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Bi Surprise in the Shower

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I was watching Leah for 5 minutes from the balcony just outside the open bathroom window... watching her drop the tiny dressing gown to the floor exposing a firm, curvy young body that sent immediate sensations to the nerve ends in my cock. She is a little over 152 tall, with perky mounts for breasts, flowing mid brown hair with a cheeky ?girl next door? smile. The outstanding feature had to be her firm gymnast arse which parted all on its own when she touched her toes. This was one of our prearranged ?surprises? she loved and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Reaching over to turn on the shower her pussy lips pouted at me from between her legs, and as her arse cheeks parted the glimpse of her puckered hole the red mist descended. I could almost feel it parting for my tongue and knew I was going to have to stretch that wide and slam it hard.

Leah was oblivious to me viewing her as she climbed in to the shower over the rather nasty purple bath, throwing her head back allowing the hot spray of steaming water a clear path to her stiffening nipples. Edging the window open I remove my shoes, shift the obstacles on the window sill, and carefully climb in.

The booming and rather sombre pop rock from the bedroom drowns out my heavy breathing as I creep towards you. Dropping my joggers and boxers I grab my cock in my hand, beginning to imagine how that tight pussy is going to feel. Leah hums along to the music and rubs and lathers her body with shower gel...blissfully unaware of what?s to come.

As I slip her dressing gown cord from its loops that tight arse glistens as she slips her hand between her legs then reaches around to massage her arse clean. Seeing the chance to pounce I grab her wrist, forcing it swiftly up her back, pushing her firmly forward, hard against the cold tiles.

The shower head at her face forces you to close her eyes and prevents any screaming... my hard cock nestles in her arse crack as I roughly wrap my free hand around her throat allowing me to whisper ?you?re all mine now!? Leaning my weight against her I trap her body in the corner of the shower, twisting her free arm behind, and used the cord to tie her arms firmly behind her back... at last my hands are free to molest her vulnerable body.

I wrap her long, soaking hair in my hand and kick her ankles apart until her thighs are an inch apart. Sinking my teeth into her neck I push my right hand down across her stomach, brushing her bald lips on route to her thighs. Squeezing them hard I drag my nails up until reaching their primary target. The squirming and squealing suggests she wants to escape, yet as I slide one finger tip up the entire length of her outer lips her body?s own lubricant tells me she will soon be ready for the man meat now pressed against her inner thigh.

The only way to hold her still is to get my cock inside. I pull her head back, putting my feet between hers to keep them open. The slippery bath means her struggling causes her feet to slide further apart and making it easier for me to force her head forward. She is now bent over and that gorgeous fuckable arse parts in its own special way. With both hands now free they delve back to her outer labia, pulling them wide and ensuring the tip of my hard cock engages with her young pussy...

?You're going to fucking enjoy this you little bitch?, as I slam the full length in one swift movement, causing a gasp as she stops wriggling and throws her head back. Moving my hand to her firming nipples I pinch and squeeze, pulling them hard before twisting, and repeating several times. I slap her arse with a sharp stinging blow, thrusting slow and deep telling her how fucking tight her soaking pussy feels. My hand moves to her clit as I start slapping it with 2 fingers, then flicking it with firm constant strokes.

Her attempts to move away fail and actually push her deeper onto this strangers cock fucking her hard from behind. ?You?re going nowhere bitch? and "if you like this wait until I fuck that dirty young arse" are screamed in her ear as the music continues to pound off the walls. Turning her round I shove her to her knees, and its then when Leah ends up on all fours, that she begin to accept there is no getting away. At the same time I notice my mate has appeared at the window, and judging by the look on his face and his 10? cock in his hand, he has been there for a while.

?Come in mate, this tight pussy needs stretching with your huge cock, and I want to fuck her arse?. He decides to get his cock sucked first, which suits me. As I pull her hair back a thick 10 inches of black cock is staring her in the face! He holds her nose to force her mouth open and as she fights to open wide enough he pushes it to the back of her throat until we both hear her gag and her eyes start weeping.

