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April Surprise, Type: Swinging couples, Description: mff, mfmf, dp

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I couldn?t believe this was happening. Despite the fact that I had imagined it, or something very much like it, many times I still could hardly believe that it was real. My beautiful wife, the mother of my children, the woman I love beyond words, was lying on her back, naked, with her legs spread wide to expose her lovely pussy. Of course, I had been honored by this view of Kim many times during our twenty years of marriage but what made this time so mesmerizing was the man who was just now lowering himself into position to thrust what appeared to be an exceptionally large and very stiff dick inside of her where only I and one other man that I knew of had ever been. If that were not enough to render me speechless from shock and excitement the beautiful woman suckling at my heretofore straight wife?s right breast certainly was.

It was only a few short hours ago that I received the call from Kim. She was at MerlFest, her annual Bluegrass music festival and ?Wives Gone Wild? party. I knew something was up before she spoke a word. A split-second hesitation, a tiny change in voice pitch, after decades of marriage, couples develop a subtle system of subliminal signals,....or,.... it might also have been the man?s voice in the background, urging Kim to tell me I?d better hurry if I wanted to get in on the fun. She wouldn?t say much, only that she really needed me to come on up to North Wilksboro immediately. ?Nothing is wrong. You?ll just have to trust me.? she finally replied to my questions. What else could I do? Kim instructed me to ask for some guy named Steve at the main gate. He would get me in and tell me where to go. That further piqued my curiosity. Since when did Kim have such pull with MerleFest that she could get me in just like that? Needless to say, the two and one-half hour drive (which I made in an hour and forty-five minutes) was pretty tense. I tried several times to get Kim on her cell phone but it appeared to be turned off. It was almost midnight when I finally got there.

?Steve,? looking up from some sort of list, gave me a little smirk when I told him my name. He was expecting me and gave me a pass and directions to the performers? parking area. ?It?s the last bus on the left. You can?t miss it.? he said. I already had a pretty good idea whose bus it might be and, sure enough, the bus he had indicated said ?The Slam Bash Band? in big letters along the side. There were some lights on inside but with the tinted windows it was impossible to see anything of the interior.

It was no secret that my beautiful wife lusted after Slam Bash. She had told me so many times herself. Often, when we made love, Kim would fantasize that it was his dick that was plunging into her. But I was not the only one who knew. She told all of her friends and mine. On a couple of occasions, when Kim wasn?t around, mutual friends had sort of hinted that she didn?t hold anything back during her trips to North Wilksboro. ?Kim REALLLLLLLLLLLLY likes to party when she goes to Merlfest, doesn?t she Don!? was the sort of crap I would hear after the festival. All things considered, I was not at all surprised that Kim was in Slam Bash?s bus late at night despite her protestations of faithfulness. What had me puzzled, though, was what the hell did she need me for? Kim had never been particularly affectionate and, over the last few years, displays of affection for me had become rare, even while her actual love-making had gotten progressively hotter. No. If Kim had Slam she sure as hell wouldn?t need me. Though I felt that she probably did love me, I sometimes wondered if Kim felt any real sexual attraction for me at all. She once told me how one of her Merlfest girlfriends, Sarah, had come to my defense (I?m sure it was in response to some insult from Kim at my expense.) Sarah said I was sexy, smart, funny and in great shape, which was great to hear, especially since Sarah is extremely hot! But what struck me about her story is how surprised Kim seemed that her friend could think of me that way!

I wondered if Kim would care that during Sarah?s last weekend visit I had risen early Sunday morning as usual, to find that Sarah was also awake. We had a great conversation that eventually turned to the topic of love and sex. She explained that her boyfriend had been out west guiding white water kayak groups and she had not seen him in over three months. She complained about how horny she was and laughingly wondered aloud if Kim would mind if she borrowed me if she promised to give me back when she was done. I had always wanted to fuck Sarah and I think she had probably sensed that all along. And, from the things she was saying it became obvious that she wanted to fuck me too. She was wearing only a thin, white, cotton undershirt that did little to conceal the dark circles around her erect nipples and didn?t hang low enough to cover the tiny and almost transparent white panties which clung to her pussy lips and made a prominent display of her bush. I too, was underdressed considering the throbbing boner that tented out my shorts. Sarah laughed when she saw my condition and whispered, ?You poor baby.? as she wrapped her fingers around my dick. She took me inside of her right there in my living room, on the pull-out bed Kim had prepared for her friend. We tried to be silent, after all, my wife was asleep in the very next room and we hadn?t even bothered to shut the door. Still, I?ll never know how Kim slept through Sarah?s moaning and thrashing about as she came at the Slame moment that I shot a huge load of hot cum deep inside of her. But that?s a story for another time.

