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Barbara is a Wonder 2

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Barbara and talked about our experiences at the swing house on our way home.

I asked Barbara if she had a good time and she said you know I did.

You really liked the girl-girl thing didn’t you? Barbara said I did but the best was the man woman swap we did. It was a wild night.

The next week Donna and Steve called the very young couple I had done a threesome with at the house. Steve said hi Jim and invited us to go out for drinks and dancing. I said I will call you back. I asked Barbara and she said this is going to end up in bed right? I said that is probably what they have in mind yes. Barbara asked well what do you think? Well it could be fun if you are interested in continuing in the swing lifestyle otherwise we just decline.

Barbara hesitated and asked if I say yes what would you think of me. I understood her question. I looked in her eyes and said you know me. I have always been interested in the lifestyle, but you must never do it for me. You will never be less to me no matter what you do. I think you are wonder and you are my best friend. If you want to, say yes.

Barbara looked at me and said I really had fun and would like to do it once in a while but not all the time. I said I agree.

I called Steve back and accepted their invitation and asked straight up was it their interest in having sex with us. He said that Donna had a great time at the house with me and liked and trusted us and so yes they would love to have sex with us. I mentioned that we were quite a bit older then them. He said it didn’t mean anything to them.

I also mentioned that Barbara had a girl-girl experience at the house for her first time and had enjoyed herself. Steve said he would tell Donna.

Donna and Steve were waiting for us at the bar. There were hugs and hi and we ordered drinks. It turns out that Steve was 23 and Donna was 21. I am 39 and Barbara is 37.

We had a couple of drinks and a couple of dances and I suggested we go to our house and they agreed. Donna was a sweet young thing and I had really enjoyed her. Steve and Barbara had not done anything together at the house and Donna and Barbara either.

I hoped Barbara would try to seduce Donna and Barbara said she would feel her out and see if she was interested. Apparently we the only couple they had swung with to date.

We arrived at our house and I got us drinks and we sat around talking about the swing house and our experiences. We really didn’t know quite how to get started.

We had some xxx movies I had rented and I suggested we watch one. I purposely put one on that included some girl on girl action. I noticed Steve looking at Barbara and her 54 inch boobs which stood straight out. Donna was a small girl but beautiful and sexy and I had really enjoyed doing her in front of Steve at the house.

I put the movie on and we all sat on the couch with the two girls in the middle and Steve next to Barbara and me next to Donna. It was an amateur made video and had two couples playing. The two ladies in the video began the action and soon were having sex and were playing with toys and than went into a 69 and got each other off, than the guys got involved and they were all having sex. The video ended and we all sat there in a very different mood.

I said smoke break and invited Steve to join me outside and asked him about Donna.

Steve said that Donna had never done any thing with another woman but was willing to try if Barbara wanted and it was ok with me. I said Barbara really wants to do you and Donna both. While we outside Barbara had asked Donna about the girl-girl action in the video and Donna had told her it was exciting to watch and new Barbara had done something at the house. So the permission to explore was there in front of them.

We came back in and the two girls were sitting together holding hands and Barbara nodded to me, so I understood that the seduction had started. Barbara gave Donna a hug and than a kiss. Donna responded to the kiss and gave Barbara a kiss back and it began.

The kissing continued and the tongues came out and Barbara touched Donna’s boobs and soon they were feeling each other up. Barbara unbuttoned Donna’s top and she wasn’t wearing a bra so her boobs fell out and Barbara put her hands inside her blouse and her nipples were hard and he breathing had increased and she said feels good. Barbara leaned in and took a nipple in her mouth and Donna thru her head back and said oh yes and pushed toward Barbara. Than it was Donna’s turn and she unbuttoned Barbara and removed her top and than her bra and those 54” boobs were revealed and Donna just looked at them for a moment and said wow nice. She with some hesitation took Barbara’s Boobs in her hands and played with her hard nipples. Barbara pulled her head down and Donna had a nipple in her mouth for the first time in her life and sucked on both of her nipples. Barbara was really hot by this time and so was Donna.

They both stood up and removed the rest of their clothes and stood in front of each other naked. Barbara took Donna’s hand and led her back to the bedroom. Once on the bed they got very close to each other naked together. They lay together with full body contact boob to boob legs intertwined and more passionate kissing. They became totally consumed with each other.

They began to finger each other and sucking on boobs. Both completely into each other. They were twisting and turning and rubbing against each other totally lost in what they were doing. I have never seen Barbara so hot. She moved down Donna’s body kissing and licking as she went. When she reached Donna’s pussy she looked up and said ok and Donna nodded yes and Barbara buried her face in Donna’s pussy kissing and licking and Donna shuttered and cried out and climaxed on Barbara’s face jerking and moaning and pushing her pussy into Barbara’s face. Donna got very quiet and finally said that was incredible. Barbara lay at Donna’s feet and said didn’t plan that but wanted to do it than.

I have never done any thing like that before.

Donna asked what about you? That was all about me. Barbara said the moment has passed and I am ok, we may return at a later time if and when you want.

