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A Weekend That Changed Our Life

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Merrian and I had talked about getting together with another couple for a year, ever since a friend of mine Dan mentioned to me that some couples do that. Merrian and I, up till now, had had sex with only each other. We were both virgins when we got married. We had our doubts, but also our fantasy.

Merrian is a beautiful woman with long red hair. She is only 4 ft 11 inches tall and weighs 98 pounds, but well proportioned. I am Jim and am 6 ft and weigh 190 and well proportioned as well.

After a lot of talks we decided we wanted to explore, but had no idea how to begin, so I talked to Dan. He was surprised and said he had never done it either, just read stories about other people doing it. I asked if his wife Jill might be interested and was he interested. Jill is a beautiful blond with hair nearly to her waist. He thought for a minute and said me and Merrian and you and Jill having sex? I said yes, Merrian knows you and she is real nervous and would be comfortable with you for her first time. He said wow what an idea. She is beautiful. I said well here is your chance.

And you he asked? I said well I have doubts of course, but I would rather it be you than someone who we have just met, and we want to do it. Merrian likes you and thinks you are sexy and laughed. He just smiled and said oh she does? I will talk to Jill. He then asked, in those stories I read in the swingers magazine, many of the women also had sex together, is Merrian interested? I said she never has mentioned it, I will ask her. Why? Is Jill? He said not sure but I think she is curious as she has watched it on videos and gets turned on watching them. I said well, let me know.

A week later he called and said that, after some reassurance from him that it was ok with him, she was all excited about the idea. And yes she was curious about other women. I said great we will plan on having you over for the weekend, and I will ask Merrian about other women.

I told Merrian. She said wow we are actually going to do it and then laughed and said I am real nervous now that it has become real. I said so you want to change your mind. She said no we have come too far to do that. I told her about Jill being curious in other women. She paused and said really? Then, came the surprise, when she said, well I have been curious too sometimes. I said wow; looks like it might be a very interesting weekend. I told Dan.

They arrived and we had a pool party planned with a barbeque. We all put bathing suits on and sat around the pool. Merrian and Jill were in the kitchen getting the food ready and we could hear them giggle a couple of times. I peaked in and, just before they left the kitchen to join us, they gave each other a light kiss. Everyone knew that the weekend was about sex.

There was no plan, just permission, and when and where was up to each other. It took a while for anything to happen. Jill got in the pool and a few minutes later I joined her. She was wearing a bikini and has big boobs sticking out and I thought wow I am going to have them in my hands soon. We were below the edge of the pool so not real visible to Dan and Merrian and I moved over to her.

I said you are beautiful and I have been looking forward to this weekend. She laughed as she looked down at my crotch, as my suit was now a tent, and said I can tell. Is that for me? I moved in close and kissed her and we kissed for a time. The kisses got wetter. I said oh yes it is for you. I pushed her suit bottom to the side and slipped in and went deep. I felt her shutter and she gasped, you are so big you fill me up. I looked over the edge of the pool and Dan and Merrian had disappeared into the house. I knew what they were about to do.

Merrian told me later that they had looked over to the pool when they heard Jill gasp and all they could see was the top of our heads close together and figured out what we were doing. Dan took my hand and said I want to do you too, and we went into the house. I was hot and wet by the time we got to the bedroom. No doubts left. I knew what I was going to do to Dan. What you were doing to Jill at that very moment.

Back in the pool I was still inside Jill and reached around her and removed her top. Terrific boobs and I took them in my mouth as I began to move in and out of her. She was very wet. She held on to me tight as I gave it to her. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around me and I went even deeper. She moaned and I could feel her pussy quiver around my cock and she grunted and her pussy clamped down on my cock as she climaxed whispering in my ear, oh yes good, and shuttered and wiggled her butt side to side as I continued to slam into her. I slowed down not wanting to cum yet. I told her Dan and Merrian had gone into the house and we were alone. So we got out of the pool and moved to one of the lounges.

She sat on the edge of the lounge and as I approached leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth I almost exploded. She looked up at me and we made eye contact as she sucked my cock. I could see the lust in her eyes and pushed her on her back and went back inside. She gasped and said I like it from behind, so I flipped her over and she got on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder waiting for me to fuck her.

I rode her hard doggie and she lost all control, quivering and shaking and finally grunting as she came again and I exploded in her pussy, pulling out still squirting all over her butt and back. She said that was good, you are good.

Back in the house, Dan and Merrian had removed their suits and Merrian looked down at his cock and knew what she was about to have inside her. He pulled me close and kissed me and then pressed down on my shoulders and I went to my knees and took him in my mouth, my second cock only. It was both strange and exciting.

He was very hard. He reached down and picked me up off the floor and pushed me down on his cock and I wrapped my legs around him 3 feet off the floor. I kissed him and held on for dear life as he slammed in and out of me. It felt so good and I was so hot for him. I grunted and climaxed for him and passed out for a few seconds it was so intense.

We moved to the bed and he turned me over and entered me from behind and went deep in me. He rode me hard and I could hear my wet pussy and his cock moving in and out. The room smelled of sex and it was intoxicating. I lost it once again and he grunted and I could feel him explode and squirt over and over again, until it was running down my legs. We collapsed on the bed exhausted and warm all over. I got up and looked in the mirror and a lady looked back at me with that I have just been fucked hard and I had that look. I thought wow I did it.

We all were all again around the pool, all with that I just got fucked look and smiles.

