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Caught Again

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Towards the end of our relationship Tess and I were either coming close to being caught or just plain old getting caught which is what made her end it finally. Things were just getting too close. One such time was when we were at a park in South Carolina. We had found a secluded place and it was dark, very dark. We had most of our clothes off, well, Tess was naked and I had off my shirt and she was working on the pants when I pushed her back in the seat and concentrated on sucking her titties and fingering her thru a couple orgasms. At the end on one a flashlight went on, we both said "Oh Shit" at the same time and a badge appeared in the window. It was a park ranger, a woman, very cute and tomboyish but all business. Keep you hands out and get out of the car she ordered us. I had pants on but Tess was totally naked. She began to put on her shirt but the ranger told her, Did I say to do anything except get out of the car? No Tess said. Then do as I said. So here we were, me in my jeans and Tess totally naked standing next to the car and a park ranger standing there looking us up and down. She began telling us the charges that she could bring and Tess was nervous as I was too. She took me back to her truck and told Tess to stay where she was that she had called another unit. Shit, that is not good Tess said. Shut up she told her. She made sure I was going no where by taking my wallet. I have all I need here so if you think you are going anywhere think again. Okay I told her and leaned against the truck. I kept looking for more headlights to appear. Then she went back to Tess who was trying to cover herself the best she could. Put you hands down she was ordered. Tess put them down and she was obviously upset. Why are you out here letting this ass hole do this to you she asked in a rough voice. What? Tess asked back. YOu heard me, all he wants is to fuck you and you are so stupid that you are letting him do it. YOu are so stupid i should lock you up just so you will remember this. Please, Tess, what are you saying. I suppose he has been sucking your titties since they look so red and all. What Tess said, in a state of shock I thought. Turn around and bend over she told her. Tes did as she was told then a cry came from her lips. Oh, what are you doing? Has he fucked you yet came back the ranger. No, no we have not been here that long. But he was going to wasn't he she demanded. Yes he was, but I wanted him to. Oh what are you doing, what is that, ouch! came a muffled cry. I looked and the ranger was very close to Tess but it was dark and I could not see very well. Oh, what is that, Shut the fuck up the reanger said. Spread your legs more. There now how is that, feel good does it? OH, that is very oh, it is big, Yes it is, Now shut up I told you. Lay against the car. Oh, that feels so good Tess was moaning now. Oh yes, oh...then I heard her have an orgasm. The ranger came over to me, Get dressed and if I ever see you here I will bust your ass. What about Tess. I will deal with her later. she is not out of it yet. We dressed and drove off. Tess was silent. So what happened? She ate me, she ate me really good. REally. and she kept my drivers lisence. I asked her whay ahd she said so she could come and finish the payment for this. That I owed her a lot. And that will be when I asked. She said tomorrow. I have to call in sick and stay home and wait for her. Well, Tess and I drove back and kissed and she went home. the next day, true to her word the ranger came to her house and demanded she undress and lean against the wall, legs spread. She handcuffed Tess and bent her over a couch and spanked her ass with a leather belt until Tess was crying. THen a huge strap on came out and she got behind her and took care of her pussy until Tess was weak and had to lay down. After that she stripped her clothes off, her legs and arm pits and pussy unshaved she had a bit of a bush to say the least. She took Tess to bed and took her, rough and hard, the dildo always pounding into Tess. She made Tess get in the tub with her and lay down, then as she stood over her, straddling her face she let go a stream of piss all over Tess, masturbating herself as she did. Tess let her do all she wanted and then after she finished the shower she told Tess to eat her. Tess did as she was told and after the ranger had several orgasms she went to the door and opened it. Two men came in. This is the one? Yes, she is the one and they both undressed and began the same thing over again. Spanking, fucking and then finally in the tub pissing again. They dressed and were getting ready to leave when the female ranger said, what do you think, tie her up and leave a note for her old man that she was caught fucking in a park? Yeh, good idea the others said. Tess begged, No please, I promise I will not do it again. YOU are fucking right you will not do again. If I catch you with a man in my park again you will go to jail and I will let several have you on the way, got that? Yes, I get it. I will call you when I will be over again. But please, she slapped Tess accross the face, did I tell you there were any options. No Tess said, then shut up and do as I tell you. Okay. I will call, don't worry he will not know unless you fuck up and let him know. I will be bringing different men with me each time. See you next week she said pinching her nipples until she cried. That is just the way I want you,,,,feel it, you want it harder? She kissed her rough and then they left. Tess told me the next day that we had to slow things down, she and I could not afford to get caught. After three more months she closed it all off. The best Love I have ever had was gone. But we did have a few fairwells first.

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