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An awesome 3-sum

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We agreed to meet at a local bar/restaurant the first time, to see how the chemistry was. She was a brown-haired vixen, slim, with nice perky breasts with nipples that were noticeable through the thin material of the blouse she was wearing. He was tall and well built, and I could tell by the way he introduced her, that he loved, no, adored her. She was vibrant and led much of the conversation, which on several occasions came back to sex. She spoke unabashedly and openly. I took a shine to her quickly, and knew she was sincere. It was easy to see that he wanted very much to please her, you could even see it in his getting up to refill our drinks when they were empty, and agreed with anything she said. Things were going to be a LOT of fun I thought. She read my mind, and said that they both felt very comfortable with me and hoped I'd be interested in a little more "intimate" fun with them. I smiled and told her just say when and where and I am there. Grinning, she told me there was no time like the present, and as she started to slide away from the table she added "I sure could use a good hard fuck” I couldn’t have gotten up faster without injury. She motioned me to follow her and I walked out next to her with him following, a step behind. She tossed her key over her shoulder and said "You lead the way. I'll drive with our new friend and make sure he gets to our house OK." As I drove her the mile or so to their house, she reached over and started stroking my cock through my slacks, unzipped me, and pulled my cock out. Telling me to follow her husband and that he’d be making a left after the next stop sign, she lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. She ran her lips up and down the shaft a few times, stopping to peak her head up to tell me to make the left here, and then it would be 2 blocks and a right. Back her mouth went to my cock, licking and sucking. I saw the car I was following slow and turn right, into a driveway. Following, I pulled up in the driveway, as she stopped sucking and said with a wink “Let’s finish inside.

Once inside she told her husband to go upstairs, turn on some music, and get comfortable in the chair. Then she turned to me and kissed me. Her tongue sought mine, and they twirled together in an exploratory tango. Our hands followed our tongues; lead and began to explore, both sets of hands roaming the bodies of their soon to be lovers. She stepped back, grabbed the bottom of her blouse and lifted it free, and tossed it to the couch, grabbing my hand and saying "let's go" Upon entering the room, I saw her husband sitting in a high-backed chair in just his boxers, a tent fairly visible in the crotch. I laid the lady back on the bed and kissed her lips. I reach my hand down and unzipped her skirt, helping her to step out of it. I kissed her neck and down her chest, sucking her nipples into my mouth, gently nibbling and sucking. Then announcing my plans to both of them, I said, "I am going to lick that delicious looking pussy of yours." Making my way down there I could smell her wonderful musky aroma. I lapped at her and could taste the juices that were already flowing. MMMmmmmm she purred as I licked her slit and sucked on her love button. "I want to feel you inside me, roll over." she said. "Hun..." she said addressing he husband for the first time since arriving here, “come here.” As I lay on my back, she climbed over me, looking down at me. She told him she wanted him to prove to her it was OK that she fucked me, and the only way she would really know was if he helped. She told him to take hold of my cock and rub it against her pussy to wet it as she lowered herself down. I felt his grip on my cock, firm but gentle. As I felt her pussy touch my cock, he rubbed it up and down her slit.

"Is it good and hard?" she asked.

"Yes, I think he is ready, and it looks like you are too, by how you coated his member with your juices." "I want you to stroke him a few times to be sure his cock is good and hard, and ready for me." She told him. I shuddered as I felt his hand slid up and down my shaft . Three or four pumps and we were in business. MMMm it felt good. Still holding onto my cock, he pointed it straight at her pussy, and held it in place as she lowered herself down... sliding over my cock, and against his hand, until in one smooth motion, she had my entire shaft inside her. I could feel the intense heat of her pussy on my shaft. Slowly at first she raised and lowered herself on my cock. Then arching her back she leaned forward a bit, and I reached for her breasts, pinching the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned with delight. 'Rub my clit." she told him, and he reached around and stroked and flicked it a few times before she said "I want you to eat me and suck my clit while he fucks me" She leaned all the way back on her legs, my cock still sawing away at her lovely pussy. He got onto the bed, and leaned over my abdomen trying to reach her pussy with his tongue. I could feel his warm breath on my stomach. Then I felt him close in on her clit, and as he pressed his tongue against it, I could feel my cock sliding against his tongue.

