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An Adult Theater Encounted

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Believe it or not, there are lots of couples who lke to swing in adult theaters. In my small town there were several couples who were regular at our adult theater and loved taking on the extra guys ang the thrill of exhiition. I hope my anonymous coulple sees this where ever they are now, so maybe we could get together in the future.

I live in a small Texas college town, where the adult theater bookstore closed this year. Before it closed it was a hotbed of anonymous sex. With a bookstore and videostore in front, video booths to one side and a full seat theater in the back, lots of men would meet and suc each other off, or maybe fuck each others in the booth. However there was the occassional couple who would show up and prowl around.

I walked in on a weeknight about 10:00 pm and saw noone but the clerk and a couple looking at the video displays. I was on my was to the theater and made eye contact with the brunette with the glasses and the one piece stripped knit dress standing with her boyfriend/husband. I returned the eye contact, said hi, and lookedthe pair up and down before going into the theater.

I sat in the back rown, against the wall, and there was one man to my far right, another ahead a few rows. Minutes later the couple entered, she looked at me again, then sat down in the seat in front of me. She intentionally moved her husband from her left to her right then slipped down low in her seat.

As was usual for me, I pulled out my cock. The man to my right already had his cock out and made eye contact and nodded for me to sit next to him. Normally I would have sat next to the man and we would have sucked each others cocks.

But I was interested in the couple in front of me. I saw her feet were spread on the seat in front of her, and her husband was leaning into her clearly feeling her pussy. I became bolder and unbuckled and lower my jeans, and unbuttoned my shirt completely. Now very exposed and nearly naked.

The couple shifted. She sat up, pulled down the top of her dress exposing her sizeable tits, looked back to see me exposed stroking my hard cock, then dropped her head in her husbands lap. I sat up to see her sucking on hi long hard cock. As I watched she looked up at me, and winked. She stopped sucking for a moment, whispered to her husband, then turned in her seat to face me. She reached over and pulled on my cock, then said stand up. I stood up, looking completely naked, and she leaned in to suck on my cock. I dropped my shirt into the seat as the man to my right moved in close to watch her suck my cock. She noticed the man, pulled my cock from her mouth, pointed at the man next to me and he started to suck me hard.

By now she kneeled up on her seat and had me bend down to kiss her as her husband was also completely turned in his seat, shirt also opened, and pants at his ankles stroking his cock. We stopped kissing and she held my cock, pulling it from the sucking lips. With another hand she pushed her husband's head down to suck on my cock, and she loved watching it, and urged him to suck it, and suck it. WHen her husband took his mouth off my cock she whisper for me to join them. So I grabbed my shirt and pulled my jeans up a little and walk around to their row with my cock pointing the way. I was standing nearly naked when a fourth man entered the theater already excited aout the action he saw.

I seated myself to the woman's left and saw her dresses pushed up and pushed down, bunching around her waist like a belt. She turned and started to suck me again, and stopped to tell her husband to fuck her. He stood behind her and slid his cock in her pussy and fucked her as she sucked me. This continue for some time, during which two men behind me with hard cock were standing and watching. I turned to my left and opened my mouth and starting sucking the cock in front of me. The woman stopped, and said this is so far out, then continued to suck me as I sucked another cock.

Soon her husband was about to cum and I saw him push hard and orgasm in her pussy. The woman stood up when her husband pulled out, palmed her pussy, then licked what must have been her husband's cum off her hand. I let the cock frop from my mouth to see this, then she kissed me, and I could taste her tongue push her husband's cum into my mouth. She was holding my cock and asked if I liked it, I said I loved it so she pulled her husband closed and pushed his cock into my mouth. I liked it clean then sat back. She kissed me again and said she could taste the cum, then asked if she could sit on my cock. I held it up as she slid that wet cum filled pussy down over my cock and started to ride it up and down.

Whie she fucked me, she leaned over my shoulder to suck the cock behind my head, and I would turn to suck the cock to my left. I heard the man behind me start to cum, so I stopped my own sucking to see her swallow his load. But she didn't swallow, but turned to me and let the cut pour from her mouth down on my chest where she rubbed in all over me with her hand. The man was still hard and stroking to my left so we both shared the cock back and forth. When she anticipated he was about to cum, she held the cock while she pulled and sht his cum on my face and chest. I continued to fuck her as she licked the cum from my face. Soon enough I could feel the cum rise in my cock and filled her pussy.

When she climbed off my cock she bent down to lick me clean, and her husband tongued and licked up my cum from her ass and pussy. We had all cum so dressed, and left the theater. I talked with the couple outside, and invited them to my place, but they were hesitant. So we departed saying maybe we would meet again.

The following week, same time, same place. I saw their car in the lot, so entered the theater. When I entered I saw my brunette with the glasses, completely naked, riding the cock of her equally naked husband, while she was taking a cock in her mouth. I stepped into their row, dropped mst of my cothes and fed my cock to her husband. Again she took a mouthful of cum and spit it over her husbands chest. I fucked her before he finished, because she had me take her husbands cum and told me to swallow.

We repeated these theater session 3 dfferent times. And then I never saw them again. It wasn't my first theater experience, but it was one of the best.

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