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Barbara was a Wonder

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Barbara was a wonder. She was one of the most beautiful women I ever had the pleasure of knowing. We were together for 3 years and almost got married once.

Barbara had a 24inch waist and 54inch boobs. She had to have bathing suits made.

I will never forget the first time she undressed for me. We always had a great time in Bed.

My previous girlfriend and I had a couple of swing experiences and I had told Barbara about them and had said if she was ever interested to let me know. One night while we were playing she said tell me what this swing thing is about and what did you actually do?

I told her I was with Sherrie at the time and had bought a swingers magazine and had asked her if she was interested. She said yes and so we met a couple and ended going home with them. They only did separate room. So he and Sherrie went to one room and me and his wife to another, and we all had sex. It was a lot of fun and exciting. I said we also went to a swing house with them and it was a wild place and Sherrie got to have sex with another woman for the first time as it had been a long term fantasy of hers.

Barbara said you were a bad boy and I said, as you know, bad girl that you are, and we both laughed.

A couple of weeks later the subject came up again and I realized Barbara was interested and waited for her to say something. Barbara and I had both been married before and had both had other relationships, so having sex with several people over the years was both our history. Finally she asked if I was still interested in swinging and I said always have been. Sounds like you have an interest and she said I am curious I guess. I said well lets go to a swing house party where it is safe, and you don’t have to do anything except watch and see where it goes. She agreed. I made a call and we got an invitation to attend the next weekend at an Oakland party house.

We arrived at the house with Barbara very nervous and excited and me just excited. We had agreed that we would do nothing unless we both agreed. The house was large and many couples attended their parties from several cities. I knew some of the couples from previous visits. I introduced Barbara and we found a place to sit.

Barbara was clear that this party was about having sex with another couple you had just met a few minutes ago. She wasn’t sure about what she wanted to do.

I knew that one of the rooms was set up for voyeurs and had a one way window for those who wanted to watch. Those in the room knew they were being watched. I suggested that we just go and watch and Barbara agreed.

We found a place to sit and waited for the action to began. Soon two young couples entered the room. They stood talking and introduced themselves and than the men exchanged partners. Now they were standing next to a new woman they had just met.

Next the two women approached each other and there was a hug and a light kiss.

The guys moved behind the girls and one whispered in the ear of the one in front of him and she reached out and unbuttoned the other woman’s top. Slowly the women undressed each other as the men watched. When they were naked they turned around to the man behind them and the kissing began and soon the girls were on their knees removing the guys pants and than they were all naked and the guys were up and ready.

Barbara was watching intently and I was watching her. It wasn’t long before the couples were fucking and the sounds and action was intense and they were in all kinds of positions and than on their hands and knees with the guys fucking them from behind. This was Barbara’s favorite position and as I watched her breathing increased and she was obviously turned on by what she was watching. It wasn’t long before the ladies both climaxed and than the guys pulled out and jerked off on their butts. I heard Barbara say oh as she watched intently as the guys jerked themselves off.

A few minutes later we left the room. I said that turned you on. She said oh yes. Want to do something about it? She hesitated and said you mean with another couple? Yes I said.

She said wow that would be wild. Well we could if you want to I said. She said I don’t know. I don’t think I could do it in front of you. I said ok we will do separate rooms than as many couples prefer it as well. She asked the right question next and said who? And I knew she wanted to do it. I said lets go shopping and laughed. So we went back intp the living room and sat down. I said, want me to choose and she said yes. There was a young couple sitting alone and so I asked them if they would like to sit with us and they joined us.

They were obviously both nervous. He was over 6’ feet and good looking. She was petite and very nicely shaped. They were Sue and David and they were from Concord and it was their first time at the house and hadn’t anything yet. I said this is Barbara’s first time and we are looking for another couple to swing with. David said it is our first time and we are looking to. I asked so you want to trade with someone and they both nodded yes.

I said our only condition is that Barbara wants to do separate room for her first time.

David said it is what we want as well. Separate room allows for a certain amount of denial and the partners don’t actually see their partner having sex with another person although they know they will but don’t actually know for sure. So we all agreed and I offered Sue my hand and she looked at David and he nodded yes and so off we went.

