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A night with Melissa

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another true story from chipair. the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent!

We met Melissa through another couple we knew. She had expressed an interest to them about group sex and they were trying to get her to try a threesome with them. We were planning on going to a swingers party with the other couple and they invited Melissa along. The other couple told us that they would be bringing their female friend with them. We couldn't wait to meet her.

We got to the party before they did and sat at a table and waited for them to show up. They showed up soon after with Melissa behind them. As soon as I saw her I recognized her. Although we live in a big city the neighborhood is small. I knew we had seen her around. We made eye contact and there was a spark of recognition and mutual interest. The three of them came over to our table and we started talking. It turned out that Melissa was very easy to talk to and had this cute southen accent. My wife and I got along great with her. We talked about our interests and I told her that I was in a band. She asked me what they name of my band was. I told her that we were a small alternative band and she had probably never heard of us but told her the name. She said, "You're in xxxxx?!?! I was just listening to your new single last night with some friends!? I couldn't believe it! Our other friends went to get some drinks and we got a chance to talk to her alone. My wife, Maria, asked her about her interests in group sex. She told us that she was very bi curious. She had been engaged to be married before and she and her fiance had talked about going to a swing club but had never gotten up the nerve. She was glad that the other couple we knew had brought her to the club but she wasn't interested in them though. She just didn't find the guy attractive. She told us that she had participated in her first threesome the weekend before with another couple. She had really enjoyed it and would be interested in meeting other couples. She told us though that she really liked us. We told her that we liked her also!

We ended up going to a private party room with the couple that came with her and another couple we had met there before. Melissa came up with us and sat in a corner and watched us. It was a real turn on to see her quietly watching us having fun. When we were all done we went back to the main room to relax. Melissa told us she was even more curious about getting together with a couple like us. We exchanged email addresses and promises that we would write to each other.

We then started an almost 6 month slow seduction. She was curious indeed but she didn't want to get rushed into anything. We sent email back and forth almost every day and talked about everything from my wife's experiences with being bi, to restaurants we liked, to the latest college radio hits. We became good friends. We went out to dinner a few times with her to talk things over.

She slowly got comfortable with us and admitted to us that she was finally ready to take the plunge. One of our mutual friend's band was playing a show in a few weeks. We made a "date" to go out together to see the show. We all knew that there was a good chance we would end up in bed together.

The day finally arrived and we went to her place to pick her up. As we drove to the show all I could think about was my wife Maria getting between Melissa's legs and licking her pussy. We made small talk all the way there but there was a heavy air of anticipation. We got to the show and bought a couple of beers. We saw our friend and asked him when his band was going to go on. He told us that the club made them start early and they had just finished. We were all crushed but we decided to not let it ruin the evening. The next band to play was just one guy. He played harsh feeback drone stuff on his guitar for about 30 minutes. It was interesting but didn't thrill any of us. Then the headlining act took the stage. They were an interesting German industrial band. They used saws on metal, smashed TV's. They were actually really great. At one point they used a tape loop of a middle eastern rhythm. It was about the only thing we had heard all night that had a beat you could even sway to. Melissa had been casually touching my shoulders or arms all night. When the music started we started swaying back and forth together. She was standing in front of me, Maria was at my side. I decided to be bold and put my hand on the curve of Melissa's waist. I think it was the invitation she had been waiting for and she leaned back into me. I felt her body next to mine for the first time. It was intoxicating to have her grind back into me while my wife Maria stood next to me. I leaned over and kissed Maria on the lips. We both gave each other silly grins. I'm sure some people were wondering what was going on.

Then Melissa suprised me. She reached behind herself and started to stroke my upper thigh. Rubbing her hand up and down on my leg in a very erotic way. I started to get hard. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. She would raise her hand until she was almost at my growing cock and then stop and go down again. She would get just a little closer each time. Finally she felt the head of my cock. She lightly stroked and squeezed it through the fabric of my jeans. I started to get bold myself and started to rub my hands up and down the sides of her thighs and around her firm ass. She got more bold herself and started feeling the length of my cock which was growing larger all the time. The song ended and we sort of drifted apart in a daze. Another harsher song started and she yelled loud enough for us to hear, and we're sure some people around us also, "Would you like me to go to your place or are you going to just drop me off at home?" It was obviously a silly question and we all started to giggle after she said it! We were ready to leave having decided that we had heard enough and the three of us left together. When we left I noticed that some clost friends of ours had been standing a few feet behind us and we had never noticed them. We really wondered what they saw!