Still thrusting in her teenage pussy I pull her arse cheeks apart, grab some vaseline from the side of the bath and slap it into her waiting arse... she can?t tell me to stop with a mouth full of cock...not that I would!! I edge my finger in her puckered hole, massaging it, teasing it, and slowly sliding a second, twisting and stretching to get her ready. I can?t resist the temptation any longer and removing myself with a ?plop? I slap my cock down on that arse a few times, before manoeuvring the tip and squeezing it through the initial resistance. The head engages deep in her anal passage before I start to slowly and firmly fuck her tight little butt....?fuck that?s good?.

Still gagging on massive cock her saliva dribbles down to his shaved balls. He pulls her head off him and tells Leah to lick her spit from his balls, and demands she clean it from his arse too!! He turns around and shoves his arsehole against her mouth and orders you to lick... Leah attempts to pull away so I slam my cock hard and smack her arse so hard that when she screams I grab the back of her head and push it into Craig?s arse. ?Lick it bitch or I will shove that louver in that tight snatch?!!!

Craig starts moaning to indicate she is being compliant so I apply pressure to the back of her head, and start to speed up the fucking. ?Shit girl, you?re so tight and I?m going to cum in there?, but not yet!! I remove my dick and slide it back inside her sopping wet pussy as the balls slap against her I start smacking that peachy arse with short, sharp slaps. Craig loves her tongue up his bum but prefers his cock being sucked so turns around and slams it straight to the back of her throat again before removing it and whacking her face with it... ?You enjoying that bitch slapping, now suck my cock properly?, as I laugh from behind you.

After 3 or 4 thrusts in her pussy I move back to her arse with slow hard fucking. Then back to her pussy and keep swapping, with her pussy getting fast deep fucks and her arse getting long hard thrusts. The constant slaps are sending tingles of pain and pleasure through her body as the numbness kicks in. ?You want to try this fucking pussy mate while I fuck her arse?? ?Sure, I?m going to ruin that young snatch for her?.

I lean back in the bath on my back and pull her with me, the cock firmly in her arse I grab her tits with one hand and cover her mouth with the other. Pulling Leah back on top of me Craig grabs her ankles to spread her legs wide, pulling them up over his shoulders. This forces my cock even deeper into her arse as I start whispering in her ears ?we?re both going to fuck you until you cum all over his huge cock, so enjoy?!!!

At that moment her drenched pussy parts and he gets his full length whacked up to the balls, and it feels even tighter with my cock pulsating in her arse. I grab her waste and he kneels between her legs and fucks like the worlds about to end. I start moving her up and down in rhythm to his thrusting and begin to rub her firm clit which is now good and erect...

Craig starts to grope her firm little tits and twists her nipples hard between his finger and thumb. With the pounding in her arse and pussy stretched wide her eyes close, and the hand over her mouth feels her breathing change to short shallow breaths... ?She?s about to cum all over your cock mate, fuck her harder? as he starts to slam his cock in and out I stop thrusting so she can only feel that black beast stretching her open. I start to bite her neck and flick at her clit hard and fast!

Her body starts to shake and legs start twitching as the orgasm takes hold and the screams are muffled only through my fingers. This spurs on my mate who takes the shower head and aims it at her pussy while he throws his head back and announces he is going to cum. Leah?s eyes widen as she can feel the pulsating cock throbbing inside and just when she thinks he is going to feel that monster erupt he pulls out and hot seed sprays from the end of his cock over her tits, up her neck and onto my fingers.

I immediately take them and shove them in her mouth, ?fucking lick them clean? while Craig then grabs her thighs and starts lifting her up until the tip of my cock is just left inside her arse. Then he lets go dropping her onto the engorged cock, deep inside that pretty arse.

?Ahhh yes, that?s it, fuck that is so amazing?!! Now suck his cock clean while I fill her arse with my cream. The sight of her young mouth licking and sucking at his cock and the tight arse griping my cock is finally too much for me as she feels the tightening of my balls the hot spunk escapes from me, deep into her bowels, as I spasm and moan with satisfaction and relief.

With my mate already hard again he wants to feel her arse too, so picks her up, turns her round and replaces my cock with his own... now suck me clean bitch and finger my arse, I want it ready to take his big cock while you suck my cock clean.

Now, Leah knew about the surprise but I always kept the details to myself. She had never witnessed, let alone been part of a Bi male experience. What happened next was a real shock to her.

