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Amsterdam Vacation Part 1

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Amsterdam Vacation Part 1 My wife Mary and I finally had some time to take a long overdue vacation. Both of us are in our early forties and have kept ourselves in decent shape. My wife did a better job of taking care of herself but I had been working out to lose those extra 25 pounds and was about half way to my goal. She is a brunette with shoulder length hair and nice a 38D chest, nice firm ass and firm thighs. She has curves in all the right places. Our sex lives had drastically slowed down due to kids, jobs etc, and this trip was supposed rekindle the passion. One of my close friends had recommended Amsterdam because of the sights; cafes and the sexually charged atmosphere. Their Amsterdam visit had helped to rekindle their sex live and opened his wife to new experiences.

Mary had become very straight laced and if I wanted sex it had to follow a very prescribed routine, don?t get me wrong her pussy was still delectable and still very tight even after a couple of kids. Once she gets hot she can still fuck like an eighteen yearly old, she just keeps on going but the whole spontaneity had gone. Blow jobs were special treat and anal had been removed from the menu. This had me hoping more than ever that this vacation could help to turn the back the clock on my modest, proper and very predictable wife.

Since this trip was long coming we splurged on business class plane tickets and a luxury hotel suite. The hotel was in the old part of the city with everything within ready walking distance. The first couple of days we spend sightseeing and getting over the jet lag. We enjoyed the Amsterdam?s many canals and attractions and the sex was good but very predictable. It would start with lots of foreplay, eating her pussy until she would beg me to fuck her. Then we would finish with me pounding her doggy style until I blew my load in her cunt.

There were some promising signs that Amsterdam risky side was having an effect on my demure wife, she surprised me with an almost shaven pussy. There was a little brown patch above her clit that is all that remained of her full bush. We spend that afternoon in bed with some of best sex in years; her smooth pussy felt like silk and she was wetter than she had been in a long time. The next day she confided in me that she was very horny and her newly trimmed pussy hat put her in near constant arousal.

This gave me the chance that I had been waiting for. I told her to get ready for a very special romantic evening and send her off with a ridiculous amount of money to buy a new sexy evening dress. I made her promise to buy something very revealing, something she would never wear out at home.

