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Aunt Janie

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My favorite of many Aunts is Aunt Janie. She is married my father's youngest brother Larry. They never had any cousins for me. She was the most beautiful of all my Aunts and I could never understand why Uncle Larry treated her so poorly. His lack of kindness probably evolved from the fact that they were not able to have kids. In addition to her beauty she was sweet and kind to everyone, with never a bad word to anyone.

I was 18 or so when she no longer appeared to me as an Aunt, but as a very lovely and desirable woman. I think she looked at me differently as well. There was never any attempt on the part of either of us to test this mutual attraction. I certainly looked her over more often, wondered about her tits and butt and nice legs and felt stirrings of sorts, and I probably had a few wet dreams as well. We had been raised to always use Aunt or Uncle when speaking to any of them, and never by their given names. Even now at age 50 I still refer to them as Uncle or Aunt. So while the thought of actually feeling Aunt Janie's tits was in my mind back then; it would have seemed to be sort of enjoying the forbidden fruit.

When I was 28 I began seeing a divorced woman 7 or 8 years older than I. I had enjoyed a few "live-in" relationships but had never been close to marrying at that time. Susan was in much the same boat, feeling free and independent after a 10 year marriage and not looking for anything more than a date and a good fuck. She was the most complete woman in that regard, when she wanted to fuck there were no holds barred, it was all the way with her and I loved it. We would stay overnight at each other's place on occasion, because we both loved early morning fucking. Warm and relaxed bodies, the tensions of the day not yet upon us, always led to a glorious fuck session. Then we would say goodbye; go our separate ways; and meet later in the week or something like that.

I took Susan out to the family cottage on a lake outside of town a number of times. The cottage had been in the family since my dad was a kid and it had been a big part of our own young lives. Most of the family had moved away by this time and I sort of kept the place in order, keeping propane and supplies available, and did the necessary repairs and so on. The cottage could only be accessed by boat from a landing and I looked after keeping two boats running and fueled. Aunt Janie was really the only other person who used the cottage through the week. Uncle Larry was a construction worker and away from home more often than at home. Susan and my Aunt Janie got to know each other fairly well over a summer.

One night, Susan was in one of those talking moods; you know the ones where you fantasize while you fuck; talk about things or people that turn you on, etc. We were side by side in bed facing each other. My cock was in her pussy, her tits brushing my chest; we exchanged soft kisses with a little tongue and just sort of screwed slowly while chatting. I love interludes like that. Susan asked me if I had ever had a threesome. I said no but I had fantasized about doing two women on occasion and watching them do each other as well as me doing them. I suggested that she was probably thinking of another guy with me on her. But no she said, she was thinking about a woman for us. I asked if she had done a threesome like that and she said no, but she had made it with a few ladies in her past. I asked what they had tried and she simply said "everything, tongues, tits, fingers, and pussies, just everything." I asked if she had licked a pussy or just had hers licked and she said "both". Man now I was really in heat and grabbed her ass and began fucking hard in her. But I wanted to hear more and slowed again and asked the big question "who are you thinking about for us?"

She paused and then said "you're Aunt Janie". I froze a minute and said, "You have to be kidding". But she said, "No, not at all, she is a hot babe, I can tell, she is looking for something and I know what it is. We have some good sessions together when you go fishing or paddling. We have changed into bathing suits together, she looks at my tits and pussy and likes them and hunger lurks in her eyes. She is very well built for 50 years old. The way she looks at you when you are around says "fuck me" all over her face. She has also told me that she has listened near the door as we fucked some nights". The initial shock over, I began fucking again, and my mind raced with visions of me with these two ladies in bed. I said, "Damn, I have always dreamed of fucking two pussies, pulling my cock out of one still hard, and sliding it into the other pussy." Susan breathed in my ear, "Let me arrange that for you, we can do this".

We picked Aunt Janie up the next time we headed out for the cottage. It was early fall with warm days and cool evenings and nights. It was late afternoon by the time we were settled in. I went for a paddle to allow Susan to prime things up for the later. When I returned the two of them were sitting in lawn chairs on the beach, both topless with big grins on their faces. Obviously Susan had done her work well. Damn, both looked good and my first close look at Aunt Janie's tits was well worth it. They were sipping wine and from the looks of them it was not their first glass. Aunt Janie's eyes easily roamed down my body and fastened on my groin area. I was wearing a boxer swim suit and there was a small tent beginning to form. What the hell had Susan said? She had a smile on her face like a Cheshire cat and suggested that I heat up the sauna for later that evening. What an idea and visions of three naked bodies in a sweltering sauna coursed through my mind.

We had a light dinner along with more wine so by the time evening rolled around we were in a very pleasant mood. No matter what might happen it had already been a night to remember. We all put on robes and slipped down to the sauna which is built on a rock outcrop right beside the lake. After a sauna you can jump directly in to cool off. When we entered the little vestibule Susan and I removed our robes and we were both naked. Aunt Janie was wearing her bikini underneath. Susan shook her head and untied the bikini top and let my Aunts tits tumble out. A pause and then she loosened the ties on her bottoms and slowly pulled the bikini through between her legs. My Aunt Janie was naked as hell and I could not take my eyes off of her. Very nice tits, body softened by age but still attractive and a narrow strip of bush between her wide hips. She was not as embarrassed as I would have thought and brushed against me as she slid into the sauna compartment. There is room for six at once in the sauna, one lower bench and one higher up. The higher up the hotter it will be.