We were all a little worn so Dan curled up on the couch to take a nap and I took one of the lounges. Merrian and Jill disappeared into the house. I fell asleep.

I woke up a little later and went looking for the bathroom and as I walked by our bedroom I looked in. Merrian and Jill fully dressed were on the bed kissing each other. I moved back and got quiet and watched them. The kissing became more passionate and their hands moved to their butts as they pulled each other closer. I had to use the bathroom and when I returned they were both asleep with hands on butts and heads close. I thought wow what a scene.

We all were all in the living by evening time and we had all changed. The only question now was what was next? We talked about it. Merrian had told me how much she had enjoyed Dan and I had asked her if she wanted to do him again tonight? She was concerned about what I thought. One time was one thing, but more was something else. Mostly I was concerned about how she felt about what she had done as I had been her only man. She said, your are still my only man, but we can still have fun if we want right? I said ok as long as you and I are ok.

Merrian went over and sat on his lap and Dan smiled with that look of, oh yes, I know all about you. I noticed the bulge in his pants and Merrian could feel it through her clothes and smiled and said oh is that for me. She knew all about him too. He looked over to me and I could sense some uncertainty in his eyes. I smiled and he said if you want it. Merrian was being a very bad girl in front of me. Jill was watching all this and said to me looks like we will be doing more as I slipped my hand under her skirt and felt wet panties and said looks that way. Merrian could see my hand go up her skirt. I was being bad for her too.

I went over and turned the lights down low and said ok here and now so we can watch each other. Merrian looked startled and doubtful. I said no more secrets, ok with everyone? It was quiet and Merrian unbuttoned her top and it began.

I was about to watch my wife get fucked by another man although I knew she already had been fucked by him earlier. This would be different. I wanted to watch her. I sat back and whispered to Jill we will just watch and we will do it in front of them next. I kept my hand under her skirt with a finger inside her. She was very wet.

I watched Dan undress Merrian and then she him. I said to Merrian be a very bad girl for him and for me. She looked over at me and I could see the lust on her face and how turned on she was. He stood up and she went to her knees and sucked on him. He looked over to me and I could see the lust he had for Merrian. He wanted to fuck her and I wanted him to fuck her and she wanted to him fuck her.

Once again he picked her up and slid his cock in and went deep. She cried out and wrapped her legs around him as he gave it to her. I got very hard and Jill could feel me and I whispered to her that is for you very soon. I watched Merrian cum and Dan moved her to her back and I could see his cock moving in and out of her. She grunted several times and climaxed for him and me again and he jerked and moaned and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over her pussy, tummy and boobs. A little reached her face. I pushed Jill down and we fucked in front of them.

We all sat there all a little in shock I think at what we all had just done. We all sat there naked for a time and then got dressed and moved back to the pool area for drinks and food. Merrian got real close to me making sure we were ok. I told her I liked watching you being a bad girl. She said I liked being bad for you. I really got off on it. I said I know I watched you. I said I also accidently seen you and Jill in the bedroom on the bed. She said it had been very nice. She is so soft. I really liked kissing her.

We invited them to use our guest room for the night as it was late and we all had been drinking a little and they agreed it was a good idea. When Merrian and I were alone we shared our feeling about our new experiences. Mostly we wanted to be ok with each other and after talking it our concluded that it had been just an adventure and our relationship was the same. We also agreed it would be fun to do it again sometime. Merrian also said she wanted to get to know Jill better. I knew what she meant and told her go for it. We made love before we went to sleep.

The next morning we made breakfast for them and invited them to spend the day with us if they would like.

Dan and I had a chance to talk about the evening events as we sat on the patio drinking our coffee. He told me that Jill had a great time and he had also. We really like both of you. I told him about seeing Merrian and Jill in the bedroom and what they had been doing. He said that Jill had told him and how much she had enjoyed Merrian and was looking forward to doing more with her. I said Merrian does too.

Dan and I decided to watch some of a football game as it was Sunday football day. The ladies said they were going to go shopping for lunch and left. A little while later they returned and disappeared as we were still watching the game. A moment later I heard the shower running and wonder if they were taking a shower together.

Merrian told me later what they were doing and what they did. She said that she wanted a shower and invited Jill to join her. Jill said yes. In the shower we first did some more kissing than washed each other all over. I got hot and whispered I want to have sex with you. She said me too. She looked so sexy with her hair wet and we kissed more and I slipped a finger in her pussy. What a strange and exciting feeling. We stood there with the water pouring down on us fingering each other. It was wild.

I was ready to do the wild thing and pushed her to the shower floor and told her I want to lick you and she spread for me and I went down on her. It was incredible feeling her pussy against my mouth. I licked and sucked on her like I like and suck on you and she shuttered and gasped and climaxed on my face. Jill gasped me too and we changed places and she was down on me. I was so hot. She put her hands under my butt and pulled me up in into her face. She sucked on my clit and I lost it grabbing her head and jerking around and crashed and burned for her and climaxed so hard I passed out for a moment. We laid together for a time kissing as the water poured down on us until we came down from our highs. I was thinking how wonderful she was and how much I liked her. All I wanted at that moment was to have her again. I think I fell in love with her at that moment as we laid there together with the water pouring down on us, I knew I had changed.

Dan and Jill were ready to go home and we hugged and kissed each other goodbye with promises to do it all again soon. We get together every month or so and the girls finally had sex in front of us guys which we loved. They are now talking about dildos and a strap-on and vibrators. I think it will be a very interesting future for us all.

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