My mind was racing through all of this and more as I pounded on the heavy door of the bus. The hiss of compressed air drew my attention away from the small security camera and alerted me that the door was opening. From somewhere inside a man?s voice, a familiar voice, said ?That you Don? Come on in.?

Again, no surprise. It was Slam Bash striding towards me with his hand outstretched as I climbed the steps into the bus. As I shook his hand Kim approached us from what appeared to be a sitting area farther back.

?Slam, this is Don. Don, Slam.? Kim introduced us then gave me a kiss and an embrace the likes of which I had not felt in years. ?I?m glad you made it! You must have flown up here! You want a drink?? My wife was absolutely bubbling with excitement...or something. I decided not to comment on the fact that she obviously wasn?t wearing a bra or to mention that when we embraced I could feel that she wasn?t wearing panties either.

?Should you be giving away Slam?s liquor?? I asked rhetorically, and just a little petulantly. I hadn?t yet decided whether to be pissed off at Kim or to be excited by my mental image of what must have been going on while I was racing to get here. I had not yet begun to imagine what might have been going on during previous days of the festival, or even previous festivals.

?That?s all right. Everybody gives away my liquor.? Slam laughed. ?Kim?s drinking margaritas. Want me to pour one for you??

?Got any Scotch...single malt?? I replied, wanting to sound like the macho-sophisticate that I was not and, hopefully, to gain a point by presenting a request that my host would, most likely, be unable to satisfy-any good bottle of single malt will set you back at least a C note. (These macho games, especially between alpha-males, could be subtle as well as expensive.)

?Straight up or on the rocks?? he replied, his ?game face? not betraying any sign of the contest going on.

?Straight.? The macho drink offered scant cover for my failed maneuver.

?You got it.? he said. ?Kim, why don?t you guys get comfortable and I?ll see if I can find your buddy.?

Kim led me to a compartment that seemed to be sitting room and bedroom combined. There was a couch along one wall while a hastily-straightened king-sized bed filled the opposite corner. A TV/DVD/CD system and small wet bar filled most of the end wall. A traditional bluegrass band harmonized on the CD. On the bar sat three glasses, one of which Kim retrieved as she sat down on the edge of the bed. As she sat, I was surprised to notice the small mirror on the bed, containing several lines of white powder. Her motion caused some of the powder to tumble off of the mirror and, almost without thinking, she licked her finger and gathered up most of the little spill. She then stuck the finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.

I would have been less astonished to see her shit flying monkeys. In almost a quarter century with Kim, I had never known her to so much as touch any of the illegal drugs that I took as often as a poor man possibly could. She noticed the look on my face and misunderstood it.

?Oh! I?m sorry.? she said, holding out the mirror. ?Go ahead. Slam won?t mind if you do a couple of lines.?

I?m not totally stupid. I took the mirror, a rolled up Franklin and snorted up two fat lines of cocaine before I finally asked Kim ?OK. What?s this all about??

?Well,? she started slowly, ?I was backstage tonight talking to Slam just before his last show. We were just talking about the festival and I was telling him about trying to take a shower in the pop-up. You know how hard that is. So he invites me to come back to his bus after the show and use the shower there.? She tried to make it all sound so innocent even though I?m sure it only took his invitation for a shower to get her wet..

?Anyway,? she continued, ?I?ve never turned down a chance to use someone?s shower at MerlFest so I told him I would meet him after they finished playing.?

?That?s when the old bitch showed up and ruined all the fun? This new voice came from behind me and I spun around to see who had suddenly joined our little group.