Susan worked things so that I was sitting between the two of them on the lower bench. We were soon in a sweat and I would have been at any rate. I had a raging hard-on and made no effort to hide it. Soon Susan had her hands around my cock; slipping her hand up and down it and driving me wild to fuck something. I was looking into my Aunt's eyes which were moving from my cock being jacked off and back to my eyes. Not smiling or concerned, just very horny looking. I let my hand reach over and find a breast, lifting it up in my hands, and then rolling a nipple in my fingers. She moved closer to me until she was up against my side, one hot wet breast pressed against me; her eyes closed and one hand of hers on my inner thigh. Susan lifted that hand up and placed it on my cock. Ah god, I could feel the cum column starting to form up in my toes. She moved her face up to mine and our open mouths met and our tongues sought the others. Her hand stroked my cock, full length strokes as if trying to get me off. Susan meanwhile had moved around and was working her way between my Aunts legs, spreading them wider and lifting one up to the bench. As Aunt Janie sucked madly on my tongue and fondled my cock, she almost cried out as Susan's lips closed on her spread open cunt. I leaned to her ear and whispered "I am going to fuck you tonight". I had wanted to add Janie but could not say it without the Aunt!

She said, "Later, right now I want to blow you". Her head moved down, lips circled my knob and began to bob up and down on me. I stood up as Susan moved her to lay along the bench with legs spread. I put my cock back into her mouth as I half crouched beside her. Susan went back to work and began sucking and licking her cunt. Not sure who cum first; about the time I was unloading in her mouth her body began to jerk and legs flailed around Susan's head. It was dead silent in the little room, only the sound of heavy breathing as my Aunt Janie lay spent on the bench. We sat there in the heat and totally relaxed in the quiet of a sauna room. We went outside and jumped into the lake. We joined together in the water with arms around each other and traded kisses, Susan the hungriest of the three of us. She would soon need some attention for her sacrifice so far.

We threw our robes on and went back up to the cottage and toweled each other down in front of the fireplace. It was quite dark by this time and our bodies were illuminated by the orange glow of the fire. Erotic tensions filled the room as Susan led the way into the master bedroom. We enjoyed a three way hug and kisses, all lost in each other now, waiting to please and be pleased. Susan acted as director of what would come and my Aunt moved up on the bed first. Susan lay sideways on the bed with her feet still on the floor and I moved kneeling in between her legs and lifted them up over my shoulders. My lips slipped up along her inner thighs and finally reached her so far undisturbed pussy. She groaned as my tongue ran lightly along the slit, her hands coming down to hold my head, her body moving to place her cunt in the ideal position. My Aunt leaned over and rained soft kisses on Susan's face and mouth, her hands finding her nipples and rolling and squeezing them. She bent her head down and tasted another woman's nipple for the first time. Susan's legs were starting to rise up over my head as she felt the need to release herself. I was alternately sucking in one lip and then the other. I was hard again and wanted to get her off with my cock in her so I lifted up and slipped my cock in the well prepared cunt, sliding it easily up in her as my Aunt continued to suck on her tits. I fucked her until she cum, writhing and twisting in relief.

I had deliberately held back from cumming and my eyes now sought out Aunt Janie. She recognized my wish and slowly lay back on the bed, head on the pillow and legs spread for me. As I moved up between her legs, she raised her knees up towards her head, and looked down at my raging hard cock. I doubt that I have ever been as hard as I was there. I was about to live out my most desired fantasy, to pull my cock from one pussy and run it into another one. As I rubbed the knob around her cunt lips, her fingers moved down to spread them for the knob. Meanwhile Susan had recovered enough to join us and she lay down to watch my pleasure, the pleasure that she had organized. I glanced at her just as I was about to enter my Aunt's cunt. I remained on my knees, my hands under her ass lifting upwards and my cock slid easily into her. Apparently it was the first cock she had enjoyed for a number of years and the only one other than her hubby's. I leaned over her, my hands on each side of her head and we began to fuck, slowly at first, then more urgently in perfect unison as if we had done it many times before. Susan's head came into view as she kissed Aunt Janie and fondled her tits and nipples.

Aunt Janie stayed in bed with us for the night. When I recovered I fucked Susan with her beside us. In the early morning, after we had all slept for a few hours I awakened laying between the two of them. Aunt Janie was on her back sleeping silently. I lowered the light sheet to expose her naked body in the dawning light. My eyes roamed down her body to her breasts and soft belly and little dark bush and to her naked legs. My fingers traced their way down to her pussy, gently teasing the pussy hairs, just brushing them. Her legs spread slowly even as she slept and my fingers worked in along each side of her cunt lips, massaged them and feeling them moisten. She groaned and awakened to feel my lips on her nipples and my fingers toying with her cunt lips. A light smile appeared on her face; an invitation I could not turn down and I mounted her again and we silently fucked, a real toe curler. I rolled off of her to my back and Susan moved to kiss me and whispered "that was beautiful baby, I want some."

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