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Company Christmas Party - FMF Things heat up at my husbands Christmas Party

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Talk about an eye opening and mind opening experience. I had been brought up very conservative about sexual matters. You know, be a virgin when I got married, be faithful to my husband, have a big family, etc. I came close. I only had two other men before my husband, and after two kids, I was satisfied, and I never once cheated on my husband.

We had been invited to one of my husbands co-workers wedding and reception this last August and I was looking forward to a night without the kids. Don’t get me wrong, we have a good close family, but with one 13 year old daughter, and a 10 year old son, nights out were pretty rare. I had managed to drop about 15 pounds and was feeling rather good about myself at 5’4” and 104 pounds. The best part was, at 34 years old, I was still a firm 34C and could go braless without any major gravity problems.

The dress I picked out was one to really show off my body so my husband could brag to his fellow co-workers. It was a slinky form fitting black low cut outfit with around 15 buttons up the front and stopped just above the knees. I decided to really treat my husband Kurt by wearing a garter and stockings with his favorite silk red panties. Just for extra effect, I left the top two buttons open for a great cleavage look. When I finally came out from dressing, Kurt went from impatient to “WOW”. The look and smile was worth the time.

We managed to get to the church with about 15 minutes to spare, and I buttoned up the top buttons for modesty. The wedding was beautiful and everything went fine. We had about two hours to kill between the wedding and the reception and decided to stop at an outdoor beer garden we knew and relaxed with a few drinks. I loosened up a bit and undid those top buttons again and Kurt seemed to enjoy the view. When we got to the reception, we found our table and introduced ourselves to the others. We had one of Kurt’s fellow co-workers and his spouse, a nice couple from the grooms side, and the DJ and his assistant. Through out dinner, Kurt and Joe, his co-worker, talked business and pretty much ignored Bette, Joe’s wife and I. The young couple kept going over to another table where it seemed they knew some friends, and the DJ. Scott Thomas and his assistant Dawn kept things lively both at our table and through the room with the cordless mic they had.

I noticed that Scott seemed to look at my cleavage quite a bit, and I found that quite flattering since he was being rather discrete about it. I noticed he also checked out all the other women in the room, but it seemed as if he were appreciating them rather than just mentally undressing them like most men. The combination of the witty style of his show throughout dinner, and the very good food, made dinner very enjoyable. His assistant worked well with him and I knew the dance would be fun. Bette and I ended up doing some girl chat when Scott and Dawn went up to the stage and prepared to start the dance. It turned out we had quite a bit in common with workaholic husbands, kids, not getting out much. When the dancing started, we were able to get our husbands out for the first slow dance, but they both left to go back to the bar and talk and drink some more when the first fast dance came on.

Bette and I stayed out and had some fun dancing with each other and checking everything out. I noticed that Scott was paying a lot of attention to us and I decided to tease him just a bit. I went over between songs to look at his music selection. I made sure that I leaned over at just the right angle to give him some serious cleavage and picked out a few good songs. Bette and I went to the bar and got a couple of drinks and sat and chatted a bit while we quenched our thirst. After a bit, we decided to dance some more since the boys were way to busy talking at the bar to pay us any attention.

I don’t know if it was because I was being ignored that I started to be bolder or what, but when I noticed Scott watching us again, I excused myself and went to the ladies room. While in there, I opened up two more buttons on my dress which made very little difference while standing or sitting, but I knew it would open up on the dance floor. I returned to the table and since a really cool song was on, grabbed Bette and headed out to the dance floor. I made sure that I was always at a good angle for Scott’s attention, and once I had it, I saw he let Dawn take over and stood back watching. When the song was over and Dawn started the next one, I headed over to request a slow song. I again leaned way over while looking at the selection and I knew when I twisted just a little, he could even see my nipples. I was really getting turned on and could not wait to dance with Kurt to the slow song so I could make out with him.

