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Close Shave (MMF, Bisexual)

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My name is Kate. My husband, Bill, and I have been married for 14 years. We are in our mid thirties. We have both managed to stay if fairly good shape. I have bright red hair with small breasts and very sensitive nipples. Bill says I have a really nice pussy because my lips get very puffy when I am excited. Bill is tall, with dark hair and a nice thick cock that is close to eight inches with a big tip. We have always had a good sex life and he was my first and only lover.

Last year we were feeling a little naughty so we picked up a magazine that was filled with letters from readers and pictures. Most of the letters were about couples having threesomes or husbands who liked watching their wives have sex with other men. Most of the girls and guys in the pictures were shaved bare. I must admit that the sight of a bare pussy was a turn on for both of us and although I did not believe the letters, they were well written and titillating. We ended up having a hot night of great sex. This became a regular routine. We would read stories together and then have wild sex. The stories turned us both on.

One night after reading some stories and looking at the pictures Bill asked me if he could shave me. My first impulse was to say no but I was so horny that I agreed. He then poured us a bath and, as we soaked in the tub, we shaved each other bare. The feel of his fingers and the razor combined with opening my legs so wide for him was such a turn on. When he finished, my pussy was so sensitive that I squirted for the first time as he licked me to orgasm. I then fingered myself to another orgasm as I sucked his shaved cock. We made love several times that night and he even licked me clean after filling me with his cum. This was our first cream pie, afterwards we kissed and swapped our juices back and forth in our mouths. The act of shaving brought us to a new level.

The next morning, Bill asked to see my pussy before he left for work. I opened my legs and rubbed it for him. He gave me a lick before he walked out the door. I had the day off, so I rubbed myself to orgasm before getting out of bed. I felt so sexy, even the feel of my panties against my skin was a turn on. While doing my errands I stopped and picked up a dirty magazine. In the past, I never would have done this by myself. The clerk gave me a smile as he put it in the bag. I just smiled back, my pussy was so wet. I drove past an x-rated movie shop and my pussy tingled so I turned around and went in. They had an assortment of vibrators and dildos. For some reason I picked up one that looked like a real life big black cock and a movie that featured threesomes. When I got home I popped in the movie and fucked myself with the dildo as I watched it. When Bill came home I showed him my new toy and he masturbated as I demonstrated it for him. From that time on it became part of our routine. I began shaving almost daily to make sure my pussy was smooth. I started dressing sexier, even at work, and most days I didn’t even wear any panties. We even changed the way we talked about sex. Now we fucked instead of made love and we now called it “my cunt” instead of “my pussy” Our fantasies were now consuming our love making and I was horny all of the time. We both knew that it would only be a matter of time before we explored our desires. Things were moving quickly.

One weekend we decided to stay in the city at an upscale hotel that had a nice bar with entertainment. Our first night there we decided to eat at the hotel and have a few drinks. I dressed in a black mini dress with thin straps that tie in the back of my neck and an open back. Bill says that it really looks sexy on me. It made me feel very sexy and to make it more exciting, I did not wear any underwear.

The bar was crowded when we arrived. We found a table that was in an area next to the bar that was slightly raised up. I sat across from my husband and I was facing the bar. As we sat there and sipped our drinks I noticed a handsome black man, who was there with several friends, checking me out. Feeling very naughty I shifted my legs a little when I noticed him glancing our way, giving him a quick glimpse of my bare snatch. I did this several times giving him a better view each time. I was so wet. Bill got really turned on when I whispered to tell him what I was doing. A few minutes later the waitress brought us a round and motioned toward the man at the bar when she told us where it was from. He gave me a smile and a wave as he walked our way.

He introduced himself as Jim and asked if he could join us for a drink. My husband was quick to say yes. I felt my pussy tingle as he sat down between Bill and me. He explained that he was in town of business and I felt myself blush as he turned to me and said he really enjoyed the show. He then got right to the point and said that he’d love to see more. At first we did not know what to say. We both knew that we wanted this to happen. It had been part of our fantasy life for quite sometime but now we did not know how to answer. Jim sensed our hesitation and told us that we didn’t have to answer right away. Noticing that I had almost finished my drink, he ordered another round. As we chatted, he told us more about himself. He showed us pictures of his wife and family. When I said something about him cheating on his wife he explained that he and his wife were swingers. He then showed us a picture of him and another guy with a beautiful woman sitting between them they were all looking at the camera smiling and she had her hands in both of their laps obviously rubbing their erections. He then further explained that this was one of their regular friends and she was going to meet him tonight for some fun. Jim then looked me right in the eyes and asked if I had ever experienced two men at once. My cunt was now throbbing and I could hear my self say that I had never been with anyone other than my husband. He smiled at me and put his big hand on my knee and told me that I didn’t know what I had been missing and he promised that it would be the experience of my life. He gently moved his hand up between my legs and rubbed my inner thigh stopping just short of my pussy. I swear I almost had an orgasm right there. Trying to regain my composure, I took a big sip of my drink and looked at my husband and he nodded. Jim was still rubbing my inner thigh and telling Bill how much his wife enjoys being with two guys at once. The next thing I knew we were all in the elevator heading for our room. There was another couple in the elevator and the woman gave me a smile as the three of us got off on our floor.

