating though my mind and then I started cumming. In the middle of my orgasm I felt him enter me again, pounding me relentlessly. I came again and a few minutes later so did he.

The next morning at breakfast I was slightly hung-over and more than slightly embarrassed. Harry cooked breakfast, making waffles. It wasn?t an egg morning. I could tell he was a little under the weather. He looked at me and said, ?Not drinking grappa for a long time.?

I looked up from the paper and smiled. ?Well at least I only have to find eight more cocks.?

?There is that. I enjoyed our sex play last night. It was fun.?

I looked up. Was his cock tenting his robe? Surely not. ?Janey and Jeff were fun. I hope she didn?t wake up upset. I mean I did grab her boyfriend?s dick.?

?Well she got her own back,?

His robe was definitely tenting. I got up and separated his folds. His hard cock sprang out. ?You really did get excited didn?t you??

He took me up against the counter and it was great. An hour later Janet phoned. ?We had great sex last night.? She said. ?So thanks.?

I had to laugh. ?We did too. And this morning as well.?

?So I was thinking that if you want some company looking for these other, well other models, we?d like to offer our assistance.?

?That?s nice of you. I haven?t checked my posting but I will later this morning.? She asked if I wanted to have coffee in the afternoon and I said sure. After I hung up, I reflected that her suggesting coffee was unusual. We had always agreed that it was always best to see each other every few weeks so we?d always have new shit to talk about. When I met her, she seemed excited and nervous. ?We had amazing sex. I like Harry, but you know it wasn?t the actual touching of his thingy that did it. It was Jeff?s reaction. Then he started talking about the time he did it with his friend?s girl and how he?d like to see me like that. My god we were both so turned on. It was very strange. Anyway I guess we both want to, I don?t know, be exposed to that a little.?

?Who was more excited you or him?? I asked.

?You know I don?t know. It started off with him, but then it was such a wicked thing to do, just whipping them out in the restaurant that way.? She looked down at her coffee cup and I could see a little red band grow around her neck. She looked up, her eyes blue and sparkling. ?It was a lot of fun.?

I showed her fifteen responses to the message I had posted on one of the sex dating sites. ?These are the most presentable one. Well, the one I thought were the most presentable.?

I had selected a variety of cock shapes and sizes. ?Most of these people say they?d like to meet for a drink or dinner just to check out compatibility. I guess we could all pretend to be swingers and go together to meet them.? I laughed, ?Sort of convince them that we do the group thing.?

?That would be fun. When do you want to do it??

?I?m going to reply to people and tell them that we?ll meet with the first couple and the first guy that respond.?

We arranged a time to meet and separated. I could tell Janey was excited, but I was telling myself that I didn?t really know why.

Two couples and one guy responded. I figured I could get three out of six accomplished, so I set up appointments separated by hour intervals at a local bar. I phoned Janey and Jeff to tell them the hour of our first appointment and caught Harry on his cell phone to give him an update. Our first meeting was at ten, and I arranged for Jeff and Janey to meet us at 9:30 so we could plan our strategy.

Janey said, ?I?ve been doing some reading on the Internet about protocol and how these things are done, but I think we should have our own escape plan in case the people are too weird. Let?s get a table where we can get to the exit without being seen so we can boogie if things get tough.?

Our first couple was Deborah and Mark. I recognized them when they came in the door and waved them to our table. Deborah was a little better looking in person than Mark, but he was OK. She had a heart shaped face with dark hair and blue eyes. Her hair was swept off her forehead in two wings. She looked very intense. We had agreed that Jeff and Janey would wait by the bar until we signaled them over.

We shook their hands and sat down.

?I?m really nervous and I have no idea what we should talk about.?

Deborah laughed and said, ?There aren?t really any rules you know. This is your first time, right??

?Well, we have some friends that we fool around with occasionally, but that happened almost by accident and we?ve never done anything with anyone else.?

?We?ve been playing with others for about three years, but we?ve only been with five other couples, so I guess we?re not that experienced. We go for months without meeting anybody and then we just cut loose.?

We ordered drinks and I made a mental note that I would have to slow down if we were going to be here for another three hours.

Mark said, ?How long have you guys been together??

Harry answered, ?Five years.?

?And this is the first time you?ve thought about bringing others to your bed?? Deborah asked the question and her gaze was fixed on me when she asked it.