The cock in her arse is bigger than mine and Craig is hammering away at that cute little arse and spitting on it as he removes it to admire the gaping hole he has made. As he pounds at Leah and fills her, his balls bang against her pussy. Happy that she is now into the whole surprise and enjoying herself I slide my body underneath. My head directly under that gaping arse and dripping pussy I reach up and trace my tongue from cock to clit and back again.

Leah gasps as I suck the tip of her clit between my lips, and then sinks her mouth down to bring my flaccid cock back to life. Reaching back I grab Craig?s heavy sack and squeeze, leaving my index finger from my fist I literally give the entrance to his arse the finger. Unknown to Leah at this stage this and her wonderful flicking tongue bring me back to the battlefield with a weapon for any shoot out.

I release her for a second to remind her of my order for her to finger my arse, and instruct her to insert it right up to the knuckle ? and coax inside. Her tiny fingers don?t go in deep but she slid the tip along the top of my anal wall... ?fuck bitch that?s it, just there ? start rubbing?.

?Stick another finger in there bitch, (her hands are too small), ahhh that?s it, now start fucking me with them properly?.

The thrusting from behind her was getting slower so I told Craig to take it from her arse, ?I want to taste her arse on your cock?. Leah stopped moving her fingers and removing her mouth from my cock turned to look at me, with that ?what the fuck did you say?? look in her eyes. ?That?s right, and what do you think you?re getting my arse ready for?? He?s going to cum in my arse, then you?re going to suck and lick it from deep inside, now turn over!

?But Jason, what the?... is all she said before Craig grabbed one of her arms and lifting and turning in one move flipped her onto her back on top of me. I repositioned myself so my knees were either side of her, with her arms pinned under my shins, facing her feet. As I pulled my arse cheeks apart I sat on her face. Lick it well and finger it with that Vaseline, he?s a big beast and you?re getting a close up!

Leaning forward with my arse in the air, I tasted Leah?s juices once more and slipped two fingers into her while nibbling licking around that shaved pussy, to tease her while Craig shoved his cock back in her mouth, to keep him good and hard for my arse.

I start to bite the inside of her young thighs, leaving bite marks like a trail towards her dripping wet pussy. Moving slowly up each leg in turn, I reach the haven that smells so sweet, just pausing to take in the aroma and let you feel my warm breath before sliding my tongue across one outer lip and sucking it into my mouth.

As Leah starts to squirm and thrash around I tell Craig to shove his cock in my arse ? I want her to watch and suck me so make sure she complies. Feeling his massive hands pull my cheeks apart his head edges my arse open further and further as that thick black cock starts to fill me up. ?Fuck baby. That is so hot?. ?Enjoy the show, but shut it and get back to sucking me?.

Craig slowly slid in and out, stopping short of pulling out before thrusting deep into me. Every time shoving me forward and slapping my cheeks hard. Having cum once already I knew he could be there a while so focused on Leah?s reddening pussy lips, hooking my fingers and riding her g-spot with the tips in a slow deliberate movement, the way she loves.

Her sucking was incredible and with the tightness of a barge pole in my arse, with the scent of Leah?s sweet juices in my nostrils I soon felt that surge from my balls telling me she was about to taste my sperm. Starting to spurt I removed my mouth and released jet after jet to the back of her throat. Watching my arse rammed and tasting me must have sent her over the edge, thrusting her thighs upwards as her entire body stiffened she announced she was cumming.

It was then my focus returned to my arse, clenching my muscles around the massive male meat I squeezed hard. The tell tale increase in size and the breathing becoming heavy gave me a clue what was happening. ?Squirt up my arse, I want her to lick it out? I yelled as the warm cock seed blasted inside my loins. All of us paused for what seemed like ages before Craig finally went soft and his cock was released. I immediately sat up, planting my gaping arse hole right on her face. Lick it Leah, lick it and drink it down!!

Showering in silence, while the whole situation sank in, Craig left with a smile and a ?next time?. Leah just looked at me like a confused lamb after their mum was taken for dinner. Pulling her to me I kissed her passionately, ?I love you?, and remember, it?s my turn for the surprise next time ? so it better be good. She smiled and I knew next time would be ?interesting?... but that, as they say, is another story.

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