Virtually as soon she was gone I started to make some discreet inquiries for the right kind of setting to make my fantasies come true. I got an appointment at a very well maintained row house in a residential neighbor hood. I was let into the office by a young blond sexy German woman dressed in a black pencil skirt and very tight see through blouse. The clearly bra which was barely keeping her cleavage in check, it must have been a very full D cup. In the office I was introduced to the mistress of the establishment, a striking redheaded lady that made my cock jump instantly. She flashed me a smile and I could not resist taking a peek at her blouse which was just gaping in all the right places showing the tops a perfect set of braless tits. They looks like perky B cups which went perfectly with her well toned figure. She spoke with a slightly British accent and after some small talk we got down to the purpose of my visit. She asked what my wishes were. I told her that one of my biggest fantasies was to watch my wife seduced and the used by another woman and maybe later join in. She smiled and nodded at my request and then she asked to see a picture of my wife. I pulled out my cell phone and showed the lady of the house a recent snap shot of my wife. She nodded in apparent appreciation, murmuring to herself that she would do well. She wanted to know if my wife had ever expressed any interest in being with another woman and if we had ever engaged in any S&M. I told her that we experimented with tying her up, blind folds and dildos. Mary had enjoyed these sessions hugely practically drenching the bed with pussy juice and coming almost continuously. I confided that our last session was many years ago but that I was sure that she secretly wished to be dominated by a woman. At that revelation the beautiful lady leaned back and a slight smile crossed her lips. I think my cock was getting ready to burst; the situation was almost too much. There I was in Amsterdam discussing with a beautiful mistress how to seduce and fuck my wife. She asked if we had engaged in swinging and I informed that I tried to convince Mary but she had always rebuffed my suggestions. She asked about affairs as far as I knew she had been faithful. The next questions caught me slightly off guard as the mistress asked how I feel about gang bangs. We being typical male I told her that I always wanted to be part of one but never had the opportunity. She shook her head and no I she wanted to know about Mary getting gang banged. That took me aback and I told her that I never thought about it, in my fantasies it was always some hot woman not my wife Mary. The mistress informed me that most women can please more than may need more than one man once they get sexually aroused. She also informed me that most woman typically quite enjoys the experience once they get over the initial taboo. While I was pondering that revelation the sexy blond minx that met me at the door entered the room. The mistress informed Katrina that my wife and I would be joining tonight?s black tie reception. The mistress turned towards me and informed me that the reception was a gathering of similar minded people and the perfect setting to see if Mary would avail herself of the opportunity. She also informed me that the upstairs bedrooms were all setup with the proper implements, two way mirrors and cameras. If all went as planned I would end up with one hot dvd. We discussed the fee which I thought to be quite reasonable and the amount was quickly settled. The mistress insisted on a few more conditions; one I was not to fuck or make my wife come only try to highly stimulate her. Secondly we should eat a light dinner. Thirdly we to take care of that pointing at my bulging pants so that you can keep your hands of your wife. I immediately had dreary visions of jacking off alone in the hotel bathroom. She then instructed Katrina to give me a tour of the bedrooms. We made our exit and I followed Katrina up the stairs with her delicious ass swinging left to right in front of me. We entered one of the bedroom?s which was appointed in a plush French d├ęcor with a wall of mirror and mirrors on the ceiling. There was a very large bed and a day bed. When I turned around Katrina was nearly naked only her sexy white lace panties and bra remained. She informed me that I was to use her in any way so that I would be ?relaxed? for tonight?s reception. My reservations immediately vanished once she pressed her smoking hot body against mine. She kissed me while her hand cupped my erection trough my pants. In no time I was kneading her flawless white titts while she was deep throating my seven inches like a pro; so much for my predictable boring sex life. In no time I blew my load deep down Katrina?s throat. I came so hard that my knees almost buckled. She kept a tight grip around the base of my cock not letting it go soft keeping it just as hard as before. She led me by my dick to the bed and undressed me, stepping out of her tiny thong panties and expertly maneuvering us in a 69 position. The minx continued immediately to slurp and suck my cock making as hard as before. Having a perfectly shaved young pussy in front of me I dove right in. I must have been hitting the right spots as I was hearing appreciative moans from around my dick. I also took the opportunity to pay attention to her rosebud. My morning had definitely gone well; here I was getting sucked by a beautiful young woman and I was just about to fuck her sweet pussy and maybe more. She raised her ass and spun around and in one smooth motion sunk my dick deep into her cunt with a deep sigh. That was the youngest pussy I had in years and it felt like heaven. She was riding me hard and fast and I could feel another load starting to boil in my balls. I could her feel her climax and her serious pussy contractions almost made me blow my load had I not just come. I wanted to take advantage of her all she had to offer. I maneuvered her so that she was spread wide in front on me. I could see the wetness had run down to her little hole so little lubrication would be needed. Feeling a little more in charge I told the little whore to pull her legs up so that I can fuck her ass. Her instant response of ?yes masters? almost made me lose my load right there and then. I lined up my hard dick at her little opening and was ready to push in slowly as Katrina begged me to fuck her ass hard. With one hard shove I impaled her sweet creamy ass, I could see her biting her lower lip but she made no sound. I proceeded to fuck her hard just looking for my pleasure and release, again she urged me on with ?harder? barely audible through her tightly pressed lips. I could not take it anymore and blew my load deep in her bowels. I collapsed on top of her thoroughly spend, but still deep inside of her. I could feel her slowly working her muscles to push my shrinking member out of her. Once we were disengaged and I had recovered she led me to a lavishly appointed bathroom. She turned on the shower and pulled me into the large stall. She proceeded to wash and gently massage my muscles paying special attention to my dick which almost got hard again. She held my dick in her hand asked if I wanted to use her again but I declined letting her know that I needed something left for tonight?s activities. I left the bathroom refreshed and surprisingly new under garments were waiting in the bedroom, talking about first class service. If you have never been dressed by a beautiful young naked woman I can highly recommend it. After dressing Katrina led me to the front door still completely naked where a private car was waiting to whisk me back to the hotel. She kissed me good bye in full view of the driver which did not seem to bat an eyebrow.

After a treatment like this I was more determined than ever to improve our sex live. I got back to the hotel before Mary arrived allowing me time to redress in my own things as I did not want to leave any evidence of my little adventure.