I could feel the color rise into my face and I just felt that she saw right though me. I didn?t know the right answer. If I said, ?No I fantasize about fucking other men all the time? I knew Harry?s eyebrows would rise into his hair. I said, ?We have always talked about it but our friends were really the ones who led us into experimenting.? I looked down. ?I hope you don?t mind, but we asked them to join us.?

Mark said, ?Hell, no. The more the merrier.? He grinned at me, and I realized I would never want to sleep with him, and then I chided myself because I did not intend to sleep with anyone other than Harry. I waved to Janey and Jeff, who had been covertly watching from the bar.

They came over and introductions were made. Janey maneuvered herself so that she was sitting between Deborah and Mark. Another round of drinks arrived. Every few sentences I would feel Deborah?s speculative gaze rest on me, and, nervous, I drank my second drink much too fast. Janey had taken control of the table and the men were paying attention to her as she flirted with all three of them. One of her hands had made it into Mark?s lap. Soon she headed to the dance floor with Mark and I looked over my shoulder to see his hands on her ass as they moved through a song.

Deborah leaned over to me, ?I don?t know what this is all about, but I want you to know that I think you?re a phony.?

I said, ?What do you mean??

?You?re not interested in swinging. Janey might be but you?re not. What?s going on??

I knew my color was high, but I managed a straight face and said, ?I don?t know what you?re talking about. I can understand if you don?t find us attractive??

Before I finished the sentence she was out of the booth, her purse under her arm, ?Goodnight? I saw her grab Mark by the arm and they left the bar. Janey came back to the table.

?What got into her??

?She said she could tell I was a phony.? The third drink had arrived and I started to suck it down, trying to hide the tears that were starting to fill my eyes. I had no idea why I was upset, other than the fact that I had done a bad acting job.

?I grabbed his dick at the table. I can describe it to you.?

I sniffed, ?OK. We?ve only got fifteen minutes until the guy, Dan, arrives. You need to tell me what I did wrong.?

Harry laughed, ?You were just too uptight. Maybe Janey should play you.?

?She can?t, we sent them pictures of my boobs. Nobody is going to mistake her for me.?

Janey laughed. ?You?re right. I?m about three sizes light in the cup department.?

I looked up, and laughed, ?Bitch. They?re only a double D once a month.? I was starting to feel the drinks and said, ?I?ve got to switch to something non-alcoholic. I?m starting to feel light-headed. So what should I do to act more like a swinger??

?Maybe act a little more turned on. Harry, turn her on.?

Harry grinned, ?Maybe she should have a look at Jeff?s cock again. That seemed to work pretty well last time.?

I felt furious at Harry, but then I realized that I had told Janey the same thing and that she had undoubtedly told Jeff.

?See, that?s the look that you?ve got to lose? Janey said, ?Now scootch over and have a look at his bad boy. You can touch too.?

We shuffled seats and I looked at Jeff. He said, ?I feel like a sex toy. It?s not a bad feeling though.? He busied his hands under the table and I leaned towards him. There it was, though this time there was a little of drop of clear oozing from the tiny hole. Janey leaned forward and we both stared.

Janey said, ?Look how hard he is. Touch it Sam.? I extended my finger and rubbed the pre-cum into his cock head, scratching the flaring glans with my fingernail before I wrapped my hand around him. He felt incredibly hot and I could feel something roll over inside me. I moved my hand up and down, squeezing some more clear and then sat back.

Janey said, ?My turn.? More seat shuffling and Harry was now sitting next to Jeff with Janey and I on the outside. The waiter came by and both men leaned their arms on the table to move forward and cover themselves. When he had dropped off the drinks, Janey?s hand were busy under the table. She pushed both men back and said, ?Look.? I watched as she placed her fingers on Harry?s cock, stroking it gently. She lifted it up and played with the little flap of skin underneath and then she said, ?I dropped my napkin.? She leaned her head in Harry?s lap. I didn?t see his cock go into her mouth, but when she sat back up it was slick with wet. I was shocked, but wet myself. She grinned at me, ?Are you ready now??

I looked over at the bar?s entrance and saw Jack walk through the door and waved to him.

