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Club nite

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We were at a new swingers club and after chatting with a couple of different couples, the wife and I felt comfortable with each other playing 1-1 with some of our new ?friends? that we?d met that night. When we go play like that it?s with the understanding that whomever is playing without the other explain our own personal ground rules and they must be agreed to before that person leaves the other. This normally isn?t a problem but with us playing with new couples or singles, it eases our minds some.

Well while the wife was playing with one couple, I was left in the lounge area talking with another couple. They were asking me how I liked the place as we?d never been there before and if I?d gotten to explore all the rooms. I told them that we?d been given a tour when we got there but there was one room that the gal that gave us the tour said that I most likely wouldn?t like to go into. I didn?t question the tour guide too much as I figured that there was something that we?d put into our profile when we applied for membership that triggered that response. Jon looked at his wife Cathy and smiled. Cathy leaned over to me and told me that is for the guys that are into anal. I didn?t totally get it, like a dumb ass, and said I?m into anal also. I wonder why she thought I might not like that room. Now mind you by this time of the night, all the guys were down to their boxers or some other type of underwear and the gals were in skimpy night gowns, Jon reached over and grab my cock and said ?that room is for the guys that like to GET fucked either by another GUY or by a gal wearing a strap-on. Are you into that?? I didn?t know what to say at first. I?d gotten a feeling by the way the club listed itself that bimales weren?t welcomed, and told Jon that I didn?t know how to answer that question. I explained to them that in the past, I?ve been topped and I?ve topped as well as letting the wife use a strap-on on me before and it gets me really horny. However, didn?t think this place accepted guys like that. Cathy laughed and so did Jon after I said that and she explained that officially the club didn?t list themselves as fully bi, that is why they created that special room. For the most part, nobody uses it and tonight, as Cathy looked around the room, she guessed nobody would be besides Jon and herself and if the wife and I was interested in ?checking that room out?, they?d be happy to show us.

I told her that my wife didn?t normally get into playing with me like that but I on occasion did love the feeling so when the wife came back maybe the 3 of us could play while the wife rested. Jon, who?s hand was still playing with my cock, made the comment that he thought he could handle me, that is if I wanted to. Cathy leaned into me and whispered that she does him with a 6? toy and that is about as big as he can take. She asked me how big I can handle and I said that I?ve taken up to a 7.5 maybe 8 if it?s not too thick and lots of lube is used. At this point, you can see the stars in both of their eyes, knowing that they wanted me to go with them and was going to have a great time with me, that is my wife didn?t mind. Well about that time, here comes the wife back with the couple she?d left with and you could tell all 3 of them were needing to rest and recharge. I told my wife about what was in the room that we weren?t shown when we?d arrived and she told me to check it out. I kissed the wife and left the room with Cathy and Jon, with Jon leading the way to the upstairs room.

In this room, it was set up like a small apartment, complete with a small sink and toilet along with the bed. On the wall hung a harness that was adjustable and there was a shelf with several sizes of dildos that would fit on the harness. I was told that the room rules was that the toys had to be cleaned very well, for obvious reasons, before they were put back and that was the reason for the sink and toilet. Jon took off his boxers and asked if I minded, he wanted to suck my cock and wanted my boxers off. I let him take them off and he quickly took my cock into his mouth and started to suck me good. As he was sucking me, I watched Cathy putting on the harness and showing me what she uses on Jon. It was a nice sized 6? long cock of avg thickness. The more Jon sucked me, the bigger my cock started to grow and he began to worry if he could actually handle me like he had said. While my cock is only about 6? long, I?ve got a big head that might have had an issue getting into him. Cathy suggested that maybe she needed to ?prep? Jon for me and we all moved so that Jon could still suck me while she doggy fucked his ass. As we changed positions, Cathy asked if I could handle that size and I told her maybe even longer. With that comment made, I felt the toy that Jon was about to get put into him brushed against my ass. I relaxed and spread my legs as to tell Cathy that maybe she could start with that toy now.

Cathy picked up on that hint and reached for a butt plug and started to lube it along with my ass. Cathy told her husband to stop sucking me so she could ?plug? me. I leaned over a bit and after a bit, she put the plug into me. My cock seemed to get harder and Jon was sure I?d cum soon. I watched Cathy the best I could spread her husband apart and start to fuck him slow at first. I?m about ready to cum and made the comment that I was about to cum in his mouth. Cathy asked if maybe I?d like to cum in his ass and I said only with a rubber. Cathy then pulled out of Jon and Jon stopped sucking me long enough for me to get behind him with my rubber on and start to fuck him. Instead of fucking Jon with me standing on the floor like Cathy had been doing him, I had to get on the bed as well. Cathy and Jon knew what was going to happen next as Cathy took that toy off and grabbed another one.

Before putting it on, she showed me the toy by asking me if I could suck a cock like that. I opened my mouth some and she put the head into me. With that she pulled out the plug and I felt more and more lube being applied to me. Cathy took the cock out of my mouth and I felt it pressing against me before finally starting to go into me. I then felt her wrap her arms around Jon and myself and she put some type of elastic strap around all 3 of us. She explained to me that the more I fucked him, the more it would cause her to fuck me. She could tighten the strap the more I could let her ?cock? into me. I said really and tried to pull back to fuck Jon when I felt Cathy pushing into me more. I let out a groan and shoved into Jon hard, feeling Cathy?s cock almost come out. Cathy asked if I was comfortable with this and I grinned and told her ?better get ready to tighten it up. With that I backed up and went into Jon harder. I felt the strap tighten and I pulled out, taking more and more of Cathy?s cock into me.

Now I?m getting really hard and ready to explode. I want more and more of the toy up into me and Jon was wanting me to cum. Cathy was fucking me, causing me to fuck her husband hard. I couldn?t take it and wanted more and more, but Cathy was worn out and I?d exploded into the rubber into Jon so I couldn?t do him any more. Cathy pulled out of me and started to clean they toys up as I collapsed on the bed. I watched Jon stand up with a fully rock hard 7? cock that wasn?t as thick as what just had been in me and told me that it was his turn. With that he lifted my legs up, and guided his cock into me. Jon was really fucking me good and hard when it dawned on me?he wasn?t wearing a rubber. About that time I could tell Jon was ready to cum and just as I thought he was going to cum IN me, he pulled out and his wife sucked him dry.

We cleaned up and went back to join the rest of the couples and my wife, whom was ready to play again asked if I had a good time and I told her that I did. With that she asked if I minded if she went with a guy that she pointed to and I told her to have fun, just remember our rules. With that she kissed me and told me she?d behave. That I?d better recharge as he was going to be the last guy before she got me, and I?d better be able to perform. I told her I?d be happy to help her later.

With that I exchanged email addresses with Cathy and Jon and agreed to play with them next time as well.

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