I was just enjoying the first sip of a scotch on the rocks from the mini bar, when my wife came back. She looked a little blushed with her eyes wide open. She dropped her garment bag on the bed. She grabbed my scotch and gulped it down, and then she sat down on the bed. She looked at the floor slowly shaking her head. Then her story poured out of her. She had been shopping and looking at this sexy navy dress and then she realized that with the open back and plunging neck line she also needed new lingerie. None of the bras she had brought would work and going without was not a really an option as her tits are still firm but need a little support. She had a quick private chat with the female boutique owner to ask where she could buy some lingerie that would work with the dress. She let the owner know that this would be for a very special evening and it had to be perfect. She smiled and let me wife know that she just the place and that the owner was a very special female friend of hers. A cab quickly took my wife over to the lingerie store. She entered the tiny store and was immediately greeted by an attractive lady about the same age as my wife. My wife introduced herself and mentioned that she was send here by the dress shop. The lady introduced herself as Nadia. Mary quickly explained the situation and Nadia nodded understandingly. Nadia quickly locked the front door and pulled the shades. Mary was taken a little aback but Nadia assured her that this was normal and in this way they could work undisturbed and would not have to worry about getting interrupted. She asked my wife to get out her street clothes and before much ado she was ushered into a small changing room. She efficiently stripped to her underwear and exited the changing room. Mary was a little concerned about her normal underwear being surrounded by beautiful lingerie. Nadia was waiting for her with a fluffy robe which was wrapped around my wife after Nadia looked her over critically. ?Nice; you keep yourself in shape that will make this a lot more fun.? she uttered. Mary was a startled but also pleased with this professional opinion. The new evening dress was out of its bag hanging on a mannequin. Nadia looks at my wife your wear a 38 D correct? Yes stuttered my wife ?how did you know?? Nadia laughs and lets Mary know it is her job to know. In the meantime she had selected a few very sexy selections consisting of bra, panty and garter belt. They narrowed it down to three choices, now you have to try them on insisted Nadia. My wife turned around and made her way to the dressing room. She quickly undressed taking a second to let her fingers fly over her clit and sliding a finger inside her very moist slit. A moan escaped her lips and that snapped her back to reality. She dressed and stepped out into the shop. Nadia was giving her a critical look over and then helped Mary into her dress. This lingerie set was not quite right as some parts were peeking past the dress. The dress came back off quickly, with Nadia incidentally brushing over my wife?s breasts. That little contact sends a shiver all over my wife?s body and made her nipples hard as rocks. She hustled back in the changing room forgetting to close the door tightly. She pulls off the lingerie and put one leg on the bench and takes a little time to admire her naked self in the mirror. Her pussy is puffy and her clit is engorged, she cannot resist and she works her finger over her clit and slides two fingers in her cunt. Mary tears herself away from her pleasure and scolds herself for being such a horny slut. The second set of lingerie slides on quickly and then she realizes that door was just open enough to possibly allow Nadia to see what she was doing. Mary blushes as she sees Nadia standing with crossed arms and pursed lips. ?No no? she announces, ?you are not putting them in correctly?? ?What, what are talking about?? stammers my wife. ?Your bra!? states Nadia; ?Your breasts are not positioned properly. Let me show you? Before my wife can put up any resistance, Nadia unsnaps my wife?s bra and slides it off. Now her hard nipples are on full display. ?Let me show you? Nadia casually mentions as she is slipping out off her blouse. Off comes her bra exposing a beautiful set of full C cup breasts. She puts her bra back on with the straps hanging loose, and then she bends over and pulls up the cups and sleeves and straightens up. ?See now my breasts are perfectly seated.? Nadia explains. My wife straps her bra and follows the same procedure with her firm derriere pointing towards Nadia. She straitens back up and admires the better fit in the mirror. All of sudden she feels two arms wrapping around her middle and a set of naked breasts pushing in her back. My wife is standing perfectly still as Mary whispers how beautiful she is in her ear. Under her hot breath tickling Mary?s neck she tells my wife that she watched her pleasure herself in the changing room. Nothing to be ashamed off a beautiful woman like you needs to be pleasured regularly. My wife?s head