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Bobby and Mrs Watergate

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Young Bobby couldn't believe that he was emailing one of his late mother's best friends, Susan Watergate. He quickly writes her to tell her how happy he is to run into her on the Internet, which is so vast. Bobby recieves an immediate response."It's not as vast as you think, Bobby. For example, I've seen some very sexy pictures you've posted of your eighteen year old body, hard as a rock, and read some of your erotic fiction. Tell me, do you really like aggressive older women in stockings as much as I think you do?"

Bobby flushes with embarrasment and types, "Well, actually, yes I do, Mrs Watergate. I know momma wouldn't approve. Do you like what I write?" Feeling foolish for opening himself up for chastisment, he gets a quick email response."Yes I do, and please call me Aunt Susan. Listen Bobby, I'd really like to hear your voice again, so why don't you give me your cell phone number." And after giving it to her, she immediately resumed their initial conversation, except this time, Bobby could hear Mrs Watergate's sexy voice, low and whispery. "So, love, I've been worried about you, since I know how close you were to your late mother, what have you been up to since Jane's funeral? Are you still married?" Bobby thought how beautiful Mrs Watergate was , dressed in black at the service. "I'm still married, and still working at the same radio station." Bobby was getting turned on hearing her voice, and thinking of Mrs Watergate in her tight black dress and sheer black stockings.

"Is your wife home,dear?" brought Bobby back to reality. "No, she took the kids out of town for the week.." Mrs Wright told him to switch on his webcam. "Stand up dear, and let me see how thin you've gotten without a mother to feed you..." Susan's cameras were all on, and she positioned them so that Bobby could see her in her sexiest tight skirt and stockings from three angles, front close up, and from either side. "Wow. you have a very sophisticated system Aunt Susan." he mentioned as he stood up. His jeans were already tenting from excitement, and when he saw her image, he was even more excited. She leaned into the camera with her legs crossed, showing him her incredible cleavage and her sheer stockings and stiletto heels. Bobby didn't know how excited Susan Watergate was, herself, seeing him in his tight jeans with no underwear. And he filled them even more when he saw her run her tongue across her lips and say softly, yet sternly, "You look very nice, Bobby dear. Now, I want you to unbutton your jeans and let me a little cock cleavage" Bobby was suddenly nervous. "w-what was that, Mrs Watergate.?" More sternly, she said." I told you to call me Aunt Susan. I've seen everything you've posted, and that includes lovely pictures of your nice hard cock. Now, pull down your pants, Bobby." He unbuttoned them and let them fall to his ankle. Running her long tongue over her lips, she whispered, "Very nice, nephew. Now that I can see you like this, I want you to come over to my house. Me and my husband Robert have moved to a house just down the street from you. Hurry over, because I need a favor. It has to do with my husband."

He began to tell her that he really needed a shower, but she cut him off, "If I see that you need a bath, I'll order my sissy boy worm of a husband, Robert, to give you one. Now, hurry over." She told him her address, and Bobby walked right over. Mrs Watergate lived at the end of the almost deserted street, and he rang the bell. A man in his fifties opened it, dressed in a lovely black dress, and he really looked good to young Bobby. He wore a short-cut brunette wig, and his shaved legs looked very feminine under the sheer stockings. "Hi. You must be young master Bobby. I'm very glad you came over. Please come in." After shaking hands, Bobby walked into the foyer and heard Robert lock them in. "Right this way, Bobby. Susan is dying to see you again." Following Aunt Susan's husband wasn't hard, Bobby found. He was ashamed to admit he was eagerly checking the older man's ass out. Susan was on the sofa in the tight black outfit he saw on the webcam, and her stockinged legs were crossed, letting him see her legs all the way past her stocking tops. "Hello Bobby. Give your Aunt Susan a hello kiss. He leaned over, aiming for her cheek, but her lips found his and they enjoyed a long deep kiss. Bobby then felt her tongue exploring his mouth.. this older woman knew how to kiss. He felt his cock stirring, and then felt her hand cupping it through the jeans. "Good boy. I see you came commando. Now, I want to watch you kiss Robert like that.

You see, he is a pussy boy, and I want to watch you and him kiss."

Bobby turned and felt Robert's hands on his ass as they kissed, gently at first, then with open mouths. Bobby had never kissed another man, especially a sissy in a sexy feminine outfit. As the kiss intensified, they laid down on the large rug at Aunt Susan's feet. Bobby looked up from under Robert and could see all of her stockinged legs, and up her pantyless pussy. She was moist already, watching her husband kissing young Bobby. "Roberta, run your hand down Bobbi's body and unbutton his jeans." Bobby sucked Roberta's enormous tongue and was more turned on than he had ever been, as he ran his hands over Roberta's long legs, and felt his hand unbuttoning his jeans slowly, but urgently. "That's right, Roberta .. show Bobbi how to be a proper pussy boy." Susan said softly, her fingers exploring her pussy, showing Bobbi how wet she was. Roberta, as Aunt Susan was calling her girly husband, was pumping Bobby's cock as he opened the young man's jeans. "Yes Roberta, get his cock nice and hard for your boy pussy." Roberta's tongue was threatening to slide down Bobbi's throat, as Aunt Susan's husband got more into the kiss. Susan slowly uncrossed her long legs as she played with her wet clitoris and she spread her pussy and worked a huge dildo in and out, covering it with her juices. "Here Roberta, rub this on Bobbi's boy pussy and get on your hands and knees for momma."

Roberta said "yes darling..." as he took the dildo and resumed his kissing. Bobbi felt the hard dildo on his butthole, as Roberta held him tightly and fed him tongue. "shh, do just what your aunt asks... I want you to fuck my pussy." Bobbi felt the tip of the dildo enter his ass as he sucked on Roberta's thrusting tongue.Susan was using an even larger dildo on herself as she moaned "Now, Bobbi .. I want to watch you stand in front of Roberta and let him suck your cock." Both man and boy assumed the position, and Bobbi looked down at Roberta's lust-filled eyes and full mouth . "now, I want you to piss down Roberta's mouth.. use him like a urinal. Do it, Bobbi." Bobbi had never had such a hardon as he stroked his cock and aimed a stream of piss into Roberta's open mouth. His drank it all, as he ran his hands up Bobbi's legs and cupped his ass. Closing the distance, he wrapped his lips around Bobbi's cock and sucked his piss like through a straw..

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