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Ricks Adventure

When Rick came to pick me up after school today, he couldn?t contain his excitement about his day!! After our quick kiss he begins to tell me, something . But first I asked how was his day and did he get his projects done as he had wanted? He say no. then again trys to tell me,,,

He invited 2 guys over to the house and they ended up having a gangbang or tag team with him as the receiver of it all,,his dream come true!

And after hearing all the details while sitting on the couch, he is ready to play again!!!

The guys are real buff types, the black guy is huge and about 10 inches long, the white guy is not so long, but the girth really excited Rick as he would penetrate just inside the ass hole and slam into his ass hard, also both are very good at bi play and seemed to be experienced.

He talked about all the positions they had him in on the couch on the rug in bed and over a chair, I am thinking damn I wish I had been here to see all this action, or be a fly on the wall!

It all began after we met and when my toys didn?t work for me as I was allergic to the latex he got custody of them an then we would buy me more toys.

I had asked him about was he curious about bi play and it sounded like he hadn?t done much so I suggested we explore this area and fully was into his wanting what would keep him sexually active.

Usually we would video our play with others and when we just had our time together and it was so much fun to view all the videos and pictures later.

Since he wanted to play more but hadn?t yet mentioned it but I could tell by his excitement I suggested he keep a black phone book of his playmates as I have done when we had guys over for us to play with.

We will see what transpires over the weekend ,,,,

PART II - HIS STORY How I Lost My Cherry (anal that is!)

Anna and I have fantasized for some while how exciting it would be for me to fuck one of the hard dicks intended for her. I have been stretching my ass for several months with ever larger soft dildoes. I'm up to the large 8 incher now and I straddle it and simulate fucking by bouncing up and down in the plastic chair. I watch gay porns and envy the guys getting poked. I slowly slither in my dildo and pull it back slowly to simulate a cock stroke. I turn on the video cam and watch my tight asshole receive the entire length of the shaft and I exhale as it reaches the molded testacies . I feel very filled up and feel like sucking a cock.

Anna passes me a cold beer as I stagger to pull off the huge knob. My asshole makes a pop sound as the ridge of the head slides past my sphincter. "You are ready for the show" she teases. She has been a sex attendant, fluff, and cheer leader for my project.

I go to the computer and there is a response from AFF mail; someone wants to fuck us both. I quickly dash off an acceptance. He can come over President's Day and he wants to fuck me! Anna is congratulating me and teasing me that come Tuesday I will be walking funny. I start jerking off thinking about it and Anna asks if she can swallow my cum. I tell her yes and "Bring me the big dildo". I slide it to the hilt and her bobbing mouth triggers a pent up load that she greedily swallows.

Monday morning came and we showered to be fresh for our date. I am anxious and my asshole is clenched tight. I force the smaller dildo in, but it's resisting. I spear it in and it burns a little, so I decide to let my butt rest until it was needed. We get a call. He is in front and coming around to our door. He is tall, lean, with gray hair and beard. I have this bizarre throb in my crotch, already feeling the urge to grab his package.

He sits on the couch with Anna while I bring him a Pepsi. We chat politely and I change the subject of anal play. I proudly gather my largest dildoes and display them in line on the fireplace hearth. He says that my newest fat 8 inch gel is his choice for ass play. I ask if he would like to see my private video of Anna fucking me will our whole arsenal. He enthusiastically agreed and I start my revealing movie of my ass getting deep probed with every big toy we own. "W" is already hard and asks if he can take off his pants. I tell him to make himself comfortable while I prime my ass. I lay on the bed briefly to insert the regular dildo and return to the couch to put on a show for them. I step to their feet and turn to expose my naked ass and then start to slowly plunge the dildo in and out. I am looking backward under my arm and "w" gives an approving nod. I gyrate my ass beconning his penis to come to me. I am getting so hot that I feel the need of the larger dildo. I go around to the bed to get a large dildo, and without breaking my rhythm I place the big dong tip against my pucker. I force it all the way in with one slow stroke. "W" has his eyes glued to my toy and I turn around and put my lips around the tip of his hard cock. I grasp his balls and begin licking and slurping his excited tool. I can feel it swell in my mouth and I decide to impress him by deep throating. Anna cheers me on as I swallow more length with each stroke. Anna gets behind me and strokes the shaft in my rear and I am driven further down his cock. My ass wants real cock. Please be ready. I gaze up at "W" and ask "can I sit on this?" He opens his eyes and asks me where I want to go and I tell him the bed.