Janey and Jeff moved to the bar. Jack was taller than either Jeff or Harry and had wide rangy shoulders. His straw blond hair was cut short but shaggy. He slid into the booth on my inside and I made introductions. He wasn?t married, hadn?t been for two years, found this was a good way to meet partners. Worked very hard and did this about once a month. Harry was quiet a first but seemed to warm up after he found out that Jack had decided that long term relationships didn?t suit him.

?I?m an engineer. Bridges mainly, so I travel a lot. My wife couldn?t deal with it and I can?t blame her. I?m usually out of town two weeks a month.?

He started his questions about why I was interested in this, whether I had ever done it before. Harry left the table to go to the restroom and Jack leaned in, ?Are you afraid that he?ll freak out??

?A little. But he seems just as excited as I am.?

Jack laughed. ?I?ve been with six couples and the men seemed to enjoy it as much as the women. I know if I ever found a long-term relationship I?d definitely do it with her.?

?What?s your favorite part?? I asked Harry had returned to the table and leaned in on his elbow to hear. I discretely placed my hand in his lap. His cock was hard.

Jack leaned back and grinned at both of us. ?Usually when we?re both in her at the same time.?

?Oh my.? I put my hand to my mouth and Harry laughed.

?How does that work??

?Well,? he leaned forward, ?Usually we fit vaginally with a little patience. We?d have to compare sizes. It would probably be easier if I were in you anally while Harry was..?

I laughed, ?It sounds so technical.?

Harry leaned in to me. ?Reach down and see if he?s hard.?

I was about to when Jeff and Janey came up to the table. I introduced them . Jack looked at me. ?I?m glad to meet your friends. I didn?t expect a party.?

Janey said, ?Well this is the situation. We?re having a party next week to celebrate a little business success and we?re looking for two men to join us and another girl.

I realized that Janey was a little drunk.

?we were just talking about the mechanics of having two men at once.?

?You mean double penetration or just oral and sex?? Janey was definitely high. The waiter had arrived at the tail end of Jack?s answer and his eyes had gotten large. He took our orders and I resolved to sip drink number four very slowly. The thought of Janey?s mouth on Harry?s cock was still with me and I wondered how she would feel about payback.

Harry said, ?Both.?

Jack said, ?I?m straight, but the thought of being the second cock in a woman doesn?t bother me.? He looked at me, ?What do you think about that??

?Sounds fun. So, we?ve got about six men we?re interviewing. Can we have a look at the goods??

Jack laughed, ?You don?t fool around do you.? His hands reached under the table and we all heard a zip. ?It?s only halfway there, but I guess you?ll guess about the rest.?

Janey had maneuvered so she was on his other side and we nearly knocked heads leaning over to look at him. It was large, larger half hard than either Harry or Jeff. Janey reached forward and wrapped her hand around it, and then shook it so it flopped a little. It quickly started filling. If Harry was a seven this was a ten. The helmet was wide and flared and it looked as though the whole cock turned up a little. When it was hard, Janey gave it a little shake and then let it go. She leaned back, ?Thanks. It looks just fine.?

He zipped himself up and we continued to talk. After fifteen minutes Jack said, ?Ok, give send me a message. I?m ready when you are.?

After he left I turned to Harry. ?Did you see that??

He said, ?I did. I?ve never seen anything bigger, that?s for sure.?

?I don?t think it would fit,? I said, and then I realized what I had just said.

Janey said, ?But it?d be fun to watch you try?

Harry laughed and I put my hand in his lap. He was hard as a rock. ?Is Jeff hard??

Janey?s hand moved, ?Oh yeah.?

?Well that?s cock number four if we count Mark. Look there?s our next couple.?

Janey went over to the bar, her little hips swinging. I realized that the last time she had gone to the bathroom she had taken off her bra. She was wearing a white tank top and her dark nipples were clearly visible as she walked back towards our table.

Cheryl and Dan were a little younger than Deborah and Mark. Cheryl definitely had some Hispanic in her makeup and she looked a little like Selma Hayek, though her boobs, I was pretty sure were a little smaller than mine. The introductions were made and I said, ?I know I should have told you I was bringing Janey and Jeff but they came into town unexpectedly and it seemed rude to leave them at home.?

Dan asked Janey where she had come from and Janey gave details of her parent?s home. I said, ?we?re planning a party in two weeks and we?re looking for people who want to play.?

Cheryl looked at me strangely and said, ?Let?s get to know each other. Do you guys play with each other??

Janey said, ?We just started to a few weeks ago. We love it but we wanted to add another couple or two.?

