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A friend and a late night discovery

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Mat and I were in our senior year of high school. Our birthdays were only a day apart so we were both set to turn 18 on the same weekend. As a birthday gift, our folks decided to let us go down to Bird Island Basin and do some camping and fishing. It was a special occasion as our parents did not usualy O.K. a trip like that without an adult present. Anyway, we were pretty excited about the new freedom and set out for the coast right after school on Friday.

We had stocked up on all the neccesities early in the week so we could get an early start. We were at the Basin by sundown. We built a fire to warm up the cool night air and set up our tents by the firelight. We headed down to the waterline to cast for bait in the tide pools. After filling out bait buckets we headed back to camp. We were both soaked from splashing in the shallows and we were quite cold. I grabbed some dry trunks from my bag and stripped down behind the car. I was still young enough to worry about privacy and modesty. I left my shirt off and walked over to the lawn chairs we had set up by the fire and grabbed a blanket from my tent to wrap around me. Mat emerged from his tent with a blanket already wrapped around him. We chatted about fishing and what tomorrow might hold in store for us. After some candy bars and a couple of stolen beers, the conversation lulled. The fire was dying down and the night was surrounding us. Mat asked if I ever slept naked. I said that I had but it was not a habit. He laughed and asked if I dared him to run down to the water line and back naked. I laughed at him all the was down and back. He returned winded and laughing. He sat down and caught his breath, but he left off his blanket. I told him he was crazy. He said he knew. Again the conversation lulled, but there was a new point of interest. I could see that Mat's cock was rock hard. At first I was a little emabarrassed for him. Then it just seemed ok. Like it was normal. Mat then dared me to perform his dare. I laughed and looked around us. Of course there was nobody for 10 miles or better. So I nervously stood up and removed my trunks. I kept the blanket around me though. I dropped it as I ran out of the dying fires light and grabbed it on the way back. We again both laughed for several minutes. Mat and I sat in the lawn chairs naked in the night air. My cock was throbbing at this point too. Mat asked if I ever played with myself. I told him that I had done it before, but did not admit to my actual frequency. He said he did it for the first time a couple of months ago. I did not quite believe that but did not ask any questions. Mat then shocked me. He leaned back in his chair and said, "What the hell, lets go for it", and began stroking his cock! I tried not to look at first, then I could not stop watching. At this point I was banging away myself. No moaning or groaning. Just glancing at each others cocks and watching ourselves stroke. I told him his cock looked "pretty cool" and he asked how big mine was. It was already full grown at 7.5 inches. He commented that it was huge. We both started picking up the speed of our fun. We both stopped several times to keep from cumming. It was obvious we were both having a good time. As our comfort level increased, we got more free with our expressions of pleasure. I notice that both of our hips were bucking up and down as we contracted our butt muscles in pleasure. Mats cock was shinning in the dim glow of the fire. I imagined what it looked like wet with a girls juices. This got me rock hard and throbbing. My cock was purple with blood and I was in ecstacy. I dont remember my cock ever feeling so good. After a solid hour of jacking off, with plenty of breaks to prolong the pleasure, Mat finaly said he couldnt wait anymore. I knew exactly what he meant. I told him to tell me when he as close because I wanted to cum with him. He was surprised by that I guess because he said "Really? Man..ok!" As he pounded harder and harder on his cock, I stroked slower and slower because I wanted to watch him shoot his wad. He leaned back and blew a huge wad onto his chest. His cock pumped back and forth as more cum shot into the air. He kept stroking as his cock emptied its load. He looked over at me and asked if I had cum too. I had not and told him that I was ready though. Again he said "Go for it". I did just that. I remember saying "This is going to be rad!" It was. I exploded after 6 or 7 more strokes. My cock pulsed like crazy as I shot a huge load of cum all over my hand and the lawn chair. Mat kept stroking his dick while he watched me cum. After things calmed down, we ran down to the shallows and rinsed off. It was very cold by then and we raced back to our respective tents. Mat and I did not talk about it the next day much but of course when the sun went down on the second day, our cocks were rock hard and we had a great time again. We continued jerking off together whenever the time seemed right, and continue the activity today, some 20 years later. We are both married and very happy with our married lives. Still, when we find ourselves in the same town, we know the cocks will be a part of the reunion

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