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CHAPTER 2 (continued from chapter 1)

Upon returning to our two beautiful wives. Sherry speaks out. ?And people talk about women taking to long in restrooms? The 2 women laughing. ?Sorry we had something cum up? Robert replied. The two women looking at each other and simultaneously ? We bet you did.?

After leaving the restaurant and returning to the large home of Robert and Sherry. We all Was enjoying a bottle of wine while sitting around talking about the experiences I had already enjoyed this evening. ?Lets head to the hot tub and relax more comfortably? Robert suggested. ?We did not bring any swimsuits, is that a problem? I asked. ? That?s alright we don?t use them anyway.? Sherry replied. Quickly My wife jumps up and follows Sherry to an adjoining dressing room. Robert and I continue on to the hot tub bringing the wine and glasses. After undressing and slipping in the swirling warm water. Robert and I made plans to have Sherry seduce my wife into some bi-lesbian playing, while we watch. The thought of watching my wife being seduced by another woman was overwhelming my male member and the warm swirling water made it impossible to hide the fact that I was now supporting a hard case to defend. A door slides open in front of us And out walks our wives. Both wearing a red see-thru silk robe that hung loose and flowing freely as they walked. Their well defined bodies being enhanced with the dancing of light filtering through the openings in the coverings. ?Wow there is a picture to remember? I inform the women now standing in front of us. Sherry reaching over to my wife slowly opening up the garment to expose Brianna?s well defined body to her husband. Robert taking in every view his wife has to offer him as she gently removes the garment and runs her gentle hands over Brianna?s round breast and moving over her toned stomach. Brianna gasping slowly for a breath that was stolen from her when Sherry touched her skin. Her nipples hardening from the evenings cool air and erotic feelings running through her body. Now naked and being displayed for all to admire, the fear of uncertainty beginning to overcome her. As if sensing this Sherry gently wrapping her arms around Brianna?s waist and whispers to her that she is a very beautiful woman and helps her into the hot tub.

Settling down into a seat next to me, Brianna quickly grabs my hand as for courage for what may yet happen. Sherry walks over to the side of the hot tub where Robert was settled in. Settles next him on the ledge of the hot tub as to overlook her prey for night. Quickly Robert leans upward to gently take her closest nipple between his lips.

Caressing the round tip gently as to form it to fit his encircled lips. Ever so easily sucking to harden the treat he now is enjoying. Increasing the pressure as the moments erotic sensation blossoms into lust. Sherry with closed eyes grasping Roberts head, slightly jerking her body as the growing sensation rushes through her body. Roberts hand finding its way in between her opened legs, rubbing her moistened sweet honey pot, as he switches to her other awaiting nipple. Quickly engulfing it as if it was going to run away, sending Sherry into a full body shudder, quickly letting escape a scream before biting down on her lip to hold it in. Before Sherry was able to climax from the sensations her husband was sending through her, Robert grabs her arm guiding her down to his lap, Straddling his closed legs, guiding herself over top of his harden cock. Robert kissing her deeply sucking as much of her tongue he can get into his mouth. Letting go of her as she raises her head gasping for a deep breath as she mounts his large manhood, settling down onto his lap. Slowly raising herself to feel the thick organ slide in and out of her, gently resting back onto his lap, repeating this motion multiple times. Robert whispering into into Sherry?s ear the sweetest sounds a loving couple can tell each other.

Brianna now so turned on by watching our new friends enjoy each others love for each other. As if an impulse, Brianna stroking my cock while watching the scene unfolding in front of our eyes. Forcing my boiling point to such that I am forced to take her into my arms and lift her up onto the top ledge of the hot tub. Planting my tongue along side of her quivering clit. Lapping as a dog would. Brianna screaming out loud, pulling my head deeper in between her legs. Forcing my tongue deep inside, enticing me to probe like I was digging for gold. Squirming her hips about, holding my head in place, screaming that she was going to cum. This attracting the attention of our hot tub partners.