We went in a room and I turned to her and asked ready and she said yes and we kissed and than again. Her breathing increased and we moved to the floor. She said she and David had talked endlessly about doing this and she really wanted to do it. I said so you want to fuck me and she said you or someone. I said well it will be me and unbuttoned her top and stripped her naked than myself. She was down on me in an instant and me on her and we were both hot to go. I laid her on her back and slipped into her and she opened wide to allow me all the way in and moaned oh yes good. And we fucked and fucked some more. She climaxed and I just kept doing her till she came down. I turned her over and she was on her knees and I entered her from behind. I road her hard and she was gasping for breath and I felt her cum again and I followed her with my cum and we collapsed on the floor.

We hadn’t taken very long. We got dressed and went back to the living room. David and Barbara weren’t there, so I suggested we look around and so we went to the room with the window and there in the room was David and Barbara. I said to Sue want to watch and she said oh yes.

David had Barbara’s top off and was removing her skirt. He was admiring her boobs and we could hear him say “wow” and than “very nice”. Barbara looked nervous but seemed to be willing to play. He moved over to her and kissed her and she responded by leaning into him. Sue said she is really big and I said yes. Sue said David will really like that.

David unhooked her bra and her boobs were free and he stepped back and said you are wonderful and reached out and played with her boobs. Than took them in his mouth one at a time sucking on her nipples. Barbara loves that and leaned back and said oh yes love that.

Sue was watching and said looks like fun. I looked at her and asked does that mean you would like to do that. And she hesitated and said yes. David and I have talked about a threesome with another woman and me and than him and her. We had hoped it might happen here. I said I’ll ask her later.

By this time David and Barbara were both naked and on the floor. David had a big cock compared to me and Barbara was giving him attention with her hand. She began jerking faster and faster and he was very intense with what she was doing. Than, she leaned forward, and took him in her mouth and was sucking him. One of here favorite things.

It was strange sitting there watching my woman sucking another mans cock and I could feel myself getting hard again.

David Pulled out of Barbara’s mouth and laid her down and entered her face to face. She opened wide for him and he began to ride her hard and I could hear her gasping for breath and the sound of her wet pussy as he moved in and out. Sue’s hand had moved under her skirt and she was playing with herself watching David fucking Barbara.

David turned Barbara over and entered her from behind and was riding her hard. Her boobs dropped down and were swinging back and forth as he fucked her. I watched her face start to change expression and knew she was about to cum. I heard he grunt and gasp and say yes and she got that expression on her face that I love and she climaxed hard crying out as she had her cum.

I heard Sue and her hand was moving fast under her skirt and she said cum and climaxed on her fingers. David began grunting and jerking and he came inside Barbara and they both collapsed on the floor panting.

I turned to sue and had my cock out and without a word she was down on me and it didn’t take long before I could feel my cum rising and exploded in here mouth and throat.

I said to Sue we weren’t here right and she said right. We returned to the living room to wait.

Barbara and David returned and Barbara had that I was just fucked look. Her face flushed and her hair out of place. I said going out for a smoke and asked Barbara to join me.

When we were outside I said you look like you just got fucked and enjoyed it. She hesitated and said yes I just got fucked and I did like it. Is that ok with you? I answered that is what we came here to do and yes it is ok with me if it is ok with you. She said this is a wild place.

I gave her a hug and a kiss and said yes it is and are you having fun? She said yes.

I asked Barbara if she had noticed Sue looking at her boobs and she said yes but most people do. I said she wants to play with them. Barbara looked surprised and said she told you that and I said yes. Barbara said I know some women do that and have wondered what that must be like, but never thought I would do that. Well here is your opportunity to find out what that is like if you want. Barbara said I would have to think about that. I said ok let me know and we went back to David and Sue.

I could tell that Barbara was seeing Sue in a new light. Sue was looking at Barbara’s boobs on and off trying not to be too obvious. We talked in general about our swap experience and that we all had a good time.

A young couple sat down next to us. They were very young. They were Donna and Steve and were from Sacramento like Barbara and I. This was their first time at the house and hadn’t done anything yet. I said you must be nervous and they laughed and said oh yes.

Barbara said my first time too and it has been fun. I said maybe we can help get you get started. Steve looked at Donna and said what do you think. Donna said well we want a threesome with another man. It is Steve’s fantasy.

I said to Barbara ok with you? Two threesomes and turned to Sue and David and said want to and so we all agreed.

We all found a room empty and went to separate sides of the room. The room was low lighted and so from across the room we could see each other but not real clear.

I asked Steve is your fantasy to watch Donna fuck another man, as it is one of mine as well? Steve seemed a little nervous but said yes.

