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April came over today because we had plans to go to the shopping mall. The weather was so bad outside that I convinced April to stay at the house and I fixed some coffee while we sat at the kitchen table talking. As usual, the subject came around to sex, our favorite topic. (laugh) I had planned a surprise for April and was very excited about implementing it. It was a fantasy that we had talked about over and over. I don't think she really thought it would ever happen, but because she is my best friend, I wanted to give her something special. And also for me! While we were talking I told her that I wanted to make love to her. She was shocked! We've been sharing fantasies for ages and hinted a few times of what it might be like to be with another woman. I'd thought about it for a long time and finally decided to go for it. She just sat staring at me, not saying anything. Slowly she began smiling so I knew she wasn't repulsed. I was watching the changing thoughts move across her face. First...shock, then she thought about it and I could see the possibilities going through her mind. It came, a slight nod to her head and a lovely smile. She agreed (which I knew she would all along) and we stood up, moving closer to each other. I reached out to April, touching her cheek with my fingertips. My lips touched hers very lightly, just barely tasting. Her mouth opened and I began to really kiss her, my tongue moving into her mouth. Exploring and tasting, she moaned with pleasure and began to kiss me back, her tongue moving with mine. I held her close and whispered in her ear that I would love to explore every part of her and make her cum over and over! April moaned again. My mouth began exploring her face and neck, moving slowly down. My hands moved up to touch her breasts. They felt so good in my hands, soft and sexy. I felt her nipples harden when my hand brushed against them. I began to unbutton her blouse, and move the fabric away from her skin. April was wearing one of those sexy little bras with only a half-cup and lots of lace. Her breasts were aching to be touched. I could see the hard nipples reaching out for my mouth. I slipped my hand inside her bra, cupping a large breast and lifting it out. I did the same to the other one and now they are squeezed together outside of the bra, making them look even larger than they were. And believe me, her tits are huge anyway. I love them. They are so big and beautiful. We both have very large tits but her nipples are bigger than mine, and a lovely brown color, while mine are more pink. I couldn't mouth began its decent to those big beautiful globes that were just waiting for my touch. At last I'd found a nipple to suckle on and to nip with my teeth.

April was moaning with pleasure while I kneaded her breasts and sucked on her nipples. First one, and then the other, and back again. I pushed them even closer together so that I could take both of the nipples into my mouth at one time. April was just hanging on to my shoulders and moaning her pleasure. I was enjoying that so much. I whispered that we should go to the bedroom and take off our clothes so that we could continue what I had started. She began to pull her shirt together. I stopped her and told her that she couldn't do that! She had to take off the shirt and bra and walk to the bedroom with her tits exposed for me. She looked at the window in the living room, with the curtains open and started to shake her head "no". But I insisted that she must. The old neighbor from across the street was outside, shoveling the snow off the driveway and I knew that he may be looking in the window. That made it even more exciting. She said she would if I would. I laughed at April, winked and took off my shirt too. Then the bra came off, so that my breasts were bouncing along with hers. She quickly reached down and sucked my nipple into her mouth. Damn, she was good at that! I laughed and told her so. She sucked harder and I could feel it all the way to my pussy. I'd become so turned on, knowing that the old man across the way could see us if he looked that way. I suggested to April that we play in the living room instead, so that he could watch. She frowned and thought about it. And then I saw the light bulb going off in her head. She was getting more turned thinking about it. She agreed and we moved to the couch. The couch is positioned on the left side of the room with the big window to the left of that wall. On the other side of the room is the entertainment center with the TV and stereo, against the wall. We were now standing in front of the window facing the couch. I took off my pants and panties while April removed hers. She is so beautiful. I just looked at her for a moment. She is a full-figured woman with long hair that is light brown with green eyes. She calls her hair "mousy" but I tell her it is so shiny and beautiful with red highlights running through it. April weighs about 230 lbs but to me she is very sexy and warm looking, so cuddly. Seeing her nude makes me want to hold her close to me and explore every inch! I told her so and she laughed, but she was pleased by what I’d said. We moved toward each other. We began kissing and exploring each other again. I moved my fingers so slowly and I mean s-l-o-w-l-y down to her pussy and began stroking every little fold she had, and then I ordered her to lay down on her back and spread her legs just as far apart as she could get them. I could then open up April's hot pussy and look at it.... licking my lips knowing what I wanted to do next. I wanted to look at all of her! Devouring her with my eyes, I lowered my head to her pussy. April became a little embarrassed and tried to close her legs but, NO, I would not let her. I insisted that she keep them very wide open so I could see ALL of her (and so could anyone else who would be close by). I noticed how wet her pussy was getting when I ordered her to spread her legs open like that. Having me order her to do things made her even more excited and turned on. So I pushed her legs further apart. She groaned louder. I began very softly kissing her pussy, then licking it. I worked my tongue all over April's cunt, licking every part of it. Moving my tongue to her cunt hole, I began sucking.... then thrusting my tongue inside, fucking her with it. I wanted to hear April scream with pleasure. She was thrashing around and moaning and I was pushing hard against her thighs to keep her pussy open for my pleasure and hers. Then I moved up to the clit and took it in my mouth, start rolling it around with my tongue and lips, sucking on it as well....harder and harder. My fingers moved up her thighs, closer to her cunt and yet keeping her legs wide open. Searching for that hot clit. I glanced out the window and saw the neighbor watching us. He was standing by his car, rubbing his cock. That turned me on even more and I whispered to April to look. She grinned and I could tell she got more excited too. I then went back to what I was doing to April.

