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Adventures of a cuckold husband

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My wife is the dominate one in our sexual life. She has written several times about how she takes lovers and I must sit and watch and then be forced to take part. She told you how she makes me touch her lover?s cocks and then suck them until they are hard for her. She also described how I am forced to eat her cream pies and clean off their cocks.

Truth be told I love it. Take last night for instance.

She picked up three guys in the local upscale hotel. They were business men at a conference. She told them up front she has a cuckold husband at home and he will join in the action as she sees fit. There were four guys at first but one asked if that meant guy on guy action? She said yes she expected her husband to suck their cocks and also for them to fuck my ass. The fourth guy backed out. The others said a blow job is a blow job.

My wife can be very persuasive. She is hot. 5?8?, 130, 34c, long legs, blond hair, blue eyes completely hairless on her pussy and ass. Electrolysis was done last year. She is 45 but could pass for 35 with ease.

They returned to our home to see me at the door dressed as she told me in black garter belt, black stockings, panties and nothing else. I am 50, 6?, 185, s/p hair, shaved of all body hair, 6?c and somewhat thin cock and low hanging balls. I was told to take a 100 mg Viagra prior to her return and to not touch myself. The guys came in and all laughed at me. My cock was shrunk to about 3 inches.

They then went into action with wife Fran. They all moved to the bedroom with me in tow. They stripped her of her dress and panties. That was all she was wearing. She still had her heels on. One was kissing her, one at her tits and one kneeling at her cunt and lapping away. They went to the bed and she was spread eagled as the licked, kissed and sucked her. Then one mounted her. He found her wet cunt with his considerable cock. It was at least 7 ½? and quite thick. He fucked her really hard and fast. One guy then mounted her chest and shoved his cock to her face. She opened her mouth and his big thick 9 inch black cock slid in. He started to fuck her face with rapid movements. The third guy was being jerked off by her right hand. His cock was about 7 inches and on the thinner side. I watched in awe. My little cock was now very hard and dripping pre-cum and straining to get out of my panties but I was the good cuckold husband and continued to sit in my straight back chair and wait her commands. Then #1 grunted and shot his load in her cunt as she convulsed in orgasm. #2 then tensed up and shot his cum in her mouth and then pulled out to shoot the rest all over her face. He shot at least 9 times and covered her in very thick white man juice. #3 then shot his cum on her tits. She was covered. I knew what was going to happen next.

She took about 5 minutes to catch her breath and the ordered me to the bed. She told me to start with her face. I licked and sucked all the cum from her face and swallowed. His cum was pleasant to the taste. Then her tits were next. His was a bit bitter. Then I was in for the real treat, her cunt. I licked and sucked all the cum and then sucked and licked her clit and brought her to another orgasm. She told me that she wanted a drink and I went to fetch drinks for all.

When I returned the guys drank there beers and Fran sipped her martini. She then told me to get the guys ready. I asked her which one first? She said whomever you pick will be the first to fuck your ass. I quickly picked the guy with the thinner cock. Start small and work up to big I always say.

I went to the edge of the bed and went to my knees. My face went between his legs and I kissed his cockhead and then his balls. I sucked each ball gently and then licked his cock. I took his cock to my mouth and sucked. He was soft to begin with but quickly got hard. His buddies kidded him that he must be bi. He said hell yes I am now because this cocksucker can really suck cock and I love what he is doing. I knew not to let him cum just yet. Fran wants to see him fuck me first.

I got on the bed and put my face between her legs and started to eat her pussy again as I offered my ass to him. The other two pulled down my panties and slid them off. I was still in my stockings and garter. He got the lube for the dresser and lubed his cock and then shoved two fingers in my ass with lube on them. He finger fucked me then moved up and shoved his cock into me forcefully. I loved it. He fucked me deep and hard for about 10 minutes and then announced he was about to cum. This sent Fran over the edge and she came the same time he did. I felt a considerable amount to fluid flow from his cock into my bowels. As soon as he pulled out the black guy took his place and he gave me a fucking I will remember forever. He fucked me so hard I had a hard time eating Fran?s cunt. But when he came 5 minutes later Fran came again.

My ass was flowing out a river of cum but that didn?t stop the last guy from jumping right in and fucking me also. He lasted about 15 minutes. I guess I was pretty stretched out so it wasn?t a tight fuck for him but he was enjoying my ass never the less. He pulled out when he was about to cum and spun me around and I took his load in my mouth. I tasted his cum and the other two as well. He told me to show everyone his load before I swallowed. I did as I was told. Then I swallowed his large sweet load.

We all rested and had some more beers and drinks. Then they all fucked Fran again and of course I ate her cream pie again. As I ate her she didn?t cum and was quite annoyed with me.

She got up and ordered me to lie on the bed with my ass up. She went to get her paddle. The guys didn?t know what to expect but I did.

She then used the paddle on my ass. She hit me 25 times on each butt cheek. My ass was very red, hot and sore. She then turned me over to smack my cockhead with her hand. It stung like hell. She then told me to eat her again and make her cum.

She was on her back and I was between her legs again licking and sucking for all I was worth. Then the black guy took the paddle and work on my already sore ass. He paddled me about 20 times and then roughly shoved his cock to the hilt into my open ass. He fucked me and paddled me at the same time. That is when I came all over Fran?s legs. This brought Fran off and she came very hard. She got up and went to shower but the fucking continued. Then the others got in front of my and feed me their cocks. My cock was hard again and I stroked it as I was being fucked. Sucking cock and getting fucked. I was in heaven. Fran returned and took pictures just as the black guy was dumping his hot cum in my ass and the others shot their cum all over my face.

Then Fran got on the bed and offered me her ass. She let me jerk off on her asshole and when I did I quickly bend down to drink up my load and to lick her beautiful pink hole.

Damn, Fran and I really had fun. I know what you are thinking, what a pussy whipped cuckold husband. And you are right. Although my belly is full of cum and my ass is very sore from the fucking and the paddling I would not change anything about our sex life.

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