Cheryl said, ?So let me get this straight.? She looked at Janey, ?You?re married to Jeff??

I reached over and ran my hand through Jeff?s hair. ?Yes but we play together.?

We continued talking about various things, and I started to down that fourth drink. I was feeling very relaxed, and I was enjoying talking to Cheryl.

?So what sort of things do you guys do? Are you full swap???

She looked at me funny. ?You know that?s the first thing that you?ve said that makes me believe you guys are really swingers.?


?Because I guess swinger have their own language and if you?re looking for partners you generally use the language.?

?Well we didn?t ever think of ourselves as swingers. We just started, and we haven?t been on the web sites that much. But you didn?t answer my question.?

I was starting to feel, really feel the alcohol, and I was a little reckless. ?Do you have two men at once??

Dan answered, ?I won?t do that. First of all I don?t want to get that near another man and secondly nobody but me is going in her backdoor.?

Janey guffawed and Cheryl gave her an unfriendly look. ?Do you do that??

Janey said, ?We have. I liked it. I think I liked having them both in my pussy more.?

I figured we were about to lose our second couple, so I tried to change the subject. ?Do you like dancing??

They both said, ?Yes? and I said, ?Dan let?s go. But first I?ve got to get rid of this bra.? I was wearing a wrap dress with tight sleeves, but with some pulling and tugging, I managed to get it off. Janey?s eyes had gotten big. I handed my bra to Jeff. ?Keep it warm for me honey.?

I knew that my tits wobbled a lot without a bra and I could feel my nipples tenting the fabric as I walked to the floor. It was a slow song and I knew Dan could feel them poking into his chest. I murmured, ?So do you like us??

He said, ?I like you plenty. Can I get a phone number??

I grabbed his ass and ground my leg into his crotch, ?Sure, but only after I get a look at the equipment.?

I had started to feel a little squishy after the dance. I didn?t really like Dan, but the feeling of his cock lengthening against his leg and pressing against the top of my mound had continued my arousal.

We returned to the table and I arranged myself so I was next to Janey, and the three men were sitting together. I said to Cheryl, ?Do you like playing with girls??

I reached my hand towards Janey, circled her nipple with my finger, and then grabbed her compact mound of breast. I felt Janey do the same, but she lifted my breast as if testing its weight before her little hand squeezed me. Before she, left she pinched my nipple hard; and I felt the shock of her pinch down to my clit.

?I do, but it?s really an appetizer. I like cock more.?

I decided it was decision time. ?Let?s have all of the boys show us theirs. So we can see what will be getting into us.?

Dan leered, ?Only if you show us yours first.?

Cheryl circled her beer glass with a dark red fingernail. ?Seems fair to me.?

We shuffled seats and waited until the waiter brought another round of drinks. I was in the middle. My wrap dress parted easily enough, and my panties had a clear panel that was wet. I pulled it to the side. Dan moved his hand towards me but Janey slapped it away. ?That pussy?s mine unless we?re in bed.? She put her hand over it and I felt her middle finger curl between my lips and I felt a fingernail gently scratch the walls of my cunt. I gripped the table. She pulled her hand away and put her finger in her mouth. ?She tastes wonderful.?

She raised her own skirt. She wasn?t wearing underwear, but all we could see was a little peach shape. Her lips were completely out of view. Cheryl had brown lips that stuck out quite far. She looked at Harry, ?You can touch it if you want.?

Harry put a hand out and ran it over her lips. They stuck out quite far and I saw him pinch them between two fingers and pull. I heard a moan from Cheryl and then I saw his finger slide in up to his knuckle.

Finally, the guys moved and we saw Dan. It was the fattest cock I had ever imagined. Short, much shorter than Harry or Jeff, but as thick as a coke can. He said, ?It?s not very long but it?ll stretch your pussy.? It was hard and the top looked like a mushroom extending from a thick purple stock. Nobody made a move to grab it. I was closest to Jeff. His cock was bobbing and I said, ?I dropped my handkerchief. I moved over his cock and felt his rubbery little glans lips pop into my mouth and I moved down his shaft, my tongue playing all the way down. I bobbed up two or three times and felt a little spurt of pre-cum which I spread around my mouth. When I popped up Cheryl said, ?Well I guess that proved you?re players.?

