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An interesting night

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My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for years and have an open marriage. We enjoy playing with other couples but we also play alone. She is bi selective and I am straight (I think). I had a very interesting night about a month ago.

I was out of town on business and had a long few days of boring meetings and training. I needed a drink and to relax so I headed for the hotel bar. I was working on my second drink when this woman walked in and sat a couple bar stools from me. I nodded to her as to say hi and told the bar tender to get her a drink on me. She said thank you and moved to sit next to me. She was a pretty woman with a sexy body. She looked to be about 5?7? tall nice firm tits long legs and a prefect ass. She was wearing a short black skirt about mid thigh and a tight white top. Her long curly black hair hung down to the middle of her back. I guessed her to be in her mid thirties. I am 40 so we weren?t too far off in age.

She introduced herself as Angie and we made small talk while we enjoyed our drinks. She was getting friendlier as the night went on. I explained to her that I was married but it was an open marriage. She said she was married too and that they were swingers. She explained they were local and had gotten a room at the hotel for the night and were looking to have some fun tonight. She asked if I liked MFM fun as she slid her hand up my leg to my quickly hardening dick. I nodded and said I like threesomes both MFM and FMF. She was rubbing my cock as she took another drink and waved to a guy across the bar.

He walked over to us and took the seat next to her. She introduced him as her husband Jim. I ordered another round as we began to talk. As the bartender served our drinks I felt Angie unzip my pants. Her hand was in my pants and she was enjoying the fact that I was commando. It was hard to carry on a conversation while she was stroking my dick. Jim broke the ice when he asked if I wanted to join them in their room for some kinky fun. I handed the bartender my credit card and said sure and we were all headed for their room.

As soon as the elevator doors were closed Angie was on her knees and sucking my cock. She looked up and Jim and told him I tasted really good. Jim pulled out his dick and let her stroke it with she sucked me. Jim?s dick was about the same length as mine but a little thicker. Angie was making my balls boil and I was about to cum when I heard the elevator ding. Jim hit the stop button and she continued to suck my swollen member. My knees started to become weak and I told her I was about to cum. Grabbing my ass she thrust my cock down her throat. I felt her tongue lick my balls and I exploded into her throat. She gagged a little and then began to swallow. She sucked me completely dry and put my softening cock back into my pants. Jim hit the button again and the doors opened. Angie stepped out into the hall and said come on boys the night is just getting started.

We followed her down the hall like horny rabbits. Jim didn?t bother to put his dick away so his 7? dick was bouncing as he walked. As soon as we entered the room Angie excused herself to the bathroom to get more comfortable. She told us to be naked and waiting for her when she got back. Jim and I took our clothes off and Jim sat in the chair while I sat on the bed.

Angie came out completely naked walked over to the bed and pushed me back forcing me to lie down. She was beautiful, her nipples were rock hard and her wet pussy was shaved clean except for a little landing strip. She asked if I wanted to taste her pussy and before I could answer she was lowering her wet pussy onto my face. I raised my head slightly and licked her thighs and all around her gooey slit. She moaned as my tongue grazed against her asshole. I licked her rosebud and flicked my tongue into her tight hole. She was moaning loudly and starting to roll her hips against my hungry tongue. Easing my tongue north I parted her lips and slid inside her. She grabbed the back of my head and began to buck against my lips. I quickly found her swollen clit and suck it into my mouth. She had the biggest clit I had ever seen. It seemed to grow as I sucked on it. My tongue was flicking her sensitive nub as I sucked harder. She rode my face hard and screamed ?Oh God!!!? and flooded my face. I lapped as fast as I could to try to catch all her juice as she squirted thru her orgasm.

She turns around and lowers her ass back down on my face. She commands me to lick her tight ass some more. As I am licking her ass she begins to play with my limp cock. I hear Jim get up from the chair. They are kissing while I lick her puckered hole. She tells him to get me ready to fuck her. I feel a set of hands pulling on my balls as a warm mouth begins to work its way down my dick. Angie pushes back against my tongue causing me to penetrate her. I hear her tell Jim to suck me good that she is horny and wants to fuck. Jim is sucking me back to life quickly and I to my surprise I am enjoying having another guy suck me. Angie pushes Jim away and climbed off my face.

She began to slowly lower herself on to my throbbing cock. Her pussy was wet and tight. As the last of my dick slid into her she began to shake. I could feel the walls of her pussy quiver around me. She let out a scream and began to squirt again. Her warm nectar covered my dick and balls as she started to roll her hips and grind her clit against me. She leaned down and began to nibble my ear. Moaning into another orgasm she told me she wanted to see me suck Jim?s cock. I had never touched a dick before let alone suck on. She pulled away and saw the hesitation on my face. She kept fucking slow and hard as she pulled Jim?s cock closer to me. She laid his dick across my face. I slowly opened my lips and she pushed his dick into my mouth. It was a soft texture but very hard and leaking pre-cum. ?That is so fucking hot!? Angie yelled as she started to fuck me faster. I am getting used to the fact that there is a dick in my mouth and starting to enjoy it. The more she fucks me the more cock I suck into my mouth until I have the whole thing down my throat and wanting more. Jim pulls away to keep from coming. I am a little disappointed.

Angie rolls off of me and is on her hands and knees next to me on the bed. She kisses me hard gently bites my lower lip. She asks me how I like sucking cock. I tell her it was my first time but I enjoyed it. She smiles at me and says ?Now fuck my ass.? I didn?t need to be told twice. I got behind her and eased my dick into her sloppy cunt again. I took her juice on my finger and slid it into her ass. She moaned and begged for more. After reaming her with two fingers I pulled my dick out of her and lined it up with her ass. I pushed against her rosebud until my head popped in. She pushed back against me driving the rest of my cock into her. I held still for a minute letting her adjust to me before I started slowly pumping in and out of her. She was fucking back against me in a good rhythm and moaning to fuck her harder.

As I was fucking Angie in her tight little ass I felt Jim climb on the bed behind me. I wasn?t sure what to do. I mean sucking dick is one thing but getting fucked up the ass is another. Angie?s tight ass felt so good squeezing my dick I didn?t want to pull out. I just kept fucking her. Jim pushed me over on to Angie?s back. I kept a good rhythm in Angie as she started to orgasm. Her ass began to spasm around my dick sending bolts of lightning thru my dick. Then it happened without breaking my rhythm Jim entered my ass and was now fucking me the same way I was fucking his wife. There was a sharp pain at first followed by a full sensation. As he fucked me more the feeling changed to one of intense pleasure. There I was in the middle of an ass fuck sandwich with a couple I had just met a few hours before and loving every minute of it. Jim started to fuck me hard and fast and I knew he was not going to last much longer. I could feel my balls starting to tingle and knew I would last much longer either. I felt Jim swell in my ass as he shot his load into me. This put me over the edge and I unloaded into Angie. We all collapsed into a pile on the bed catching our breath.

Angie was the first one to get up and when she did she buried her face in my upturned ass. She proceeded to lick and suck Jim?s cum from my leaking hole. Afterwards she headed off to the bathroom and told us she would be back in a minute for round two.

We all sucked and fucked each other the rest of the night in every way imaginable. I didn?t head for my room until after 8:00 am. I had a couple short meetings that morning before catching my flight home that afternoon. I am not attracted to men and don?t consider myself gay or even bi, but I am looking forward to seeing Angie and Jim again next month when I go back.

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