I had seen Lynn Bash a few times at concerts. She is not a tall woman, rather slim with medium brown hair below her shoulders. Lynn has a beautiful face and a body to match. While I was nowhere near as hot for Lynn as Kim had long been for Slam, I had more than once imagined slowly sliding my dick into her and fondling her modest but beautifully shaped titties.

?You must be Don? she said looking me over and taking one of the drinks from the bar. ?I hope you don?t mind my husband fucking your wife.?

Where the hell was Slam with that Scotch? I really needed a drink now.

?I don?t know.? I replied. ?Do you mind my wife fucking your husband??

She laughed at that. ?Not really, at least not if there?s something in it for me.

Kim interjected at that point, ?Lynn, this is my husband Don. Don, Lynn Bash.

?I think I?m very pleased to meet you.? she said, looking me over again with unmistakable approval. She then proceeded to explain the parts of the story Kim had not yet gotten to. Lynn had planned to visit some friends who lived nearby and was going to spend the night. At the last minute, unbeknownst to Slam, she got a call explaining that one of her friends had come down with the flu and it wasn?t a good time to visit. That?s how she happened to overhear enough of Kim and Slam?s conversation to get the idea of what was going on. ?I wish I had a dollar for every woman Slam has fucked at this festival.? she said. ?He has used that lame shower routine more times than I can count. Anyway, I decided to put my foot down this time. I confronted Kim and told her there was no way she was fucking my husband tonight unless she supplied a man for me too.? At this point she laughed again and grinned at Kim. ?I don?t think I had ever seen a woman?s mind working so hard and so fast. First, she said there was a guy who was a ?friend,? (She made the little, ? ? finger motions in the air) who was really good . He was at the festival and, according to your wife, he had mentioned to her before that he really wanted to fuck me, right Kim?? Kim turned a little red but, before she could reply, Lynn went on. ?The only problem was he would have to slip away from his wife but Kim thought he probably could. The woman is none too bright, according to your wife. What was her name? It was Kim wasn?t it? Anyway, I?m not really that crazy about full beards and I didn?t want to be too cooperative so I told her that the only way she was fucking my husband was if I fucked her husband. Boy, she jumped right on that offer-had her cell phone out and speed-dialed before I finished my sentence.?

I couldn?t hold it in any longer. I thought I might soil myself laughing. It all made sense now-Kim?s desperate voice on the phone; the mystery of why she needed me here when she could get laid by Slam Bash. Kim was giving me a look that seemed to say she was afraid that I might be either furious or crazy or both. I got up from the chair and gave Kim a hug to show her that neither of her fears was justified and whispered to her that I loved her and thought she was the sexiest woman I had ever known.

Kim has this incredible ?Fuck me!? look that she gets far too infrequently but that look was suddenly all over her. She took my face in her hands and proceeded to give me the most sensual, most arousing kiss I had ever imagined. The kiss lingered on and Kim began to make slight moaning sounds deep in her throat. Her fingers began to rhythmically squeeze and release my face, neck and shoulders as her hands moved smoothly over me. ?My God!? I thought. ?I have never known a woman to get so aroused just by a kiss!? It was only then that I opened my eyes and saw, to my astonishment, that Lynn had moved up close to Kim and, kneeling on the floor by the bed, had slid her hand up Kims thigh, under her skirt and was massaging her pussy in the same rhythm Kim was translating onto my body with her hands!

Kim broke our kiss as her breaths began to come faster. Without looking at what Lynn was doing, she spread her legs apart to give the woman better access to her luscious box. Lynn responded by increasing the tempo of her movements and leaning her head close to rub her cheeks and then her lips over the erect nipples straining against the thin fabric of Kim?s shirt. Kim seemed to forget me altogether as she wrapped one hand around Lynn?s head, pulling her mouthtightly onto the turgid bud on her breast. As Lynn began to work on Kim?s nipple in earnest, I realized that, in addition to the slurpy sounds of suckling, I could hear my wife?s pussy actually splashing and slopping as Lynn stroked her clitoris with her thumb and ran her fingers in and out of the hot pussy she obviously desired so much.

