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Bisexual Night Surprise for Tessa

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Tessa has been obsessed with this fantasy of seeing me with a guy. In our lovemaking she indicated often how it would be so hot to see me kissing, licking, and sucking another hot man in our bedroom while she watched and then joined in. I wanted her to be a part of the whole thing and just have it be an all out fun night of erotic hot sex for all. The idea of sucking a cock for her grew more and more into a hot treat for Tessa to see. I started playing with my ass more often and letting her stick fingers in my tight hole while she sucked my cock.

I wanted to make this a reality for her, so I set the plan in motion. Looking on SLS and another site, I wanted to get the perfect gentleman to enjoy this fantasy with us. After some careful searching, I found the perfect guy and we talked extensively about what I wanted to happen. We discussed what he had done, what I had done, and how hot the entire scenario sounded to us. Randy became a good sounding board for my wife?s fantasy and how much she enjoyed the idea of watching us perform for her. The date was set and I planned to cook Tessa a light dinner before our guest would arrive.

The day came, a Saturday night in April. The kids were with their Mother, so we had the place to ourselves. I asked Tessa after dinner to take a nice bath and dress up for me as I prepared the downstairs living room with candles, wine, and ambiance for the evening. Randy was set to arrive soon. I was already showered, smelling good, and leaking precum with the expectant events to come very soon. He arrived and I let him in. His pictures were right on, Randy was a little taller than me, great shape, early 40?s, and sported a package similar but just a bit bigger and thicker. He surprised me, by grabbing my cock as we made our initial introduction to one another. Randy commented how excited I already seemed; I told him you have no idea.

Tessa called down to see who it was at the door. I went upstairs as our guest got comfortable with a glass of wine. Upstairs I informed Tessa that her fantasy of seeing me with another man was about to come true this evening. Her eyes grew wide and she seemed surprised, bingo! Tessa dressed in a new crotchless outfit I had purchased just for this evening. We both went downstairs and Randy was still dressed and very anxious once he laid eyes on my wife. I had sent him pictures, but he too commented on them not doing justice to the real deal standing before him now. As he came toward us to shake Tessa?s hand, Randy told her how beautiful she looked. Tessa thanked him and we all sat getting to know one another over a glass of wine.

I told Tessa to sit back as Randy and I placed our glasses of wine down. I was dressed like Randy, casually. We stepped to one another and kissed each other. The electricity was immediate; I was going to really get into this fantasy for Tessa. Randy rubbed my bulging crotch and I his, as our tongues danced in our mouths. We removed each other?s shirts and I licked his smooth chest, sucking on his nipples one by one. Randy moaned approvingly holding my head. I rubbed his large tool through his pants while still sucking his nipples. Gradually I worked my way down to his stomach, unbuttoning his pants and lowering them to the floor. I looked up at him as I took a hold of his underwear and now was presented with this hard cock in my face. It was dripping with precum and I took my first taste as I gently grabbed the shaft. I licked the tip and then ran my tongue along the sides to his cleanly shaven balls. His cock was warm, the smell was intoxicating and getting me more excited to taste his entire cock. My mouth covered his Trojan head and I attempted to take him as deeply as I could. My tongue was licking his whole cock as he started to fuck my mouth. Randy moaned as I massaged his member with my mouth before slowly releasing him. His cock was covered in my saliva as I looked at it in my hand. I stroked him a few more times as I stood.

Randy took the next approach and sucked my nipples and then removed my pants. Tessa meanwhile was fingering herself to orgasm as she was in overdrive watching this first segment of our evening. Randy groaned loudly as he licked my balls. He was stroking me and worshiping my nuts with him tongue. He easily took my balls into his mouth and licked them with his spit. The warmth of tongue was incredible, technique unreal as his mouth massaged my entire cock with expertise he had told me about in our conversations. I didn?t want to cum this early, but he was making that very difficult. I finally had to pull back. Randy laughed as Tessa just exploded all over her fingers, changing his attention to her pleasure.

