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Came back for more

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A while back we wrote a story about a neighbor of ours who was also on SLS and had no idea who we were until one day the subject came up and needless to say he came by to see just what he had been missing. We will call him ted for lack of saying his real name. After that he moved and we had not seen him in some time. We had chatted from time to time on yahoo and he promised to come over for more of the same and we figured yeah ok whatever. We had met people that come by the one time and then never come back yet say they are coming over only to be stood up. Well today we figured it was going to be no different. Ted had saw us on line and started in with the usual we caught up on what had been going on in each others lives and then he said that he would be heading home early today and wondered if he could come by. He was looking forward to sucking some dick and fucking my wife so that I could eat his cum out of her and if he had enough time taking a second shot at having a DP. Figuring he was simply giving us more of the same we told him come on by no matter what time we would be glad to see him and promised he would not regret it. Figuring he was not coming by we went on with the day.

He called about 7:30 and said he was on the main road and wanted to know our new address so we told him. He showed up at our doorstep and we of course invited him in. We retired to the bedroom which is what we usually do when we meet people as it gives us some privacy and true to his word he did just what he promised. Now let me tell you Ted is 6'3, about 185 lbs and has a nice 9" thick cock. He is not fat or a roll in his gut. He took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes and asked what was taking us so long? We were undressed and naked before he managed to pull off his shorts and drop them to the floor. His cock was already at half mast and growing fast. He was on the bed in a flash and started right in on the wife's tits. He was leaning over so I figured what the hell I might as well join in and took his cock in hand and started to stroke him. He was rock hard in a flash and pumping his cock into my fist all the while still locked on my wives breast. I lowered my head and opened wide and took him deep. There was little doubt as he started moaning as he pushed deep down my throat until he bottomed out. The wife had reached down and grabbed a hold of my cock with her free hand and was stroking my dick while holding his head to her breasts. Ted managed to take one hand up and started to play with her pussy and I could hear he wet pussy as he moved his fingers inside of her.

Ted the surprised me because he stopped and redirected his mouth unto my cock and swallowed my shaft as the wife manovered behind him and started to stroke his body and watch me and ted sucking each other off. She was really getting into it and was soon fingering her clit and the cum was flying before she managed to cum watching us both sucking each other off. Ted came up off my cock and continued to pump his cock deep into my throat but started to focus his attention on the wives pussy and was eating her to an orgasm. Its was great to see how managed to manipulate his body to get the best of both worlds. I was thinking he was going to blow in my mouth the way he was moaning when all of a sudden he pulls out of my mouth and lays down between the wives legs and starts eating her. Now believe me that was a site to see but it was not over yet. Before I knew it he reached back and started stroking my cock. Now I knew he licked my cock in his ass and had done it before and that was one of the things he wanted to do because he had told us so when he started to direct my cock at his rosebud I was only to happy to ablidge and reached over to the nightstand and took out the bottle of KY and made sure that we would have no problems with penetration and ran my cock head between his cheeks and started the slow process of penetrating that nice tight ass. He was groaning into my wives pussy the whole time and I stopped to give him a chance to get used to the feeling when he reached back behind my ass and pulled me into him with my full 7" burying my cock to the root. He was moaning loader now as I began pumping his ass with my dick he started to focus on her pussy and had her moaning also. He was in heaven and between his moaning and her I was loving it. After a good 10 minutes of me plowing his ass nice and deep he started to get up and was moving up her body and I figured he wanted me to stop.

Not so, because he reached back as I was pulling out and pulled me back deep into his ass as he slipped his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. She really was getting louder and the three of us had to get into a rythm so that I was pumping into him as he was pulling out of her pussy. I helped him enjoy the full length of my cock in his ass as he was enjoying he tight pussy. It was a terrific feeling because his ass was defeintly tight and was clenching my cock as he was pumping into her and after only about 10 more minutes I could feel my cock ready to explode. As he bottomed out in her I drove me cock into his ass nice and deep and let loose with a good load of cum to fill him as he was grunting that he loved it and fill his ass with my load.

As I pulled out my shrinking cock from his ass he continued to pound into the wife and before I knew it he was signaling he was coming also and drove deep at the same time she was on the throws of yet another orgasm. As he pulled out I slipped his cum coated cock into my mouth and cleaned him off taking him deep and then dive between the wives thighs to suck the cum load out of her pussy. Now she generally enjoys this and tonight was the same. She was moaning out loud as I stuck my tongue in deep making sure I was getting every drop. She reached down and took my hand and moved my fingers to her ass that was coated with the cum that had leaked out before I jumped in and slid all the way into her ass pushing her over the edge as she grabbed my head and pulled it into her pussy as she squirted all over my face filing my mouth with her cum and what remained of his cum. As she came down off he orgasm she had enough and wiggle out from under me. We laid there for a few minutes enjoying what we had just experienced. Ted got up and said it was great and could not wait till we could do it again. We told him any time he wanted more to come on by that next time it was my turn to feel his cock pounding my ass and he promised it was going to happen. We are looking forward to the next time.

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