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A big first experience into the Lifestyle

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The Haulover experience, cont'd

My wife and I experienced Haulover Nude Beach for the first time on November 1, 2021. We had such a great time after she became comfortable with public nudity that soon as we left the beach she was talking about returning soon and spending several days nude on the beach. My wife is very attractive despite having 6 kids and is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs approximately 140 pounds, she has beautiful brunette hair and cute B size tits with the sexiest little pencil eraser sized nipples and compact areolas. I have never been a fan of huge areolas, but that may have been a preference I developed considering my upbringing or should I say my deviance as a younger child sneaking playboy magazines from my uncle and looking at my mother's cosmopolitan magazines when they were only a couple shades less explicit than playboy. Nevertheless, I digress. My wife is a knockout but she has issues with self image and taking what she wants and asking for what she wants sexually. It is my goal to set her free. Truthfully, I never thought she would go through with the fully nude look at the beach. It took her about an hour to take her bikini top off and only removed it after I reminded her that she said she would go topless if I found a topless beach in the Caribbean on our cruise. About an hour after her top came off, I watched her shimmy out of her bottoms, unprovoked by me. We had several guys walk by and their heads seemed to become stuck sideways with their eyes glued to her body. She said she never saw anyone looking at her, but I sure did and it turned me on. I had to avoid even holding my wife's hand very much for fear of getting a hard on right there in the lounge chair which I am sure would have been frowned upon. Needless to say, this appeared to be a turning point for my wife's confidence and her acceptance of practices that were deemed hedonistic and of Satan given her Pentecostal upbringing.

Fast forward a couple months, Catherine and I were headed back down to Miami for a cruise, but considering we were leaving Virginia during a cold snap that had the average daily high temperature in the lower 30's, we flew down 4 days before we were to set sail on a carnival cruise ship where Miami temperatures routinely average the mid seventies during January. We knew the water would be too cold but we could lay out nude for at least 3 days, a little mini vacation before our vacation with my sister and her husband. Our flight left at O'dark thirty (5:30 am) from Richmond and we arrived in Miami around 1100 after a brief layover in Atlanta. The flight was routine if not a tad boring, so I decided to push my luck. Thanks to 9/11 it is almost impossible to get away with any mischief on commercial airlines nowadays, but I did convince my wife to put her Lush in and I waited till she was just about asleep and then I turned the vibration on very low. Her eyes popped open and she went to say something so I ramped up the vibration and she immediately gasped and closed her eyes. Using my free hand, I reached over and stroked her hair. I then adjusted the rhythm and added pulses into vibration of the little Bluetooth sex toy. I continued altering the vibration sequence and she lowered her head onto my arm that was stroking her beautiful hair and that gave me an idea. I stopped stroking her hair and slipped my hand under waistband and down the front of her freshly shaved mound until I found that sensitive little love button. I barely moved my finger for the first five minutes attempting to tease her, making her crazy with lust. It worked....she grabbed my wrist connected to the hand that was teasing her clit and in a low almost raspy whisper she moaned PLEASE MAKE ME CUM. I started rubbing circles around her clit and with the phone I changed the vibration to pulse that had a pattern but involved so many patterns that it appeared random and then I put it on a constant mode. I then put my phone under my crotch, which was straining given the erection now bulging against the fabric of my pants. I then put a finger to her mouth which she furtively started sucking on like she was sucking a cock in the back seat of her family's car while being driven down the road. That turned both of us on immensely causing me to unknowingly increase the speed of the manipulation of her clit. I could feel her pussy walls start to contract as I had worked my middle finger into her pussy with the toy while using my thumb to flick her clit. I knew that pulsation, and I knew her breathing change could only mean one thing...she was about to orgasm, at 20,000 feet above the ground. She let my finger slip from between her lips and then bit down on the meat of my hand to avoid making any noise, and I suspect to exact some measure of revenge as she knows I don't do well with pain (S&M is definitely not my lol). Her breathing was shallow and sounded like a panting, as though she had just run a sprint and her pussy flooded with love juice. Her orgasm and spasms lasted a good 45 seconds and when it was finally over she playfully punched me in the arm as I withdrew my hand from her jeans. Luckily she had a window seat and I was in the middle seat but the aisle seat passenger was asleep. I had a feeling this was going to be a great vacation!!!!