Lets take a break and have a drink and relax at the pool. The mood had definitely Changed and So we went to get our suits on and go to the pool. When Barbara and I were alone I asked are you ok and she said yes. What happened just now? Barbara paused and said I really like what I just did. I got so hot I lost all control and it was wonderful and I feel a little strange is all. I’ll be ok.

We went out to the pool and Donna and Steve were already there talking. Barbara walked over and kissed them and said having fun? They both said yes a great time thanks for having us over.

So we sat and chatted for a while. Finally I asked Donna if she would like to see the rest of the house. We all knew what that meant and she looked over to Steve and he said why don’t you go see the house. Barbara smiled and said yes that sounds like a good idea. So Donna and I left to see the house. Lol .

Barbara’s story with Steve.

Steve and I watched as they left knowing what was going to happen. I turned to Steve and smiled and kissed him. I looked down and his suit was making a tent so I could tell he was ready for me and I was more than ready as I hadn’t cum with Donna and was ready.

We kissed again and I slipped my hand inside his suit and he was very hard and big. I slide his suit down and got on my knees and took him in my mouth. He moaned and made thrusting movements and I grabbed his butt and pulled him into my mouth sucking hard and I felt his cum rising and sucked harder and he exploded in my mouth and throat and kept sucking until he went limp. I stood in front of him and removed my suit and he said beautiful and began to play with my boobs and sucking on my nipples. We lay down and he was kissing me and fondling my boobs and I looked him in the eyes and said I want you to go down on me and make me cum. He nodded and moved down my body and began licking and sucking on my pussy. I didn’t take long and I came in his mouth moaning and with my body jerking against his mouth. We parted and I said now we can fuck for a long time and laughed.

Steve was much younger than me and it didn’t take him long before he was hard and ready again and he moved on top of me and put his large cock inside of me. It was a tight fit and I had to open wide to give him room. He began thrusting and I felt filled up. We turned over and I was on top riding him. The feel of his cock banging against my clit was overwhelming and I lost it and road him hard till I climaxed. He wasn’t finished and turned me over and I got on my hands and knees and he entered me doggie style which I love.

My boobs hung down and were swinging back and forth and he held on to them as he fucked me. Steve road me hard and I could hear him breathing hard and grunting as he thrust his cock inside me. I looked over my shoulder and we made eye contact and I could see the lust in his eyes and was sure he could see it in mine. I just wanted to be fucked and I said to him you are very good. I loved the feel of his large cock ramming in and out of me. He than climbed on top of me, sitting on my butt, putting all his weight on me pounding me.

I could feel his cock get bigger and knew he was going to cum and looking in his eyes I said cum inside me and he grunted and I felt his cum squirting inside me and climaxed again as he was cumming. We collapsed on the floor both panting and he kissed me and said you are a wonder.

Jim’s story with Donna.

Donna and I walked away from Steve and Barbara knowing what they would be doing soon and what we would be doing soon. I was about to have a 21 yr old and was already up and ready by the time we got to the bedroom and she looked down at my suit and said smiled and said want something and laughed. I said you. I removed her suit and she was naked and than my own and we moved to the bed and into a 69. I could feel her wet mouth and tasted her wet pussy and we rocked back and forth licking and sucking each other. I was so hard and she was so wet. I felt her shutter and heard her moaning and she sucked on me harder and began to thrust her pussy against my mouth and I felt her cum and couldn’t hold back and exploded in her mouth and down her throat. We lay there both panting and moved a part and kissed each other and just held each other until we came down from our high.

Donna’s hand moved to my cock and she just moved her hand up and down on me. I love hand jobs and she knew what she was doing and in time I was hard again and we were both ready to fuck. Donna got on top and put my cock inside her and lowered herself down and said oh that feels good and the ride began. She road me hard, moving up and down on my cock and looking in my eyes. I could see the pleasure and lust on her face.

She said I love doing this. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her up and down movements increased and her face was red with passion. She shuttered and went ridged and stopped moving and said cum and began kissing me and climaxed on my cock.

She looked down to me and said that was good and I said more and she said yes I can cum again. I slide out from under her and moved behind her. I entered her and my ride began. She was so wet she was dripping and I entered her and road her hard and she was moaning and saying yes, yes, fuck me and I did. I went over the top putting all my weight on her and thrusting in and out. I felt my cum rising and grunted and said cum and squirted in side her and she pushed back against me and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and she climaxed again crying out oh ,oh and shuttered as she had her cum.

We collapsed on the bed together kissing and pressing against each other until our breathing slowed. I looked at her and said you are terrific. She said you to.

I asked her how was your first girl-girl. Donna said wonderful but Barbara didn’t get anything from me and I wanted to go down on her like she did for me. I said maybe at another time when we get together again.

The evening was over and we all were in the living room fully dressed. Donna and Steve Were about to say goodbye. Steve said we had a great time thanks for a fun filled night.

He turned to Barbara and said you are a wonder.

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