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A weekend to remember

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A few weeks ago my wife and I rented a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. We wanted a change of scenery and for once have time for just us. We’re both in our late fifties, while time has taken its toll on me; it’s been very kind to my wife. She’s very beautiful and sexy at 56.

We arrived and unpacked only to find that the Hot Tub was cold. We had talked the whole trip how great a hot tub would feel and were really pissed. I called the rental company and told them of our situation. After being passed off to one person then the other, I was getting angry. I told them that as many times as we have rented from them if they couldn’t fix the problem that night we were going to spend the night but we would leave in the morning and we would be talking to the credit card folks about refusing the charges.

Finally the familiar voice of the owner came on the phone. He apologized to almost to a fault and that he had known of the problem and had been waiting on parts, but had hoped they would arrive before I did. As it turns out they had arrived but had been put away and not logged in. He was furious with his staff! He told me he’d find someone to fix the hot tub and they would be out in less than an hour.

Two hours went by and still no repairs. My wife knew I was hot and had already taken her shower and was all dolled up in a bustier, nylons and heels. She said that we might as well forget the tub and that we could make the best of a bad situation. Looking at her with her 44dd’s spilling out over the top of her bustier, convinced me that there were more important things than a damn hot tub.

Just as we were getting into some passionate kissing a knock came at the door. I threw on my robe and stomped to the door. When I opened the door it was the owner’s youngest son with 2 bottles of Champaign, the part for the hot tub a tool box and an envelope addressed to my attention. He introduced himself as Todd and that he’d have the hot tub up and going in no time. Todd is your typical boy next door type, clean cut average height and build, but friendly and outgoing. I took the free booze and poured a couple glasses and went back to my wife. As we were sipping our Champaign I heard a bang outside and jumped up to see if Todd was ok. He was ok but had forgot to disconnect the power to the tub and had shorted out his screwdriver when undoing the heater connection. Other than being rattled he was no worse for the experience.

I turned off the disconnect switch and remained while he finished up. I knew he was embarrassed enough without any comments I had. We went back inside to find my wife in the kitchen pouring another glass, explaining that it was great stuff and had drunk my glass also. She apologized to Todd about her lack of clothes but she had hoped that she could get her drink and return before we came inside.

Todd was in shock. He was totally smitten by the vision before him. There was no way he could take his eyes off of her. His shorts were obscenely tented form his raging cock. Once she noticed his excitement she made no attempt to cover herself or retreat. She asked if he was alright and if he’d like something to drink. He had no ability to speak, so my wife gave him a beer and sat down on the couch. She looked at me and gave me a wink and told Todd to have a seat on the coach with her. He was a blur as he stumbled over to the coach and sat down. Knowing her intentions, I told her I was going to take shower as I had worked up a sweat helping with the hot tub.

I took a long shower hoping to give amble time to weave her spell over the young man on our coach. I slipped my robe back on and silently crept back toward the living room. I could hear her explaining our relationship and for him not to worry, but for him to continue sucking her nipples. I waited for what felt like forever before I crept forward again. I looked in and knew that she had sucked him by his cum on her mouth and tits. She was having him kiss her lips and lick his cum from her tits. He was still extremely hard and I knew shed get fucked by him soon.

Again I stepped into the shadows waiting to see her legs wrap around him. I could tell by the slurping sounds that she had introduced him to the pleasures of eating her pussy and her tell him that for a virgin he was doing great! A Virgin…………….?????? WOW! No way was I going to interrupt! But, I did improve my vantage point to where I didn’t have to miss a thing.

She knew I was watching and maneuvered to where I could see as if watching a porn movie. He loved sucking her clit and tonguing her depths...and she was enjoying ever lick and suck. Shed pull his mouth up to her nipples and her lips and then push him back down to eat her some more. At times she would raise her hips high and rub her ass in his face. After 30 minutes or so she told him to stand up by her face and when he did I saw his cock for the first time. We’ve all read stories about the “Huge” cock, but I’m telling you this kids cock belonged on a horse! She stroked it, fondled it, and sucked it as much as she could. Being young he soon came and flooded her mouth. He was still hard and asked if he could put it in her. She French kissed him and pulled his body onto her. Her fantastic legs raised and she reached down to guide him into her. He got the head and about 2 inches of his shaft in her and she said “easy”. He paused as she got used to him and then thrust her hips up to accommodate more of him. Soon he was pumping her in and out with full strokes of his massive cock and I could see his balls bouncing off her ass.

He was able to fuck her for some time as he had came once before; she was rolling her head and tossing her long red hair wildly as he pumped away. He then began thrusting like a mad man and fell on her spent. He told her again and again how sexy and beautiful she was and how he thanked her so much for being his first. He slowly withdrew and a long rope of cum came out as he began to stand up.

She asked him if her husband could come out or did he need to leave first. He said he would be nervous but that it was ok. She assured him that I was ok with everything and that we had been playing for many years.

I then walked out with my cock sticking out of my robe. I assured Todd I was not the least upset and that I had enjoyed the show. He asked how we got where we were in our marriage and we explained that while we were deeply in love, sex was only part of us and that she had watched me with other women as well and that we preferred threesomes when the opportunity came along. He said he would have to rethink his whole idea of sex after forty and we all laughed.

After giving my wife time to recoup I walked up to her and remarked about his cum oozing from her. She said Yeah…….what are going to do about it? She then sucked my cock into her mouth while Todd looked on in amazement. I soon broke free to gain my prize that was waiting for me in the matted hair and depths of her pussy. She told Todd to pay close attention to what I was doing as I could eat pussy like no other. I probed her wetness with my tongue as she rocked her hips to my rhythm. She pushed glob after glob of his cum onto my tongue. She asked if this was grossing him out and he said no but quite the opposite, he found it highly erotic. Soon I could hear her sucking his big cock and cooing from the attention. She came several times before I moved up to fuck her. My cock slid in so easy from all the wetness. She continued to suck him as we fucked. There was no way I could last long considering the state I was in from the show they had given me and the creampie I had just devoured, so I took very slow deliberate strokes

Her eyes never left mine as I fucked her and she sucked his big cock. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and asked him if he would be ok if I helped her suck him. He said he would do anything for us and all that mattered was our pleasure. With that she pulled my lips to hers and slid his cock between our lips. Todd was going crazy; he said the feeling was fantastic but that he warned us that he couldn’t hold back from cumming. In seconds his cum spewed everywhere. And I flooded her.

After cleaning up my load, we sat and talked. Todd called home to let his dad know the tub was fixed and he really liked us. He said he’s spending the night in an unoccupied cabin not far from ours. When he returned he said his dad had told him to take care of anything we needed, with that we all laughed.

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