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Addicted To Each Other

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Denna and I had some really wonderful times together and as we grew more knowlwdgeable about how to give each other pleasure the excitement grew more intense. She was learning how to use her vaganian muscles so that she hardly moved her hips and yet could massage my cock while it was deep in her newly used pussy. Her oral talents increased so much that I could not last long as she loved to feel the pulsing in her mouth of me cumming. I learned how to slowly take her to heights that we never imagined with my tongue and teeth teasing her clit and the lips around her pussy, all the while using a vibrator to help make the loving more pleasureable. We had been getting more involved for a couple months and were usually making love alone instead of with Joy and James. Sometimes they joined in but usually not. The problem began when her mother had to go to New York for some family business and left Denna alone for a week at the Condo in Miami. We planned all kinds of fun together and I stayed over a few times. What we did not know was the Denna's Mom had set up a survalence system in the Condo. So, easy to say that we got busted big time. Her mom had very explicit videos of most all of our adventures for the week and even one with Joy and James playing with us. Well, the shit hit the fan a week after Mom got back. She never let on that she knew and she invited Joy, James and me over for dinner with her and Denna one Friday evening. Now, Denna's Mom was good looking but I never saw her in anything that would have been revealing ever so I was surprised when she camne to the door in a very sheer blouse, black bra under that could be seen and a very short skirt that was slit up the side so that if she even tried to sit down and cross her legs almost everything was visible. Well, we got there she sat us in the living room and Denna was still getting dressed. We were served some wine (not unusual) and after a couple glasses all of us were in the living room. The air seemed very tense and close and Sylvia (Denna's Mom, real name) was very friendly. She got on the subject of sex somehow and how young should be careful now days and not have any avoidable accidents. Then she said, In fact I have a couple films about that, would you all mind if we looked at them? Well, what could we say. She put one on and we almost shit as we saw all 4 of us teasing each other and taking off our clothes, then Joy taking James all the way down her throat and me eating Denna thru deveral orgasms. The me plunging into Denna hard and deep and her crying out to do it again after we finished the first time. Sylvia sat there seeming like it was a film of other people instead of her daughter and us, she just sat there smiling. Then another began and it was me making love to Denna and us kissing and hugging afterwards. When this one was over she had a clip of Joy really giving a blow job to James slowly and it was obvious that she was getting excited. Then she got up and sat next to James and put her hand on his lap, "Is it really as big as it looks in the film? she asked. Her hand found his zipper and in a second had freed his growing cock. Then she stood up and took off her clothes, just stripped there in front of us. James had a huge erection now and she sat on it slowing it into her, moaning as she did. Now that is a cock she said as she began riding him slowly, but you really must learn to control it she said as she moved on his lap. Joy was watching and obviously getting hotter as she did then Sylvia reached over and took her titties in her hands and actually tore open Joy's blouse, the buttons popping everywhere. That was it, Joy stood and took her clothes off throwing them to the floor and then her mouth was on Sylvias titties. Sylvia was now hot and pushing her titties into Joys face, suck the titties for Me baby she moaned. James was arching his hips into her as she rode his cock. Denna was massaging my growing bulge and she was in a daze watching her ultra conservative mother fucking her best friends boyfriend. All three had an orgasm almost at the same time and as James slid from her pussy she dismounted and looked at me, you are next since you have been riding my daughter now it is time to be ridden. She came over and took Dennas hand from my bulge and unzipped my pants freeing my cock. Not as big as James she said but it will feel good then without any preliminaried ahs mounted me as I sat next to her daughter. Then she went wild shoving her nipples into my mouth and riding me as if she was in a hurry. We both came and she stayed there on my cock, massaging it with her pussy. Finally after she made sure I was finished cumming she got off and sat on the couch, her legs wide and she looked at Joy, Come here sweetheart, eat my pussy for me. I know you love eating a nice cum filled pussy. Joy got on her knees in front of the couch and her mouth went to work on Sylvia. She was very vocal, oh yeh, lick that, oh, now bite a little, there, now the tongue and so on. Denna had her hands on my hardening cock again and now she too undressed. An orgasm shook Sylvia all over and she laid back on the couch, her legs dripping from all the juices that had been spent. She motioned for Denna to sit next to her and she did. Nervous and she reached her arm around her daughter, then her lips were kissing Dennas neck, her shoulders and then as a nipples went into her mouth Sylvia leaned her back and laid her on the couch, working her way into a 69 with her daughter she sank her fingers into Denna making her moan. I breast fed you when you were born, now I will pussy feed you little dear, eat all you can. And then mother and dsaughter were eating each others pussy for all they were worth. Sylvia was on top and she told me, Fuck me ass now while she eats me, fuck it good then James can too. She was in command as I mounted her from behind and she quivered all over. Oh yes, eat the pussy denna and oh, oh damn, yes, in the ass, that is good. She and Denna went thru multiple orgasms as I finally shot my load in her ass. Now James she commanded and he mounted her and drove his hard cock home, making her squeal loud. Oh, that is a cock if ever there was one she moaned as Jamies drove into her deep. After all of us were draind we laid around in the living room, sipping wine, Sylvia kissing and fondeling whoever she wanted as she felt the desire. Well, that should be a lesson, never do anything without adult supervision she told Denna and Joy, you can come over and see me anytime as long as James is with you. Joy moved between her legs again, But what if I want you all to myself she purred...Sylvia looked at her, Then take me all you want to. Again they began making love, Denna and I went to bed in her room and James and Joy stayed with Sylvia the night. The next morning they were all in Sylvias bed sleeping soundly. Denna and I made love and got up and she fixed breakfast in the nude for everyone. AS the smell of food woke up the others they slowly came out, joy in her panties only, James with a half hard cock but naked and Sylvia totally nude, her pussy still dripping from the night before.

After breakfats it seemed the best things to do were go back to bed.

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