We found our car and headed back to our place. We were all still trying to act casual and make small talk but after awhile we were all silent. The anticipation was really thick. We got back to our place and we went upstairs to our apartment and all sat in our living room. I offered to get some drinks and the women relaxed. We sat for a little longer and talked. I was ready to jump into bed but I didn't want to rush anything and make her nervous. I took a moment to size up the situation.

Maria, my wife, has a fantastic body. By some standards she's a little overweight but I love her lush curves. She's about 5 feet tall and measures about 38-28-38. A classic hourglass figure with fantastic breasts. Melissa has a completely different body. She was training to run in a triathelon. She's about 5'5" and very thin. She has very small breasts and an almost boyish figure. She has fantastic legs and a great smile. I was looking at the two of them and imagining how they're bodies would contrast next to each other. Finally I couldn't wait any longer and asked Melissa if she wanted to join us in the bedroom. She said, "Yeah let's go." We all got up and walked towards the bedroom. My mind was racing with the possibilies for the evening.

We went into the bedroom and I lit a couple of candles. Maria and I took off our clothes and jumped on our bed. Melissa took off her shirt and bra and joined us. We all started to kiss each other. We met in a three tongued kiss and then paired off. I would kiss Melissa and then Maria. Maria would kiss me and then Melissa. While they kissed I ran my hands over their backs and felt the differences in the feel of their skin. Maria and I kissed some more and Melissa leaned back and pulled off her stretch pants. It turned out that she hadn't been wearing any underwear the whole night.

She leaned back on the bed and Maria and I each got on one side of her. We both started to kiss her all over her body. After awhile we concentrated on her breasts. Each one of us took one of her nipples and sucked them at the same time. This was obviously a new experience for her and she moaned in pleasure. I reached down between her legs and found that she was already wet. I let Maria smell Melissa's scent on my fingers and she said, "That smells delicious." She then left me to kiss Melissa's breasts while she worked her way down. I looked down just in time to see Maria stick out her tongue and start to slowly lick up and down Melissa's pussy. Melissa was in heaven. Her eyes were closed and her head moved back and forth in pleasure. I got up on my knees and bent down to get a closer look at Maria eating Melissa's pussy. Maria told me that I should try a taste and I leaned over and the two of us started to run our tongues together around her clit. I could hear Melissa gasping in pleasure above me.

After a bit I leaned back up and left Maria still eating Melissa's pussy. Melissa looked at my cock and moved up a bit. I could tell that she wanted to suck me. I leaned closer and she swallowed me. She hadn't told me she was so adept at deep throat so I was a bit suprised. Maria looked up and said, "Wow, it looks like she's good at that!" She was. She sucked me for a bit before I had to pull away. The whole scene was so erotic that I was already about to cum. I wanted to last awhile. I leaned over again and started sucking on one of Melissa's nipples.

At that point Melissa said that she wanted to taste Maria so the two of them traded places. Maria laid down between us and Melissa and I each took one of her nipples in our mouths. I reached down to feel Maria's pussy and she was as wet as I've ever felt her. Melissa moved down in between Maria's legs and took her first tentative taste. Maria sucked in a gasp of air as Melissa's tongue first made contact. I could tell that both of them were enjoying themselves. I kissed Maria and whispered in her ear how much I loved her. I really do realize that I'm a very lucky man to have such an open minded lover as a wife.