Lynn rose from her kneeling position and immediately found herself engaged in a kiss with my wife that was, if possible, even hotter than the one I had just enjoyed. It was obvious, though, that the momentum of things would not allow that kiss to linger too long. In one fluid motion, Lynn pulled Kim?s top over her head and pushed the tall woman with the lovely breasts down on her back on the bed. In another moment she had deftly unzipped my wife?s skirt. Kim raised her hips so that Lynn could remove her skirt without resistance and suddenly, my beautiful wife was completely naked, her legs spreading involuntarily as she reached down to stroke her throbbing pussy that Lynn had temporarily abandoned. But not for long! Like my beautiful, slutty wife, Lynn wore only a thin top and a skirt, no underwear. She discarded these hurriedly, spun 180 degrees, and began to lower her face to the pussy that I had licked many times before. At the same time, she raised one leg, allowing Kim to wriggle under her. Now, Kim was in position to receive Lynn?s pussy and she lowered it onto my wife?s tongue.

Although I had been rendered helpless by the spectacle unfolding in front of my eyes, I now rallied enough to reach out and begin to stroke Lynn?s beautiful ass with one hand, soon applying the other to her breasts. I have never seen a sight nearly so arousing as that of my wife ravenously licking and sucking at Lynn?s swollen pussy. My clothes were gone in a heartbeat. Maneuvering behind Lynn, I positioned my raging boner to penetrate the pussy that was now covering my wife?s face with hot fluid. But before I could drive it home, my wife grasped the tool that had serviced her so often and, without interrupting her ministrations to Lynn?s clit, began to rub it forwards and backwards from the woman?s dripping vagina to her asshole. Just as I thought she was going to insert her toy into her new lover?s pussy, she surprised me by disengaging from Lynn?s furry muff, saying, ?Let me show you something Lynn taught me!? My dick began to slide into her mouth and I chuckled out loud, ?Honey, you already knew how to do that trick.? But my chuckle was abruptly cut off when she took me completely to the back of her throat, deeper that she had ever taken me before, and, seemingly without difficulty, swallowed the head of my member! My dick was in her throat! Instantly, convulsions racked my body and I was helpless to stop the monster load of cum that was blasting from my loins. Kim took the first shot directly down her throat but when she realized that I was cumming, she pulled me from her gullet, allowing me to spew the rest of my load into her gaping mouth and all over her face. I thought it would never stop. She engulfed me again with her lips and soon hot cum was running from both corners of her mouth in addition to the gobs covering her cheeks, nose, forehead, and hair.

Despite the violent orgasm I had just experienced, the excitement of the situation gave my dick absolutely no opportunity to soften at all so I was finally able to insert it into Lynn?s impatient hole while Kim rubbed her cummy face all over Slam?s wife?s pussy. In short order, I was completely buried in Lynn and both women began to moan into each other?s pussys as they approached thundering climaxes. Lynn?s shuddering and the spasms of her pussy muscles when her orgasm began sent me over the edge again and we all came together in one moaning, sweating pile.

?Good God! That was hot!? came the voice. I had completely forgotten that Slam was anywhere around! I don?t know how long he had been standing there watching Kim and I fuck his wife. I really didn?t care. At this point, all I wanted from Slam was a chance to fuck his wife some more and that drink he had originally gone to get for me.

Slam did, indeed, have the scotch and handed it to me with a wink. Kim and Lynn untangled their bodies, slippery with their own juices and my cum.

?Whew!? Lynn exclaimed! ?We picked a pair this time, Slam.? She said, giving her head a shake. ?These people know how to fuck!?

Kim and I both chuckled at that. I think we were both kind of proud to have pleasured Lynn so thoroughly.

?So I hear!? Slam replied, laughing. This time, he grinned at Kim and gave her an exaggerated wink.

Again, Kim turned a little red but she didn?t hesitate for a moment as she slid to the side of the bed where Slam was standing with a hard-on that you could see from the parking lot. Standing up, Kim wrapped one hand around Slam?s neck, pulling his mouth to hers. With her other hand she reached for the woody making the gigantic bulge in Slam?s pants. After a few moments of sucking his tongue, she broke the kiss and, still completely in control, pulled him farther down to take one of her erect nipples in his mouth. With her other hand she began to rub his erect dick through the fabric of his pants. She looked at me and, again, that look told me my wife had completely abandoned herself to passion.

