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Breaking the Taboo Ice

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We are an older/middle age couple and both of us have a couple of ex-spouses. We both were unable to be open regarding our sexual likes with people in our past, as they would probably think we were weird.

Our first love making encounter was pure magical and spectacular. We finally met our soulmates. It was love at first sight and every day our love gets stronger. We have a very trusting relationship and are very open with our fantasies. We can discuss anything with each other. No secrets. Neither of us have ever been able to be open with previous partners. I must admit, this is a wonderful feeling.

We enjoy reading the stories in SLS and fantasizing the stories as if we were there. We discussed adding a third person to our playtime. However, we are very choosy and haven’t come across the right person until this incident.

About a month ago I, Staci, ran into Kay. She had been a waitress for a short time a few years ago at a restaurant my husband and I have visited for many, many years. My husband and I have always enjoyed joking around with Kay when she was our waitress.

Kay is always bubbly and upbeat. Kay left the restaurant and we had no idea where she went. Kay and I talked for awhile and I had mentioned that we all need to get together soon. Kay told me that she had a job in the medical field and that she still lived in our city.

I asked Kay if she and her boyfriend could make it over to our home the following Saturday night for dinner. Kay told me that she hadn’t had a boyfriend in almost six months and that she would love to come to dinner.

When I returned home, I told John that I had run into Kay and had invited her over Saturday night for dinner. I mentioned to John that Kay hadn’t had a boyfriend in six months. We both couldn’t understand this as Kay is an attractive woman with a great personality and a nice figure. Saturday night finally came and Kay arrived around 4:30 p.m.. Kay is a touchy, feely person and she always hugs her friends when greeting them. Have I mentioned, John enjoys hugs from women? Kay always dressed casually, yet classy. She arrived wearing a maroon zebra print blouse, black form fitting slacks and black strapped shoes with about four-inch heels.

She brought a bottle of Tito’s Handmade Vodka and several Cokes for enjoyment. As dinner wasn’t ready, I asked John to make the drinks, and make them strong. We all congregated in the kitchen, getting dinner ready, chatting and sipping on our very drinks.

Kay told us about her job with medical entries and how much time it takes out of her life. She rarely has an evening or weekend off as there is so much computer entries that must be made and everything was time sensitive. Kay was her bubbly self and I could see she was enjoying her time with us, relaxing and forgetting about her stressful job. This explained why Kay didn’t have a boyfriend, no time. Finally, the dinner, baked lasagna, was ready. We were all hungry and the lasagna was smelling delicious. The table was set with the lasagna, salad, vegetables, hot rolls and of course, our drinks. John kept Kay and I in fresh, strong drinks all through dinner. As we had empty stomachs the drinks were doing a number on Kay and I. It didn’t appear as if John was feeling the alcohol like we were. He probably was drinking a lot more Coke than vodka in his drinks.

Dinner was excellent and we all got caught up on each other’s lives. I had bought a cheesecake for dessert. However, we were all full, somewhat tipsy, and decided to wait until later for dessert. Kay helped me put away the leftovers and put the dishes into the dishwasher. Now its time to relax and let the food settle.

Kay and I went into the Living room and sat on the sofa. As we sat down, John came up and handed us fresh drinks. Just what we needed. The dinner helped to somewhat sober me and Kay up a bit. I was in the perfect state of mind. Not intoxicated and not totally sober. I guess mellow is the word. John returned to the Living room with his drink and put some oldies music (CDs) in the player. Kay was sitting in the center of the sofa; I was on her left side and John sat on her right side. I had mentioned to Kay that I had a boob job since she last saw me. She said that she thought that I might have but didn’t want to say anything.

I told Kay I’ve always had large breast, which John loves, but they had begun dropping. I had a lift and enlargement. Kay mentioned that her large boobs had started to drop and that she was interested in getting information on a lift. After discussing everything Kay wanted to know about breast lifts the next topic was “how do they look?”. Well, the alcohol had me in a nice mellow place and I’m not a shy person. I looked over at John to get his approval. Certainly, he wasn’t about to say No. Anytime he can see boobs, he will look. He’s a real boobiac.