My pussy was dripping wet too. I put my finger in her pussy ...then two... three.... four.....fucking her while licking her clit. My fingers became soaking wet with her juices. Using my fingers I ran a trail of cunt juice all along the crack of her butt. I started exploring her asshole, gently at first... but as soon as my finger slipped inside, I started to push harder. I wanted April to FEEL me there! I began to kiss and lick her inner thighs and moved toward her ass, spreading her cheeks wide open. I reached out for the smaller dildo and slipped it inside her wet pussy. I wanted it to be nice and slick so that I could slide it up her ass. I pushed it in and out of her wet pussy several times to get it good and wet. Moving it to her puckered ass, slowly I began inserting the little dildo, gently pushing against the resistance. Then I felt it slip inside. I stopped moving it until her body became accustomed to this new sensation. After letting her relax for a minute I slid it in further. Being rather small, it was soon all the way in. I began to move it in and out of her ass and she began to squirm with the pleasure. I stopped moving the dildo and left if buried deep inside her ass. I then reached for the very large dildo and her eyes got larger, seeing how big it was. She wasn't sure she could take all of it, but I knew that she could. I slowly began to slide it into her pussy. It was a tight fit at first.. But I kept moving it slowly, deeper inside. April began to moan even louder because I was sucking and licking on her clit. She pushed her pussy up to meet the dildo and it went in much further. April began to move with me...fucking both dildos and my mouth moving on her clit. Finally she came....screaming and cumming over and over.

When she started to calm down a little, I got a warm wash cloth and begin to gently wipe her pussy and her ass, cleaning her and caressing her at the same time, giving her some time to relax and catch her breath. After she had rested and became a little calmer I asked her to roll over on her tummy. But, I made her keep those legs wide apart! God, how I love to see her with her legs spread as wide as they can go. I love being able to see her wet hot cunt open and waiting for my attention. I started at her neck..... kissing and licking my way down to her ass. I began to knead her ass cheeks with my fingers and at the same time licking and kissing each one. While on her tummy, she could not see very much in the room. April was very wrapped up in the way I was making her feel. I asked her to raise her butt off the floor, to get on her knees with her ass high in the air. April gladly does this for me. Without any warning I raised my hand and smacked her ass hard. It made a loud sound and she jumped and yelped. She started to complain about the sting she felt, but I told her to shut-up. I told her she was going to be my little slut now and had to do everything I told her, without question. I saw a shiver run over her body, telling me this excited her even more. Slowly I began to massage her hot ass where I had smacked her. Then running my fingers the length of her crack, I slipped a finger quickly inside her pussy. She gasped and then moaned. I felt April getting wet again. I removed my hand and slapped her ass again.... a little harder. She yelled at that, but I could tell she was enjoying it because her butt started to squirm and move toward me. Again I caressed her ass and my fingers entered her pussy. I lifted my hand again and this time her ass pushed up and out...waiting with anticipation for the next one. She was not disappointed. She began to moan for more. I spanked her several times, watching her beautiful ass turn red and feeling her cunt dripping. Her moans of pleasure were making me very wet as well. I then laid down, scooted under her, I spread her legs wide and opened her pussy even more. I needed to taste that pussy again. I used my hands and opened those pussy lips wider so that I could lick her over and over. While I had my face buried in her pussy, licking and sucking, I reached up and spread her ass cheeks wide, knowing she would feel very exposed. My finger began rubbing that little hole, probing, getting it ready. I used a little lubrication so that it felt good to her. She then felt something hard pushing against her asshole. It was a larger dildo than the last one I'd put in her ass. It slowly slipped in and she moaned with pleasure. I began to move it in and out, with April pushing against the dildo, wanting it all the way inside. She was letting me lick her clit and fuck her in the ass with the larger dildo. She was moving with me, lost in the pleasure she was receiving.

About that time, the doorbell rang and she froze. She started to jump up, panicked. I very firmly told her not to move anything. With her eyes wide open, confused, and just a little scared, she asked why. I told her that it was part of the surprise and she could not turn and look. I told her she must stay just as she is, with her ass in the air, the dildo planted firmly and deeply inside her asshole. She started to protest because someone was at the door and she didn’t want to be seen like that. I told her she had to stay that way or I would have to spank her even harder than before. She finally agreed not to move, but she was very nervous. By this time, the doorbell had rung again and now there was knocking. I got up to answer the door, knowing already who it was. I opened the door and held my finger to my lips for the two men not to say a word. They both smiled at me and walked into the room. I had not told April what I was doing but I knew that once she got over the shock, she wouldn’t mind. We had talked about how much we would like to fuck these men before.

