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Chapter 3 ?The Trip Too The Lake?

(Continued from Chapter 2)

After a great night of amazing new experiences in a hot tub. Everyone Enjoying a delicious breakfast, planning the day on the lake behind Robert and Sherry?s Home. Our new friends have a 22ft sleeper that they keep docked a few hundred feet from their home. The door bell rings, Sherry opens the door too their neighbors, a blond Couple that looks like they must workout everyday outside, tanned and toned. Bret and Kelly were invited to join us today. We are introduced, first name bases and the fact that we are new swingers. Robert explains that they had been swinging with their neighbors for a couple years now and that they both were bi-sexual. Sherry winked at Breanne, informs that, ?Bret has a 10 inch dick.? Smiles from both women as they acknowledge the exciting news. Everyone sits down around a round antique table, listing the food and drinks they want to pack for the day.

After loading the boat, the 3 women are lounging on the front waiting for Robert to fuel up. ?Captain Rob, were beginning to get hot up here.? Remarked Sherry, provoking a sexual gesture from Robert, licking his lips while raising his eyebrow. The 3 women are all in tank tops and shorts, the men in shorts. Robert passes out the life jackets and gets underway. The cool lake air is revitalizing, 3 miles up the lake, a private cove with no structures in site. The boat anchors about 50 feet from the beach, the heat from the sun warming things up. Sherry instructs the ladies that this is her favorite spot, she removes her top and lays back facing the sky. The other 2 women follow her lead, exposing their wind hardened nipples. Robert being the great host he is offers everyone their choice of drinks from the built-in coolers. It is obvious now that all 3 men are enjoying the warm sun and hot views. Kelly noticing Roberts bulge as he delivers their beverages, ?isn?t it getting a little too hot for those shorts.? smiling at Robert. Smiling back, ?All the heat is coming from you ladies? Robert replied. After everyone has their drinks, the men join the ladies in the lounge area. Bret lying on the deck flat on his back, being the center of attention. Bret never wore under garments, his swim trunks not hiding much to the imagination. His semi erect 10 inch cock was poking through a leg opening exposing the thick purple head. Arms folded up under his head, flexing his chest while allowing everyone to view all his glory. Robert grabs some sun protection, applying the cool lotion to Sherry, starting with her shoulders working down as he goes. Gently massaging her erotic figure, manipulating the moist area between her legs. I follow his lead with Breanne being my clump of clay to manipulate. Kelly watching, lusting over the view before her. Her hands cupping her breast, gently squeezing the erect nipples before releasing. ?I?m feeling left out over here? Kelly announced to who ever was listening.

Breanne grabs the lotion from me and joined Sherry on the opposite side of Kelly. ?Can we help out with that?? Sherry asked. Sherry massaging in the lotion starting at her shoulders, Breanne starting at her feet and moving up Kelly?s long tan legs. Slowly rubbing, manipulating all areas, slowing over the erotic zones. ?Well men looks like the ladies would like some quiet time, Care to join me in a swim?? Asking Robert. Removing his shorts and slipping over edge of the boat. ?Sure sounds like fun? Replied Bret. Bret removing his trunks and diving in, I followed afterwards, leaving my garment on board.

?It?s been a long time since I?ve actually been skinny dipping, I had forgotten how good it feels? I remarked. The warm water is very stimulating, viewing the beach; we set out for a slow swim towards. Kelly being now ravished by 2 sexy women, Sherry buried between Kelly?s legs, her head pushing deeper into Kelly?s warm pussy, probing for a treasure of delight. Breanne caressing Kelly?s stomach, shoulders, and breasts loving and holding her as Sherry sends spasms of pure joy through out her entire body. Kelly gripping Breanne?s arms, holding tightly as she quivers from each explosion of lust from her multiple orgasms. Begging for more, Sherry grabbing the long neck bottle that she had emptied of her drink and slowly slides the open end into her soaked pussy. Gently probing deeper going in only what Kelly can take. Finally reaching the end of the bottle, Now taking in at least 10 inches and the whole width of the bottle. Sherry fucking her exploding twat with rapid quick strokes releasing orgasm after orgasm until finally, Kelly Begs, that she has had enough. Removing the bottle and placing it into her mouth. Sherry cleans the sweet juice left on the neck, relishing the flavor. Watching the enjoyment that Kelly had experienced with the bottle Breanne and Sherry each with a bottle, fucks each other wildly eventually achieving simultaneous orgasms. Flushed and exhausted all three women relax back against the railing, watching the men who has reached the beach.

