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Blowing Paul

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From behind me came a phrase familiar to all young male teens, "I'll blow you if you blow me". Paul must have made that offer three times a week for the past six months. It no longer surprised me to hear it, but I was always surprised when I would decline. I'm sure Paul must have thought I considered myself too macho to suck cock, but the truth was I was already swapping blow jobs with my best friend and I was liking it so much I was a little worried sucking too much cock would turn me queer before I ever got to explore girls.

Paul and I had just stepped into a small clearing in the woods as he made his latest offer and as I turned to decline, something made me hesitate. I guess his persistence finally wore through to my lust and I told him today was his lucky day. I'd not only swap blow jobs with him, but I would go first. Before he had a chance to react, I was on my knees in front of him working his belt and jeans open. He realized what was about to happen and pushed his jeans and drawers down and out of the way. We were both already hard, like the good thirteen year olds we were, but as I brought my lips into contact with his cock head I could've sworn I felt it grow even more at my touch. Paul arched his back at my first push down his shaft and instinctively grabbed my head to hold his cock deep in my mouth. I answered by increasing my suction and forcing my mouth back up the length of his cock. I'd stop at the head and swirl my tongue around the contours of his velvety bulb paying special attention to the sensitive opening and the creased divide along the back then drive downward again till my gag reflex kicked in. Paul was soon trembling on shaky legs and breathing fast and hard. He managed a sharp cry by way of a warning as his orgasm swept up his cock and exploded into my mouth. Those early teen orgasms didn't deliver much ejaculate, but they were certainly unbeatable for raw sensations. I was aglow in the feeling of a job well done and enjoying the new taste of Paul's jizz.

Paul backed up a step and leaned against a tree to steady himself. All he could do was alternate between "Damn" and "Wow" for a few moments. We agreed to take a smoke break before Paul kept his end of the bargain. After our break, I took Paul's position leaning against the tree as he knelt in front of me and we both worked my pants down and freed my still hard cock. He encircled my head with his lips and I felt my own cock swell bigger at his touch. Paul followed my own acts on him almost perfectly. Though I lasted longer than he did it wasn't by much and ended the same way. I tried to give him no warning so he wouldn't panic and pull off before I came in his mouth, but an animal growl gave me away. I needn't have worried as Paul was committed to giving as good as he got and hung in till the last contraction squeezed my last drop onto his tongue. He confessed later I was the first cock he had sucked so he had copied my moves for want of his own. It turned out giving him my best effort had come back to me in kind.

Paul and I blew each other many more times in the following months. Most of our activities took place in the woods and marshes where we grew up. We blew each other in tree forts, in pup tents out camping, while on breaks running his trap line, out in a small boat I had, and once even in a snow fort dug into the side of a seven foot tall drift. It took us a while to find our cold shriveled cocks that last time, but the survival tip of putting them in our mouths worked quickly to restore blood flow and that healthy rosy pink glow.

I kept a close watch on my attitudes and once I was confidant girls hadn't lost their appeal, (if anything my fooling with guys made me even hornier for pussy than ever), I relaxed and accepted whenever my other friends offered to "make a deal". Some were one time things for whatever reason, but others became ongoing regular activities. Sometimes more than one of my suck buddies and I would find ourselves with time on our hands and cocks at the ready.

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