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Our journey into a new world of sexuality began one evening as I came home early from work. I was working an overtime shift but due to volume they cut our unit and I went home. It was pretty late, almost 1 am, and I was afraid to call the house in fear of waking up the kids. As I pulled into the driveway I considered not going in the house out of fear of startling everyone. But I took that chance anyway.

I entered the house and made my way upstairs. I paused at each of the kid¡¦s bedrooms just to check on them. As I got closer to the master bedroom I could hear running water in the bath tub. I was surprised that Anne was up this late and figured that she did not feel good to be taking a bath at this hour. I decided to peak through the door to see what she was doing then kinda shock her by opening the door. I slowly walked over to the cracked bathroom door were a candle was the only light illuminating the bathroom.

Ann was leaning against the back of the large garden tub reading a magazine. I could see her large C Size breast floating in the water as her olive skin was damp and the steam from the water fogged the room. Anne looked beautiful. At 5¡¦7 155 lbs she looked better than she did in high school. We have now been married for 18 years and have only been with each other in every way. We have three children and a home making an honest living in the health care field.

As I observed her I could see the magazine she was reading which surprised me. A recent issue of a magazine I purchased called Variations. It is stories from readers in a number of sexual adventures from lesbians, threesomes, groups and orgies. I liked to read them so I could imagine myself in those situations as well. I watched as Anne slowly raises her hand brushing her nipple which began to take an erect form. I almost felt guilty for watching her but I could not help myself. Anne sat up and placed the magazine on the toilet and leaned back again. With her eyes clothes she stroked her breast and began to pinch her nipples as she slid her hand down her stomach reaching her pussy. In total fascination, I watched my wife of 18 years begin to insert her two fingers inside of her while her free hand fondled her breast. Her movements in the water created small waves as the soft moans of pleasure began to move past her lips. I could feel my cock beginning to swell as I slowly unbuttoned my pants allowing room for my dick to spring free. I began to stroke myself watching my wife please herself. It was the most erotic experience I had ever had. I wanted to open the door and fuck her right there, but I could not do it. What ever she had read had excited her and I did not want to ruin the fantasy she had just created for herself. As I moved my hand back and forth I began to hear the soft moans and soon began to hear a soft ¡§oh yes¡K.oh that feels good¡¨. I could feel the cum from my nuts beginning to erupt so I stopped not wanting to have an orgasm before she did. Then it happened, watching her hand go faster and faster out of her a moan of pleasure came ¡§ahhhhh¡K..that feels so good¡¨¡Kshe said. I did not even have to stroke myself as come began to shoot from my shaft just by watching her. After she was done she laid back again scooping water to warm her body parts that were above the water line. I exited the bedroom hoping not to create any suspicion and made my way down stairs to sleep on the sofa. As I cleaned up with a towel I went to sleep on the sofa not being able to get that image of events out of my head.

The next morning I felt a push on my shoulder. ¡§What did you get home?¡¨ Anne said as I began to wipe the sleep from my eyes. ¡§Early this morning, our truck was cut and I did not want to wake you and the kids up¡¨. I replied. ¡§oh, okay¡¨ she said smiling as she went to the kitchen and began to cook breakfast.

Even watching her I could not get the image of her masturbating out of my mind and I wanted her to know that I watched her. But, she may be upset and would consider it as disrespectful or something.

As I sat at the counter, I do not know why I said it but I did. ¡§Do you regret getting married so young? Anne looked surprised at what I said, ¡§No!¡¨ replied. ¡§Do you!?¡¨ I could tell I hit a nerve. ¡§Why would you ask that?¡¨ she said in a stern voice. I began stating my case ¡§I don¡¦t know, do you think we missed out on things growing up, not experiencing anything other than ourselves¡¨. Anne shrugged some. ¡§I don¡¦t think about it to much. I would not change anything if that¡¦s what you mean¡¨. I wanted to go a little deeper. ¡§Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be with someone else?¡¨ I asked. ¡§I guess there is a curiosity to it somewhat. Is everything the same feeling or not. Do you think about being with other woman?¡¨. She replied. ¡§Well, you think about it sometimes wondering the same thing I guess.¡¨ I decided to leave it alone and change the conversation to other things.

I wondered if things were becoming ordinary and maybe needed to spice things up some. I decided to go on the internet and look at what fantasies women like. So typing in the search engine I found the top 10 fantasies for woman and was determined to see if I could fulfill them for her. It was a stretch and it may even cause problems but I wanted to it and after the night of voyeurism I wanted to move into areas of unknown. The only question is would she go along with it as well.