?Slam has a little secret.? she said, her voice had a bit of a husky quality due to her excitement. ?Well, not really a little secret.? As she was speaking, she reached up and undid the button at the top of his jeans. Holding the zipper almost daintily, she slowly lowered the mechanism to the bottom of its travel. Slam took the nipple from his mouth and leaned back somewhat so as to give my wife easier access to his crotch. Without taking her eyes off of mine she slowly slid her hand inside the waistband of his shorts and down to the throbbing member that now seemed to be struggling for release from the constraints of the remaining clothes. I could see the fabric bulge and stretch as Kim took his stiff cock in her hand and began to stroke it slightly. My wife then used her other hand to pull the loosened jeans and the constraining shorts down to Slam?s knees.

I was prepared to be impressed by the size of Slam?s dick; after all, I could see the evidence of the huge bulge he had been sporting since he caught Kim and I fucking Lynn. However, I could not possibly have been prepared for the monster revealed by his falling shorts. Kim is six feet tall, with long fingers to match. Still, she couldn?t even come close to encircling the hard dick she held in her hand. She immediately began to stroke the thing more firmly. Slam remained standing while Kim sat back down on the edge of the bed. Her eyes were getting a glazed look as his dick seemed to become even thicker and harder under her stroke. The way they were turned, Kim could continue to look me directly in the eyes as she pleased her lover. She squeezed his cock firmly twice, from its base to its huge, bulbous head, forcing a very large gob of clear precum from the opening at the end. As the large drop of fluid swung precariously from its fleshy home, Kim leaned close, her eyes still locked on mine, stuck out her tongue and caught the sticky mess from below just before it released. She continued her licking motion so that her tongue gave the end of his massive dickhead a light stroke that cleaned off the remaining cum and left the end glistening with saliva. She might have saved her efforts. Her incredibly erotic actions caused a new and equally large drop of precum to surge from the end of his dick. This time, rather than licking the sweet fluid from his manhood, she gave the end of the heavy flesh in her hand a light kiss. As she drew her mouth away, a heavy string of precum clung to her and connected those luscious, full lips I had kissed so many times with the huge, purple/red dickhead she held in front of her face.

The string continued to stretch until, with a tiny pop, it fell, leaving a little trail of sticky fluid down my wife's chin and neck. Kim licked her lips and again leaned in close to her lover's dick. This time, however, she opened her lips to accept the hard member that was thrust at her face. It was all she could do to get her straining lips around the end of his penis and she had to work just to engulf the head. I could see her cheeks bulge and move as she ran her tongue round and around the massive head of the cock in her mouth. She began to suck on the thing thus creating a vacuum that molded her cheeks to the shape of the end of his dick.

Slam let out a low moan that made it quite plain that he appreciated the talents my wife had developed with her tongue and mouth. Releasing his dick from her hand, she controlled it with only her lips as she began to bob slowly, then faster, up and down on it. Slam seemed to become more and more excited as we watched Kim suck his dick.

"Good God!" he exclaimed with a grunt. "You have to be the best cocksucker I have ever had!" It was easy to tell that he meant it. For maybe a minute we all simply enjoyed the site of his wet dick sliding in and out of my wife's beautiful mouth, each time plunging slightly deeper. Then, with another grunt, he grasped Kim's head between both hands and took over the action. Holding her head firmly, he began to thrust his stiff dick into her, fucking my wife hard in the mouth. The size of his cock seemed to be causing Kim difficulty so I started to insist that he take it easy when, to my surprise, Kim reached up with both hands to grab his ass. Then, when his next thrust carried his dick deep toward the back of her throat, she pulled him toward her sharply and swallowed the huge dick. I would not have believed it possible for any woman to perform such a feat but I couldn't deny the evidence of my eyes. Here was my wife with at least nine inches of the thickest dick I had ever seen buried in her face and she was obviously enthralled by it. Now she was bobbing up and down again but this time she swallowed the monster on every downward stroke, taking it impossibly deep, until his balls rested against her bottom lip and chin.