I was braless, as I am most of the time. I rarely wear a bra since my lift and enlargement. I began to unbutton my blouse from the top down. After unbuttoning two buttons, for some unknown crazy reason I looked at Kay and asked her if she wanted to finish unbuttoning my blouse. I glance over at John and he had the deer in the headlight look. He was as surprised as I was about what came out of my mouth. Without saying a word Kay took her right hand a slowly and sensuously began to unbutton my blouse. I couldn’t believe what was happening. However, I was getting into it and I could see that John was also. As Kay was unbuttoning each button, she made sure the back of her fingers would touch my bare chest. The unbuttoning and the gentle touches were getting me wet. I had never been involved in anything like this before. A woman was getting me turned on. I’m not a lesbian or bi-sexual, am I, what’s happening? I didn’t care, I was just going with it and I was enjoying all the feelings.

As the last button was unbuttoned, she slowly pulled my blouse apart, exposing my bare, large and firm breast. I could see in Kay’s eyes that she was as excited as I was. I watched Kay’s eyes as they were gazing at my breasts. Her breathing became slow and deep. It was like she was in a trance.

As she was gazing, I softly said, “you can touch them”. She made a deep inhale moan and gently took her right hand and slowly began to caress my left breast. As her hand caressed my breast, she squeezed my nipple between two fingers. I let out a soft moan. It felt so good. This was a whole new experience for me.

I was getting very wet and horny. Kay began to slide over to my right breast, again squeezing my nipple and placing a firm grip on my breast. It was like Kay and I were the only two people in the world. Everything else was blocked out. Without a thought I found my left-hand feeling Kay’s right breast through her blouse. Kay had me so hot and wet. I was going crazy. I was fondling both her breast as she feverously was squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I tried to unbutton Kay’s blouse with only one hand. I was getting impatient to get to her large breasts. I couldn’t unbutton a single button being so hot and excited. I grabbed the center area of her blouse and made one quick forceful tug. I was like an animal. I ripped the blouse wide open, exposing Kay’s bra. Kay looked at me with wild lust in her eyes. The ripping of her blouse put her excitement into overdrive. This was contagious. I forced Kay to her right side and backwards. The back of her head was now on John’s lap. I was laying on top of her with my hands behind her back unfastening her bra. This is when I noticed John. He had to have had an erection with all that was going on and Kay’s head on his lap.

I removed the bra and flung it. I was groping Kay’s breast, pinching and sucking on her nipples. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was aware but didn’t care. Kay was scratching my back with her long nails. She was like me, love’s her nipples to be sucked and played with. My thong was soaked with my hot fluid. The sofa was confining. I wanted more room to do more. John knew what I was thinking, and I heard him say, “Baby, let’s move to the bedroom”. What a dilemma, I was in a frenzy and afraid I might lose the moment if we move. I would have to chance it. But I needed more room. Kay told us that she had never been with a woman and all this was new to her also.

We all agreed that this will be a night no one other than the three of us will ever talk about to anyone else. Kay and I moved to the bedroom and John disappeared. As Kay and I sat on the bed John returned with fresh drinks. He said that these drinks didn’t have much alcohol. Just enough to keep everyone in the same frame of mind. That was perfect. As Kay and I took a drink I could see John getting a medicine bottle out of the bathroom drawer. I knew what he was up to, Viagra!

I stood up and removed my clothes. I sat back down on the bed and began to fondle Kay’s breast. I gently, but forcibly pushed her back onto the bed. I began squeezing and sucking on Kay’s breasts again. Right where we left off. Kay grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face up to hers. As I continued pinching her nipples she moaned louder and louder. She brought my mouth to hers and she softly kissed my lips.