I decided to try my own thing. My plan was simple and one I thought she would get into. So I decided to create the grown work for it. I decided to lay out a sexual fantasy that not only excited me but knew it would bring her into new passions. My plan is to create a threesome for us. One moment that would change our lives for ever. The hardest part of this would be finding the right person for us. The first question I had was to approach a friend or go after a stranger. Both had pro¡¦s and con¡¦s but was unsure of the direction to take. One idea was to ask her good friend Mike. Mike and Anne work together and always talk on the phone. I like him. He is older, in his 40¡¦s, and is single. But how would you even ask someone to do that? But, the problem would be how would things go and it could possibly ruin a friendship. The other, a stranger would have no strings. So I decided to look for a stranger.

I looked at some adds on the lifestyle web page. I narrowed my search to 3 men I found and emailed them describing what I was looking for. I received 3 responses and after looking into each of the three I chose a guy named Perry. Perry was a professional businessman who is single. He is in his early 40¡¦s, 6¡¦2 with a shaved head (something my wife likes). He appears to be in great shape as well. We decided to meet at a local bar.

I waited at a local pub. Unsure if the picture matched the person made me a little nervous. Soon, a man meeting the description entered. It was to late to run since we made eye contact with each other. The man walked towards me ¡§Hey, are you Shawn?¡¨. I stood extending my hand ¡§You must be Perry¡¨. Perry sat down and of course he met the description to a tee. After talking over drinks I really began to like him. He did ask me questions as well and wanted to be sure this was something I was ready for. I was not sure how to answer but I did feel I was ready.

When I got home I was ready to put the plan into action. ¡§How would you like to go spend the weekend on the bay?¡¨ I asked. Ann looked a little surprised. ¡§What is the occasion for that?¡¨. She replied. ¡§That¡¦s a little out of the ordinary¡¨. I picked up my lap top and moved over to the sofa next to her. ¡§Check this out¡¨. I showed Anne this wedding sweet on the bay. It was awesome. You walk in the front door and there is a huge garden tub at the foot of the bed. Mirrors surround the room and a large TV with a DVD player is in the corner. When you walk behind the dividing wall there is a large stand up shower with 4 heads and big enough to have 10 people I liked that.

We arranged for the kids to stay with the in-laws as we began our weekend. We arrived at the hotel and checked in. The room was better that you could imagine. We decided to save the romance for later and wanted to enjoy the weekend walking the markets. I decided to lead us to a pub that was planned out in advance with Perry. The idea is to see if Anne would be attracted to Perry. As we sat down at a table I looked to see if Perry had arrived. I saw him at the bar as we made eye contact. Ann and I ordered some food and drinks as Perry positioned himself more towards us. Perry was drinking at the bar and often looked in our direction. I did see Anne look that direction a couple of times and wondered to myself what she was looking or thinking. I asked ¡§You okay?¡¨. She smiled ¡§Yes, I am having a good time¡¨. I wanted to take the next step so I excused myself and went towards the bathroom. After a moment, Perry decided to walk past the table as I waited to see what Anne reaction would be. As Perry walked by I notice him exchange glances with my wife as she even turned her head somewhat to watch him pass. I knew the attraction was there.

As I went back to the table we finished dinner and decided to go to the beach for a walk. I excused myself again and made the call to Perry. We began the second part of the plan which would take place when we got back.

As we made it back to the suite I was excited and afraid at the same time. I was unsure what her reaction would be and what results would occur. But, it was something worth trying to me and would end any questions of not having experiences with others.

As we entered the suite we were excited. ¡§What is that noise?¡¨ Anne asked ¡§It sounds like water running¡¨. I ignored what she said as I knew what it was. Anne began to walk towards the back of the room were the sounds of the shower could be heard. I followed her as she stopped. The steam from the shower had fogged the glass doors but you could still see through them. Perry was in the shower washing his body. His muscular frame could be seen and Anne just stood there. This was the first time she has seen someone else, other than me, naked. As Perry turned in the shower you got a complete view of his cock and balls. They were impressive. Anne stood in awe as she began to step backward running into me. I embraced her and began to kiss her neck. ¡§What is this?¡¨ she asked.

I continued to kiss her and bring my hand to her breast. I message her neck with my mouth and rubbed both breast over her shirt.

Perry continued to wash. Anne did not withdraw but I could feel the tension in her. She was scared and nervous and did not know what to do. I slowly began to unbutton her shirt while I stood behind her. I pulled the shirt over her shoulders and dropped it on the floor. I then removed her bra exposing her beautiful breast to a complete stranger. Anne turned around and we embraced in a passionate kiss I slowly began to assist in removing her jeans and underwear. She was fully nude. Perry continued to play it cool failing to acknowledge us in the large room. I spun Anne around to were her naked body was facing Perry in the shower. I continued to kiss and fondle her tits as she turned her head to the side allowing me to kiss her neck.

