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Angel and Devin Revisited, group, bisexual

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I hear the phone ring. It's Angel on the line wanted to know if I can come hang out with her and her husband on Friday night. I told her that I would have to check and get back with her. I told her that I have missed her and that we should keep in better touch with each other. She told me that she hoped I could make it because she has a fun evening planned for us and left it at that.

That set my mind to wondering. I bet we are going to have a wild time. I start to relive the last time I was with her and her husband walked in and joined us. It was amazing. I never knew I could reach the highs that I did with them. I have been aching to get with her again but work and kids kept getting in the way. I decided that no matter what that I am going to their place Friday night. I had to find out what she has in store for us.

I called my mother to line up a babysitter for the kids. I asked her if they could spend the night that I was going to be out late and it would be better. She hesitated and then finally agreed to do that.

Now, I need to look in my closet to see if what outfit I have that will be appropriate for that night. I need something that is sexy and easy to get out of. I have a feeling I won't have clothes on for long or at least I hope that's the case. I have butterflies in my stomach with the prospect of that. I find a low cut top with black laced bra, short skirt and some high heel shoes. I have a nice tan so I am going without hose and panties. I feel like being quite naughty.

I called Angel to let her know that I will be there Friday. I try to get her to let me in on the secret of what we will be doing. She tells me no, that it is a pleasant surprise and that I will have to wait and see. She wouldn't even tell me if there are going to be anyone else there. I gave up and decided I will just have to wait until tomorrow night.

I wake up energized and with great anticipation for tonight. My whole body is tingling and highly aroused. I can't imagine how it's going to be tonight if what I have thought about is going to happen actually does. I head to the shower and let the warm water soothe me. I am so lost in my thoughts that I don't hear Kevin walk in. He looks so good. He came into my life a few weeks ago. He is tall, dark and very handsome. He is so well built and has a great personality to go with his good looks. My heartbeat gets to racing at the sight of him.

He starts to undress. I guess he is planning on joining me in the shower. My gaze travels down his body and stops to focus on his magnificent cock that has pleasured me so often. He notices my gaze and his cock springs to life. He grins and says, "is this what you want?" He grabs his cock and strokes a few times as I watch. I hold out my hand for him to step into the shower.

We immediately lock into a deep passionate kiss as the water flows over both of us. My head is spinning. He has to hold me up and then pushes me against the shower wall holding my hands above my head. He starts to kiss and nibble on my neck then lowers to my chest. He nips at my nipples and they become erect at the first touch of his lips on them. A sigh escapes my lips. I squirm against his restraints of my hands. I want to run my fingers through his hair and to push his head to me but I can't. He wont let me. It's his turn to have his way with me. He won't stop until I have been thoroughly satisfied. Only then will he allow me to touch him and enjoy pleasing him.

He lowers one hand so he can let it roam all over my body. He ignites a flame throughout my body that is setting a trail straight to the area where my body so aches for his touch. He slides his hand in between my legs as I open them up for him. He traces the outer lips with his finger then plunges in opening my pussy up to his touch. He pressed further until he had his fingers dipping in and out of me. He then moves my juices up to my clit so he can rub it like it needs to be done. Devon circles my clit and then flicks some drawing out moans from me in response to the building sexual tension his touch is producing within me. I feel him shifting again to get into position to taste my sweet nectar. He goes to work on my clit and every now and then plunging his tongue into my hole. I start bucking my hips and so needing the release that his is about to bring on with all the manipulation of my pussy. He reaches up and tweaks my nipples. The quick shot of pain just adds to my pleasure and a few more flicks of my clit and I shudder in much needed bliss.

He moves back up against me and leans in to forcefully kiss me. I feel his tongue intruding into my mouth. Our tongues meet and I can taste my own juices on him. I just love the taste. I hungrily kiss him back while he is maneuvering into position to fill my pussy with his thick cock. I groan as soon as I am aware of him penetrating me. It feels so good to have him all the way in me. He starts out slow and moving from side to side as he slowly pumps in and out of me. It's just what I need. I rake my nail across his back and lean down to bite on his neck and shoulder spurring him to keep increasing the pace and force of his strokes. I start sucking on his earlobe and that is enough to send him over the edge with one last stroke in his load explodes against my pussy walls. He cums with such force. I feel him pulse a few more time and then he withdraws so we can finish with our shower.

We get dressed and I tell him about tonight's plans that Angel wants me to come over to her place. He informs me that the reason he was over here this morning was to let me know that he has to fly out for a business meeting this afternoon so he won't be able to go with me. I am a little disappointed but then I will be able to do more with him not going with me. He tells me to have fun and that he will see me when he gets back on Monday. I kiss him goodbye and promises to call him when I get home to let him know how my night went.