The men walking from the water onto the sandy beach. With all glory swinging freely, swelling from the natural stimulants of the warm day, the desire for open sex building up in each one of us. Our cocks swelling more as we rest on the open sands, watching the women on board the boat just off shore. Robert still being host, offers Bret a deep throat to expand his large cock into. Swelling rapidly to full erection, Robert is having difficulty containing this massive cannon. Refusing to give in too his enormous size, Robert, with right hand in motion, stroking the long shaft now lubricated with his saliva working over the purple head as his lips lift up over the brim and back onto. Continuing his practice of cock sucking. Working hand and mouth in a choreographed dance over his neighbors 10 inch cock. Working up the pace, building up the pressure like a tea kettle about to whistle. Bret moaning and squirming, knowing that he will soon have no control over his erupting, cum spewing cock. I, by now had been devouring Robert?s cock. Working it, eager for another load of cum to swallow. Feeling the thickness expand, eager to release my treat. Robert excited by the monster loads of cum exploding from Bret?s organ, working quickly to swallow every drop. Shoving his hips down, pushing his hard rod further down my throat, gagging me. Before I can recover, I am forced to manage his now ejaculating cock, trying to hold it all in my gagging mouth. Swallowing what I can before I am able to breath. Unable to hold it all in, feeling cum drip down the side of my face and down onto the warm sands we?re lying on. Holding back the panic feelings, I manage to swallow the remainder of my treat, gulping for a breath, relaxing, and then taking Robert?s cum covered cock back in my mouth licking off any lingering remnants. Bret and Robert?s cocks returning to a flaccid state, slipping out our well worked cum covered mouths, the two men resting, taking in the sensations they just experienced. Bret, eager for the taste of cum as well, leans over to me and licks off the remaining cum left on my face and around my mouth. Shocked, I was caught off guard as Bret slipped in his tongue wanting to taste the remnants in my mouth, before I could protest he withdrew, with a smile, remarked, ?Delicious?. Bret quickly shifts too Robert and cleans up after himself, finding little for him to treasure.

Robert with a laugh, sorry bud, I don?t like to spill a drop, looks like Bob, has a fresh load he?ll share. Finally my throbbing cock has been aching for some attention, watching As Bret, gets on his knees and positions himself, reaching in to engulf my rock hard member in his mouth. The pure anticipation is almost enough to make me shoot my load on his face before he even wraps his tongue around my head. Bret bobbing his head rapidly, working his tongue along the underside of my shaft as he massages my entire cock. Stroking my shaft simultaneously with his mouth, I can?t help but to shoot blast after blast of my pinned up cum onto the back of his throat. Feeling him swallow multiple times while continuously sucking every drop I have to offer. After cleaning up my cock and balls with his tongue, keeping me aroused. Bret thanks me, and asks if I could fuck him later. ?Sure? I responded, eager to experience the new encounter.

Feeling the time of the day, the lack of food and after sex effect. We return to the boat to prepare the meal we brought with us. We reached the side of the boat, the 3 women reaching over grabbing our arms and pulling us aboard. All three women having one thing in mind. Almost simultaneously three pairs of hands grabbing a wet cock and pulling it to their mouths. Engulfing each member with a mission to empty them of all their liquid treasures. Looking more like a porn movie of a choreographed group blow job scene. Arousing each man in such speed that is overwhelming, sending the most erotic sensations through their testicals and deep in their souls. Sounds of wet sucking and hand slapping filling the air, moans and growls from the men, and women admiring each others techniques in the art of cock sucking. My wife, Breanne, taking the largest cock of the three, Kelly devouring mine and Robert getting serviced by his expert cock sucking wife, Sherry. There is no mercy, from our three maidens of lust. Devouring our engorged, cum filled balls. Stroking our rock hard shafts, forcing up the cum treat so they may relish in their victory. Robert giving the first sign of loss in this war of lust. A war that no man wishes to win. Triggering next Bret and then myself. My wife is a very talented cock sucker herself and knows how to please a man of any size. Bret not standing a chance, he reaches out and places a hand on each side of Breanne?s head forcing her to take every drop of his treasure she had worked so hard to obtain. Watching Bret and Robert give in to defeat, relinquishing their buried treasures to the women that defeated them. Filling their awaiting mouths with load after load, the women not taking their minds off their duties taking and cleaning up anything that may be left behind. I can take no more this very erotic sight sending me into one of the largest orgasmic explosions I had ever had. Filling and overflowing Kelly?s mouth. Cum dripping down her chin and upon her hefty round breasts. Kelly swallowing and licking every inch of my flowing cock until, I at last have no more to give. We have no choice than to surrender and fall back to recover from our battle of lust. The women happy with their victory, swapping the collected cum with each other. Passionately french kissing, sharing the various tastes, texture, and sensations each woman has to offer the other. Smiling with the knowledge of a job well done and the new found love for each other. The women agree to prepare the nourishment for all and heads towards the galley below deck. While the women are below decks, we discuss the experience we had just encountered, praying for a repeat in the future. Having no choice but to rest from the exhaustion the women had left us in.

If the dessert after dinner was only half as good, we would truly be in heaven.

Dinner was great, the three women returning too their lovers. Hand feeding us our choice of the selected treats they brought back from the galley. A treat that any man very seldom receives. The women are spoiling us for a reason. Perhaps a plan that they themselves had developed while we were on the beach. A plan that I am sure, will end up with them getting the best out of the days adventures. With what we had experienced so far it must be the most erotic, most stimulating adventure anyone could think up. So I was hoping for anyway.



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