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Being swayed into the lifestyle by a couple

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This is a true story. I have had fantasies about being in a threesome with a couple for a very long time, but it was only 6 months ago that I was finally able to explore a full bisexual experience. I had one previous threesome with my girlfriend, Nina, and her lovely friend, Kathy. I learned a lot during that encounter about involving everyone into the fun and definitely prepared me for both the woman and the man in the couple.


It was late at night, last fall. I was walking up to their house and my heart was pounding. The lights were on and I had already walked by the house once. 'Would I ring the bell?' The excitement was racing through my body and I had an erection that wouldn't stop. I would really regret not walking up there.

I put my foot on the step of their porch, stood in front of the door and took a deep breath. Without thinking I pressed the doorbell. I couldn't back out now without fleeing in terror.

I heard footsteps down the hallway and Anne opened the door, wearing only black lace underwear. She was fantastically beautiful with long dark hair, a curvy waist and her nipples were smooth round circles that began perking up in the breeze. She gave me a smile and I was hooked. I thought 'Wouldn't the neighbors see her?'

"We are so glad that you are here. Are you ready to join us?" she said and I stepped into their house.

"Absolutely, you look stunning" and I meant it. She grabbed my hand, and turned around to lead me away. She was wearing a g-string and her bottom was well curved and incredibly enticing. I throbbed harder and I was afraid I wouldn't last the evening.

She led me to their living room where a man was sitting fully dressed in nice slacks and a t-shirt. He stood up and was taller than me by about 1/2 foot, likely he was 6'3 compared to my 5'9. He had blond hair, blue-eyes and a friendly and open smile. "Hi my name is Tom. We weren't sure if you would show up. We are very glad you did. Would you like something to drink? Gin and tonic? Rum and coke? "

"Gin and tonic would be great. You are both gorgeous. I am glad that I came"

"The picture of you coming out of the shower is what caught our attention. And seeing you in person is beyond what we were hoping for" Anne said, as she looked me up and down.

"I'll be right back. Why don't you two sit down." Tom said

He motioned to a black leather couch. Anne, still holding my hand, drew me to the couch. Before we sat down, I started stroking her arm and leaned forward to caress and kiss her neck. She leaned into me and threw her arms around my neck. Her whole body was warm and soft against me and she could feel my hard cock against her belly.

My heart was racing again and I slid my hand down her back to her bare bottom while nibbling on her neck. Her whole body tensed and moved against me. She was sensual, sexy and she was ready. My hand caressed her bottom and then along the line of black lace. Her belly was smooth and flat and my hand glided down. She opened her legs and hummed and I glided down and began rubbing her clit through the fabric. She was already hot.

"Wait a moment. Let's sit down." She pulled me onto the couch and she began running her hand on my leg and every other stroke she would glide up and outline my cock. "You seem ready, will you last for us?"

Tom came in and handed me a drink and gave me a smile. "Seeing the two of you standing there was incredibly arousing."

"You said this is your first bi-sexual experience. We can take it slow and at your pace. Only do what you are comfortable with. The most important part of the lifestyle is that everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves. Is this your first time with a couple?" Tom asked.

"Yes this is my first time with a couple, but not my first threesome. I have had a lot of fantasies about being with a couple and know what I want to do with both of you." I said.

?Who was your threesome with?" Anne asked.

"With my girlfriend and another woman. It was an amazing experience." I grinned in remembrance.

"I love the feel of another woman as well, but my favorite is having two men. I love pussy but cock is so much better. Tom why don't you come closer." Anne beckoned him over. I had a feeling she was in control and had been planning out how to approach involving me with her husband.

He came and stood in front of us. He was tall and I could tell that under his clothes he was fit and well built. He also had a very distinctive bulge in front. Anne reached out, caressed his cock and unzipped his pants. In one motion she pulled down his pants and his underwear and out sprang a cock like I had never seen before.

"Wow!" I exclaimed involuntarily. He was 9 inches long, but what was amazing was that the head of his penis was so engorged that it was the size of a small apple. I had never seen anything like it. His shaft was a comfortable normal diameter and the head of his cock seemed very real, very present and less than a foot from my face. My whole heart started to race and I swear that I could smell him and feel the heat of his cock hitting me.

Anne reached out and grabbed Tom's cock. She pulled him closer and then encircled the head with her mouth. I could hardly believe the way that beautiful and large head filled her mouth. She pulled off and licked him and then dove down and engulfed about 5 inches of his cock. She started sliding up and down his cock. Tom was moaning above us.

It was the most arousing and sensual experience I had ever had, seeing her suck him from that close to my face. I came to take part with them, so I reached out my hand and touched his leg. Her eyes shifted from her husband to my hand. She pulled off his cock and smiled at me. His whole cock glistened with her saliva.

"Do you want to taste it?" She purred and then kissed the tip of Tom's cock.

'What do I do now?' I thought. 'I can never take back that I would have sucked a cock'

She took his cock back into her mouth and kept her eyes fixed on mine. I could practically taste Tom's cock from the way she was savoring and tasting it. My hand caressed his thigh and I scooted closer to Anne.

"You want to. Come on and taste it with me" Anne said as she pulled off him again. His cock glistened and beckoned to me.