I began to move her towards the shower as I felt her hand grab mine and tighten. I opened the door to the shower and she entered through the steam. Anne walked towards Perry as the water began to hit her body. Perry looked at Anne and enjoyed the view. Perry moved towards Anne and moved her towards him. They began to kiss. I sat on the toilet to watch. It was erotic and passionate. The held each other as they grinded there bodies together. Perry¡¦s cock began to grow as I watched my wife slide her hand down and grabbed it in her hands. She slowly began to pull on it while they kissed. This was the first time she had a cock other than my own and watching it brought a brief since of jealously but it went away as my own cock began to grow. Anne kissed his chest as she began to slowly get on her knees. Without hesitation she placed her mouth on his shaft and allowed her lips to envelope his member. Watching my wife give a blow job was exciting. Perry placed his hands on her head guiding her mouth to the length of his shaft. Her bobbing head and the water rushing over her was exciting.

Perry laid her down on the shower floor as he began to kneel down and kiss her tits. Perry was skilled as the moans of my wife could be heard.. ¡§ohhh, this feels so good¡¨. Perry made his way down to the sweet spot and began to rub his tongue over her swollen clit. ¡§Ahhhh, oh my¡¨. He eyes got wide and she slowly grinded her hips to meet the length of his tongue swirling inside of her.

I began to stroke myself. I was excited and could not hold back as my hand moved faster and faster.

¡§I want you inside of me¡¨ Anne said pulling Perry towards her and moving her mouth against his. Perry grabbed his cock and moved it towards my wife¡¦s wet pussy. In moments he began to insert it in past her awaiting lips. ¡§Ahhhhhh, fuck me¡Kfuck me¡¨ Anne began to yell and Perry was more than willing to assist. Perry began to fuck my wife moving his hips in and out as my beautiful wife grabbed his ass with her hands and inviting him deeper. ¡§You feel good.¡¨ She panted ¡§Oh you feel good¡¨. I wondered if she remembered I was there or not buit based on her actions it did not appear so. Perry got off of her and laid on his back. Anne jumped right on top of him and reinserted his dick inside her. Anne began to ride him hard and fast.

¡§Lets take this to the bed¡¨ she asked of Perry as she got up off the hard shower tile and began to exit as she held Perry by the hand. Anne looked at me ¡§Are you coming with me?¡¨ with a smile. I followed her to the bed.

Anne asked me to come over to her as she began to suck my cock. Perry walked over next to me as she alternated giving each of us a blow job. Anne leaned herself back on the bed as Perry climbed on top of her and began thrusting again inside of her. Perry¡¦s balls hit her ass clanking between thrust. I moved up on the bed as Anne moved her head over and invited me to insert it inside of her mouth. In moments, I announced I was coming and for the first time, she allowed me to unload in her mouth. Anne did not swallow it but allowed it to run along the side. Perry continued to pound her. ¡§I am gonna¡KI am gonna¡¨ Anne announced ¡§Uhhhhhhhh¡¨ she began to scream ¡§Don¡¦t pull out¡¨ she kept saying ¡§I am coming again¡¨. I could hear the passion in her screams as Perry gave a few grunts and withdrew his cock shooting his load all over Anne. He fell on her exhausted as she embraced him and kissed his neck. Still having some of my own come still on the side of her mouth.

¡§Let¡¦s go shower¡¨ Ann said. We all went in the large shower and began to wash. Ann took a wash cloth and began to scrub Perry down. I found this experience was exciting and I knew she enjoyed it. ¡§You were amazing¡¨ Perry said to Anne. ¡§So were you¡¨ she replied giving him a little kiss on the mouth. Anne turned towards me. ¡§How did you do this?¡¨ she asked. ¡§I love you for this¡¨. Perry began to let the water run across him. ¡§Lets go to a strip club¡¨he said. I thought it was a good idea and we all agreed to go. Anne and I have never been to one and now our new friend was taking us on a new adventure.

Anne looked up, ¡§If we are going out should I at least get your name¡¨ she smiled. As we all introduced ourselves we began to get dressed. Perry and I would fondle Anne as she got dressed and was looking good. As we all were ready we headed out to the club. As we arrived, we entered and took a table near the stage. Perry ordered the first round of drinks as the first dancer came out.

Watching the naked dancer was exciting and I was surprised at how much Anne was enjoying it as well. One of the dancers came to our table and hung out as we all talked. Brandy was a pretty girl and in her early 20¡¦s. As we all talked Brandy was flirting with Anne and offered to give her a private dance while we all watched. Perry spoke up ¡§I will pay for that¡¨ laughing as we were lead to a back room of the club.

Brandy led Anne to a large leather sofa as she began to grind sensuously against her body. Perry and I stood at the back of the room as Anne laughed and soon savored the sensations of having a naked woman grind up against her. ¡§How would you like to come back to our room tonight?¡¨ Anne asked of the dancer. I was shocked but Perry was not. ¡§Sure I will come¡¨. Brandy responded. ¡§I don¡¦t get off here until 3am¡¨. Anne shrugged ¡§We will wait for you¡¨. As the dance ended we all went back to a local pub for some drinks. The night was going great as Perry and I took turns dancing with Anne. I believe she was in heaven having two men at her disposal for the evening. As I was dancing with her ¡§How are you likeing this weekend?¡¨ I asked. ¡§I love it and I love you¡¨. She replied.

