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Alice's Class Reunion

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Alice and I had been together a while and she got a notice in the mail one day about her class reunion in Alabama where she grew up at. Are you going to go I asked her. No, they are all a bunch of asses. I had hardly any friends in that school and besides, I was a real misfit. How, I asked her. Well, you know, a book worm, glasses the whole bit. Okay, but why not go I asked her. I don't know, maybe. The subject dropped for a week then one day she said, I think I will go to the reunion, you going with me? Sure I told her, love to. OKay, maybe I can break into the group this time. I have changed a little since then. Really, how have you changed. Well, I was a virgin til I got married you know. No I told her you never mentioned it. All the other girls that I knew were getting it and I never did, too shy and a prude to the max she told me. Well, that has certainly changed I told her. She esnt in that we would be there and when the time came we made the drive the Alabama. Alice wore her thong, nippless bra, sandals and a flowing sun dress that had this shoulder straps. It was low in the front and her bra made her titties stick out more than usual. She had contacts now and to me from the old high school pics was unrecognisable. We checked in and she put on her name tag and walked into the main room. Several people looked at her trying to figure out who she was and finally a cute red head came over and hugged her, then a second lady came over but was definitly not a friend by her hug, one that put Alice off more than anything else. Well ,we sat down and ate while speeches were made and everyone told everyone how they had not changed (lies to the max here) and Alice was getting rather pissed at the one that was obviously an old enemy. Finally Janet crossed the line and really pissed her off and Alice got in her face, "Look, just because you were the most likely to fuck anyone why are you on me now?" That began a fight of insults back and forth with a group gathering around. Well, it got worse and worse and finally Alice slapped the shit out of her, she fell on her ass and just stared up at her. Alice stood over her and said, Anything else you wanna say, say it now in front of everyone. She just sat there and started crying. Alice reached out and helped her up and they hugged. Janet was still crying and Alice was hugging her. Suddenly Janet says, I have always been jealous of you. Why Alice asked her, you had all the guys you wanted. She said to Alice, but I didn't want any of them, even now you have a boyfriend and I am here alone. Alice took her hand and they sat at a table and I went for another drink. They were talking now, more friends than before. I came over with drinks for the three of us and they were still talking and sipping their drinks. I was listening in and the conversation was interesting. Janet was telling Alice how she envied her all the time that she was smart and cute and all. Alice did have dates even though she remained a virgin and everyone that went out with Janet fucked her and that was it. Something else Janet said, What is that Alice asked her, they were sitting facing each other and their faces were close. I have always thought you have the most beautiful lips of anyone I have ever seen. It is true that Alices lips a fantastic, sort of Angela Joline-ish and very kissable. Alie moved closer to her then. Thank you she said, you have nice lips too. Then Janet asked her, Can I tell you something? Sure, anything Alice told her. I have always wanted to kiss you. Alice stared into her eyes for a long moment. Then she took Janets face in her hands and kissed her soft and slow and her tongue parted Janets lips. Janet put her arms around alice's neck and they were kising a good 3 or 4 minetes. NOw people were staring from around the room at them, Alice had dropped her hands so that they were at Janets neck, touching her gently and yet holding their lips together. Finally they stopped and several were staring and had come closer to our table. Alice told her quitely, I want to make love to you. Janet whispered back, I want you to please, can we leave now? Alice looked at me, Sure I said. We got up and walked to the door, several people said bye and Alice and Janet smiled, holding hands they left with me. I drove and they sat in the back seat together the two miles to the hotel. Now Alie is buxom and Janet is very slim, small titties and a lovley pair of legs. Alice had her top to the sundress down in a second and Janet was sucking her nipples before we got out of the parking lot. Oh, you are wonderful told her then they were kissing again. We got there and walked to the room and Alice stood with her next to the bed, I sat in a chair with the greatest view possible. Alice unbuttone Janet's blouse slowly kissing as she exposed skin and lovley 34A titties that had hard nipples. She worked her way down Janets tummy kissing and biting geltley until Janets skirt dropped to the floor, then her panties. Alice sat her on the bed and stood in front of her, dropping her dress on the floor then her bra and panties. Janet sat there her mouth open. Then she reached up and took Alice's titties in her hands, sucking the large nipples and teasing them. Alice climbed on the bed and laid on her and kissed her way around her body then Janets pussy was her target, licking her slowly then faster and longer, Alice brought her to several orgasms. Janet rolled her over and said Now I do you...Alice laid back and Janet duplicated all the Alice did to her, Alice was close to an orgasm and she moaned loud, put all you hand in me..Janet looked at her, Put all your hand in me she said agan and Janet slipped her hand into Alice...Now do me deep and faster and Janet did just that. Alice was heating up and now was beyond the point of only have one or two orgasms. Suddenly alice tensed up and began her orgasms, she worked thru three or so and Janet kept asking her, Are you okay? Are you okay? Finally Alice told her to stop asking and keep her mouth and hands working. Janet did just that. They kissed all over again for a while and then They actually fell asleep in each others arms. I slide into bed on Alices side and snuggled up to her, She whispered while Janet slept, Slip ito my ass but don't wake her up. I did just that, hard cock sliding easily into Alice as she relaxed her ass musles. It took no time at all for my load that had been building all night to cum. Alice moaned thru it and Janet snuggled into her arms more. I laid there and eventually fell asleep too. I woke the next morning to the sound of the shower running, they were in the shower kissing and playing and so I went back to bed. I fell asleep and the next thing I remember is a very moist pussy sliding down on my hard cock, openeing my eyes I looked down and Janet was sitting on it, moving around and then Alice appeared above my face her pussy getting closer to my face. I began licking as soon as she moved close enough then she leaned forward and Alice and Janet began kissing, playing with each others titties, clit massaging and everything they could do in the position. Soon we all shook with a great cum and my face was soaked with Alice's juices. We got up and had breakfast and sat in the nude most of the day, mainly Alice and janet carressing each other then moving into making love then getting up and doing something else. Alice made sure that every time I had and erection it was taken care of. We dressed and went to supper and came back again. alice undressed Janet and told her, Now, the reason you do like sucking is that you have never learned to do it right. Steve will not mind if I let you practice on him do you Steve she said. Well, my pants were off and Alice and her were naked, in front of me on the floor. Alice was teaching and Janet was in school and Alice showed her all she knew (which is a lot) about sucking cock. After showing her she moved her to the right place and said, Now you do it. Jnaet slowly began, she was really a good student and learned qiuckly how to feel just the right time to stop before I came and let me suffer until she had teased me enough and made me cum, swallowing my load. We stayed the night and left the next day. Alice and Janet are or were last time I knew still best friend and Janet came to visit a couple times after that. She was really a great loveer after that. Alice always took her slowly and loving, it was never just sex for them.

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