I moved over to Donna and asked ok and she nodded yes and I began undressing her in front of her husband. He moved to the side and sat down to watch. I removed her top and she wasn’t wearing a bra. She was nicely sized probably a 36 and her nipples were already hard as she was turned on by what was happening. Her face became flushed and her breathing had increased. I slide my hand under her skirt and slipped a finger under the edge of her panties and she was very wet.

She shuttered a little when I touched her pussy and moved her hips forward to meet my hand. I removed my hand and looked her in the eye and took her boobs in my hands and played with the hard nipples and she sighed and said feels good. I next took a boob in my mouth and sucked on a nipple and she thru her head back and pressed against my mouth.

I removed her skirt and panties and she stood in front of me naked.

Her eyes were wide open and she was obviously turned on and looked down at my crouch and could see I had a hard on and reached over and put her hand on my cock thru my pants. I pulled close and whispered in her ear I want you to suck my cock and than I will fuck you in front of your husband. She looked over to Steve and he was sitting there jerking himself as he watched her and me. She went to her knees and unbuckled my pants and they fell to the floor and she pulled my shorts down and my hard cock sprung free. She took me in her mouth and began sucking me deep and hard. I had to pull out or I was going to cum. I turned her around so she was facing Steve and entered her slowly from behind. I began to slow fuck her as I wanted it to last a long time.

I looked across the room to see what Barbara was doing and David had her on her hands and knees fucking her and Sue was lying under Barbara sucking on her boobs. Barbara was facing me and I could tell she was enjoying the attention of both David and Sue. I watched her face change and she grunted and had her cum. I watched as David began to jerk and moan and he pulled out and Sue took him in her mouth and he exploded and cum was running out of Sue’s mouth and onto her boobs.

I was ready to cum and Donna could tell and she wanted to cum with me. I turned her over and we were eye to eye and I was fucking her hard and she moaned and said cum inside me and she felt my cock get harder and I exploded in her pussy and she grabbed my butt and pulled me in deeper and with a grinding motion of her hips yelled out and climaxed with me. I looked up and Steve was jerking hard on his cock and erupted in a shower of cum all over himself

The room got quiet and everyone got dressed and we all returned to the living room.

Steve and Donna said they were leaving and we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet again in Sacramento.

I said smoke time and Barbara joined me outside. I looked at her and said I saw what you were doing, how was it. She said it was strange having Sue sucking on her boobs but she had liked how it felt. I asked you ok and she said yes, just quite different and wild for me.

I asked did you do anything to Sue and she said no but think I’d like to maybe.

I said well how about a girl-girl experience? Barbara said I would know what to do. I said I will tell you what to do. She laughed and said I bet you will. Ok tell what I would do.

I said well undress each other kiss each other play and suck on each others boobs and than lay next to each other and finger each other until you both cum. Barbara laughed and said is that all I said for now yes unless you want to go down on her.

Barbara said well that sounds like fun lets do it except the going down part. I might as well do it all if I am going to be here. Ok let me ask Sue if she wants.

I sat with Sue and told her what Barbara was willing and interested in doing with her.

Sue said I would really like to do that and David wanted her to as well.

The 2 ladies stood in front of each other in the quiet room. Both were nervous about what they were about to do. They moved close and exchanged a more than friendly kiss and parted. They were maintaining eye contact and Sue unbuttoned Barbara’s top and removed it. Barbara removed Sue’s top and than they completely undressed each other and continued with more passionate kisses. They lay down together and as they were kissing and using their hands. They explored each other’s bodies. Boobs, butts and thighs. Finally they were ready for pussy play and both hesitated. Sue said I want to feel your pussy and Barbara said I want to feel yours and so maintaining eye contact they slipped fingers into each other. Sue said oh you are so wet. They moved closer and the fingers went deeper they were boob to boob and kissing more and the fingering became more intense. Barbara oh that feel so good and grabbed Sue’s hand and guided her to where it felt the best. Barbara oh I am going to cum and rode Sue’s hand to a climax. Barbara lay there wiped out from the intense cum she had experienced. She hugged Sue close and kissed her and said that was so good but now for you. So Barbara began to work on Sue looking for her to cum as well. She sucked on her boobs and fingered her intently. We could hear hot wet she was as Barbara moved her fingers in and out. Sue was watching Barbara’s fingers moving in and out of her and her face changed as she made eye contact with Barbara and gasped yes I am going to cum and her hips raised up off the floor and Barbara increased her movements and Sue cried out and climaxed on Barbara’s fingers. The ladies lay next to each other kissing and coming down from their high.

A little while later we left for Sacramento and more new adventures.


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