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Blowing Ricky

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The kid next door was a year younger than I and my best friend till I was old enough to have the run of our street. Ricky's folks kept him very close to home and strictly monitored his activities. His Mom was a school teacher in another part of our county and even had him transferred to her school to make sure he was properly supervised in the afternoons. The poor guy was there in the neighborhood, yet not there interacting with the rest of us. After a while I didn't notice, or even care if long periods of time passed without talking to him.

One afternoon I came home for a snack and as I entered my room I noticed the blinds on Ricky's bedroom window were open. In all the years past I had never noticed his blinds open so curiosity demanded I look in. Movements in the shadows on his bed caught my eye and as I adjusted to the dim light of my room it became apparent he was sliding his hand slowly up and down his cock. He was not in a hurry and obviously enjoying his self pleasuring. If you guys reading this will pause and reflect back to your early teen years, you'll remember the automatic reaction this sight would cause. Without taking my eyes away from the show I dropped my pants, took hold of my instantly stiff 14 year old cock, then turned on my light and coughed to get Ricky's attention. His fist paused in mid stroke and his head turned toward me. Our eyes never met. His were fixed on my meat as mine were fixed on his. We jerked together matching stroke for stroke, as synchronized as an Army drill team. We both blew our loads into a kleenex and wiped off slowly. This was the most fun we had had together in all the years living next door. Not wanting the moment to end and not wanting to alert his folks by speaking out loud, I hand signaled for him to meet me across the street at a tree swing in the woods. He nodded understanding and got ready to go. I headed out immediately and got to the swing first.

I had a tree fort in sight of the swing and climbed into it to wait for Ricky. A few minutes later he came walking along the path and I waved for him to join me. While he made his way up I slid my pants down and started warming up for another round of jerking. After all, it had been at least fifteen minutes since we'd last masturbated and we were due. As Ricky's head came into view I caught his reaction to the sight of my stiff cock greeting him. He fixed his gaze on my cock and moved in beside me like a robot. His eyes remained locked on my meat as he slid his own pants down and his cock captured my attention. Up close I could confirm my earlier assessment of his cock. His was thinner than mine, but a head longer. We jerked in slow tempo for a while again then I suggested we jerk each other. Ricky agreed and I gripped his cock as he gripped mine and we compared how we felt and what we liked to do to ourselves. We were rapidly approaching orgasm and I was looking forward to bringing him off in my hand and had no doubts I would be cumming for him as well. Voices approaching in the woods put our happy ending on hold and we put ourselves back together just as two younger boys broke into the swing clearing. I told Ricky we should move if we wanted privacy to finish and he readily agreed.

I always maintained a string of tree and ground forts scattered throughout the woods, so it was just a matter of choosing one of the least used and heading for it. The site I chose was very near the road but surrounded by dense brush and its small clearing was perfect for our experimentation. We resumed stroking for a while but it wasn't quite the same as before. I offered the ?I'll blow you if you blow me? deal and Ricky was all for it. What he did hesitate on was who would go first. I proposed a coin toss as the decider and he agreed. I won the toss and a reluctant Ricky requested two out of three. He won then I won and he wanted to go for three out of five. I stood firm on my win and was pleasantly surprised as Ricky dropped to his knees and grabbed my cock. He gave me a good half dozen mouth strokes and pulled off when it was just getting good. This is the same way it went the first time I blew a friend. We did a few mouth strokes each to reassure the other of our intentions then got down to the real pleasure in following rounds. I went to my knees and gave Ricky back what he had given me, then pulled off and asked him if he wanted to go again only longer this time. I was stunned to hear him decline the offer. As I watched him leave I wondered how long it would be before he wanted to take me up on the next round.

For weeks afterward Ricky?s shades were down in his room and I didn?t see him out and about anywhere. I was about to give up hope for ever getting and giving each other real pleasure. I was headed back to the swing one afternoon and happened past the place Ricky and I blew each other. As I passed the trail leading there, I heard a soft cough and headed in. Ricky was there waiting for me with his pants around his ankles and his hand around his cock. I walked over slowly while undoing my pants and dropped to my knees. The words ?Hello Ricky? left my lips as his cock entered them.

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