In just a couple of songs, they played my request and I went over to get Kurt. When I grabbed him, he just shook me off and told me to dance with some one else since he was “talking business”. I was a little miffed, and went back to the table where Bette was sitting also without a husband to dance with. I sat down and I must have looked dejected because Scott walked over and asked why two lovely ladies were just sitting there instead of dancing with their guy’s? We told him they were to busy for us and when he suggested we both dance with him, it was so silly we both did. It was a little strange slow dancing with three people but it was fun. Scott was taller than either of us, and he was enjoying looking down the front of our dresses. I was flattered that he seemed to look down mine more than Bette’s.

When the song ended and a fast one came up, Scott excused himself and thanked us for a dream come true, two ladies at once! As Bette and I danced, we talked about how much fun Scott was and how nice it would be if our husbands were not so stuffy. Then Bette surprised me by saying in a sly voice that it was a shame that we could not sneak outside with Scott and REALLY give him two women at once. I made some non committal reply and changed the subject.

For the next couple of hours, Bette and I danced quite a bit, and when the next set of slow songs came on, we each took a turn dancing with Scott. He was a really good slow dancer and actually knew how to lead. When the music went back to fast, Bette and I took a break and went back to the bar to see Kurt and Joe and get some fresh drinks. The boy’s were really into their conversation and we were again left out of it. When we returned to our table, Bette just sat there starring at Scott across the dance floor. Then she shocked the hell out of me as she said “Well, if your not going to join me, I am going to take him outside myself. I’m tired of being ignored when Joe knows I get frisky when I drink and dance!”

I just looked at her with probably a stupid expression on my face, and she got up and went over to Scott and whispered in his ear. He told her something and she went by the music and flipped through the folders as he brought up the next song. He then told Dawn to take over and he leaned over and started talking to Bette. I saw his head nod as he listened to her, and he looked over my way once in a while too. I saw him take her hand and bring it to his lips and then he said something and included a nod. She smiled and came back to the table as Scott went back to work.

When she sat down, she was all smiles. “That was a strange conversation to get from a man.” she said. “I asked him point blank to go outside with me because he turned me on and I wanted him, and instead of just drooling like most men, he asked why I was willing to do that when I was here with Joe. I told him about how Joe is always more interested in his work than in me and I felt it was time for me to have some fun. He actually made me take a minute and think about my offer so I would not regret it. When I did, I found that his caring turned me on even more, so I asked him again to go outside and he told me to go sit down and cool off a few minutes. He would give me one more opportunity to back out. In about 15 minutes, he will go outside for some fresh air. If I have changed my mind, I should stay inside, if not, he would be honored to be with me.”

I asked her why he looked over here a few times when they were talking. She replied that she told him about her idea about the threesome but I was not into that sort of thing and he replied that it was a shame because we were both very attractive and nice. She asked me to join her in the ladies room so she could freshen up. I asked her if she was really going to go through with it. She told me she sure was, she whispered to me she was soaking wet just from thinking about it. That’s when I noticed I was feeling a little damp also. We left the ladies room and returned to our table and watched the people dance. After a few minutes, Dawn took over and Scott headed to the door. He never even looked this way. I was impressed with his nonchalance. As soon as he was out the door, Bette finished her drink and almost bounced away from the table in her excitement. She winked at me and went outside. My head was spinning from the turn of events, and my body was sending very unfamiliar signals to my brain. I got up and made my way outside also.

It was about 10:30 so it was already dark, and the weather was perfect. I saw them as they were walking out in the parking lot heading over to a van with a trailer attached. I figured it was probably the Scott Thomas Entertainment van. He unlocked the door and turned to her and I had a feeling he was giving her another chance to back out. She reached behind him and opened the door herself climbing in and pulling him behind her.