The plane touched down and we disembarked and retrieved our luggage and summoned a Lyft for transport to the hotel. We arrived at the Holiday Inn and went up to our room. We both jumped in the shower and I shaved and groomed around my cock and balls and then proceeded to lather up my wife's pussy and around her asshole. After several different positions and leg lifts, I had her pussy shaved smooth. We noticed that many of the people on the nude beach back in November were very well manicured. Before we left I had cut the hair on my head and trimmed my ear, nose and eyebrow hair as well as my arm pits and chest. I didn't shave it or cut it close, rather it looked nicely trimmed. Given that we have 5 kids at home, I didn't have time to do the final shave on myself or my wife before we left.

We put on our swimsuits and packed plenty of sunscreen and called for another Lyft. When we arrived at haulover beach we had not anticipated that it would be even busier than when we were there in November, but it makes sense that people were escaping the frigid weather of the states above Florida and even the cooler weather of Northern Florida. We walked down to the spot we wanted to occupy, and like teenagers shedding clothes the first time they are going to have sex, we were naked in 30 seconds and then we set up our umbrella and put our towels out to lay down on.

I was feeling good about everything, I had been working out since our last trip and had shed 25 pounds. I am shorter than average at 5'7", and even though 200 pounds sounds heavy for that height, I am muscular and was starting to see abs at that weight. It felt so good to be nude again under the Miami sun. It was not a sexual thing as much as it was just relaxing. There were plenty of senior citizen guys around who had skin like a football and nuts that seemed to hang to their knees, but there was also a better ratio of couples in their 30's to 40's like us. There was also several guys that were incredibly fit and even though I am not gay, they were definitely easy on the eyes and I pointed them out to my wife.

We laid there for a while and I fell asleep within about thirty minutes after having to get up so early. I am not sure how long I had been asleep, it only felt like minutes, but I was abruptly woken up by my wife shaking my arm. When I came to a state of consciousness, I heard her saying roll over, your dick got hard while sleeping. I rolled over and sure enough, I felt my dick as hard as steel underneath me against the towel and the sand. It took a couple minutes but my cock finally deflated. We talked a few minutes and both agreed we were hungry and thirsty. We got up and walked to a food truck on the beach. After we got our food, as we were walking back we noticed a group of 4 couples that had taken up residence next to us. All of them were in their 40's just like us and they were all relatively good looking except one couple that both looked like models. As we were eating our food the model looking couple, who we later learned were Gary and Lisa, made a comment that they love the nachos from that food truck. Gary was about 6 feet tall, muscular but not bulky and very toned. His cock was very veiny and was at least 4 inches soft. Lisa on the other hand was very thin and toned, and had fire red locks upon her head that traversed to the middle of her back. She had very light green eyes and the sexist freckles about her body, that resembled the freckles my wife has. Lisa was also proud of her fire red bush and did not shave like most of the other women on the beach, although it was well trimmed into a landing strip. She was only about 5 and a half feet tall and maybe 110 lbs.

This felt different, the last time we were at haulover for 5 hours and not a single person spoke to us. Everyone kept to themselves and were respectful of the other beach goers privacy, but we immediately felt like we had known this group for years. We all made small talk for a while and then one of the guys dared the rest of the guys along with himself to get in the ocean. The women looked at us like we were crazy...which we probably were, that fucking water was going to be fucking cold!!! But I couldn't back down from a dare, especially since the other guys were already getting up....dammmit I thought, my dick is going to shrink up to the size of a little smokie. Well, they started running to the water like teenage boys so I joined in and ran into that freezing ocean...even though the water was probably still in the upper 60's, you know, Einstein's theory of relativity and all. I ran into the water and then dove head first, go big or go home. There was an immediate shock to the chill, but I quickly adjusted and it was actually pleasant....we stayed out in the water talking for about 15 minutes when we decided it was time to get out and go back to our ladies.

Sure enough, the chilly water had an effect on me, but not what I was thinking, I had to pee. My wife said she had to go also so we asked our new friends to watch our property and we dressed enough to walk up to the bathrooms.