is spinning as she has never been in this situation. She should leave but her overheated pussy is keeping her right there. Nadia hands are now roaming all over her body and she can see every detail in the mirror right in front of her. ?Do you want me to continue?? Nadia seductively purrs. My wife?s mind is racing her demure rational mind tells her to leave while every fiber in her body wants Nadia to continue. Nadia removes her hands and spins my wife around and looks her into her eyes ?Tell me what you want, Mary do you want this? Or do you want to leave?? My wife is looking in the blue eyes of this beautiful half naked woman and after a few seconds. She starts ?I want? but I have? I don?t know?? ?shh? Nadia exhales ? I will show you everything? and firmly grabs my wife hands and places them on her breasts. She pulls my wife close and kisses her on the lips. That broke down the last of the resistance, my wife was butter in her hands. They passionately kiss and explore each other?s luscious bodies. My wife bra comes off quickly, followed by Nadia?s skirt. Nadia moves my wife to the counter and tells her bend over and too hold on. Her hands are flying over my wife?s body cupping her hanging breasts and then stopping at the panties. Nadia works her fingers under the elastic on her hips and slowly pulls them down. Mary can feel Nadia?s excited hot breath on her ass. Mary steps out of the panties and then feels Nadia?s hands between her thighs urging her to open up and spread her legs. Her steaming muff is now fully exposed to Nadia gaze. She wastes no more time and starts to kiss my wife?s globes working her way to the Mary?s glistening cunt. She spreads my wife?s cunt lips and starts running her tongue up and down my wife?s cunt. Mary is now panting with pleasure from the expert ministration of Nadia?s tongue. Just about when is about ready to come Nadia stops all my wife can do is plead with her to continue. ?What are you willing to do?? asks Nadia as she casually lets her fingers slide in and out of my wife?s pussy. ?Uh, ahh everything you want.? My wife relents, ?just make me come please.? Nadia similes and tells my wife what a good little slut she is. Then she dives in and gives my wife a great orgasm. ?Now it is your turn, my little slut.? Nadia announces expectantly. My now eager wife pulls down Nadia?s panties and reveals a completely shaven cunt. Even though Mary was inexperienced she quickly learns under the expert guidance of Nadia. She is sucking on Nadia?s clit when she grabs my wife?s hair and pushes her firmly into her pussy. Nadia comes with a long moan and a little gush of clear pussy juice squirts in my wife?s mouth. She swallows as she is very surprised that a woman can squirt. Nadia pulls her up and starts kissing Mary and they end up in a passionate French kiss. ?Did you like drinking my come my little slut? Nadia asks. ? Yes I loved pleasing you, mistress? but Nadia is not quite done with my Mary. ?Ever used one of these?? She asks as she pulls out a very large double headed dildo from behind the counter. ?no mistress, not one that big? answers Mary and she is biting her lips. Mary looks at the dildo and it must be at least 7.5? around and 20 inches long. Both women get on the floor and Mary spreads her legs and Nadia slowly starts working the dildo in her pussy. She is so wet that the first 2 inches go easily but then she feels the immense girth spreading her cunt wide. ?That is it!? Nadia hisses out? take it slut? as she works the dildo into my wife?s cunt until a good 9 inches are disappeared. ?How does it feel slut? asks Nadia. ?I have never been this full it feels good.? responds my wife. Nadia sits down and efficiently works her end of the dildo into her pussy. She flashes a smile at my wife and states ?All it takes is practice and your pussy can accept even the biggest cocks.? Their pussies are now touching and their clits are rubbing together. They develop a rhythm and both women furiously rub their pussies to get their ultimate release. Her orgasm was quickly building with one last thrust she and Nadia go over the edge. My wife screams her release. She looks over at Nadia?s sweat glistened body and smiles. They disentangle themselves and head to the small restroom to freshen themselves up. With a lot of gently fondling both women are cleaned. They settle on the final selection of lingerie with a lot touching and teasing. Nadia finally gets dresses and gives my wife her phone number urging her to call and she would setup a very special evening for my wife and me.

At this time my pants are massively tented and if I had not been drained by the young buxom German sex machine; I would have come half way through her story. I try to keep my cool and tell her to get ready for our dinner while I think. She hangs her head low, apologizes for her slutty behavior and heads into the bathroom to get ready. I know now have the perfect setup for an evening to change our lives forever.

END of Part One

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