My embedded tongue squeezed by the contracting walls of her erupting vagina. Feeling the rush of her liquid gold flowing onto my tongue. I am interrupted by someone brushing against my side forcing me move over to share my honey hole. It was Sherry wanting a taste of Brianna?s sweet nectar. Knowing that what is about to happen is a fantasy of Brianna?s. I begin kissing upward towards my wife?s breast allowing this woman to have her way. Reaching the valley between her warm mounds licking and kissing every inch. Slowly circling each breast with my tongue before taking in one of her large nipples. Her arms wrapping around my head pulling my upper back closer to her. Hearing her moan like I had never heard before. I can tell my wife was in her own little piece of heaven. Sherry now buried deep inside her dripping pussy eating everything she can get her mouth on. Sending Brianna into convulsion after convulsion, erupting like a volcano that has been asleep for a thousand years. ?THANKYOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU? shouting Brianna enjoying every sensation, every climax, every feeling of pure lust she is experiencing.

I am now up on my feet bent over Sherry?s back sucking on my wife?s breast like a child sucking on a bottle when I suddenly forced remember that there was someone else in the hot tub. Robert has moved over behind me. Kneeling behind his wife, aiming his still erect lubricated cock into her exposed ass. Quickly pushing it in as far as he could go. Holding in place until Sherry?s screams of pleasure is muffled by the wrapped around legs of Brianna, not allowing her to leave. Robert slowly pumping his large rod into his wife?s ass, increasing in pace as Sherry?s moans gets louder and louder being heard from inside Brianna?s vagina. Slamming his waste against her back side forcing her tongue deeper and deeper into my wife. My mouth now tongue fucking my wife, engulfed with The pure excitement my wife is putting off. Forced to raise my head with surprise as Robert without any notice sticks his tongue up my ass, holding my hips in place so I don?t move. Never feeling this sensation before I am surprised that I had never felt such pure pleasure in my life. My mouth back with my wife?s now feverishly sucking every inch of her tongue I can get to. Brianna?s eyes opened wide shocked by the sight that Robert was eating out my ass. But, I can tell by her reactions that she is really turned on by the sight before her. Of course I am certain that Sherry has some persuasive influences too. Sherry is now being held in Brianna?s lap as her husband pounds her tight ass. Enjoying every time he pounds deep inside her.

The sounds around the hot tub has changed from the women moaning too the men moaning from Robert about to explode deep into his wife?s ass and him eating mine. Robert?s attention is now focused on his deep erupting pleasure of his built up cum exploding like a shaken bottle of soda. Sherry screaming out in pleasure that ?He?s cumming, Yes, Yes, Yes, I love it?. Robert pulling out after his climax settling back into the hot tub seat, spent. Inviting me to join him. Brianna watching as Robert grabs my cock and pulls it into his mouth, close to point of my own explosion. He works my shaft Quickly as if with every stroke of his hand and mouth he receives a mouthful of cum. Brianna enjoying watching Robert suck me off in front of her. She starts encouraging him to swallow my load. ? swallow him, I want to see you do it? she encouraged him on.

Sherry by this time sitting on top of the ledge, legs spread apart, playing with herself. Brianna responding by asking if she can return the favor. ?Yes, please do? Sherry acknowledged. Brianna positions herself so she can get at her pussy and see the boys Play together. Gently and unsure how to proceed she takes Sherry?s clitoris between her lips and gently sucks on it and runs her tongue along all sides. Meanwhile she knows by watching her husband that he is close to shooting his load into Roberts mouth. This scene is building up the deepest raw excitement in her as she begins to ravish Sherry?s swollen Pussy sending Sherry into another convulsion. Several minutes passes by as Robert frantically mouth fucks me. I cant wait any longer I let out ? Im Cumming? Robert closes his hand around my shaft and begins to strategically pumps every drop of my exploding cum into his mouth and not spilling a drop. The women are now watching Closely. Brianna wanting to see my cum in Roberts mouth and asks that Robert pull off and opened his mouth to show her. Robert after he has taken all I have to offer moves over to my wife and French kisses her running his tongue deep in her mouth sharing the taste of my cum with her. ?Yes he did, Yum, Thank you? she replied. Brianna now focusing on finishing her new found love for the taste of woman. Deeply tongue fucks Sherry, like she has learned earlier, Sherry excited now by Robert sharing more of his cum treat with her passionately French kissing each other. ?OH YES? Sherry let out.

Her body tightens up as she erupts in the most powerful orgasm of the evening.

?Oh Yes, We have got to do this more often? Sherry stated.

The four of us spent, relax in the hot tub finishing our wine. Discussing the evenings new experiences and planning what is for breakfast and the next days events.

To be continued:

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