That was all I needed. I leaned forward and licked his cock head. Wow. What an unexpected feeling. It was so smooth and so soft and so hot all at once. I kissed the top and then I opened my mouth and slid Tom's cock into my mouth. Wow again. The size of his cock head filled my mouth and I could feel him pulse inside of me. I felt the ridge pass my lips and my lips went around his shaft. I had him completely in my mouth. I pulled back up and ran my tongue up the shaft at the same time and heard Tom groan and pulse again in my mouth.

"Doesn't it taste good? Cock is one of the best pleasures in the world. I can never get enough" Anne whispered in my ear and nibbled on the side of my neck. I groaned in my ascent and pleasure. My groan triggered another spasm in Tom and I began to slide my head up and down his cock. I slid my head up and down and I could feel his response and reaction as I would use my tongues and my lips. He would move his hips forward and his cock would slide farther in. I wanted more. The taste was sensual and incredibly arousing. 'Why had I waited this long to try this?'

I pulled up to the top of his cock and felt the swell of his large glans leave my lips. I wanted more of him in my mouth. Anne moved in next to me and started licking, tasting and gently nibbling on one side of Tom?s cock and I leaned forward and licked on the other side. Tom?s whole body started to shake and shiver. ?That is amazing.? He exclaimed. It was incredibly arousing to be sucking on Anne?s husband with her, our tongues would meet and feeling his excitement was incredibly arousing. Anne reached down and grasped my cock and started sliding her hand over my pants. I wanted to cum with just that touch. Tom was groaning and we continued to race out tongues from the head down to the base. I would take the head in my mouth while she would lick up and down the shaft. Then I would lick while she would suck.

Tom?s cock started to ooze pre-cum. Anne reached out and guided his cock back in front of my lips. ?This is the best part.? She cooed. I opened my mouth engulfed his head again. He was salty, sweet, and slick and I could feel the blood pulsing in the head of his penis. He moved his hips forward and he rested his hand on the top of my head. His cock thrust into my mouth. ?Oh my God? I thought. ?That is so hot.? Anne grabbed my throbbing length in her hand and rubbed her other hand across my back.

Tom pushed deeper into my mouth. The head of his cock was touching the back and he was continuing to thrust and push my head down gently with his hand. I relaxed the back of my throat and took a deep a breath. I wanted all of him. His cock slid in again until it was resting at the back. He moved back and then pushed forward again. I felt his cock head push past and I moved my head forward and down. It slid in, hot and large, pulsing and fabulous. His whole cock was buried in my mouth and throat. My heart was pounding and adrenaline pumping. I felt the tips of his pubic hair brush my nose and I could smell the deep, and satisfy musk of him. I moved up and down a few times. His whole cock being fed to me inch by inch. I slowly slid up, letting my tongue and lips tighten on his shaft. His shaft was smooth and soft with a hard core and all of him was heat. He pulsed and pulsed in my mouth, and little streams of pre-cum sprinkled my taste buds. That was a taste I could love. I inhaled a deep breath and smiled at Anne.

?He just took my whole cock in his mouth. That is fantastic? Tom groaned. ?I saw? purred Anne at me. Tom reached down and guided my head back to his cock. I opened up and he entered. My mind completely vanished. He pushed his cock in. I moved my head up and down. His hips moved and I followed and rode his sensations. I could feel the pulses grow. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. More than anything, I wanted his cum. I moved faster and took him in deeper, matching his desire. Tom started crying out and I sucked and stroked. His large glans swelled even more. His shaft started pulsing uncontrollably. It was a blast of fire into my mouth, creamy, salty and sweet and hotter than I anticipated. I swallowed the first one and slid gently up and down and felt the second and third and forth blasts. Each brought a drop of liquid fire. I held him in my mouth and could smell only man. I purred and Anne laughed next to me.

I took my mouth off Tom. ?That was not how I was expecting to start the evening. I thought it would be with you first.? I shivered with pleasure at the memories of the last few minutes. Tom sat down and lay back completely drained.

?That was your first cock?? she asked in surprise.

?Yes it was and I would gladly do it again. I have been dreaming about doing that and only practicing with my wife?s dildo for a long time?

She was still grasping my cock. ?It?s my turn now? she said.

Anne?s reached out and guided my hand to her pussy. She was burning hot and completely soaked through the black panties she was wearing. I began to rub gently and I could feel her excitement building. I moved the panties aside and her shaved pussy was a wonderful site. The smell of her was heady and very aroused. I slid two fingers into her. She thrust her hips down and she groaned. In only two strokes her whole body started shaking as she came. She took out my fingers and stood up.

?Okay. It is time to go upstairs? She reached down and grabbed my hand again and then she reached down and grabbed Tom?s.

We headed to the stairs. My cock was throbbing. I could taste man in mouth. Smell woman on my fingers. I still had so much more I wanted to do. As I was walking up the stairs I realized that there house had no curtains anywhere. ?Did their neighbors see that?? I didn?t care.

Candles were lit on the bedroom wall. A king sized bed filled the room???.


Remembered and shared by WyldLan. I didn't expect to be able to only write about the first part of the evening. Should I write more?

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