After we made it to the bathrooms and relieved ourselves we walked back toward the beach. The beach is hidden from the public by some very large foliage that are like a jungle for about 50 yards. As we are walking down the path surrounded by the jungle on either side, my wife pulls me into bushes and says it is my time for a little torture like i did to her on the plane. We maneuver through the bushes until we are sure we won't be seen and my wife drops to her knees and pulls my bathing suit down all in one motion. I absolutely love the feeling of her lips wrapped around my soft cock and the feeling of it growing larger and more firm in her warm mouth. I swear that was the most erotic blow job I have ever had. She would take almost my whole length in mouth and then just hold it still for a few seconds and then slowly let my cock escape her mouth. She then used only her tongue and quickly and lightly licked the tip of the head of my now engorged dick. I was definitely in heaven and Catherine was acting like a slut in heat, and it was turning me on more than ever seeing her take control and acting on her impulses. A sudden wave of terror came over me and I am sure my wife also, we must have looked like deer in headlights when we heard a whistle and clapping. We looked around to discover that 2 of the couples on the beach with us had also decided to go to the bathroom but when they entered the path leading through the jungle they saw us go into the bushes and decided to follow us and watch. One of the women told Catherine DON'T STOP ON OUR ACCOUNT. Never having had sex with other people or in front of other people, I fully expected my wife to stand up, but instead she grabbed my cock and playfully licked the head and then licked the entire shaft starting from my balls to the tip....that elicited several oohs and ahhs from our voyeurs. My wife then abruptly stopped sucking my cock, still stroking it with her hand, and started explaining to our new friends what I had done to her on the plane, and then she let go of my rock hard cock and said THAT IS ALL YOU GET FOR NOW....JUST A LITTLE TEASER. They laughed, I even laughed as I pulled up my swimming suit, hoping my cock would go down by the time I had to take them off again.

When we left the jungle, the other couples went to the bathroom, and my wife was now more than happy to tell Gary and Lisa and the other couple what had just transpired and what happened on the plane. Even though the joke was on me, I was glad to see my wife comfortable around these naked strangers. The voyeur couples returned from the bathroom and Gary asked them SO WAS THE SHOW GOOD? My wife blushed a little bit and they responded that it was hotter than the Sahara desert. Gary then confessed that he and his wife and all of the couples have made good use of that jungle several times. Gary then told us that they are locals and try to visit haulover at least once or twice a week.

The afternoon seemed a blur and the hours passed like seconds. They shared their cooler full of alcohol with us and it was truly a great afternoon. The group said they were going out to a nice restaurant after the beach and invited us along. We told them we didn't bring appropriate clothes with us and that we would have to get a Lyft to the hotel and Gary quickly interrupted and said SAVE YOUR MONEY, WE WILL GIVE YOU A RIDE. Gary and Lisa told everyone we would meet them at the restaurant in about an hour and we headed to the hotel. Lisa tugged on Catherine's arm and said RIDE IN THE BACK WITH ME, YOU KNOW GIRL TALK. They hopped in the back so I took my place up front. Gary and I started talking about our jobs where I learned he sold commercial real estate but that he had always wanted to be a police officer like me. He asked several questions and I was answering when he nudged my arm and motioned to me to look in the back seat with a quick nod of his head.

I slowly turned around and saw something I never thought I would see in a million years....there was my wife with her head laid back against the seat and Lisa had Catherine's bikini top pulled to the side and was tweaking her nipple while seductively kissing her neck. Catherine's eyes were closed, I imagine she was feeling great considering the sexual simulation and the great drinks on the beach. I then saw Lisa slide her hand from my wife's taught nipplese down her stomach toward her bikini bottom. Instead of what I expected, she spread her legs allowing easier access for Lisa to pull her bottoms to the side at which time Lisa buried two fingers deep into my wife's cunt. I literally pinched myself because I figured I was either dreaming or in some artificial reality game. was fucking real. Gary then told his wife to make sure Catherine has a good time. Catherine then snapped back to reality and said we have never done anything like this and she wasn't sure...I interrupted and comforted her by saying YOU DON'T HEAR ME COMPLAINING, IF I HAVE ANY PROBLEM I WILL LET YOU KNOW. IF YOU WANT THIS, OR IF YOU EVEN WANT TO TRY THIS JUST ONCE, AFTER ALL YOU DID SAY YOU WOULD TRY ANYTHING ONCE, JUST LET LISA TAKE CONTROL, SOMETHING TELLS ME THIS IS NOT HER FIRST TIME. With that Catherine pulled Lisa's fingers deep into her pussy. Lisa took her free hand and set her own tits free and tweaked her own nipples. Catherine flung her head back and moaned. Lisa then withdrew her fingers and devilishly said I THINK I KNOW SOMETHING EVEN BETTER, and with that she removed Catherine's bottoms and proceeded to feast on her pussy. It didn't take long and Catherine was writhing under the tongue lashing Lisa was giving her. Maybe it is true, maybe women do know how to eat pussy better.