As the door closed, I slowly walked over there in a trance. When I got close, I realized I could see inside since the other side of the van was parked in the light and my side was dark. I felt so wicked watching from the shadows. Bette was all over Scott and in no time had his cock out and in her mouth. I was so nervous and excited my knees were starting to shake. I watched as Scott slid up Bette’s dress and tugged down her pantyhose. He then pulled her on top in a 69 position and began to eat her out as she went wild sucking so loud I could hear it outside. Bette sat up on his face and started squeezing her breasts right through her dress and started saying she was cumming. I was shocked that she could have an orgasm in less than a minute and even more shocked as she starting shaking uncontrollably as she squeezed her breasts and grunted like an animal. Her orgasm lasted what seemed like an hour as Scott kept up his tongue action. When she finally dropped back down and rolled off his face, I could see his face was covered with her juices.

Bette switched to her back and told Scott to hurry and fuck her. I watched as Scott worked his way between her spread wide legs and position himself for action. As he slid his cock into her waiting pussy, I saw her face scrunch up in ecstasy and she thrust her hips to meet him. I could feel my own pussy quiver as my juices began to flow. That’s when Bette noticed me out the window. She winked and mouthed to come in. I shook my head no and stood watching as Scott was slowly sliding his cock in and out of her and her tits jiggled from each thrust. She had such a look of pleasure on her face and when she once again mouthed for me to get in there, I felt myself reach for the door and as in a dream, climb in beside them.

I did not know what to do, so I just sat there and watched them have sex. I was so turned on watching Scott fuck Bette, I knew I wanted to feel him inside me also. Bette was rubbing her hand on my leg as I sat there and Scott smiled and leaned over and kissed my cheek in welcome. I sat riveted to the scene and I was breathing so heavy I thought I sounded like a freight train. Bette told me to open some more buttons on my dress to show off my tits to Scott. I reached up and began to do just that and by the time I had enough open, I was fumbling from the excitement. Being braless made it even more exciting as by the eighth button, my breasts stood open for review.

Scott asked me to please them while he watched so I began to gently tease my already erect nipples making me even hotter than I was. Bette’s hand had gone up my leg to the top of my stockings and she was tenderly running her finger tips on the skin just above. I was beginning to work a little harder on my breasts when Bette slid her hand all the way up under my panties sliding at least two fingers into my soaked pussy much to my astonishment. I was so surprised yet so stimulated I came in a crashing orgasm pulling my tits so hard it hurt.

When I came back down from that high, Bette removed her hand from my dripping pussy and brought her fingers to her mouth licking them clean. I started to shake again from the eroticism. I had seen stuff like this on adult movies, but I never believed women really did that. My mind was in overload and all I wanted was sex. I pulled my panties off and began to rub my already hyper clit as Scott continued fucking Bette. She had another orgasm, then another as Scott never stopped his stroke. I was stunned watching her writhe in pleasure. Finally I almost shouted for Scott to please fuck me too.

Bette smiled and told Scott she had an idea. She spun herself around so her head was under Scott’s erect cock, then grabbed my hand and pulled me on to her face. As she began licking my clit I felt Scott’s hands on my shoulders gently pushing me down into doggie style position. Since I love this position anyway, I tried to ignore the fact that Bette was eating my pussy as I was still unsure of that, and allowed my ass to go up in the air so Scott could start fucking me too. I felt him enter me and begin pumping back and forth. I was in heaven. Bette was so talented I could not ignore how good it felt even though she was a woman. My whole body was electrified knowing I was being fucked by another man while my husband was just a few hundred feet away unknowing. And the feel of Bette’s tongue was incredible. As Scott pushed in, Bette would give my clit another lick making me so wet I knew she was having to drink my juices.

I began to have another orgasm from this wonder experience and to keep from screaming I had to bury my face between Bette’s legs. I was so far gone, as soon as I opened my mouth to scream, I took her pussy into my own mouth and realized I was enjoying her taste. I had at least three orgasms back to back as I tasted a womans pussy for the first time and Scott never missed a beat.

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