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An older couple

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I am 26 and prefer to be with older women. I had been with several older women up to this point, but never a couple. This particular time I drove down to Florida to meet this couple I had chatted with a few times. She was 41, about 5'1, petite, with short brown hair and small tits. He was the same age, about 6'0, and medium build.

We met at their place and went out to get some seafood. The conversation was good and we chatted about school, work, sports, whatever came up. The lady was extremely attractive, to me at least (she had just the right amount of age lines and big brown eyes). He seemed like a decent guy, and was interested in me joining them for some fun. She actually started toying my leg with her foot while we ate, I practically lost it right there.

We went back to their place, and before the door was even shut she hit her knees on the kitchen floor. She unzipped my pants and started working on my cock. I looked to her husband to see what his reaction was, because this was new to me, but he seemed to be into it. I grabbed the back of her head and she took my cock into her mouth. I was hard as a rock. Her husband took his cock out and I noticed it was large, 8 1/2 inches and thick. He saw me looking in admiration, and smiled a bit. He started working it as she sucked me off.

Then he came over, picked her up and brought her into the bedroom, I followed and we fucked her in every possible way we could think of. She was submissive, and her husband dominant. I played along and enjoyed every minute of it. He fucked her from behind, pulled her head back and told me to slip my cock into her mouth. We tied her hands to the bedpost, and he took her from the front while I pounded her ass. She moaned so loud sometimes I thought she wanted us to stop, but then she'd scream out for more. We both came all over her face. She cleaned herself up and her husband made up a bed for me on the living room sofa.

I sat up for a long time replaying the events in my head. I finally fell asleep an hour or so later. I woke up with the guy standing over me. He told me to follow him and he took me into a large coat closet. He shut the door behind us. I was extremely uncomfortable because I had no idea what he had planned. He told me to get on my knees. I had never done anything like this before but for some reason I couldn't object. I kept picturing in my head his massive cock. I got down on my knees and he undid his bathrobe.

His cock was soft, but still large compared to mine. He told me to look up at him. At this point I was freaking out, but my own cock was starting to get hard. I'm sure he could sense my nervousness and it probably made him aroused because he got hard then and there too. He told me to open my mouth and I did. He didn't put it in though, he slapped it on my face. I actually enjoyed it and was starting to get aroused even more. This huge slab of cock was slapping me all over the face and all I could do was moan. I started to feel a bit humiliated and jerked away, but he grabbed my head and slid his cock into my mouth - ALL THE WAY IN. The head of his cock alone stretched my mouth wider than I thought possible. I gagged but he held firm, sliding in and out at will. I was so hard at this point, I knew I was enjoying it, but I was still pretending to resist. He had me by the back of the head and was face fucking me. I had never even touched another guy before this point, but he seemed to be able to have his way with me and I couldn't muster a resistance.

He finally pulled his cock out and told me to wait there. He walked out of the closet and a minute later came back with some lube. I started to tell him I didn't think I wanted to but he told me to lube up his cock. I did and as I stroked it on, I knew I had to know what it felt like. It was so thick and hard. He turned me around, took a belt and stuck in my mouth, then put my face against the wall. Then he spread my legs a bit and put his finger in my ass. He loosened me up with a second finger and then wasted no time sliding in his dick. I thought I was going to die right then and there. I bit down on the leather belt and moaned like a little girl. He pounded my ass so hard, but I made sure not to be too loud. He told me this was what I got for fucking his wife. I stroked my own cock, enjoying every minute of it. I'd never been this excited before. He turned me over on my back and with my legs spread eagle fucked me even harder. I took out the belt from my mouth and begged him not to stop. He fucked harder and harder till the pain became so strong I screamed. He took out his cock really quickly and jammed it back into my mouth. He instantly came in my mouth, then took it out and wiped it all over my face. I grabbed him by the ass and pushed him into me, welcoming every bit of it.

The next morning we all had breakfast and I said my goodbyes. I think the wife knew what was going on, and was probably in the room listening. I never saw them again, but I have since replayed the incident with another couple, playing his role and dominated the husband after the wife went to bed.

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