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Bisexual fun second round

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We had played with Chuck and Karen a while back a the club, and we?d talked and talked about how we?d like to get together again. However, the wife got put on the evening shift and wasn?t able to play for a while as her rotation was 4-6 months long.

During this time, despite the wife fucking me on her days off till I couldn?t cum any more, that was only a few days at a time and the rest of the week I spent chatting online. Karen and Chuck knew about the situation and asked if there was anything that they could do. I joked that they could come here, get a hotel room and during the night, come over here to fuck me or I could go to their room depending on what night of the week it was.

Now the wife had seen all the chats during the day while I was at work and had told them that it would be fine if they wanted to help me out. Now we?d exchanged phone numbers along while back and Thursday night, I got a phone call from the Holiday Inn. Figuring it was a wrong number, I ignored it and took the kids over to my mom?s for the night as she would take them to school in the morning. When I got home, heard a knock on the door. It was Karen and Chuck. They tried to call me and when they didn?t get an answer called the wife. She told them that I was most likely gone to take the kids over to my mom?s and gave the directions to the house. I invite them in and told them that this was a pleasant surprise.

We wasted no time in getting our clothes off and into the bedroom. I left the TV on the lights on in the living room to give the impression that my company was in there with me, but in truth was in the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Karen told me that Chuck had been wanting to suck and fuck me ever since we played that night in the club. They knew that I?d let him and told him to get to work. Chuck pushed me onto my back and started to suck and lick my balls. Karen was watching when she said that I since I didn?t eat her pussy last time, it was time now. So she straddled my face and made me lick her. Now Chuck started to lube my ass and put some on his cock. I was some what helpless to stop him, not that I wanted to, as Karen was getting off me to hold my legs up. They had talked about doing this before to me, just didn?t think they would. Chuck put his cock near my hole and started to push it in. As it had been a few months and he was 7? and avg thickness, he went slowly. All the time Karen was putting more lube onto him as she could hear me groan and that it was hurting. Before I knew it, he had gotten all inside me and started to fuck me slowly.

Karen asked me if I wanted more and I told her yes. Karen released my legs and Chuck held them fuck me harder and harder. Karen took out a strap-on harness with a 6? cock on it and put it in my mouth. Before I knew it, she was fucking my mouth and Chuck said that he was cumming. I felt a warm feeling in my ass as he filled my ass with a load of cum. Karen then unhooked that cock from her harness and asked me if I wanted more. Not knowing how much more they had planned, I said HELL YES! Chuck then said that he?s suck my cock till I came. As I couldn?t see what was going on, besides his head going up and down on my cock, I didn?t know that Karen had gotten a slightly longer cock on to her harness. This one was over 8? but not any thicker than Chuck was. I felt Chuck roll me over and get underneath me. I lowered my head and started to suck on his cock. I sucked him hard and fast as I was horny as hell.

Karen then grabbed me by the hips and told me to relax. She spread my checks apart and poured lube into me. Then I felt it go in, and in, and in. I was slowing down sucking on Chuck when Karen told me to keep sucking him, and pushed my head back down. As she did that, she pushed her ?cock? deeper into me, till I felt her hips against my ass.

Then I felt her start to fuck me. Taking long deep strokes, she was slowly fucking me. Chuck was under me sucking me for all he could. I had to stop sucking on him as the feeling in my ass was intense. Karen started talking dirty to me?telling me how dirty it was for me to take it deep in my ass, how she loved to pound my ass. How I was a good cock sucker and now an even better anal slut. I unloaded deep into Chucks mouth and it seemed like with every pounding, more and more cum filled his mouth.

This went on for what seemed like an hour, but I fact it was 7:45 when they showed up and 11pm when they finished. I was done and couldn?t last any more than they could. They hopped into the shower so we could rinse the cum and KY off us before they left to go back to their hotel room.

Before they left, the gave me a hotel room key. They told me that if I wanted some in the morning, just to let myself in. Well I woke up early and grabbed my clothes for work and drove to the hotel. I found their room and let myself in. Karen was the first to wake up. She flipped over and gave me access to her pussy. I fingered it just enough to get her wet and pushed my cock into her. I was fucking her while she kept her head buried into her pillow so we didn?t wake the other guests up. I told her that while I wanted to cum in her, I?d also wanted to fuck Chuck?s ass. She understood and told me to go it. That she?d help as he was a pretty sound sleeper and never heard me in the room doing her. However she said, we could get him into position for me to fuck him without too much problem.

She was right and we got his legs off the bed and she lubed both his ass and my cock up. I lifted his legs and she held them up. I pushed my cock gently into him. NOW Chuck had woke up, but offered no resistance. So I pushed in and in till I was deep inside him. Knowing that the last time wasn?t? good for him, I took it easy till I heard Karen tell me to finish so I finished and mead ehim cum and for me to cum. I fucked him hard for a few more minutes before unloading into him with a full load of cum.

Well now I have about 35 minutes to get dressed and to work. I hopped into the shower while Karen went down and got me a quick breakfast. When she returned she learned that I?d called in and was sucking Chuck?s cock.

We fucked each other once more before it was time to check out. They would have came over to my place for more fun, but as they had told their family, they would be back by noon from their ?business? trip. I can?t wait to tell the wife. Wonder if we can arrange the favor for them next time.

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