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Black out Room

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Sandy I knew the score when we reached the bar. We have been married for 5 years now and live in a quiet leafy part of the Lincolnshire countryside in England where nothing ever went on to the untrained eye.

We were sat in a bar a few miles away from our house waiting for our meet to turn up, our meet tonight was a couple from Hull that we had made contact with on the internet a few weeks before hand.

Jim and Helen was a married couple who were looking for the same thing as us, hot no strings attached sex and plenty of it.

Sandy was 36, nice figure I often described it as chubbly which in my eyes meant not fat at all but definitely not skin and bone like some famous footballers wives, just perfect in my eyes, her 36d chest gives me plenty of pleasure and Sandy always kept her pussy trimmed as smooth as a babies bum so to speak.

I knew right now sat at the bar that her sweet pussy would be slowly seeping in anticipation her pussy during foreplay and sex literally dribbles juices.

I am average build reasonable fit, I attend the gym about 3 times per week, and like Sandy I keep myself shaved down below.

We have been swinging for several years after being introduced to it on a beach in Antigua by a high profile Scottish QC called Hugh and his wife, but that?s another story, which may come later.

The allotted time came and bang on time Jim and Helen walked through the pub door, my eyes were immediately drawn to Helens capacious bosom and slim waist, Jim was like me Mr average. It was going to be a good night.

We all shook hands air kissed as is the norm in these thing and ordered a round of drinks to help break the ice and give us all a chance to see if we clicked, I had already made my mind up that this pair was coming back to our house when I saw Helens boobs. The conversation turned inevitably to sexier matters and after about half an hour we all four got into our cars and drove the few miles to our house.

The house was situated on a new and rather select development and had got more bedrooms that us two needed but it did allow us to keep one as a ?play? room.

I poured another round of drinks and we sat downstairs chatting about meets we had previously been on which invariably led to us making their way up stairs, Sandy opened our play room door and led the way in her nice bum making a fine sight for all to see.

Inside the room was a huge bed a 4 seat corner sofa, walk in shower, music system, flat screen TV in fact every thing you could want for a rampant night of sex.

Another trick that this room could do is to be plunged into complete and utter darkness, when we told Jim and Helen about this they were more than intrigued to try it later.

We sat on the sofa while the third round of drinks were readied from the play room.

While I was getting these Sandy and Helen were starting to get acquainted with each other, the two girls were kissing Jims face while stroking his growing bulge he in turn had a and on each of the girls chests they in turn were also fondling each others chests with Sandy mesmerised by the size of Helens tits.

They broke of their fondling when I came back across the room drinks in hand.

Sandy commented on Helens tits and Helen said straight out ?do you want to see them?? with that she stood up and peeled the tight fitting top over her head to reveal a very thin lacy bra, Helen reached round the back and slowly, as if to tease unclipped the straps letting it fall to the floor, in doing this she revealed an amazing pair of tits that did not sag in the slightest, I could not help but stop and stare, ?Do you like them?? she said shimmying her body side to side slightly to make them move, her question was answered by Sandy moving forward and planting her mouth directly on Helens left nipple.

When Sandy let it go from her mouth the nipple was stuck out to attention it was almost an inch long and now shinny with Sandy spit an awesome sight if ever there was one.

Sandy took Helen by the hand and led her onto a large rug in the middle of the room and proceeded to remove Helens remaining clothing.

It revealed that Helen was also completely shaven around her pussy; glimpses of pussy juice were visible around Helens pussy.

Helen reciprocated and quickly stripped Sandy naked now it was Jims turn to gasp as he watched her pussy gently drip down her leg, he had never seen a woman as wet as that.

The two girls kissed each other hungrily their tongues dancing in and out of each other?s mouths, their hands touching probing each other?s bodies.

I glanced across at Jim who by now was sat on the edge of the sofa cock in hand, it was pretty long but thin cock, he was slowly stroking it while watching the two girls having a pussy snack.

I thought it would be remiss of me not to do the same but I went one further and stripped naked as quick as I could to show them my cock which was much fatter than Jims and my cock head has been described as incredible like a huge fat red mushroom.

I stood wanking my cock and moved closer to the two girls who happened to see me approaching breaking apart form each other they grabbed me and proceeded to almost r*pe my cock with their mouths, Jim not wishing to be left out came over and joined in the fun.

With the initial flurry over we settled into the two girls taking it in turn to swallow our cocks, I knew with this much tension I would not last long I never do first round of cum so to speak, I warned them that my load was rising so they just pointed their tongues towards my cock and caressed my balls until the inevitable happened and I shot a warm load of cum onto their tongues and faces, as it subsided they French kissed my cum between them and licked if form each others faces until they were clean again only to be blasted a the biggest load I have ever seen shot from Jim there seemed to be gallons of the stuff, which did please the ladies.

