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Black Santa and Ho-Ho-Holiday Fun!

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"C'mon, I'm telling you, it will be sooo much fun," she said. Nadia was always talking me into things and this was no different but at least for a good cause. Of course, I'd never actually dressed up as a Santa's helper before. But the outfit was kinda hot and it was a feel good thing AND there was a super hot guy from Nadia's office playing Santa. Black Santa. Mmmm....could be interesting!

"Damn, girl - your boobs and legs look great in that getup!" Well, Nadia was always good for my confidence - in a bi-friendly kind of way. I hadn't taken her up on half-serious offers yet, but always thought about it, especially after a couple of glasses of wine when we were having fun flirting and talking dirty. And Nadia was looking great, too. The Santa's helper outfits were short red dresses with white fur around the sleeves and hem. Nadia's shoulder-length black hair was shiny and peeked out from under her little elf hat. She was short and busty, with a butt that Kim K. would die for. "Like my thigh high boots?" she said, with a toss of her hair. She was even hotter than usual.. "Well, I had to amp up my own footwear to try to match yours," I said, flashing my red patent leather heels, certainly not necessary for handing out gift cards, but definitely necessary for the little after party Nadia's office had planned. Hmmm, maybe I'd show Nadia what I had under my Santa's Helper outfit later...and I was thinking about her hot co-worker who was going to play Black Santa, and decided he might need to get a peek too. I had found the perfect red lace teddy that exposed my snowy white DD breasts, with prim and proper red satin bows above them. It had a nice, airy open crotch with another lovely red bow right above my clit. I planned to give Black Santa a little show later...

After our gift card duties were done, we headed to the bar, where Santa and his helpers were getting together for some well-deserved fun. As Nadia and I bounced in, giddy from doing good works and the peppermint schnapps we'd been nipping, I noticed him at the bar. Black Santa. Ohhh my. Out of his big red suit and extra padding, he was looking tall and delicious with form-fitting black slacks on that hugged his thighs and ass, and nicely hinted at a good-sized holiday package. The Santa coat was off and a tight black tank top displayed his nicely toned arms. My gaze drifted on up his 6'2" frame to his salt and pepper goatee and finally met his gorgeous brown eyes. He smiled and said, "Have you been a good Santa's Helper tonight?" I blushed at being caught staring and mumbled, "Oh, yes, I've been very good," to which he replied, "Excellent, then you'll receive an early present a little later on." And he winked and turned back to his conversation. 

Flustered, Nadia and I went to the bar and got some drinks, then started dancing, socializing and playing some reindeer games. About an hour later, I sensed a strong masculine presence behind me and felt his hands on the small of my back. "Well, my Helper, how would like to join me in the workroom for some last minute magic-making?" he whispered in my ear. "And bring your little Santa Helper friend with you - I want her to watch." A shiver went down my spine and I could feel my nipples tighten with anticipation as I turned around and noticed he had changed back into his baggy red pants and coat. Nadia and I followed him out of the bar, back upstairs to the Winter Wonderland area. 

Black Santa sat in his big chair and looked us up and down. "Nadia, be a good girl and sit right there and watch, while I give your friend what she deserves, first." Ohhh, I was getting really excited, looking forward to something good, when Black Santa grabbed my hand, pulled me close and took a peek under my skirt. "And what's this, Little Helper? Tsk, tsk, tsk...wearing a crotchless teddy to a nice charity event, right in front of all the do-gooders," he said. "'ve been a little bit naughty. Now, you're going to have to take that dress off and show us what you've got underneath it." 

As I slowly and seductively (and slightly drunkenly) tried to pull the costume over my head, it got stuck on my little hat. Before I knew it, Black Santa had it off me and had pulled me down across his lap, but not in the way I had imagined - with my ass straight up in the air! "Naughty, naughty Helpers first have to get a little spanking before they get their present," he chuckled, as he slapped my exposed ass, lightly at first. He then rubbed his large hand around my ass in a circle, enjoying my squirming and discomfort. "No, no, my Helper - I'll decide when it's time to move on to your treats," Black Santa said. Right about then, he slapped my ass hard and started rubbing my exposed clit with his thumb at the same time. It was an electric sensation and I gasped. "Mmmm, it seems you're getting a little excited," he said, continuing to rub my ass in a circular motion while playing with my clit more and more. Then...SLAP! came the final spank, and at the same time he slipped two fingers deep inside my wet, ready pussy and I came, arching my back. "Mmmm, that's sweet, very sweet and salty," he said, as he slowly took his fingers from his mouth and sucked them, tasting me. He then helped me up while somehow also releasing his huge, thick, 9 1/2 inch cock from his Santa pants. The kind of cock that slightly bends and has a very pronounced head on it, so you feel. every. thing. Oh, my - Santa was ready to go! My eyes grew wide with wonder and delight...

Black Santa faced me away from him, toward Nadia, so she could see the look on my face as he slowly let me have my present. One. Inch. At. A. Time. I slid down his thick cock, immediately cumming all over him, as he grasped my exposed breasts and began to slowly work into me. I moved up and down as best I could - he was huge and I was in heels - and eventually, he guided me down on the rug to my knees, nearly face to face to Nadia. As he continued to pound me doggy style and I continued to cum over and over, Black Santa motioned to Nadia. She couldn't contain herself any longer as it was, and she leaned over and started to kiss me, and fondle my exposed snowy white DD breasts. Then, she sucked my nipples as Black Santa directed her to lay underneath both of us. 

She eagerly got into position, where she could reach both my clit and his balls and then she started to really have some fun. Black Santa slowed down his thrusting to a nice, steady, slow, in-and-out stroke, as Nadia began to work my clit with long, rhythmic sucks. I moaned loudly - the combination was just too much and I released an amazing waterfall as I had rolling orgasm after orgasm. Nadia eagerly licked my juices from my pussy and from Black Santa's balls, first taking one into her mouth and gently sucking it dry, and then the next. When she was finished, we all shifted, and decided to give Black Santa his final present of the night...

As Nadia and I kissed and fondled each other, Black Santa stood tall with a smile, enjoying the show. He lightly stroked his big cock and watched us discover each other for the first time. But, sensing his impatience, and knowing it was really his big night, we both got on our knees and gave that big black cock some well-deserved attention. I licked up the full underside of it, while Nadia sucked on one of his balls, then I completely took him in my mouth while she played back and forth between his balls, sucking and licking him into a frenzy. We then switched spots, and Nadia was able to take him into her throat even deeper, as I grabbed his ass with my nails and licked his delicious schweatty balls. With a growl and rumble in his belly, Black Santa cried out and came in explosive squirts, all over our breasts. The three of us crumpled, exhausted, on the snowy blanket by the chair, gently kissing each other while Nadia and I licked and sucked Santa's cum off each other's boobs. Before long, Black Santa was ready to go down the chimney again, and we all got ready for another round of ho-ho-holiday fun.

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