This was another first for me. Never would I have thought that I would be kissing another woman like this. I didn’t care. It was exciting and I liked it. I knew John had always wanted to see me kiss another woman. I looked over and he was watching. I could see in his eyes that it was everything he expected it to be. This also got me even wetter, knowing John was getting even more excited.

Kay began to dart her tongue into my mouth and I gently began sucking on it. The ice was broken, and I loved it. I moved my way down Kay, kissing her breast, her stomach and running my tongue along her soft warm flesh. When I arrived at her slacks, I slowly unfastened her belt and unbuttoned the button. I lowered the zipper and sat up. I removed her slacks to her shoes. I undone each shoe and removed them. Then removed her slacks. She was wearing a pink thong, which I could see was very wet. I reached up, grabbed each side of the thong and slowly pulled them down her legs and off. The wet scent on her thong was the same scent as mine. I moved back up to Kay’s face. I glanced up at John, who was sitting on the side of the bed next to Kay. He was enjoying the show. I leaned down and kissed Kay. This was a passionate kiss that lead into me sucking on Kay’s tongue once again. I admit, this was some exciting sex.

Kay began to sucked on my tongue and then we extended our tongues and flicked them together so John could see. I slowing moved downward, kissing her neck, both breast and stomach. I wanted to experience more. All there was to experience with a woman. I moved down to her pubic area. Kay was shaved and her skin was silky soft. I moved further down and backed my head away. Never had I been so close to a pussy.

I wanted to get a good look. I wanted to smell the scent. I wanted to see what men see and why pussy drives them crazy. This was my opportunity. I stared, I smelled the sweet scent, and I fingered.

I first took my fingers on both hands and explored the truly hot, wet pussy, It was very slick. I fingered the pussy deeply. I took my index finger on my right hand and explored the pussy until I found the G spot. It was just like John described. It felt like a walnut. As I massaged the little walnut, Kay began to breath heavily, her body would stiffen and arch. She would moan and say, “Oh yeah”.

This was exciting for me also. I was in control of this woman and she loved it. I was doing what John would do to me. This was it, time to taste another pussy. I’ve tasted my pussy on cocks and on fingers but never another’s pussy. I lightly touched the tip of my tongue to Kay’s clit. What little taste I had; I couldn’t tell much. I thought to myself, I already touched a clit to my tongue, I might as well go for the gusto.

I darted my tongue into Kay’s tight, wet pussy as far as I could go. Kay screamed “Oh fuck yeah!” and had an orgasm with my tongue deep in her. Her pussy flowed with sweet fluid into my mouth. I couldn’t believe that she had an orgasm that quickly. The cum tasted so sweet and warm.

Now I know why John loves to eat me and my cum. Kay was horny and wanted more, and she was going to get more. I looked up at John. He was standing next to the bed and Kay was rubbing his cock through his pants with her right hand. He looked at me for the look of approval. Of course, he had my approval. I know John had to be ready to explode in his pants from what he saw me doing. The Viagra had plenty of time to go to work.

John removed his clothes and sat on the bed. I was right, John had a super hard-on. John then crawled up to the side of Kay’s waiting mouth. I wasn’t sure if I could handle watching John getting head from another woman, but this was exciting to watch. I continued eating pussy while looking up watching John getting head. Kay gave very wet head. John’s cock was dripping with Kay’s saliva.

I was mesmerized each time his cock came out of her mouth. I could see John was close to exploding and I know he likes to enjoy lots sex before unloading. I was right, John pulled out and came down to me. He gave me a passionate kiss and our tongues danced together.

