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Being Bi-Sexy

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Throughout my adolescent years, thinking about girls in a sexual manner was nothing out of the ordinary for me. I never really thought of myself as being bisexual. My understanding was that people were either homosexual or heterosexual, nothing really in between. There were times when I questioned myself, wondering if perhaps I was a lesbian. However, I knew I couldn’t be based on my strong sexual desires for man. I longed to experience the caresses of a man and the sensation of a thrusting penis inside me.

I was a good girl who never dated or played around with anyone in high school. Up until I met my husband, I had only kissed a few boys. I was a very good girl, but also a very horny good girl. My sexual desires were strong, to say the least. Thus, I relied on the talented skills of my imagination. I daydreamed about what I wanted to do with a man; I daydreamed about wild sex; and I daydreamed about what I wanted to do with a woman.

I have to say that most of my girlfriends throughout high school and college had been good looking. I tended to navigate towards friends who were fun, outgoing, and adventurous. I found myself seemingly attracted to one or two of my girlfriends throughout the years. My imagination would lead me to the, oh so infamous “what if’s”. You know, “I wonder what would happen if we just started making out.” “ I wonder what would happen if she just started touching me.” These thoughts were not in any way revolting to me. In many ways, I longed for them to come true. I was somewhat confused as to why I was having these thoughts, I knew I wasn’t a lesbian. I pretty much chalked it up to me just having strong sexual desires and relating them to my friends because that was all I knew.

It wasn’t until one summer in college that I truly understood what it meant to be bisexual. My sister, Claire, and I were working at a local restaurant. One of the other servers, a friend of ours, was very open about her bi-sexuality. Claire and I were surprised to learn of each other’s bisexual curiosities. But, we figured they were merely curiosities neither one of us would ever act upon. After all, we were good girls.

Four years later, I was newly married to the love of my life; my husband, Brian, that is - still not a lesbian. We had just moved to a new area to start our life together and pursue our careers. We began to make some great friends through one of the local organizations. We seemed to fit right in with the cool crowd. After a good number of BBQs, parties, and silly conversations, Brian and I began to suspect that perhaps, just maybe, two other couples in our new group of friends were, well shall I say, friendly friends. We soon put two and two together (pun definitely intended) and realized that our new friends, Bettie, Dan, Judy, and Tom, were crazy monkey swingers. Brian and I were not at all shocked when the four of them decided to let us in on their little secret. We had them figured out long before. We were also in on the interesting little tidbit that our female friends were two very bisexual ladies.

Although married to my wonderful man of a husband, my bisexual curiosities still played a vivid role in my imagination. I began to find myself including my new bisexual female friends in my little fantasies. While never expecting to ever act out on such fantasies, my imagination was very creative.

It wasn’t too long before I was informed that Bettie and Judy both had their own little bi-crushes on me as well. But what a scary thought, these girls were experienced and didn’t just leave their fantasies hidden away. When I would think about the “what if’s” I couldn’t help but get excited. I quickly began to wonder if the good girl in me would ever consider making a move.

After long thought and an interesting conversation with Brian, I decided to drop my first big hint to Bettie and Judy. We were at a fun holiday party, drinking our holiday cheer, and drinking MY holiday courage. Being silly and talking dirty, as we often did, I told Bettie and Judy, “I want you on my titties, and you on my kitty.” The looks on their faces were priceless. The curiosity of whether I was being truthful or merely playing around was evident. Little did they know, I was TOTALLY flirting with them!

A couple of months later, I had my first and definitely not last, bisexual experience.

It was another fun function at the local organization. This time, I knew I was going to make myself an obvious pupil for Bisexuality 101. Getting to the good stuff, we went back to Bettie and Dave’s after the party. Here we were, three couples, three horny ladies, and one fainting goat. I was a complete mess! I was so incredibly nervous, I thought I was for sure going to lose all control of my body. Luckily, I only lost a few motor skills. After running into a few walls, I made it to the bed with Bettie and Judy. There we were, three hungry bi-girls ready to have at it; our husbands excitedly watching beside us. Now as I mentioned, I did not have much control of my body. I was so nervous, at this point I couldn’t move any part of my body. I lay there paralyzed, yet ready to learn the ways of a woman.

I wasn’t the only one nervous, Bettie and Judy were nervous as well, but not nearly as much as I was. And then it happened, Bettie placed her hand on my body and began to caress my skin. I was instantly affected by the touch of another woman. My heart began to race, my breathing became heavy, and my body began to heat. She went back and forth across my naked abdomen, up to my chest, brushing my nipples, and then softly down my legs. Judy joined in shortly, and my body went soaring. I was lying there with two women caressing me, kissing my skin, as if I was a long desired indulgence. At this point, all curiosity was out the window, I was a confirmed bisexual woman.

As the evening events moved right along, my nerves were still quite active. I was a little overwhelmed with having the guys standing around watching, so I asked if they minded if it just be us girls for a little while. They very politely obliged. The next adventure was a visit to my friendly little kitty downstairs. Judy asked if it was okay if she go down on me, I said “yes”.

Judy situated herself to be comfortable and then went where no female had gone before, my pussy. Her soft lips and slippery tongue gently tickled my clit. She kissed my lips and sucked them, swirling her tongue round and round. I began to moan. We went on for hours, Judy and Bettie taking turns getting acquainted with my pussy. They licked me, kissed me, and fingered me. I moaned and squeaked. My body was on sensual overload, I was in no condition to orgasm. That would come at a later time. My next adventure was one of giving, I went down on Bettie.

To go down on another woman, what if I didn’t do it right? What was I supposed to do? I soon realized that I was a fast learner. I didn’t hesitate very long before I dove in. I kissed her lips, sucked her clit, and fingered her hot wet pussy. I was surprised at how much I was enjoying going down on another woman. I figured I would like it, but never imagined it would be so scrumptious. Bettie was moaning and twitching. I made her cum! I was so proud of myself, taking it all in as her orgasm clenched my fingers and excited my body. What an experience!

The next day after my first bisexual experience, my pussy was swollen, my body still out of sorts from being so nervous, and my hormones craving for more. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I had my second bisexual experience. This time, it was just me, Brian, Bettie, and Dan. I was still a fainting goat, but not as severe. As the evening began, Fainting Goat seemed to fade, and my bisexual confidence began to immerge. We started out similar to the time before. Bettie caressed me and kissed me. I lay there taking it all in. And then I asked her, “Bettie, do you kiss girls or only go down on them?” She told me she did kiss girls, and so then, she kissed me. Wow! Making out with a woman is incredible. Bettie is an AMAZING kisser!

Over the months I have grown in my experiences as a bisexual female. Bettie has taught me a few tricks in the trade of being bi-sexy. Vibrators, 69, swimming pools, and strap-on’s always make for a fun evening.

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