I felt week in my knees as Bill unlocked the door. As he fumbled with the key card, Jim came up behind me and put his arms around me from behind. I could feel his erection as he gently pressed it against my backside. As the door opened I reached behind me and rubbed him through his pants. I couldn’t believe the size of his erection. The spell was broken as the door opened and we hurried inside. Bill said he’d open up some wine and I turned to face Jim and we embraced. As we kissed I reached down and rubbed his erection again. I then stood back and while facing him, I reached behind my neck and untied the straps that held my dress up and then let my top fall, exposing my breasts. Jim unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the floor as we embraced again. My bare breasts rubbed against his chest as we kissed. Kneeling in front of him I unbuckled his belt and his trousers and pulled them down in unison with his briefs. Out popped a huge dark cock that was the size of the dildo that I had purchased. Jim stepped out of his pants as I took his massive tool in my hands and began to lick and suck it. I could barely get my lips around it and somehow I managed to get about a third of it in my mouth so I pumped it as I sucked on the head of it. I could feel his hand on the back of my head as he began moving his hips, matching my rhythm. I could feel it grow even larger and could hear him moan and suddenly he shot jet after jet of warm semen into my mouth, I eagerly swallowed as much as I could. I then stood in front of him and lowered my dress to the floor and let him look at me completely naked. I could feel his eyes focus on my bare pussy. I then turned to my husband who was already naked and standing next to me and gave him a cum filled kiss. He told me to enjoy myself and I turned back to my lover and kissed him. I opened my legs and let him rub my wet pussy with his big fingers and then turned and lead him to the bed.

Jim had me lay on the edge of the bed. Kneeling on the floor he opened my legs and began kissed his way toward my waiting cunt. Rubbing me with his fingers he told me how much he liked my puffy lips. I put my legs on his big shoulders as he began licking me and fingering me. I motioned my husband over to me and began sucking his cock as Jim licked me like there was no tomorrow. I stopped licking and started pumping him hard as Jim licked me to orgasm. As I came, my husband shot his load all over my face and neck.

With my legs still on his shoulders Jim stood over me and rubbed his cock up and down the length of my slit. When he reached my opening, I reached down and guided him in. “Fuck me, Ohh Fuck my cunt” I begged as he entered me slowly, stretching me wide. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. I had a series of small orgasms as he bottomed out. He rested for a second allowing me time to adjust to his size, his big balls were resting on my ass. Jim kissed me, licking my husbands cum off of my lips and then, as we swapped Bill’s semen back and forth with our tongues, he slowly started pumping me. I moaned as he built up speed. After several strokes, I lost control and squirted all over his cock and balls as I had a mind shattering orgasm. As I spasmed, Jim slowed, his face contorted and he shot me full of his thick semen. We rested for a minute then he rolled off of me

As soon as he was off of me, Bill climbed on top of me. His cock slid easily into my well stretched cunt. I could feel Jim’s cum squirting out of me as Bill started to pound me. “Can you feel his cum?” I asked. He just grunted as he lifted himself up on his hands and pounded away. Bill knelt next to me offering me his softening cock. I pulled him into my mouth and started to suck on him. I could taste our combined juices. Bill lowered himself and lay on top of me and kissed my cheek as I sucked on Jim’s cock. I stopped sucking and kissed my husband, as we broke our kiss I moved Jim’s cock between our lips we kissed again with Jim’s hardening cock between our lips and tongues. Bill filled me with his cum as he began to suck on this monster prick and I had another orgasm as I felt him fill me. I began to pump Jim’s cock as my husband sucked. Soon he was hard again and moaning. When announced he was ready to cum, I started pumping harder and to my surprise Bill started sucking harder. Jim let out a groan and filled my husband’s mouth with jets of sperm. I milked him into my husband’s mouth and when he was done we kissed long and hard swapping his seed between our tongues.

We rested together on the bed and fell asleep. I was lying naked between these two incredible men. Jim woke early the next morning and started rubbing me. He climbed on top and fucked me with my husband lying next to us. I spent the whole next day naked with the two of them. Now when Jim comes to town he stays with us. Since that night we have had threesomes with several different men and our love life is better than ever.

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