I know what he was doing. He was tasting Kay’s cum in my mouth. I asked him what he thought. I was right. He said it tasted sweet. He then got between Kay’s legs and began to eat her pussy like he eats mine. As he licked and sucked on her clit he was massaging her G spot. I was inches away watching him work his magic. Kay grabbed his head with both hands and pulled his mouth into her pussy. She was moaning and yelling for him to “Eat that pussy!”, which he did very well. In no time she had two orgasms in a row, and I could see the cum running down the crack of her ass and onto the sheets. John and I cleaned up her hot, wet, mess with our tongues. John then grabbed me, pushed me onto my back in the center of the bed and began to eat my pussy. Kay rolled over toward me and began to suck on my nipples.

I can have an orgasm just from getting my nipples sucked the right way. Kay knew the right way. Between John eating my pussy and fingering my G spot and Kay fondling my breast and sucking on my nipples I quickly exploded and began squirting in John’s mouth. John loves for me to squirt in his mouth. I squirted three times and John swallowed all the sweet hot fluid.

Kay had never squirted and wanted to know more about it. John told her that when a woman squirts the fluid is very hot and sweet. It’s the best orgasm a woman can have. Kay had never heard of squirting. John offered to teach her what its all about if I had another squirt left in me. John knows I’m spent after squirting, but it might be exciting to teach Kay. I was willing to give it a shot.

I re-centered myself onto the center of the bed and got comfortable. I raised my head on a pillow to watch John and Kay. It was a bit weird and arousing at the same time. John told Kay where the G spot was located and what it felt like, a walnut. Kay began to finger my pussy and located my G spot. I told her exactly how to massage it, the come here motion with the index finger, and how much pressure to apply. Kay then was instructed to apply heavy pressure with the tongue to the clit and rotate it in a circular motion. Kay took to pussy eating and G Spot rubbing like a fish to water. When Kay had it right, I couldn’t help but scream “That’s fucking it. That’s the spot”. My body began to spasm and I told Kay to keep doing what she’s doing. I then told Kay to move her face and slap the pussy and that I would squirt. As Kay moved her head, she began to slap my pussy, at which time I let out a loud “Ohhhhhh Fuck” and the squirting began. The warm sweet fluid shot into Kay’s waiting mouth. Kay licked upward from the sheet to the pussy getting all of the sweet fluid. As I was still on my back recuperating, Kay continued to softly lick my sensitive pussy.

With my head still up on the pillow I noticed John getting behind Kay. John positioned himself behind Kay to fuck her doggie style while she was tenderly licking my pussy. This was another sight I really enjoyed seeing. John fucking Kay as she licks my pussy.

After a few minutes of doggie style John rolled Kay onto her back next to me. John positioned himself to where he was able to spread her legs and enter her pussy with his hard cock. John leaned over toward me and told me to get onto my knees. He then directed me to straddle Kay’s face while facing him.

I was now getting my pussy eaten while John was fondling my breast and fucking Kay. I could see that John was about to shoot his hot load into Kay. The excitement of the three of us all watching each other fucking and eating pussy caused all of us to have Earth shattering orgasms at the same time.

As John’s cock slowly went limp and slid out, his cum began to drain out of her pussy and run down the crack of her ass. I repositioned so I could get a closer look at Kay’s pussy with John’s warm cum oozing out. Once again, I was drawn to her sweet pussy. I eagerly licked John’s slick cum from her pussy and along the crack of her ass and into my mouth, swallowing almost every tasty drop. As John was laying on his back resting, I worked my way up to his mouth and began to passionately kiss him. As his mouth opened and our tongues began to intertwine inside each other’s mouths I allowed some of his cum, which I had saved, to slowly enter his mouth. I knew when he realized what I was doing as he began to take deep, shallow breaths, and whispered, “Oh Fuck Yeah, I love it”.

Our thoughts of the exciting evening, ending with the warm, sweet taste of his own cum in his mouth for dessert will be a forever memory for of us. After things calmed down and we caught our breaths Kay mentioned that there hasn’t been much that she hasn’t ever done sexually, after tonight, that is. I told her I’m sure there are other things she probably hasn’t done. She asked what they might be. I told her that will have to be for another night and will be another story for SLS.

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