Our hands reached out to Tessa as she calmed to encourage her to join us. We got into a circle and started giving each other oral. I was sucking Randy, he licking her pussy, and Tessa sucking my cock. We did this for a little bit and then switched without words just movement. Tessa moaned as she sucked his thick cock and I was licking furiously at her pussy. This went on for some time before we released each other. Tessa was panting after I had just given her another hot climax from my tongue. She was consumed with everything that was going on. Tessa and I got into a 69 with Randy ready to plow her pussy with his thick meat. Oddly, we never spoke, it just happened that way and we went back to enjoying the whole orgy with little wasting time. Randy put that cock to her pussy and I took hold of it and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. Tessa busied her mouth on my hard cock. I put Randy?s cock at her entrance and went in smoothly to his balls nice and slow. Tessa gasped as he stayed deep inside while her pussy got used to his thickness. I licked her clit and she was in heaven almost immediately from the double action. I sucked that beetle hard with Randy?s cock rubbing my nose as he started to fuck Tessa gently. I licked his cock as he slid out, and then sucked on his balls as he paused to throb inside her pussy walls. Tessa started talking dirty as she couldn?t keep her mouth on my cock. I tweaked her nipples and pinched them hard as she begged Randy to fuck her harder?.?Fuck me; Fuck me with that big cock??..?Suck my clit, lick my clit Johnny?.

We stayed this way for what seemed like forever until Randy started moaning louder and louder with Tessa telling him, ?Cum in my pussy, give me that cum deep in pussy?. I clamped down on her clit as he exploded inside of Tessa, and then I sucked his balls as he stopped moving. He was squirting hot cum deep within Tessa?s cunt and she was climaxing. My face was soon soaked with her cum and his running out the sides of her cunt. I started to lick cum from her pussy as he slowly withdrew from her snatch. When Randy was finally out, the river ran right into my mouth and I sucked it up fast. It was all over my face as I tried to get as much as I could from her pussy. I shoved my tongue deep inside her cunt causing her to squirt all over my face and chest. Randy got up and went right to Tessa?s mouth to clean his shiny meat. She sucked hard on him with their mixed juices, stroking him as I continued to lap at Tessa?s wet twat. I was ravenous for this creampie, it was such a turn on since the first time Tessa brought me home something from Mark.

She couldn?t take anymore after a bit more of my tongue; she was sensitive all over and needed a break. Tessa finished stroking Randy?s cock and licked him from his balls to his tip. He was getting hard all over again. I joined her and sucked his cock hard.

I lay down on the blanket watching her suck his hard meat. It was erotic as hell and again such a turn on to watch. They both saw me and turned their attention to my cock. Tessa on one side and Randy on the other, they licked my cock all over and it felt so good. It wasn?t long and I could feel with the tension building in my nuts as these two lathered my pole and nuts all over. I told them I was about to cum and Randy took my cock deep in his mouth. I sent my first rocket shot down his throat while Tessa sucked my balls. I had not cum this hard in a long time. When I was done throbbing in his mouth, Tessa and Randy shared my cum between them in a hot passionate kiss. Randy rubbed, squeezed, and pinched her tits as he leaned into kiss Tessa more. I spread her legs and went for her pussy again. This time I stayed briefly and then went for her sweet tight hole. I shoved my tongue deep inside while slipping a couple fingers into her pussy. Tessa moaned loud as Randy continued to kiss her and wouldn?t release her lips. I had told him once he got her lips to not let go, that she would cum easily again that way. I tongue fucked her ass and moved my fingers in and out of her cunt. I found her g-spot and she came instantly with all this pleasurable attention. I could see Tessa squeezing her lovely tit as she was now insatiable. She loved this surprise and was going to keep it up all night long. I wanted this action to be a moment we would never forget.