?Time for another drink? I blurted out, this time Jim said he would do the honours and play bar man so the remaining three of us climbed onto the bed and relaxed.

Sandy asked if they wanted to try the blackout trick so after the drinks had been served and the glasses put safely on a coffee table I flicked the switch which caused the window blinds to motor across and shut tight the room was now in total darkness.

I reached out and promptly apologised to Jim as my hand landed smack onto his now half hard cock, next thing I came into contact with was one of Helens awesome tits, they were sensually firm for such large tits, I could feel people moving around on the bed its real strange in the dark some don?t like it but I find it quite erotic.

A tongue slithered around my limp cock, it did not stay limp for long then another joined it, then realisation dawned on me that due to the fact I had my tongue half way down Helens throat and my hands on her tits it could not be her mouth that was taking it turns to take my cock as deep as they could into their mouth, Jim was sucking my cock.

I have never touched a guys cock before the accident with Jim a few minutes before let alone could I ever have imagined that I would let a guy suck my cock but here I was with a guy sucking my cock.

I reached down just to confirm I was right and there was Jims baldhead sharing my cock and his tongue with Sandy.

It would have been rude to stop them and they could not see my embarrassment in the dark so I let them carry on.

After a few minutes I broke my kiss with Helen and reluctantly let her tits go, yet again there was a shuffling of people on the bed I had turned round to taste her pussy, my fingers showed my tongue the way in the darkness, I knew I had the right pussy as I had already seen that Helens pussy lips were very large compared to the almost lip less pussy that Sandy has, my tongue darted down and slipped in between them very quickly finding her clit giving that a little flick then leaving it to find her honey pot.

I pushed m tongue as far as I could into her pussy and out again to her clit this time giving that some much needed attention.

The bed moved again and as I moved down again I found my way blocked by a cock in her pussy now, I have often been close to one before but not usually with my face, he was very slowly drawing it in and out so I went back to her clit as there was not room for his cock and my tongue, I began to feel him moving faster but not as if he was going to cum again as I worshiped her clit which matched her nipples in size.

Sandy in the mean time spearing herself on my cock, god only knows what the two girls hands were doing but I could feel Sandy?s sopping pussy sliding on my cock and also a tongue lapping the juices up.

I tweaked with my teeth at Helens clit which caused to jump which in turn caused Jim to lose contact with her pussy pushing his seven or so inches upwards and straight onto my tongue, now I was in a fix what do I do now, he was making small moves onto my tongue with his cock and I was trying to lick her clit, to hell with it I though the lights are out Sandy would not know so I took his cock into my mouth, what an amazing feeling the hardness of the shaft with the soft spongy head, he pushed hard and hit the back of my throat causing my to cough, Sandy withdrew my cock from my mouth and asked if I was ok all I could do was give her a HM HA after all you never talk with your mouth full now do you.

He pushed a little further into my now willing mouth I felt him gently graze the back of my throat he stopped and I took over pushing my throat around his cock I was trying to swallow at the same time his cock popped past the hard bit and slid right down to the balls in my mouth.

I could feel him start to twitch, as the impending cum rush started what should I do? I had often tasted my own cum form Sandy?s sweet pussy but never another guys let alone direct from the source so to speak, I moved to pull m mouth away but was not quick enough his cock jerked seemed to expand and then threw a huge load of fresh hot salty cum into my mouth I had no choice but to swallow it, and I have to admit it was not as bad as I had imagined.

He finished unloading and moved away nothing more had to be said about it, as the two women did not know because they could not see with the lights out.

The two girls decided it was time for another drink so low lights were turned on to make sure we did not startle our eyes with bright lights.

Sandy decided that she would get the drink so Helen sat between us to guys fondling our now re-growing cocks.

She whispered that she had a pretty good idea that we had been sucking each others cocks and that she would love to see it, well seeing as the drink was hitting home we looked at each other Jim and I and shrugged our shoulders and got in a 69 cock in mouth started to suck and slurp for all we were worth, Sandy turned round fro where the drinks were and stood wide eyed, forgetting all about the drinks she came over to get a closer look, her and Helen then knelt down and joined in one at each end licking cocks and balls when the chance came, what an amazing sight it was and you can well guess the cum soon flowed into each others mouths which we gladly shared with the two girls.

We all decided we needed a rest and asked them if they fancied staying the night to save having to travel home, especially after the drink we had all consumed a quick yes was the reply.

And so part two will soon be hot of the press.

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