Melissa looked up at me at that point and asked me if I had any protection. I replied that I did indeed and took the hint. As I put on a condom Melissa scooted up on the bed and Maria leaned over and started to kiss her again. I knew that they would be tasting each other's pussies on their tongues. That thought alone made me want to cum. I got between Melissa legs and slowly entered her. It always amazes me how every woman feels different. Melissa felt tighter at the opening but a little looser inside. Maria's pussy feels tight all over. I started to fuck Melissa with long hard strokes. Maria leaned over her and licked her nipples and kissed her. This was also a new experience for Melissa and we could tell that she was really enjoying the sensations of having two people pleasure her. I was really enjoying fucking her and was suprised that I had lasted as long as I had. I didn't want Maria to feel left out so after awhile I pulled out of Melissa and told her that it was Maria's turn.

I pulled off my condom, the women traded places and I entered Maria. She came as soon as I put my cock inside of her. She's very multiorgasmic and I knew that between Melissa and I we would drive her crazy. Melissa started to suck on Maria's nipples. She took her hand and started to feel my cock sliding in and out of Maria's pussy. She also started to play with Maria's clit while I fucked her. Maria was going out of her mind and was cumming constantly. She was at the point where she was having one long continious orgasm. Reaching peaks and valleys but always cumming. After a bit Maria wanted to go to one of her favorite positions where we both sit up facing each other while she sits in my lap, riding up and down on my cock. Maria bounced up and down on my cock while Melissa ran her hands over both of our bodies. Then Maria laid back on the bed while I was sill sitting up. It was a slightly awkward position for me, my cock was sort of bent down a bit, but it gave Melissa a great opportunity and idea. She leaned over and found that she could lick my cock sliding in and out of Maria and also lick Maria's clit. That's a mental image I will always have. Maria on her back in front of me. Me sitting between her legs my cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy, and Melissa leaning over us, her long hair spread out over our thighs, alternating between licking my cock and Maria's clit. We were all in heaven.

After awhile I suggested we switch and give Melissa a turn. I put a condom on and Maria leaned over and started to lick and suck Melissa's clit while I got ready. Then Maria spread Melissa's lips and guided me inside of her. With the condom on I couldn't feel Maria licking my cock as much and I think Maria could tell that so she decided to concentrate on Melissa's clit instead. It was a fantastic position. It was amazing to feel the difference of being inside of Melissa after having just been inside of Maria. I looked at the clock and realized that we had been fucking and sucking for almost two hours. I was amazed that I had stayed hard and so close to cumming for so long. I fucked Melissa in that position for what seemed like a long time. Maria was driving her nuts licking on her clit while my cock was strocking in and out. She looked like she was in a state of pure bliss.

After awhile my legs got tired and I pulled out and laid on my back. The women I think had decided that it was time to make me explode. They pulled the condom off of my cock and both started to give me head at the same time. They both wrapped their lips around the head of my cock and twisted their tongues around it. It was as if they were french kissing each other with my cock in the middle. The sensation was increadible. Then they took turns sucking it. One of them would suck my cock while the other would lick my balls. I was getting so close to cumming but they teased me and wouldn't let me go over the edge. Finally I pushed Maria on her back and started to fuck her hard and fast. Melissa came over and started to play with Maria's clit and my cock which was plunging in and out of Maria?s very wet pussy. I soon reached the point of no return, pulled out of Maria, and came all over her large breasts and face. Melissa kissed Maria deeply and then I kissed the two of them. I could taste each of their pussies on the other ones tongue.

I started to get hard again but Melissa pointed out that she had her weekly therapy appointment the next morning and was only going to get 5 hours of sleep. Maria looked at the clock for the first time and was shocked. She wasn't planning on getting 4 hours of sleep herself. Maria and I both had to go to work the next morning. We decided that Maria would crash while I drove Melissa home. We got dressed quickly and I drove her home. We were pretty quiet on the ride back. We were still in the warm afterglow of our wonderful experience. I placed my hand on her leg and stroked it. We pulled up to her place and we gave each other a goodnight kiss. Melissa smiled and said, "Thank you! I had no idea how great threesomes could be. That was increadible! I have a feeling my therapy appointment tommorrow is going to be very interesting!" I felt like I was the one who should be thanking her. It was an amazing night for me. When Maria and I woke up the next morning we both had silly grins on our faces. Although we were both dead tired at work all the next day we both agreed that we felt like we were walking on air.

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