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A first, but not a last.

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Sending an “I’m interested” note through SLS’s email system can often be a crap shoot. The anxiety of not knowing if a response would ever return made the first one extra difficult. I guess the first of most anything is always the most difficult. Take our first bi sex experience as a good example. We searched through the profiles and found what we thought might be a fun couple; so we sent and exchanged notes and pics. A meeting greet at a local café was arraigned to see if we “clicked”. God who thought up all this meet and greet stuff anyways? Will they be what we what and think they are? Did their pics truly capture who they are? Do they look dangerous; the entire crazy things one thinks right before the first meet.

Beyond hellos, it was obvious she possessed a certain wildness that turned us both on instantly. Voluptuous in everyway, we both looked at each other and without a word spoken knew she was it. He on the other hand was an afterthought walking through life. He was neither handsome nor ugly just plain unbuttered toast so unassuming.

But it didn’t matter; she could have brought a one-legged midget along because WE wanted her so off we went to get a room. Inside it became apparent we didn’t know what to do next. Here we were in a room with another couple who were there for the same thing and we didn’t know what to do! All the talk and setting up; the crazy nerves, all the things we went through and we just sit here chatting!

Mister plain toast finally breaks the ice by asking if I ever pleased a cock before. Wow how do I answer without looking like the newbie I am? So I decide to show him… and I reach over and simply tug at his shorts and they magically fall to his ankles. Hard already I take his stiffness in for my first taste, gosh it feel so nice I’m thinking. I look up to see what my wife is doing and I know she approves by the animalistic smile across her face. His exciting is growing as I see him look toward the gals and smile. They too are exploring each other now and by the loudness of their moans it’s good.

I’m enjoying my prize when I feel him tap on my head and whisper you ready? Well yes and no I’m thinking…its one thing to suck but it’s another to be fucked. I do want it though I have wanted to feel one in me for a very very long time. So without a word spoken I get in position. See the movement of us the gals are really close now as I can feel both bodies rubbing on me. I hear the wrapper being torn from the protection and I get braced, by now I have my face buried in a pussy licking like a madman. Oh god I feel the tip, goodness this is it, yes I think I can. Yes my time has come to feel what my dreams have been….yesssssss he’s in! Damn will the hurting leave me? My breath and licking are laboring now as I maintain myself to cope. Slowly he paces himself drawing in and out. I’m going numb, is this normal? Or I’m I going into shock from pain? Just as I think I will pass out my wife reaches my ear and whispers that me being screwed is so fucking hot! My pain eases as I begin to show off for her delight, and doing so my delight enters a new faze. God it feels wonderful! “Fuck me” I yell out. His pace quickens as I feel his hands grabbing my hips for support. I gather up my senses and meet each of his movements in sink. The gals have my manhood in there hands stroking me as I get pumped. Damn I never ever dreamed it would feel this good! He grunts and pushes deep into me as he releases his load. I feel his heart beating inside me as my own climax reaches and explodes, Exhausted I collapse to my belly.

I wake on the drive home when my wife says “you were very hot and wild tonight” I respond only with a slight smile in agreement knowing that our future play will always include bi-sexual fun.

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