They left shortly afterwards. Dan came back, pretending to get some matches. He asked for my phone number, quietly in my ear. I said, ?I don?t think so.?

He muttered, ?Bitch? and left.

Janey said, ?Only five to go. Are we ready to leave??

I looked around the bar. ?Unless you want to try a people at the bar.?

She looked up and said, ?You want to do that??

?What if we go to the bar and each pick up a guy and ask him to dance and tell them that our husbands are over there and that we want to show our husbands their cocks? We could knock off another two.?

She said, ?Guys, are you are right with that.? Harry and Jeff nodded and started talking as we left. I grabbed Janey?s arm. ?What do you think the guys are talking about??

?Probably watching my finger in your pussy and watching us suck their dicks.? She laughed. ?Wow, this project has been mind-opening. I?m having so much fun.?

We spotted two young guys sitting together and it only took us a couple of minutes to move in. I thought that both of them must be in the bar using false ID?s. Billy was the one I sat next to. ?I saw you sitting with those guys over there. What?s wrong? You?re not having a fight are you??

I said, ?Heavens no. Well maybe a little, they wouldn?t dance and they got mad when Janey stuck her finger in my pussy.?

?Why would they get mad about that I?d love to see that.? His companion, whose name turned out to be Daryl, nodded.

Janey said, ?Well here?s the deal. We?ll buy the next round of shots and then we?ll dance with you. If we get your dicks hard you have to come to the table and show them to our guys so they?ll see what they missed.?

Daryl said, ?I don?t know about that. Sounds pretty kinky.? I watched Janey?s fingers on his thigh.

Bill said, ?Come on, Daryl, let?s show those guys what they?re missing.?

We danced, and it didn?t take long at all for me to get Bill in a rampant state. His cock was long enough so that the tip was peeing out the top of his jeans, hidden behind his shirt. After the dance we rushed back to the table and Janey said, ?Look what we?ve brought to show you.?

We arranged the seating and crowded around. Both cocks, came out, both different, but both long and hard. Janey and I were closest to them and I saw her fingers wrap around Daryl and then her head bobbed down. When she came up she looked at me and said, ?Double dog dare you.?

I looked over at Harry who was smiling. I leaned over, closed my mouth around the cock, and moved my lips. I had only moved my head up and down twice when I felt the first salty hot gush of cum. I started swallowing, wondering if anyone would notice. It didn?t take long, but when I sat back in my seat, a tiny drip of cum oozed out of his cock.

Janey said, ?You made him cum. I?m so jealous.? She dipped back down and moved her head and a minute later, we saw Billy stiffen.

She rose up and grinned at us. Billy and Daryl shuffled off and we paid the tab and left. We said goodnight and started to drive home. ?I didn?t mean for him to cum in my mouth.? I said to Harry.

He laughed, ?Who can blame him, even though it was a bit fast. I guess that?s youth.?

I leaned across the seat, ?I know what I want.?

He said, ?Janey and Jeff are following us.?

?They didn?t take their turn. Hmm. Maybe she thinks there?s a little unfinished business. I think I?m drunk.?

When we arrived at our apartment Jeff and Janey parked beside us.

?We want to come up for a little while. If that?s OK.?

I said, ?Sure, come on.?

When we got into the elevator, I looked a Jeff. ?Do you still have my bra??

He reached into his shirt and said, ?I forgot about it.?

We live in a tall building and it?s a long ride. It was two in the morning and I figured no one else would be up. I opened the belt on my dress and said, ?Why don?t you put it on me??

Janey peeled it off my back and I held out my arms for the straps. He lifted each breast into the cup and then pealed one back and rolled my nipple gently between his fingers. I felt Janey?s hand in my panties. The door opened and we stumbled into the corridor. Harry fumbled with the key and we fell into the apartment.

Janey tugged me towards the living room by my panties and threw some pillows on the ground. She said, ?I want to play with your tits.?