She was told again that she could not look behind her to see who it was. The guys and I walked over to April. There she was, naked, with her ass high in the air and a large dildo buried inside of her. I could see the guy’s cocks immediately stand to attention at the sight. Asking again if she could get up now and see who was here, she was told No firmly. She must stay just as she was. I walked up to her and planted a foot on either side of her head. I then bent over and pulled her ass cheeks apart, saying, “Look at that beautiful ass. Wouldn’t you love to be fucking this and licking on it?” April moaned. James walked closer to her ass and touched her. She jumped because she didn’t know who it was or what to expect. James knelt down on his knees and placed his hands on her ass cheeks. I stood up, watching him. He slowly removed the dildo and began to lick her ass, running his tongue up and down the crack of her ass, stopping at her asshole to use his tongue there. After his tongue explored her asshole, he began licking her again. This time his tongue followed along her ass, to her dripping wet pussy, which he began to fuck with his tongue. She began to squirm and move and beg for more. He wouldn’t stop. Tongue deep inside her cunt, then licking her clit, flicking his tongue back and forth over the very core of her pleasure. She was shaking and we could tell she was starting to cum. Faster and faster his tongue went until she erupted in the most intense orgasm she’d had so far.

Before she’d even caught her breath, he started rubbing his hot beautiful cock the length of her open pussy lips, touching her clit with the head. She could feel some of his juice rubbing her clit and began to moan again. Her ass pushed out toward him, wanting to feel his huge cock inside. But he wasn’t quite ready to bury himself inside of her yet. He continued to rub the length of his cock all over her pussy and ass.

I ached to be a part of this so I moved away from her head and kneeled beside them, using my hands and tongue on the places he had just touched. His cock came toward my face as he was rubbing her pussy. My tongue flicked out and licked the head of it. I spread her hot cunt even wider and with my other hand I guided him inside. He didn't enter her just yet. He had his cock head at the opening of her cunt, waiting. He then shoved it in hard and deep, and then stopped. April screamed with pleasure and a moan came after! She began to wiggle, wanting him to fuck her harder and harder. But first, I moved underneath and started to lick her pussy again, his cock still inside. I put two of my fingers up against his cock and slowly pushed them inside of her as well. Now she has a huge cock and two of my fingers buried inside. April moaned that she couldn't hold any more. James began to move slowly now, getting her wetter and wetter. I began to back away, as I had others things to do. I had a very naughty smile on my face. I reached for the big dildo again and James leaned back enough for me to slide it into her ass. His cock never left her pussy. April had her head down and her eyes closed, moaning with pleasure. By this time, I had positioned David in front of her. April was told to open her eyes. When she opened her eyes, there was another cock in front of her face. I ordered her to start sucking him... but she had already opened her mouth with her tongue reaching out for the drop on his cock, wanting to taste him. He then sat in front of April pushing his cock into her mouth, making her take the length of him deep in her throat. Slowly he slid down to a position so that I could straddle his face. James was fucking her like there was no tomorrow. David was in position, her licking and sucking on that hard cock, and then I straddled his face. His tongue reached up for me, knowing what I wanted. I buried my cunt over his face and leaned toward April. We began kissing each other. Our kisses became even more passionate, with James’s hard cock moving in an out of her ass and David lapping away at my pussy.

I reached for her nipples and squeezed them ...harder. It drove me crazy watching her getting fucked in her pussy with hard cock and a big dildo in her ass at the same time. When he pushed forward it forced the dildo to go in deeper, so that it was like being fucked by two men at one time. Watching April suck another cock at the same time drove me crazy. I was squeezing her gorgeous tits and soon we were all cumming together. Watching her swallow the sweet nectar of David, seeing James’s cum run down her thighs, and feeling David’s tongue lapping my clit pushed me over the edge. It seemed to last forever.

While feeling the passion start to recede, I asked James to kiss April with David’s cum in her mouth and on her face. David was told to lick the cum from her pussy and the juices running down her legs. The men changed places, doing as they were told. I spread some of the cum on her nipples and started to lick that off, sucking hard and biting down just a bit, to make sure she felt it, deep in her cunt. April moaned, but was too tired to move any longer. We all needed a rest to catch our breath. I then remembered the nosey neighbor and glanced out the window. It was just in time to see the neighbor shoot his load. He’d not been able to control himself and had taken his cock out to stroke it while watching us. We began laughing. He hadn’t missed a thing. He then realized he was standing outside, on his driveway, with his cock in his hand and cum running down the side of his car. He quickly made a dash for the garage but we knew he’d be watching my house often from then on.

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