Well, I spent the day fixing up the house trying to make the time seem like it was going by faster. I am starting to get a little excited and a little nervous about tonight. There is no telling what Angel has planned. I just know it will be wild and fun but that's what I like about her. She gets me to push my limits. I quit daydreaming and look at the clock. It's time for me to get ready. After a quick shower, I start to get dressed. I want to look the sexiest that I can. I got the hair looking wild with long wavy tendrils framing my face and my makeup is just right. I put on some red stay on lipstick with very shiny lip gloss over it. That makes my full lips looks so kissable.

I take one last look of myself in the mirror. I definitely look rather hot tonight. I hope all the preparation is well worth it. I guess the only way to find out is to head out the door and get over there to see.

I turn onto the street where Angel and her husband live and I notice there are more vehicles parked in their driveway. I wonder if I have made the wrong assumption about tonight. She may not have had the same plans for tonight that I thought she had. I hope I am not too undressed for the occasion. I pull in the driveway and get out of the car. I walk nervously to the door wondering again what I am about to see when she opens the door.

I ring the doorbell and Devon answers the door. He takes my coat and then stands there looking me up and down. He then asked me what took me so long that everyone has been waiting on me to get there. I asked, "who is everyone?". He told me to go into the living room and find out for myself. I hear lots of laughter and banter among the guests. I don't recognize the voices. I walk into the room and get a big surprise. They are all naked and don't seem to care.

I joked that I guess I am overdressed. At that, two women get up and help me out of my clothes. They are really beautiful and have nice full breasts. I am immediately turned on by this. I take notice that there are more women than men in the room. Angel comes over to me and introduces them as their group of close friends that get together from time to time to have some fun together. That they only get together as a group so that no one gets jealous or has their feelings hurt. She decided to invited me into the group so I could explore my sexuality some more and to breathe new energy into the group. She looks into my eyes to see if I am OK with this. I nod my head and tell her to let's get this party going. I am ready for some fun.

That was all they need to hear from me. They make a place for me in the center and then we all start to get better acquainted. I had one big boobed brunette on one side of me and a petite blond with a nice round ass on the other side. I look up and the guys are a stroking while watching watch the woman initiate me into the group.

They start by taking turns kissing me and then I feel lots of hands roaming all over my body. My head is spinning from all this attention. Devon decides that he wants some of the action so he gets in the middle and places his firm cock against my lips. I open my mouth to receive his cock. He lets out deep groan. I work his cock good while I now have someone between my legs. All my nerves are on edge from all this attention. I can't tell who's tongue is lavishing much wanted attention to my pussy but I am really enjoying it. It's almost sensory overload to having a hard cock in my mouth, beautiful women sucking on my boobs and someone sucking on my clit. It doesn't take much more and I have my first orgasm which brings on Devon's. They give me a few minutes to enjoy my orgasm before they position me on my hands and knees. One of the men, then gets up and gets behind me. He rubs his cock along my slit. He spreads my juices all over his cock and then he forcibly enters my pussy. He rams it to the hilt. The blond female positions herself in front me and opens her legs begging me to taste her tantalizing pussy. I lean down and start kissing her thighs before dipping my tongue. It's hard to know which I am enjoying more. The sweet pussy in front of me or the hard cock pounding me in the back.

The harder he pounds me the faster I work my tongue on the woman in front of me. It doesn't take me long to get them both to cum. No sooner had they finished, that two other people were in their place. My tongue and pussy are getting some kind of workout. I use the same technique on her and he is loving how good my pussy feels. They don't last too long either.

Angel decides she has waited long enough. She has enjoyed watching me get so well fucked that she is dripping wet. She comes over and kisses me and then we get into a 69 position. She starts lapping up all those mixed juices. Her pussy taste just as sweet as I remember. It's been a long time but I can still remember how good it felt to be with her. She is so wet that her juices are dripping all over my face. I feel her stick a couple fingers in and it feels good to have her fingers in while her tongue is working my clit. My body starts to quiver as I head on the path to the most intense orgasm of the night. Angel keeps up the pace. She doesn't relent. Her goal is to make me cum like I never have before. She goes to sucking on my clit and that was it. I shudder with such intensity which brings her to completion. She rolls off of me and we both are panting from the exertion.

I cant believe all that has happened tonight. We all take turns showering and getting dressed. I thanked Angel and Devon for a most enlightening experience and asked them to keep me in mind for the next gathering. They promise to stay in touch. My pussy is still pulsing as I walk out the door and get into my car. This will be a night I will never forget. I hope Kevin isn't too upset when I tell him about my night. Oh well, not much I can do about it now. I start the car and head home. I am wore out.

I finally made it home. I strip and get into bed. I am so sleepy now that as soon as my head hits the pillow I am heading off to dreamland but it's going to be hard to top what happened tonight.

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