With a shudder and a roar Slam began to blast a king-size load of cum down Kim's throat. It was too much for her. Even though she had somehow, without any help from me, developed an incredible capacity to suck and swallow cocks, she could not swallow fast enough to handle the gigantic load pouring into her. With a cough and a sputtering noise she jerked his dick from her face spewing great gobs of his cum from her mouth and all over her chin, chest and titties. It took her a few seconds to recover during which time Slam continued to shoot hot white cum all over my wife's face. She managed to recover in time to catch the last thick rope of cum on her outstretched tongue swallowing and savoring it as if it were the first cum she had ever tasted.

Kim seemed reluctant to part with his slowly softening penis. It was as if she was afraid she could not have it back if she ever took it from her body. Eventually, she was forced to give it up as Slam sank down onto the bed.

Lynn and I had only watched, mesmerized as my slutty, expert dicksucking wife performed her tricks on Slam. Now, however, we were both ready for more than just observing. Lynn reclined on the bed, spreading her legs in invitation to me. She inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to hump her hips in rhythm to her thrusts. I immediately clambered on top of the beautiful woman, pausing only to allow Kim to take my dick in her hand and guide my aching member to the entrance to Lynn's wet pussy. Penetrating her in one smooth thrust, I proceeded to fuck Slam's wife again; once more leaving her pussy gaping and leaking cum.

Our passionate bonding seemed to re-energize Kim and Slam.

He pushed her over onto her back and quickly climbed between the legs she spread for him. Before entering her, Slam stopped to watch his wife take my wife's right breast in her hand, fondle it and nestle the bud of Kim's nipple between her lips. However, my beautiful, slutty wife was not in the mood to wait for her dick. She reached down to take Slam's hard-on in her hand. Positioning the head of his dick at my favorite opening in her body, Kim began to hump and wriggle her hips, trying to take him inside even before he moved to enter her.

"There is no way that behemoth can fit into my Kim's pussy!" I thought to myself. "I don't care how wet he has gotten her!" Again though, I was surprised by my wife's capacity to take even this huge dick. Her pussy lips stretched and gripped the head first and then the shaft and the unnaturally large cock sank, slowly but surely, into Kim's body. She began to quiver as she was penetrated deeper and deeper and her moans of pleasure only got louder the more cock that Slam fed into her hole. When he was only about half way inside of her she suddenly stiffened and called out, "Wait! Go slow! Remember this is where you hurt me last time!" Slam slowed his motion until Kim had relaxed somewhat and was ready to take the rest of the dick she craved. His renewed penetration seemed to meet with less resistance now and Kim spread her legs even farther in obvious ecstasy. She would have shouted out in her pleasure had not Lynn left off suckling at her breast and covered Kim's mouth with hers. The two women's tongues danced together and made love on their own.

With still a couple of inches left to go Kim reached once again for his ass cheeks and pulled him into her completely. The two lovers rubbed their crotches together feverishly, Slam trying to reach as deep inside of my wife as he could and Kim trying to rub her throbbing clit against his dick and pubic area. Her efforts must have met with some success because she began to moan into Lynn's mouth as Slam started a slow stroke that brought the head of his dick almost all the way out of her pussy before he reversed direction and began to sink it into her again. This went on for about ten minutes and, though her pussy lips had a death grip on the giant shaft filling her, Kim stretched enough to feel very comfortable with his size. In fact, she was more than comfortable. I had never imagined my wife so carried away with passion in any situation and never even hoped to bring her to that state myself.

Presently, Slam pulled his hard rod out of Kim's pussy and lay down on the bed beside the two women who were still kissing and sucking at each others treasures. It was as if they had rehearsed the move and everyone knew what to do. The ladies disengaged and Kim straddled Slam. Taking Slam's huge dick in her hand, Lynn spread Kim's lips and guided the thing to her hole. Kim lowered her body, impaling herself easily now on her new toy. Lynn attended to both her bed mates with her hands and mouth as my beautiful wife enjoyed the monster in her vagina.