My cock was hard again and so was Randy?s. We moved to get Tessa on top of him. Tessa easily slipped onto his thick meat again as I was poised to give her first double penetration. Tessa saw what was about to happen and said, ?I want you both inside of me now??.?Fuck my pussy and my ass now please, Fuck me hard?. As we both got comfortably and gently inside of Tessa she came with us deeply penetrated to our balls inside of her ass and pussy. Randy and I started fucking her senseless as she had one continuous orgasm after another. Randy was squeezing her tits together and sucking on her nipples. This was driving Tessa insane with incredible nerve stimulating sexual euphoria. She was crazed at this point, talking dirty to us as we fucked her for a very long time in this position. Tessa told us over and over to fuck her pussy and ass harder and harder. We were all sweating in the candlelight glow of the evening.

Randy and I couldn?t hold out much longer and through Tessa?s orgasms, we came deep inside both her holes. I could feel him pulsing through the thin membrane separating our cocks. This much thick meat was driving Tessa overboard. Both of our cocks were being milked as Tessa squeezed us for all of the jizz we could give. I pulled out first and watched the river of cum run down her ass to Randy?s balls. He pulled out with the same result, gaping holes full of cum running out like a sieve.

We all collapsed breathing hard from the explosive action and climax?s. As we cleaned up and took a break, the look on Tessa?s face said it all. Her eyes were glazed over with pleasure from what we had just given to her pussy and ass. Tessa said she had never cum that hard in her life and wanted more of it. My cock was getting hard all over again with the look on her face. Tessa came to me and kissed me hard passionately. Randy watched and rubbed Tessa?s legs while we started up all over again.

Randy looked at my cock and started stroking me as he brought his lips to my head. His mouth felt very good as I continued to kiss Tessa wildly. It was an electric feeling, none we have ever felt before in our play. Randy sucked my cock hard, then said he needed his ass fucked. I stopped kissing Tessa and she lubed his ass up as I positioned my cock at his tight hole. Easing into him, Tessa laid in front to get eaten by his magic tongue again. Once I was completely in his ass, I started fucking it nice and deep. He moaned through his licking, humming on Tessa?s pussy sending her into an orgasm. His body jerked as I pummeled his ass hard before pulling out and spooging all over his ass. I pulled out and slipped between his legs to suck his cock as he slurped on Tessa?s pussy. Randy blew another hot load in my mouth and Tessa told him, ?Don?t stop, don?t stop??.?Lick my pussy??.?Oh yes, yes, yes lick my pussy?. Tessa?s hands were on his head and grinding her pussy into his face as I cleaned Randy?s cock of cum. When I finished, I moved over to Tessa?s mouth to share the treat and send her into a squirting frenzy again with Randy?s tongue jammed into her cunt. He was fingering her and sucking on her clit as she squirting all over his face. I held her cheeks and kissed her harder than I ever have. She couldn?t breathe and finally I released her to catch her breath. Once again we collapsed just kissing and caressing each other all over. We were all covered in sweat, cum, and saliva. It was the night I had hoped it would be. Maybe next time Randy will fuck my ass and he gladly agreed as he recovered to get dressed after cleaning up.

Tessa gave him a huge hug and a deep kiss. She rubbed his cock as he kissed her and then stepped back. Randy shook my hand and said I will be in touch. As I closed the door, Tessa grabbed my cock. I pinned her against the wall and kissed her again deeply. My hands were all over her tits and ass, hugging her with all my might. My cock twitched to life again and I picked her up to ram her again. I held her on my hips as we fucked like rabbits as she kissed on my neck. I walked her over to the blanket and set her down. I fucked her hard as she spoke dirty to me. Tessa said she loved Randy licking her pussy and fucking her. Then she added how hot it was I drove deep into her snatch saying how hot he made her with his cum filled kiss. As she continued to speak dirty, I pulled out my cock and spunked all over her tits and face. She opened her mouth like a dirty little slut wanting more cum. I was naughty and licked the cum from her tits and then kissed her again. I couldn?t get enough and wanted more. I dove into her pussy and licked until she begged me to stop because she could climax no more.

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