It was about 2:30 am and we decided to head back to the hotel were Brandy was suppose to met us soon.

As we arrived we began making some drinks when a knock on the door came. Perry went to answer it as Brandy walked through the door. Brandy was wearing a sweat shirt and some sweat pants something she must have thrown on after getting off of work. ¡§You want something to drink?¡¨ I asked in which she replied ¡§Sure¡¨. As I filled a glass for her she looked around admiring the hotel. ¡§This place is great¡¨ Brandy states as she took a brief tour around the room. ¡§How about a movie¡¨ Perry asked reaching into his bag and pulling out an adult film. As he walked over, we all sat on the bed talking as the movie started.

The movie did set a mood. Perry began to rub Brandy¡¦s back while Anne rubbed my leg. Watching people having sex on the TV was exciting especially with the tension in the room. Brandy sat up and motioned for Perry to follow. Perry and Brandy went behind the small wall were the shower was located. Anne and I smiled as we began to kiss and watch the movie. You could here the sound moaning coming from around the corner. Anne said ¡§I want to see what is going on. Let¡¦s go¡¨. She smiled. As we peered around the corner we could see Brandy on her knees devouring Perry¡¦s cock. Perry had his hands clasp above his head as he opened his eyes to see us staring at him. ¡§You want to help?¡¨ he smiled. Anne did not hesitate joining Brandy on the ground and taking turns sucking on his member. At times they would stop and kiss each other then run their tongues along his shaft. I walked over and pulled my pants down and Brandy went right to work on me. Her mouth was great especially getting my first non-wife blow job in 18 years.

Perry pulled out of Anne¡¦s mouth and walked over to the shower. Opening the door he turned on the water allowing steam to rise. We all undressed and entered. It was great taking a group shower. All of us were fondling each other, kissing and hugging. It was so much fun and the excitement was growing. I knew, at any moment I was going to fuck Brandy that night. Anne already had her fantasy and now I was going to have mine.

Brandy and Perry got out of the shower and headed towards the bed. You could hear the sounds of moaning and skin slapping against each other. Anne and I stayed in the shower kissing and holding each other. Anne then began giving me one of the most intense blow jobs I have ever had. After a few moments Anne looked up ¡§Come on¡¨ she said as she took my hand and led me to the other room.

As we walked around the corner, Perry was pounding Brandy on the bed. Anne laid beside her and began to fondle her bouncing tits. I never thought my wife has a curiosity about other woman but she did not hold back. In moments she was sucking on tits and then pushed Perry off of Brandy announcing it was ¡§Her Turn¡¨.

Anne went down on Brandy licking her cunt up and down while sticking two fingers inside of her. Brandy was letting out moan after moan as my wife finger fucked her. Perry then stood behind Anne raised he ass up some and plunged his erection inside of her ¡§Shit¡¨ Anne yelled ¡§Oh that¡¦s good¡¨. Perry was pounding my wife¡¦s ass as Anne continued to lick Brandy. Brandy motioned me close to her as she reached out and began to stroke my cock. ¡§You want to fuck me?¡¨ I had no hesitation ¡§Yes I do¡¨.

Brandy wiggled out from under Anne and lay back on the bed. Drawing me close to her my dick entered her lips. The feeling was great. It is true, that it felt different and the grinding of her hips continued to raise my expectations. I continued to pick up the pace of my thrust as Brandy locked her legs around me. I glanced up to see Perry continuing to plunge his shaft into Anne. I could feel the rush of fluid building as Brandy thrusted herself ¡§I am going to come¡¨ she said ¡§Keep it deep¡¨. Then it happened, with a rush and moan I unloaded into Brandy filling her with my load. ¡§Ohhhhh that fells good. I am coming¡KI am coming¡¨ she yelled. I fell limp on her as I slipped out of her wetness. Brandy rubbed my back. ¡§Was that good baby?¡¨ she asked. ¡§Yes it was. You are amazing¡¨. I replied.

I could hear Perry and Anne finishing as they came together as well. After we were done we all went into the shower to get cleaned up. It was an amazing night for sure. Perry and Brandy decided to go home with each other as Anne and I stayed in the hotel. We made love that night three times with more passion than there ever had been. The weekend came and went as we went home. We never discussed what happened and I did not want to. We no longer keep in contact with Perry because we felt it was better to separate from any potential emotion attachments. We agreed that every year we would plan a fantasy weekend. Next time, we plan to attend a swingers party. Can not wait for that story ?º

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