Less than a minute later we arrived at the Holiday Inn and we all went up. Once we were in the room, Lisa grabbed Catherine, the sight of which was funny given the height difference of the two, and gave0 her a big deep kiss with tongue. Lisa broke away and told Catherine that she is guessing she has never been with a woman before, but was she interested in tasting her first pussy because she was so turned on by my wife. Catherine looked over at me and I only said IT IS UP TO YOU, I WANT YOU TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. I then whispered to Catherine that seeing her with Lisa would be so hot I would probably cum in my pants. Catherine then turned away from me and kissed Lisa again.

Lisa then untied Catherine's top and slid down her bottoms. I am glad I shaved her before we went to the beach, it allows me to watch as though it was HD. Lisa skinned out of her bikini quickly and pushed Catherine down on the bed. Lisa maneuvered into the top position of a 69 with my wife and they both started licking and sucking on each other's clits. It was such an erotic sight that I could hardly blink. After several minutes of alternating between licking and sucking on Lisa's clit and pussy lips, Catherine pulled Lisa's hips down and ran her tongue all around Lisa's asshole. Lisa popped her head up and said OH, ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE....Catherine stopped long enough to only say WELL, I KNOW WHAT I LIKE WHEN BRYAN DOES IT TO ME. Gary then announced that Lisa loves anal play and I said Catherine does as well. Catherine lubed Lisa's ass with her spit and put a finger in her ass which made Lisa pause her tongue massage of my wife's cunt and a moan escaped her lips. Catherine then started working her finger in and out of Lisa's ass and she put two fingers deep in her love tunnel while continuing her oral massage of Lisa's clit. Gary tapped me on the arm and said WATCH THIS, IT WON'T BE LONG NOW, and he was right. Lisa tensed up and started shaking and almost started screaming, she was coming hard because of the amature but expert at the same time, simulation my wife was providing.

Catherine then looked at the clock in the room, and said we only have 10 minutes to get to the restaurant...we don't want to keep our friends waiting. Lisa dismounted from on top of my wife and I wanted to continue the fun, and challenging my wife, so I stopped them before they could dress and said I had a dare or challenge for them. I had recently bought a 3 pack of metal anal plugs with a pretty fake green emerald jewel in the end. I dared them to wear an anal plug all through dinner tonight. They looked at each other and said NO PROBLEM. Lisa grabbed two of the plugs and the lube out of my hands and told my wife to get on the bed on her hands and knees. My wife obediently obeyed and I watched Lisa lube up the plug and seductively insert it into my wife's tight little brown eye. Catherine then reciprocated by inserting the other plug into Lisa. Holy fuck my dick was hard, but after that we all got dressed into appropriate dinner attire and meet the other 3 couples at the restaurant.

The other 3 couples were already seated at a table and we got there about 15 minutes late. One of the guys asked us if we had a hard time telling time and Gary shot back NAH, LISA COULDN'T KEEP HER LIPS OFF OF MY MAN'S WIFE'S PUSSY. Catherine and I looked at each other shocked, the deer in headlights look for the second time today. They all laughed and Gary put his arm around my shoulder and said RELAX, WE ALL PLAY TOGETHER IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT. Catherine then spoke up and said SO YALL ARE SWINGERS? Gary replied explaining that yes, they all have sex with each other, but they only play with people they feel a connection with. Catherine just replied with a cute OH.