"Hold on a minute I told him, slide up on the bed on your back, head towards the bottom of the bed. I told her to roll over on all fours above his face. I crawled in behind her and slipped my cock back into her warm, inviting pussy. “Now, lift your head up and lick her clit while I take her from behind." I told him. He did as he was told, and licked her for all he was worth. As I fucked her hard, I could feel my balls brushing against his forehead with each stroke. his tongue also paid a little attention to my cock as it pumped into his wife's hot pussy, licking it now and then. We continued to fuck for about 10 minutes, until I felt my balls tighten and knew I was close. I moaned that I was going to cum soon, and with that, she cried out an "UUuuuuggghhhhh.. yessss......"" and I felt her cunt squeezing my cock in waves as her orgasm consumed her. Her knees buckling, she lowered herself onto her husband’s torso, as I gave a few more strokes and knew it was imminent. With one final thrust, I pulled out and saw the first rope of cum splatter on the middle of her back. The second and third landed on the crack of her ass and started to drip towards her pussy. I slid my cock between her crack rubbing it in my cum and coating my cock, as well as her pussy and ass, just inches from his face. She slipped off of her husband and lie next to him on her stomach a moment, catching her breath. I heard say to her husband “That was wonderful but I want more...” Turning to me she asked “can you go again?” Smiling I tell her “just seeing your naked body will probably be enough to get me hard again quickly.” “Would having your cock sucked help?” she asked with a wry smile. “It sure can’t hurt,” I say with a chuckle.

“Honey,” she said to him, “I want to make sure he can fuck some more. I want you to use your mouth to clean that cum from his cock, and to get him hard again.” Tentatively he looked at us both, but the look in her eyes upon his hesitation got him moving. I sat on the end of the bed, and told him to come around in front of me and kneel on the floor. I can see he is not too sure about it, but he takes my cock in his hand and lightly licks the tip with his tongue, and the ice is broken. Gradually he got more comfortable and started to take more of my cock in his mouth. I gave him encouragement and direction.. “yeah, that’s it...” “ A little slower...” and “Now lick the head a bit...” She smiles as he gets my cock hard. I puled my cock from his mouth and told him he has done well, but I think that she could use a little attention, too. First she needs that cum cleaned off her back. He leans over her and licks the first trail of cum from her back.

Rolling over onto her back, she tells him to eat her, to lick her clean. Needing no further directive, he promptly climbed between he legs and started licking her up and down, running his tongue along the folds and dipping between them, hitting her love button. she pulled her legs back wider and opened herself up to him, as her continues to lick every inch of her pussy and down to her ass, and back again. He obviously knew how to please her with his mouth. Amid her increasing pleasure she managed to reach over to the night stand and toss me a tube of lubricant. I smiled at her questioningly, and she pointed to her husband. I nodded my understanding, and squeezed a bit of the lube onto my fingers, and breathed on it to warm it up. I stepped in behind him as he ate her, and squeezed his ass cheek lightly, letting my thumb press gently against his anus. Using the fingers with the lube, I slowly inserted just the tip of the middle finger inside. He stopped for a second, as he realized what I was doing, then quickly turned his attention back to her pussy. Gradually I allowed more of my finger to enter his virgin ass, and worked it around some. When I felt he was ready I added a second finger a little at a time.

At this point I knew he was ready, so I put some of the lube on my own cock, and placed it against his ass, with enough pressure to push against his ass, but not enter him. I told him I wanted him to lean back against my cock. He pushed back slowly as my cock pushed against his ass and finally it relented and took me in. I slid in and out slowly at first, only half my shaft entering him. Fortunately I am average in cock size and he was fairly comfortable. “Lick her cunt,” I told him, “while I fuck your ass.” His ass was sooo tight, I knew I would not last long, and by the was she was squirming, I knew she was about to explode too. I began to thrust a little hard and each time I moved forward, I could hear her moan louder, as I pushed his face further into her cunt. As her cries got louder and more urgent, I held onto his ass and exploded several waves of cum into his it. She knew I was cumming and it set her off and her legs clamped onto his head and she came for what seemed like minutes. My softening cock, slid from his ass, and we all fell in a pile, drained and sweaty. She was in the middle, with the guys on each side. I reached and stroked her body lightly, then leaned over and gave her a kiss. telling her tonight had been awesome. I hoped it didn’t have to end yet. She laughed and said “the night is still young.... maybe we can tie him up for a while so WE can play some more...” but THAT part may be better left for another entry.....<wink>


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