From my perch at the foot of the bed I watched Kim's ass rise and fall onto the giant pole. As much as I enjoyed watching my wife being soundly fucked by the man of her dreams, there was no way I could resist a more active involvement. I moved closer and began to stroke Kim's ass. When I leaned over to kiss my wife's beautiful ass, I could hear the wet squishing noises her pussy made as Slam's dick slid in and out of her.

For a long time, I had harbored a secret fantasy that I was sure would never be fulfilled but on this night anything seemed possible so I determined to share my dream with Kim and her lover. I stood behind my wife, straddling both her and Slam, and crouched down until my aching dick was nudging against the pink rosebud that was my wife's asshole. Kim seemed to know immediately what I had in mind because she stopped her fucking motion and lay forward on top of Slam, presenting her ass to me. I squeezed out a big dollop of my precum and used the end of my dick to paint Kim's asshole with it. She and her lover both lay still while I spread Kim's ass cheeks with my hands and prodded her tight little opening with my meat. Little by little her sphincter yielded to my probe. Once I finally worked the head of my dick into her she was able to take the shaft with relative ease and in a minute more I was buried up to the balls in her ass. At first, our movements were a little awkward, after all, this was the first time for me and probably for Kim too. Soon, though, we found a rhythm and my wife was getting thoroughly fucked in the pussy and in the ass at the Slame time. If I live to be two hundred years old, I don't expect ever to experience anything so intense. Kim's moans and grunts got louder as she took the two plunging dicks. The smell of sex filled the air. There was only a thin band of tissue separating Kim's vagina and her colon and when I shoved my throbbing dick deep into her and held it there I could plainly feel the dick in her pussy as it slid along its course in and out of my wife's sopping wet hole.

This was too much. I exploded once again and filled this sexy woman's bowels with sticky white cum. When, after a minute, my dick began to soften, I pulled it from Kim's butt leaving her asshole gaping open and gooey cum slowly leaking from it.

Finally, Slam's patience began to wear thin and I could tell that he was determined to pound my wife's pussy into submission. Without removing his massive cock, he wrapped himself around Kim and rolled them over so that he was on top. Immediately, he started to pound his heavy meat into Kim relentlessly. Obviously, he was on the verge of climax and he did the gentlemanly thing.

"Oh God!" he shouted. "I'm about to cum! I need to pull out of you!" But, my wife had other ideas.

"No!" was her frantic answer. "I want you inside of me. I want you to cum inside of me! Cum inside of me! Cum inside of me!" she repeated over and over. She was lost in her passion and was aware only of her need for the hot cock assaulting her pussy and the electric sensation that had started between her legs and was now exploding throughout her body. For a third time that night, Kim grabbed Slam's ass with both hands and pulled him tightly against her. As she did so, Slam blasted her insides with a massive load of cum that more than filled up her already over capacity pussy and squirted from around his dick to run down into her crack, joining my cum seeping from her asshole. All this time, Kim was frantically humping against Slam and when she felt his jism filling her pussy her orgasm burst upon her like a summer thunderstorm in Carolina. For the first time in her life, Kim was cumming just from having a man's hard dick moving inside her. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Her orgasm came in waves and seemed to go on forever. The entire world had ceased to exist, leaving only the huge presence between her legs and the overwhelming pleasure it brought.

As intense as it was, Kim's orgasm couldn't last forever. The passionate pair began to breath more easily and Slam slowly pulled his softening dick from Kim's pussy. I could see from the gaping opening it left that my wife's pussy would never be the same after the abuse it had endured and loved. Slam's cum slowly drained from the open hole. All four of us collapsed, exhausted onto the bed.

I was amazed at the transformation that had taken away the woman I had loved for over two decades and replaced her with this insatiable slut. Whatever strange alchemy had produced the phenomenon, I knew that our relationship would never be the same one we had known for so long. My love and appreciation for my beautiful and desirable wife had crossed a threshold onto an even higher plane. Wherever our life's journey together took us from here it would more beautiful and more exciting than my poor efforts could ever convey on paper.

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