We sat down and ordered some drinks and dinner. After the drinks arrived all of the women went to the bathroom, but there was a plot afoot that I had not picked up on that was explained to me later. While they were gone the guys all talked about the sports that were on the many televisions all over the restaurant. The girls returned and Catherine sat down and leaned over to kiss me. That distracted me, and it was a distraction because I didn't even notice Lisa drop her fork and then crawl under the table. Catherine was holding both of my hands while kissing me and all of a sudden I felt fingers on my zipper and since I was not wearing underwear my cock popped out and I felt a warm mouth engulf my cock, all of this took about ten seconds. My wife told me not to move. I glanced down and saw it was Lisa under the table with my already erect cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Lisa saw me look down and she popped my cock out of her mouth and gave me a cute smile and a wink and immediately engulfed my cock again. She sucked my cock for about two minutes when my wife let go of my hands and tapped Lisa on the head saying THAT'S ENOUGH, WE JUST WANT TO TEASE HIM. Well fuck, I had blue balls now, but I knew the more I was edged and teased the better my first orgasm would be when I finally would be able to come. Everyone at the table laughed, but my wife looked over at me and whispered I LOVE YOU.

Our dinner was served and it was amazing, although I imagine a cardboard box would have tasted good since I know neither me nor my wife were thinking about food at that point but rather the events of the day.

After we finished dinner my wife tugged on my arm and said THESE PEOPLE ARE SO NICE, AND THERE IS NO DOUBT LISA WANTS TO FUCK YOU, AND I REALLY WANT TO FEEL GARY'S COCK IN MY PUSSY, LET'S INVITE EVERYONE BACK TO OUR ROOM, WE HAVE TWO KING BEDS AND A HOT TUB IN THE ROOM. I just nodded and told her I loved her. We then asked everyone if they wanted to continue the evening back at our hotel room and surprise surprise, they all agreed.

One of the other couples, Paul and Janice said they would go by a store and pick up some more alcohol and meet us back at the room. Paul also sarcastically told us try not to finish before they got wife looked him straight in the face and said that is not a problem, I want to taste your wife. My wife was being bold and it was really turning me on, but I also know that she had a good time with Lisa earlier, but Janice looked very similar to Megan Fox, dark hair, at least c cup breasts and curvy but a thin sexy waist. Catherine had always said she was not interested in women (at least until today) but that she would not kick Megan Fox out of bed.

With that we hopped in the vehicle with Gary and Lisa and we all headed to the hotel. Janice and Paul must have really not wanted to miss anything, they bought a hundred dollars worth of alcohol and were only five minutes later arriving than us. I let them in and Janice went right to my wife and kissed her. I think Lisa was a little jealous that Janice was playing with the shiny new toy, so she went over and wrapped her arms around both of them. The other two couples, Carl and Sophie along with Adrian and Nikki had already stripped and were in the hot tub but they were staring at the three women locked in a sensual embrace. Meanwhile Gary, Paul and myself were standing around watching our wives as well.

Catherine then leaned over and whispered to Lisa and they giggled and then both said they had a surprise for Janice. They both stripped and hopped up on the bed on a doggy style position proudly displaying their anal adornments for the entire room to view. Everyone in the room just stared with their mouth open....everyone except Janice, she moved right in behind Catherine and proceeded to perform expert cunnilingus on my wife while fingering Lisa at the same time. This was definitely better than any porn movie I have ever seen.

Paul and Adrian sat on the edge of the hot tub positioned so they could watch the 3 women on the bed while their spouses stroked their cocks while diddling their own pussies. The room was so sexually charged I thought lightening may be spontaneously generated. I looked over and Paul and Gary had taken their cocks out and we're stroking them. I did the same thing. After another minute or so, the three women formed a daisy chain triangle and they were all eating each other out at the same time. It was even hotter seeing the anal plug prominently sticking in two assholes. I could see the wetness all over my wife's crotch and legs.

The women separated and Janice and Paul joined the other couples in the hot tub leaving the petite redhead and her Adonis husband and my wife and myself on one of the king beds. I guided my wife to Gary, she said she wanted to feel his cock in her pussy. I told him to lay down, I wanted to see my wife impale herself on his sizable cock, which was just as thick as my hefty member but it was probably 8" long. Hearing me tell Gary that, Lisa bent over the bed and said to fuck her doggy style so she could watch the show as well. Catherine gave me one last opportunity to stop, even though I could tell she didn't want to, asking are you sure? I told her I hope he makes you cum five times in the first 10 minutes.