She scooped them up and started moving between each nipple. I felt as if I were on fire. She?d squeeze them, making the nipple pop out and then she?d suck it as far into mouth as it would go, pressing it up against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. I?d never had my tits sucked like that. I thought she?d stop after a few seconds but five minutes later she was still working them and I was beginning to wonder if I could cum from just having them sucked. I was leaning back against the sofa, stretching. Harry had disappeared but Jeff had his pants open and was slowly stroking himself watching. Janey was doing something different now, using her tongue to poke my nipple into my breast and then slowly rotating it around. I could feel each little bump on my nipple being caressed. Jeff had now undressed completely and sink to his knees beside us. Janey paused to offer him the tit she wasn?t devouring. He lifted it up, squeezed and said, ?They?re huge.? He lapped my nipple like a dog and sucked it deep into his mouth, just the way she had. Obviously she?d taught him the way she like her tits sucked. They were now co-ordinating and sucking my nipples straight out, lifting my tits and I felt myself starting to quake.

?Oh my god, I?m cumming from having my tits sucked.?My heels were drumming the floor, but I opened my eyes to see Harry, naked, on his knees in front of my. His hands tugged at my panties and I lifted my hips, and then felt his tongue separating my folds, sucking each lip into a warm mouth. He put his hands under my butt and lifted so my pussy was at his face level and then he dived in, his tongue began reaching deep inside my pussy. My nipples were sending little electric shocks to the hard clit that was now being sucked into mouth. I started cumming again. When I came back into my body I saw that Janey had undressed. She was sitting with her butt on the sofa, her legs spread, leaning back on her hands. ?Lick me, please.?

I moved forward, aware that Jeff had crawled between my legs; face up so he could see me licking his girl. I felt his cock butting against my stomach and I adjusted my self so I could sink down on it.

I moved my mouth off Janey?s pussy and said, ?I have your boyfriend?s cock inside me.?

?Don?t stop, please don?t stop.?

Her pussy lips were tiny and I had difficulty finding her clit because it was so small, but I was enjoying her taste more than I could have imagined. I started tonguing her hole and felt it start to contract around me. Jeff had started picking up the pace and I was so wet that he was making a slapping sound against my pussy. I felt Harry behind me felt him run his hand down my back, past my asshole to my pussy, and I was sure I felt him wrap his hand around Jeff?s cock, to flick my clit. His hand came back up with a pool of moisture that he spread around my hole, then I felt his head at the entrance, and I leaned back to push him in. I screamed into Janey?s pussy and started running my tongue up and down her again. Her legs started trembling and I felt a gush of liquid coat my face and chin. Harry was all the way inside now and I could feel the two of them rubbing their cocks together through the thin membrane. Waves of pleasure took me again and I stuck my tongue in deep. I raised my arms up and Janey grabbed me; hand to elbow to give me support against the pummeling my pussy and ass were getting. The pounding from both of them was getting furious and my breath was coming in grunts. Jeff exploded first and Harry came soon later.

Janey jumped up and said, ?I want to see it drip out of you.? They both withdrew and it felt as if I were completely empty. Harry fetched a towel and wiped me clean.

I rolled over. ?My god I feel fucked.?

Janey curled up beside me. ?You made me cum so many times.? She looked at the boys. You two have only a couple of minutes to make each other hard, because then it?s my turn. ?I?d get Sam to suck you but I want a cuddle and we want to watch you.?

They both looked a little reluctant, and got wet washcloths, but it only too a few suck before they were both up.

?I want you both in my pussy first.? Janey said, ?So you Harry lay down here and you Jeff lay down opposite so your balls are touching. There, bend you knees. Now Sam grabs both their cocks while I slide down.? She made a few noises as she slid down but she said, ?See that big cock of Jack?s would fit.? She started moving up and down. I could imagine the feeling the guys were having.

?How does it feel to have another cock sliding against yours? I asked Jeff.


?Can you feel his cockhead rubbing on yours, can you feel his shaft??

Harry said, ?Oh yeah, feels good.?

Well it?s time for a switch. And Harry you can do my backdoor.?

I laughed and watched him position himself at her little rosebud. I reached down and gather a handful of moisture and rubbed it in, sticking my finger in her up to the knuckle. I said, ?Janey I have my finger in your ass.?

?Later I want your tongue there.?

I watched Harry pop inside and then I assumed Janey?s position so she could suck my pussy while she got fucked. She did a good job too, taking my lips into her mouth, flicking my clit and diving deep into my hole. Her fucking went on longer and she came repeatedly before the boys unloaded into her holes. I held her tits while she got fucked, feeling her nipples rock hard against my palms.

The next morning I was sore and slightly hungover, but I thought everybody was happy. It was Sunday so we?d have all day to recover. I wrote up my notes. I?d seen six cocks. Four more to go.

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