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A wild evening

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I was home one night alone as the wife and kids were out of town. A couple that we'd none for a while saw me online and we started chatting. It turned out this couple's wife was also out of town and he wanted to know if I would mind if he came over for a beer and play some cards. I told him that sounded like a great idea.

Well after he showed up and we'd played a few hands of cards and drank several beers, he asked if I wanted to watch a few movies he had brought. I assumed that they were some hot porn and said what the hell. He put a movie in and it was more of a two guys and a gal going at it. The one guy was licking the gal's pussy as the other guy was fucking her. Of course that meant the guy licking pussy was also licking a guy's cock some also. Tom, asked me what I thought about licking a gal's pussy while it was being fucked and I said that I'd never tried it, but might be interesting. Now without knowing it, a light bulb went off in Tom's head. After that movie was done, he put in a movie that had a gal using a strap-on on both the girl and the guy. Tom was watching me as I was getting aroused watching a guy being fucked with a strap-on by a hot chick. Once again, a light bulb went off in Tom's head and he asked me if that turned me on. By now, I'd had serveral beers and was getting pretty horny, so I said "yes". Tom then said, "So you wouldn't mind licking a cock, and the thought of a cock in your ass turns you on does it?" That is when I started to wonder what he then had in mind.

I didn't have to wonder long as he told me that he too likes to suck a cock and likes a cock in his ass. Would I be interested in a little MAN action as he put it. Well, I told him maybe, and he asked if I wanted to have my cock sucked by him. He said that he could blow me better than any gal. Now I thought he was full of it so I told him to give it his best shot.

Tom got on his knees after I took my pants off and proceeded to suck my cock and fondle my balls. It was a strange feeling having another man suck your cock, but he was good at what he was doing. I forgot that he was a guy and started to put my hand on the back of his head to fuck his mouth more. That is when he started to ease a finger into my ass. Deeper and deeper he probed my ass till I had quit with my hand on his head and was totally under his control. I told him that I was cumming and that made him suck and shove a second finger into my ass faster. I shot a load after load into his mouth. Each time, I thought that I was done, he shoved his fingers into my ass causing another surge of cum to shoot out.

He finally stopped and let me rest with my head back. I had my eyes closed after that huge orgasm and when I opened them, he had his cock close to my face. I don't know what came over me, but I took his cock into my mouth. I must have been doing ok as he only gave a few instructions to me to make it better for both of us. Now as I'd never sucked a cock, I didn't realize that he was about to cum and when he was close he put his hand on the back of my head to keep me full pulling away. Tom told me to swallow as it wouldn't hurt me as he let go his load.

After he was finished, he told me that I was pretty good and he asked me if I'd like to try more. Well, the beer was going down good and I told him maybe. I like to fuck my wife's ass and knew it felt good. So I told him that I'd fuck him if that was what he was asking. That is when he told me that I might like my ass fucked as it seemed like I really enjoyed him fingering me. Now knowing that Tom had a thin cock, I told him that we could try.

He put a rubber on his cock and lubed both his cock and my ass good. He asked me if I'd like to watch him fuck me or how. I told him that I didn't know. Tom then told me to straddle his cock and set on it to stretch me. So I did. He guided his cock into my ass as I lowered my cock onto him till I was setting on him. I stayed in that postion for what seemed like forever till he rolled us over and I was on my back. Tom started to slowly pump his cock in and out of my ass. Before I knew it I was telling how good that felt and to give me more. Tom asked me how much more and I told him that this was hot. He then told me to roll over and he'd doggy fuck me.

He then slipped his rubber off and entered me. I didn't know that as he started to fuck me. He leaned over me and told me that he was about to cum. Also that he had taken his rubber off so I'd feel what it was like to have cum up my ass. He filled my ass with cum before pulling out.

He then asked if I'd like to do him. I told him not now, as I was tired. I didn't think that I could do him. He told me that was ok, maybe some other time. That is when he told me that if I liked this, maybe his wife could fuck me with her toys like she does him. That got me hard and I told him, that I wanted to try him.

Tom got on all 4's and lubed both his ass and my cock. He told me to take it slow till I got an idea of what it felt like and after I did, to fuck him good.

I rode him good and cum in his ass and as I was pulling out I shot some on his back. We cleaned up and called it a night. At 2AM, Tom went home and I wondered how I was going to tell the wife that there was a new experience that I'd been taught. My ass hurt, but it felt good at the same time.

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