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Bi Bliss

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We recently met some friends of ours who were both bi. We met at their house for dinner and had a great time after dinner. A few weeks later they invited us down for dinner and to spent the night. Ron, the husband, is about 5?8 and 170 lb with light brown hair. Cheri, the wife, is about 5?4, 160 lb., blond. She is built the way Cat likes ? very voluptuous! Cheri and Ron have become good friends as well as play friends.

After dinner, all of us retired to their bedroom. We also brought our queen-sized air mattress, since all of us could not sleep on a queen size bed together. Cat, who has been fantasizing about Cheri?s 44DD breasts since our last meeting, takes off all of her clothes and jumps on the bed with C. Cat informs us that Cheri is hers for a bit, and I can take care of Ron. Which was find with me, but first of all we had a little surprise for Cat.

Last time, Cat devoured Cheri, and now she wanted to have some uninterrupted fun. So while Cheri pins Cat to the bed in an embrace, Ron and I take Cat?s hands and cuff them to the furry handcuffs that are on a chain leading to a hook on the wall. Cat gasps in surprise, as she thought the cuffs were for Ron. Does she really think the three of us would miss such an opportunity to take advantage of her???? Now that Cat was helpless, Cheri held Cat?s head in her hands, looked deep into her eyes, leaned forward and kissed Cat passionately and deeply on the lips. Ron and I watched as Cheri and Cat French-kissed each other. Cheri ran her tongue over Cat?s chin down her throat, across her neck and up to Cat?s earlobe. She began to gently suck on Cat?s earlobe while gently squeezing Cat?s hard nipples. Cat began to moan and squirm in pleasure. From Cat?s earlobe, Cheri began to lick and kiss her way down to Cat?s breast. Cheri ran her tongue over Cat?s areola and flicked her tongue against the nipples. Cat closed her eyes and arched her back, moaning in pleasure. Cheri began to kiss her way down to Cat?s stomach. Cheri gently inserted a finger into Cat?s pussy and looked up, saying, ?Man, somebody is very hot and wet! I think I have to have a taste.? Cheri moved her head between Cat?s legs. She spread Cat?s legs farther apart and began to lick Cat?s outer lips. Cheri used her fingers to spread Cat?s wet pussy apart so she could run her tongue over Cat?s clit. Cat gasped and shuddered in pleasure. Cheri inserted one finger into Cat?s pussy and slowly and gently began to apply pressure to Cat?s G-spot at the same time she began to suck on Cat?s clit. Cat, trying not to scream, grabbed a pillow and stuffed it in her mouth. Cheri looked up and smiled, and told Cat she was just getting started!

Meanwhile, I had Ron lay on his back on the bed near Cat, so she could get a good view of what I was about to do. I pulled Ron?s pants down to reveal his semi-hard penis. I started out by running my tongue over his nipples, then running my tongue down his stomach to his hardening cock. I ran my tongue down his shaft to his balls, over them, and in the space in between them and his legs. Back up I went, to the tip of his cock. I ran the tip of my tongue over his now swelling head. With one hand, I lifted his cock up and ran the tip of my tongue down the other side and back up to the top. When I reached the tip, I looked up at Cat and smiled at her. Her eyes were wide with excitement as I began to suck on his cock. I took Ron?s cock into my mouth and swallowed as much of it as I could. As I began to slide up and down his cock, he placed a hand on my head and began to run his fingers through my hair and moan with pleasure. I then began to suck as hard as I could. I felt his legs tremble underneath me.

From the sounds coming out of Cat, Cheri was rapidly bringing her to an intense orgasm. Cheri was fingering Cat furiously with two fingers, while she was attacking Cat?s clit with her tongue. I smiled to myself as I continued to suck and stroke Ron?s fully erect 7? cock. When Cat could no longer stand it, she climaxed in a loud moan and almost started to hyperventilate. At this point, Cheri looked up and stopped to give Cat a chance to catch her breath. I looked up at Ron, who nodded. He got off the bed, got a quarter and gave it to me. I looked at Cheri and Cat, and asked Cat, ?Heads or tails?? Cat said, ?Tails?, then asked ?Why?? I flipped the coin and it came up heads. I grinned, and said, that was to see who I get to go down on while Ron fucks me. The other person gets to watch and take some pics. Cheri, who had turned to face me, smiled and started to wipe her drenched face with a towel.

Cheri lay down on the bed and spread her legs for me. I lay down on the bed in between her legs, on my stomach with my knees on the bed to make it easier for Ron to fuck me.

Ron began to lube up my ass, and put on a condom as I began to slowly run my tongue over Cheri?s steamy pussy. I gently inserted one finger into her pussy and moved it around in a circular motion. Ron by now was ready to insert his cock into me. Cat was moving around the room, taking pictures and trying very hard not to jump in for a bit. Ron gently and slowly inserted his cock into my ass and began to fuck me, slowly at first, then increasing his speed and depth until all of his cock was all the way in. As he was fucking me, I inserted two fingers into Cheri?s drenched pussy and attacked her clit. I am one of those people, who the more pleasure I am receiving, the more I give. I enjoy it when Cat fucks me with a dildo and strap-on. The sensations created by Ron?s expert fucking of me were giving me orgasm after orgasm. I am very multi-orgasmic, and Ron was sending me over the edge over and over. To keep from screaming, I clamped down on Cheri?s clip and began to intensely suck on it. With my fingers, I found her G-spot and began to apply pressure. This began to cause Cheri to moan loudly.

Cat could not longer stand it. She came onto the bed and sat on Cheri?s face. Cheri immediately inserted two fingers into Cat?s dripping pussy and began to finger her while sucking on Cat?s clit. Cheri began to moan with pleasure as she began to build up to an orgasm. Cat began to move her hips back and forth, moaning loudly. She reached over and grabbed a pillow, biting on it to muffle her moans of pleasure. Cheri can no longer hold back her intense orgasm; she closes her eyes and shakes and shudders intensely while moaning loudly. Meanwhile, after almost 10 minutes of fucking by Ron, I am almost unconscious from the many orgasms he has given me. Finally, Ron withdraws his cock from my ass, takes off the condom, and cums all over my ass and lower back. As I slowly pass out, I feel Cat lean over and kiss the top of my head. She comes over and cuddles with me. Cheri snuggles up next to me, and Ron stretches out across all of us as we fall asleep in bliss.

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