And with that she crawled up his toned body and her pussy slid down his entire length with ease because she was so wet from playing with the women. Lisa looked back at me and said WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR and then Catherine looked back and told me PUT YOUR COCK IN THAT SWEET LITTLE RED HAIRED PUSSY. Well, that was all the encouragement I needed and slid just the tip in and stopped, withdrew and slid just the tip in again and stopped. Lisa looked back and said WHAT THE FUCK? I reminded her about the teasing I got from my wife and her today and figured turn about was fair play. Lisa didn't think so, she pushed back off the bed sinking my cock all the way to the depths of her pussy till I could feel her cervix. I love the feeling of the anal plug that was still in her pushing against my cock in her pussy. I also loved watching my wife ride Gary's cock with her plug still in.

I have always wanted to DP my wife, so I whispered to Lisa and asked her if she wanted to watch me and her husband fuck my wife at the same time? She said FUCK YES, BUT I WOULD LIKE THE SAME TREATMENT PLEASE....I pulled out of her juicy pussy, and told her that we would be happy to service her when we finish with my wife. I lubed up my cock and snuck up behind my wife and hugged her....I then reached down and slowly pulled out her plug and immediately fingered her ass with lube in preparation for my cock. It was weird feeling Gary's cock through that thin layer of skin and muscle, but it didn't bother him and I was about to realize my wildest dream. I took my place behind my wife and looked around and noticed everyone was out of the hot tub and they were gathered around the bed watching. I withdrew my finger and slowly inserted my cock in my wife's backside. Holy fuck this was fucking amazing. It must have been good for her (at least better than using the sex doll at home we use for double penetration) because she came hard within 3 minutes, to the point she could not move and legs were quivering.

She rolled off of both us, unable to move. She told us to fuck Lisa the same way. Lisa was so horny at this time from watching she practically jumped on her husband's dick and ordered me put my cock in her ass....which I happily obliged. Gary and I fucked Catherine, but Lisa took control and she rode both of us. It was definitely apparent she had done this before and she absolutely loved it. Meanwhile the other three couples started fucking in various positions on the other king bed. Lisa was watching the other 3 and she came as hard as my wife. I withdrew my cock from her ass, and went to the bathroom to wash it off. When I returned my wife was on the bed doggy style and Adrian had his meat stick deep in my wife. God she looked hot getting fucked....

When I returned to the bed Carl had taken my place in Lisa's ass, damn that little red head could work a cock like a pro. Janice was laying on the bed masturbating to the sights all around her. She saw me approach the bed and gave me the come hither finger. I got up on the bed and she devoured my cock. Her blow job felt great, but I wanted some pussy now, so I rolled her into her knees so I could watch my wife getting fucked while I fucked this Megan Fox look alike. That lasted about ten minutes and I was starting to sweat and got hot and Janice suggested she get on top for a while. I pulled out and laid on the bed. She sat down on my cock and began contacting her pussy muscles. That felt just like my wife's contractions and by simply doing that she brought herself to orgasm. After her orgasm subsided I told her I was close and wanted to fuck her missionary and then cum on her tits. My wife came yet again and when she was done she came over to me. Janice told her YOUR HUSBAND IS ABOUT TO POP AND WANTS TO CUM ON MY TITS, WHY DON'T YOU STROKE IT FOR HIM WHEN HE PULLS OUT AND YOU SHOOT HIS SPERM ALL OVER MY TITS. Well, hearing that dirty talk sent me over the edge, I hadn't been fucking Janice missionary for more than two minutes, so I pulled out and my wife grabbed my cock firmly and pointed it at Janice's tits all the while stroking it furiously. Because of all the teasing, and the build up, I actually shot a rope of cum over Janice's tits onto her cheek, but the rest of my load hit its mark and lathered her tits in my creamy love sauce. My wife still holding my cock, leaned over and kissed me and simply whispered I LOVE YOU.

I laid on the bed beside Janice and my wife and watched the remaining scene until everyone had cum. Gary got up and started fixing drinks for everyone when my wife said, hey everyone, just to let you know our cruise doesn't leave for two more days if you want to party some more, you know where to find us. Gary and Lisa laughed and said, well this party tonight's is not over, this is just intermission!!!!

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