"I'm really going to get fucked! I can't believe It. His hard cock is only inches away." went through my thoughts over and over. My Shaking knees stretched to reveal my waiting asshole to this stranger. Anna was checking him for the proper lubrication and tell them to hurry up, I am ready. Anna pulls the plug from my ass and I can feel the tip of his cock touch the rim of my sphincter. We are only inches away from paradise. Go for it. Go! He stabs at my rectum and hits center of my target area. I grind my hips back impale myself but we need more lube. Anna set down the camera beside my face and helps grease his shaft. His head reenters my ass and slides half way in. I am half way there. Push!

All at once the pressure of his dick overwhelms my reluctant hole. He is grinding all the way down and I feel his ball sack smoosh against mine. With a couple of final forward thrusts I can feel his hard cock is all the way in. It doesn't hurt a bit. In fact, it feels fabulous. He holds still for a moment and then begins a long stroking motion. I am rolling my head an moaning as the slick cock plunges into me. Fuck me hard! Shove it in.

Anna is on her side watching and gently rubbing herself. I am bucking my hips back to deepen the strokes. He tells me to lay on my back and spread my legs back. I turn and lay my ass on the edge of the bed. I spread my legs all the way back to my elbows and he wave his rigid tool above my crotch to tease me.

I demand that he put it back in me. Anna looks down and say "fuck his virgin ass!" He buries it in my hungry hole and he begins to hump me harder and harder. I can see my face in the camera monitor; I am smiling like a little whore. His cock is ruling me right now. His stokes shoot thrills down my spin and he pounds me harder. I am delirious on my back when he tells Anna to put a pillow under my ass. All of a sudden he is much deeper in me. I look up at the ceiling savoring his friction and regretting I have taken so long to do this.

He keeps flopping me around and after about an hour of vigorous in and out, he asks for a break. I tell him to get on his back. I'm not closed to being done. I straddle his legs and move my ass up over his lap. I can fell the head of his dick brush my hole and I lower myself onto it. As I look down at his closed eyes and broad smile I wiggle my hips to enhance his pleasure. I change to reverse cowgirl and pose for Anna who is intently filming my sodomizing. I ride for a solid hour but no one is getting off. I want a load up my ass.

We take a 5 minute bread and "W" says he wants Anna to shove the big dildo all the way up his ass when he is ready to come. Sounds like a good plan. I'm standing on the floor against the bed with my chest on the bed and my ass in line with his eager meat. This time he forcefully grabs my hips and locks in on my little pink target. His cock feels so good as his thighs slap against mine. He is pulling out and reinserting and it's driving me wild. I hear them talking and I see Anna jamming his ass with my big dildo.

I hear him moan and he stops with his dick buried in my ass. I feel my full ass returning the throbs of his spurting cock. I feel warm and wet inside. Suddenly there is no friction in my ass and I feel the warm jazz squishing out and down the back of my legs. I can see him pulling out in the monitor and he is still shooting long streams of cum. I reached behind me to feel my gaping asshole. I cupped my hand and scarped a handful of silvery man juice and licked it from my hand as I looked directly into the camera.

I had done it. I got my brains fucked out. I had my trophy dripping out my quivering asshole. I loved every minute of the reaming. "W" had to go, so Anna and I watched the replay. My ass felt empty, so Anna stuck the dildo back in me and began to suck my dick. I was aching to release a massive come and Anna's technique soon had me winding up for a shattering orgasm. I was enjoying the build up when the film reached the scene where ''W' squirts. Seeing his spurting member pull out of my own ass put me over the top and I filled anna's mouth with come

After I was done I wanted to share my accomplishment with others, then decided there would be few who would understand. Anna said she would spread the news, but maybe that's not a good idea.. But if someone wants to see the movie, I will be thrilled to show it.

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